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    1. About to Die, $120 Billion Dachshund, Tutorial, Half Naked at Shrimp Store, Too Early For Work

      by , 12-30-2015 at 05:45 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm About To Die (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house with someone that looks oddly familiar, and it made me slightly melancholic over who it was, and what would happen later on. The atmospheric overlay of the dream was this blurry yellow that varied depending on the context of the dream, but things were still pretty realistic.

      Weíre navigating through a house, and weíre following someone who seems to want to sell it to us, or at least look around as prospective clients. I believe the person Iím with is wearing a yellow jacket with a dark orange shirt underneath, and some basic, blue skinny jeans. Her hair is tied up, and she seems to be fairly casual in her movements.

      Weíre at the backyard of the house, and I noticed thereís a map in front of us. Itís placed on top of this white stoned stand thatís maybe 3-4 feet tall. The color of the fences are brown, and thereís a few accessories outside, but I didnít pay too much attention to them. I get closer to the map, and started to look at it, and it zooms in to where itís covering my perspective in the dream. I can see all sorts of things from the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and just how spacious this house seems to potentially be for two people wanting to buy it.

      I started to get weird sensations in my dream body that something ominous will happen. We decided to go inside quickly by opening the glass patio door with a black handle, and weíre finally inside one of the rooms that seems like a conduit to other sections of the house. The carpet seems to be this milky white color thatís saturated with the yellow/orange lighting of the house.

      Naturally, one of us closes the patio door, and noticed one of the doors in front of us is moving sporadically near the golden-brown doorknob. Sheís trying to reach out for the door to open it, but is hesitant, but gets tempted the more we have to wait. Iím standing still with my arms around my head looking at her, but not saying anything to her in fear that whoever is on the other side might hear us.

      The tension augments, and her hand gets close and closer, but she keeps retracting. I hear doorbell ringing for a few times, but didnít trust that this encounter would be friendly whatsoever. The girl unfortunately succumbs to opening the door, and out comes an entity wearing a yellow hoodie, and a Scream mask, and was at least 6í to 6í 5íí tall.

      I see their wielding something, and looks like it could be a long gun, shotgun, or even just a metal bat, but whatever the case, I started to panic. They look at the girl first, but I didnít hear any gunshots, but I wasnít able to even concentrate on her existence at all. I was more concerned over mine, and even though it was a dream, I could get over predispositions to want to assume a fetal position, and a state of helplessness. I just wanted to wake up, and even told the entity to just go ahead and do it. Theyíre looking down on me, but there isnít an immediate reaction to shoot, or whatever mode of action of injuring me.

      I just wanted to wake upÖ

      Not in fear over what would happen, no, I'm not going to die in a dream. But more so of what happened to her, even if it may have been a symbolic representation of something else. Whatever it is, it's not good, and is probably something for me to be cautious for.


      Running Away & The $120 Billion Dachshund (DILD)


      This dream is convoluted in some circumstances, and this impression could be that I was shifting my perspective to other people, or something. Iím inside this grandiose educational facility that was revealed to be a rich, High School facility of some sort.

      The first experience that comes to me is being inside of a dark room, but being able to see the auditorium on front of me through an open wall slit thatís about two feet in length, and 5-7 feet wide. I noticed that this area is probably the room for containing some of the musical instruments, and other accessories. I see that thereís some kind of function going on, but it doesnít involve a lot of people.

      Thereís maybe 25-40 people taking a quick glance, and I noticed that I could be on show in front of these people. I can hear muffled sounds for a bit, and then it became a little clearer. The person outside of me would eventually have a Bill Nye type of visage, but there were several nuances later on that would make me think otherwise.

      I feel that I need to escape this area, even though things seem peaceful at first. I just get a weird vibe that I should just get out of this place, but in a casual manner to prevent suspicions.

      But, I go ahead and make a dash out of the room, and went to the left side of the auditorium to catapult myself upwards on the black set of stairs that stretch at least 50-60 feet diagonally. For some reason, I noticed one person sitting down casually with their arms pressed against the side of their stomach, and their hands coming together to clasp each other. He was Hispanic, bald, and had a thin goatee. Heís wearing a red worker shirt, and some black pants, and as Iím continuing to dash, he glances at me for a second in shock.

      The audience seems to have their attention towards me now, but I didnít care. I finally reach the top of a semi-dark room with a dim, white/yellow lighting on the top right side of me. As Iím preparing to plan my course of action, I figure that going straight down to the right was practical. At the onset of this, I hear someone telling me,

      ďBrandon, I have pictures from your profile/phoneÖĒ I stop for a moment with eyes wide open, and started to question if there was any inappropriate content, but I reconciled with myself once more that itís nothing to worry about indirectly due to it being a dream.

      I shifted back to being apathetic once more, but took a quick glance over to see the visage that matched the voice that declared this to me. It was a slightly obese, Hispanic female that I work with at the time with long, black curly hair. Sheís wearing her worker uniform, and Iíll just nickname her MT for now. MT thinks said profession would have me tempted to give up, and she tries to look over when sheís like 150-200 feet away from me.

      I continue moving forward, and notice more random dream characters show up, and all of them have realistic visages, and a believable existence so clear and crisp. I could see the detail of their shirts, the sub-surface scattering from where the white/orange lighting is the conduit in emitting it on their body.

      For some reason, I think there was a rendezvous point to meet someone, but for most of the dream, it was me running for my own sake. I noticed other people were following me, but they werenít after me, presumably. I continue running in varying degrees, and moving around in directions I canít really have a mental map over. The first exit outside I see is to my right, and outside is just absolutely beautiful in spite of the bland setting the moment I step out.

      For the first few 20 feet or so, thereís gray concrete along with some gray walls with no stylization to them; just a pasty looking appearance. There are a few fancy umbrellas in the middle of some tables with metal chairs stacked around them that were black barred, or had a gray metallic composition with some strong fabric for the seating and back rest.

      Iím running, and aiming to go up, or down the stairs in this fairly long area of the environment. It leads to other areas inside, as if rooms were built underneath the natural landscape of the region thatís presumed to be a fall overtone.

      At some point in the dream, I noticed thereís this girl thatís oddly familiar, and weíll just nickname her AriW for now. AriW has her short hairstyle that seems to garner a lot of men her way to compliment, but this is just a characterization of her. Sheís wearing this dark, golden leather jacket with this shirt that is a mix of red, orange, and black, and sheís wearing either light blue skinny jeans, or black ones.

      Sheís following me, and I felt a natural ease around her, but as Iím trying to escape, I noticed that sheís catapulting herself to latch onto my back. She starts to get obsessive towards me, and I canít make out what sheís telling me. I just hear her giggles, and she had a strong resistance to hold me back.

      Iím struggling to get her off of me, even though it wouldnít have been difficult to continue running. Her bonding with me seemed way too strong, and it was an unsolicited one. I was going off of predisposition to deter away from her in spite of her attractive visage in waking life.

      Unfortunately, in order to get her off my back, literally, I had to twist around, or something, and use my arms to grab some portion of her body, and throw her on the ground. She still maintains that fucking disturbing visage that I just canít get out of my mind even after what I did to her; just an entity with no soul inside of her; like all she could do was have her eyes open, and the smile implanted into her visage.

      The creepiness lingered on for a few seconds, and I reign in my sense of self, and managed to get out of this area. I noticed that Iím wearing a black shirt, and basic blue jeans at the moment, but the style may have fluctuated throughout the dream.

      Now that this part was accomplish, the next event involves me looking inside that same auditorium, and this time, I think Iím in a spectate point of view where I donít pay too much attention on whether or not Iím in my dream body. Thereís this Plexiglas thatís rectangular, and is around 10 feet tall, and 15-20 feet wide. Thereís someone inside thatís being treated like this circus freak for some reason.

      Things become equivocal in the dream in relation to the context of whatís going on. Thereís this bald man thatís wearing this fancy gray dress jacket and pants, and a red dress shirt with a white collar of some sort, and a jet black with a mťlange of blue tie. He has this position where he is upright, and is blabbering on about the subject inside the Plexiglas container.

      The person inside seems to be a dimwit; completely devoid of any cognitive ability that indicates that he has some kind of awareness over whatís going on. All heís staring at is this thin bordered green rectangle in front of him thatís probably 12 inches tall, and 15 inches wide. Thereís a holographic vibe to it, and the more he presses it, it emits this voom, woom sound thatís pulsating. He seems to enjoy doing this, and how he gets out is very contrived.

      The man that was outside somehow got his way into the Plexiglas container, and was probably going to do some maintenance for either the person, or the container itself. Thereís this piece of paper that has this small cut at the edge, and thereís random black font around it. Thereís a green strip at the opposite edge of it, and for some reason, I think putting the piece of paper near the green rectangle can activate something. And I donít know whoís doing it, but itís being done, and thereís a gap thatís being opened up to where the seemingly incompetent dimwit is holding it, and maintains a position where his hands are holding both sides of the paper, and he bends his knees to where he dolphin dives his way out of the container.

      He somehow runs and escapes, and everyone starts to panic a bit, but heís no threat. The man that was inside quickly came outside to profess a manhunt for this individual. And he brings out some documentation, or check, and he professes that this ďdogĒ is actually worth $120 billion dollars.

      I zoom in on the check/documentation, and itís at least $120,607,XXX,XXX. It looks like a cashierís check now that I think about it more, and the guy is offering $50 billion dollars that would be divided in 2 if anyone can capture this individual.

      I decided to dissipate from the environment, and felt there wasnít much meaning to it at all.


      Tutorial/Model Melanged Together (DILD)


      Iím looking at a tutorial I made in real life, and navigated through the video only to realize Iím also capable of rotating the model at will.


      Wearing Underwear At The Shrimp Store (DILD)NON-DREAM DREAM LUCID

      So, I and a few people have intentions to go out somewhere, specifically the shrimp store for something. I had a feeling it would be a section from a larger retail store similar to one I work at. It was nighttime in the dream, and things felt pretty realistic, but I had some assurance that itís merely a dream. I noticed that I was paying attention to my body more without even looking at it; there was just these feelings coming out for me to pay attention to my body, but I shrugging it off.

      We end up going inside the large grocery retail store, and proceeded to go to the shrimp store, presumably. We had to sit around for a bit, and the people I was with were probably gone. I noticed that as Iím lurking around the area randomly, thereís this guy that looks like one of my previous bossís boss at another store that Iíll nickname Veg for now. Heís wearing a light blue dress shirt, and has the same bald spot as ever, and is looking at me funny like Iím doing something funny.

      He picks up his phone, which prompts me to want to pick up mine, and I noticed that heís trying to call me, but thereís some difficulty. So I get close to him, and tried to structure a query of what he felt was peculiar about me. He was on his laptop going through YouTube videos of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds parodies, and had a playlist of ďThings to say to Yu-Gi-Oh! Card tradersĒ or something like that.

      I see an image of Yusei Fudo in one of the thumbnails with his face at an angle towards the bottom left corner of the screen, and with the movement of his visage, itís like heís moving fast, or something with huge eyes trying to drawing a card for exaggerated theatrics.

      Then, something came over me, and I realized that I was only wearing underwear, and maybe some long boots. I felt awkward, but the dream characters didnít mind. I believe I called someone to tell them that Iíll be going inside the car for the time being until theyíre done, which they didnít mind.


      Too Early For Work (DILD)


      So, Iím inside a store again, and this feels like a continuation of the previous dream. Itís morning time, and I feel that I need to arrive to work around 11:15AM or so. I start doing things around the store, but nothing related to working at all. Iím walking around with a blue shirt, and brown pants, and I noticed a co-worker, that Iíll nickname ShaP, who tells me that theyíre a little t
      Naturally, I look down, and theyíre kind of saggy, and donít really feel tight at all. She starts professing other stuff in this trailing voice as if sheís really into me. I shrug this off, and get pissed off at her apprehension for personal reasons that I rather not talk about. I move on, and turn around to get away from her. Then, I realized that I work at 12PM instead, and quickly ran to the nearest person that could be in a similar position as I am.

      I see itís the short girl that should be a cashier in waking life, and sheís holding the iPhone with the scheduling for co-workers. I try to tell her about this, and she seems pre-occupied with things, or maybe is flustered with people coming towards her for help, and other inquiries. I try to tell her several times again, but gave up, and presumed she got it.

      I go outside while feeling ShaP is still glancing over me, which is really different than the other dream above this one where I thought we were going to die. Ugh.

      So, I go outside to my car, and decided to start it while thinking of where I could go for the time being.

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    2. Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth

      by , 11-10-2015 at 05:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth (DILD)


      Surprisingly, I had little interest in recalling this dream, but if I keep doing that in general, I probably wouldn't bother to recall dreams that could be really awesome to depict visually in the future. I should continue doing more image streaming sessions during my days off from work, or at least a few minutes, or so for whatever day. I seem to undermine the ease of recalling things, especially ones that I try to capture immediately after experiencing them.

      Iím watching myself play a game, or at least thatís what it seemed at first, where youíre presumed to have to escape from a white dragon thatís hell-bent in killing you with its fangs. Thereís a lot of quick time events that entail having to go left and right along with a third person perspective when you reach certain areas that allow this.

      The quick time events mostly involve you being in a first person perspective being capable of crawling through the sewers with ease, but with ominous music playing, and hearing the subtle nuances of the dragonís breathing, and mode of action as well, it makes the experience horrifying. The white dragon would even declare sardonic statements of how one would be close to his death very soon, and such.

      The overall color scheme within the sewer labyrinth involves green, black, and a swamp-murky gray color, mostly for any water thatís streaming, or standing still. The transitioning from choosing left or right was very fluid, and had the dream-esque quality of weightlessness to it. It almost seemed as if the sewer dungeon itself was tilting, albeit very subtly. Or, it could just be the harsh movements of going left or right, and feeling as if my body is tilting to accommodate for the implication of fluid transitions.

      There were several moments where I was in close contact with the white dragon, but mostly due to me being a bit clever into tricking it into thinking I was at a certain location. I was completely oblivious to the general layout of the sewer labyrinth, and chose left and right in a non-sequential matter.

      Whenever I would partake in events where I visualized myself in a third person perspective with the camera being behind my shoulders, I noticed a sense of urgency to augment my pace in running, as I knew the white dragon would be less restricted in movement as well. I even had the audacity to visually scroll around behind me to see this dragon coming after me, and it was only 20 feet or so away from me.

      For some reason, I felt the environment itself with its ominous setting may have skewed my perception of the white dragon as I would imagine it being just as dark and tyrannical. Though, with a previous quick time event situation where it clamped my body in half, I beg to differ. Thereís one event with the third person perspective where Iím inching my way towards the next hole, or entrance to randomly partake in. Iím wearing a shirt/sweater/jacket hybrid of some sort, and the sleeves are rolled up a bit. Iím wearing black pants as we well with some dark shoes; not sure of the exact color, though.

      The space around me seemed more natural than polluted for some reason, and I started to realize that the general layout of what seemed like an ancient sewer was merely the ancient aesthetics being seen as slightly vulgar to me. There was this large green base for the ground that was surrounded by a stream of water going in a circular motion, or being still for some circumstances. The walls were made of a rocky composition, and for some areas, there would be a faint white stream of light above me. But, because of what I felt were my limitations at the time, and the dragon being able to fly as well, I figured having to muster willpower to escape via flying would be futile at best.

      And with this dragon chasing me while I tried to find an end route from this dungeon, I was predisposed into thinking that it was trying to hide something that I could tap into inwardly for whatever purpose to be cherished, I think. It wasnít the dragon being able to chew, maul, or tear me into pieces that was the issue, but more so having to potentially repeat the whole experience of going through this seemingly grandiose labyrinth.

      It got to the point where Iím almost out of the area, however, the logic of the experience entailed that I had to distract the dragon into going into a large body of water while I would have to land to the left of a nearby cliff that would lead me to wherever. If the dragon comes along with me to the nearby cliff, it would profess that I failed in my escape.

      So, there were several dream equivocations going on with transitioning in and out from this. First, the experience was translated into one where people thought it was some virtual experiential reality that they could treat as a video game. I would even go so far into saying that people would be tempted into making a video game out of it, and I even imagined someone like Markiplier wanting to play it as well. It got to the point where one could acquire a map of the whole ancient labyrinth.

      However, it was more than just simply navigating through the multitude of paths as there were certain switches you had to activate to determine the path you would choose. A lot of the switches, doors, and such were color-coded while the actual paths were mostly a milky gray color. Looking at the map, I could barely find an exit, but I was eventually able to find out since whenever you pressed on the map for certain areas, it would emit an orange trail to one of the exits.

      The two main pairs of switches consisted of a blue and green color. They were outside of the entrance to the labyrinth, and the environment around them had a mťlange of high-tech machinery, and the basic composition of nature. It seemed that this area had connotations of a lost technological community along with some stylizations akin to Aztec, Mayans, and what have you.

      People were navigating around this area, and they all varied in existence. Some were children, some were very old, and they all had varied body weights as well. I was fairly skeptical of some that seemed a bit more grandiose in size as it would probably be difficult for them to enter it in the first place. It bothered me that these individuals treated this experience like a video game of some sort, which may have been an autonomous process set out for me to synch with this treatment of the dream.

      But for me, there was something that the dragon wanted to protect militantly. Some people even tried to go at the dungeon only to be reset back to this location with the main switches being pressed or back to their original position. It felt a bit consoling that there was an imaginative collective effort to figure out all of the intricacies of this area because it seemed like a nightmare, especially without the map.

      For some reason, even with the map, I still felt skeptical of planning out my movements because I inferred that there would be some kind of surprise; difficulty wise, pace wise, and such that would make the seemingly pre-determined paths selected equal in mystery.

      There was a point in the dream, or maybe this is another dream altogether that was sequential to this one where I imagined myself near a region that consisted of bars, fast food chains, and a Starbucks. Apparently, one could access the labyrinth via the manholes set out on the roads. I didnít pay too much attention into wanting to get there through the manholes, but for whatever reason, I guess I was out here for more answers about something that I couldnít remember.

      I eventually transitioned back into the base of the entrance to the ancient labyrinth, and invested a lot of time looking at the map, and figuring out how I should assess myself should I ever want to go back. I would even visualize myself going through a virtual experiential reality within this virtual experiential reality, ironically, and figuring out when the dragon would appear, and what I would have to do. It made me wonder if I spent most of the dream visualizing this in my head without even going through the labyrinth. And thatís why bothered me the most because if this were the case, for all I know, the actual experience would be something completely different from what conjured up in my head even though this would be experienced within my own cognition.

      The inwardness of the dream diluted the nightmare-like disposition of the experience in general, and became something more like a competitive event even though said implication was in guise of wanting to make it as such to again distract myself from thinking it was a nightmare having to deal with the white dragon; kind of like a self-reflection of how my mind would conceptualize certain events, and utilizing whatever autonomous process to suppress, regress, repress, and such to skew the experience in general.

      Every time I felt tempted to have a go at the ancient labyrinth, I would go back to the same circular process of imagining myself doing so, and being dissatisfied at the end result.
    3. Sidling My Way Through a Demon Girl

      by , 11-19-2014 at 12:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sidling My Way Through a Demon Girl (DILD)


      Iím trying to hide away from a girl that looks a lot like the one from the F.E.A.R. game series, albeit with more mannequin-esque features to her visage, and overall body composition.

      Sheís wearing what could just be a long red dress, or maybe a red shirt with blue jeans, but whatever the case may be, sheís scary as hell. Her eyes are nonexistent, and thereís nothing but a black void for the holes of where her eyes should be. She has some kind of weird formation on her mouth, almost as if it was forced, carved, or sculpted on her, and itís the only expression she can portray other than her eyebrow and other facial movements.

      Iím sidling against a wall, and Iím looking at myself in a third person point of view. A few inches from me is a red door that has a composition of an old-school telephone booth; the kind you would see from the show Dr. Who (TARDIS), but itís just the style of it thatís imposed onto the door. Sheís right behind this door, and I have a feeling she knows Iím very close to her.

      Her eyes are gradually glowing white, and I hear her slightly demonic voice intertwined with an innocent and girl voice informing me that she found me. I forget what I do next, but I do know that Iím literally bracing on the door sheís behind.
    4. Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur

      by , 10-16-2014 at 04:15 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur (DILD)


      This dream was most likely a continuation of one before, but because I put off on the recall for quite some time, I canít remember it to exact detail. Though, I honestly felt the rest of the prior dream was necessary, as the plot itself seemed inconsistent, and would require too much speculation to see if there were any underlying reasons involved.

      Judging by how I felt within the dream, I presumed it was a matter of escaping, and not looking back in fear of everything behind me being crumbled; in fear of being part of the destruction as well.

      Iím running with a female thatís just about a few inches shorter than me, and has a visage and body composition of someone who is Asian. She reminded me of someone I know from work for some reason, though I felt this was another dream character that takes the form of multiple Asian females, and has a distinct ďsignatureĒ if you will of someone I met in my dreams a long time ago.

      But it didnít matter on validating whoís who, so I focus more on keeping my feet active, and dodging whatever debris might come by. The environment itself is very spacious, and associating patches of recall I have of the previous dream, this area seemed to be have been a fanciful place to reside and communicate with others, mostly for exquisite banquets and luxurious entertainment most likely. But it also had some element of scholarly spirit as well, so maybe it had served doubly for that.

      The walls consist of a faded maroon color diluted with other colors similar to it in the color spectrum; the roof consisted of a white and slightly milky vanilla color with a natural splattering of dust and age, and the flooring itself had a simple vanilla tile formatting.

      I canít make out the outfit Iím wearing in particular, but Iím presume it was fairly basic as it didnít have the level of eye-candy, I guess. I do know that my companion Iím escaping with is wearing a basic red shirt and blue jeans, which seems odd for us considering the formal implications of the area weíre in right now. So Iím presuming that if she was wearing something casual than formal, I probably was wearing a black shirt and faded black jeans.

      Weíre running up some stairs that are probably 10 feet in width, and the grandiose composition of the building makes me wonder if weíll ever get out of here. And if weíre going up inside of down as I would naturally imply an escape would be, it became more confusing, but going up was the only way we could go right now; otherwise, weíd just be dead corpses under heavy debris.

      I can feel the vibrating and earth-quake-esque sensations all around by body, along with the random shifts in environmental movements. I stayed mostly on the right side of the curved stairs to get a wider view of the left just in case something weird happens, like, I donít know, a Minotaur that should come out of nowhere trying to kill us by using the environment.

      And the more I observe the environment, the setting seems to resemble interiors of Alcamoth in Xenoblade Chronicles. And with more bits of recall from the previous dream snapping back to my awareness, I do recall seeing several High Entia dream characters floating around somewhere.

      They were like the image above, albeit paler, and seemed to have no colors applied to their existence; like a fading white color overlay.

      At some point, to the left of us, a big hole is formed, and a giant Minotaur comes out of nowhere.

      He has black hair, and his body is brown with a subtle hint of burnt orange, and he has glowing yellow eyes as well. His loin cloth is either black or brown, and he looks like heís hell-bent to kill us. He immediately uses his hands to destroy part of the stairs weíre on, and when this occurs, everything suddenly changes. Thereís too many things going on at once, and I am both horrified and bothered on whatís going on.

      I canít even tell if the female by me exists anymore, and I presumed she fell down into the seemingly bottomless pit by now. I do know that Iím still alive in the dream, and I was preparing to encounter the Minotaur. But I canít recall what happens next, other than standing on top of the first apex of the stair set that was broken.
    5. Gunpoint, Scammed, and Building my Way Up for Revenge

      by , 04-11-2014 at 04:30 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gunpoint, Scammed, and Building my Way Up for Revenge (DILD)


      Things start out at an open-field environment that seems to mix around the usual large park setting, and a skateboarding park as well. Iím near an individual that looks like heís African-American, and is wearing a black shirt along with either white shorts, or regular jeans.

      He slowly turns around, and shows a gun, and now Iím at gunpoint. I try not to react to quickly, slowly trying to make the conversation casual, and less likely for the dream character to try and do something rash. He keeps pestering me with threats, and seems to be only using the gun as a means to make his words known without anyone questioning them.

      This prompts me to slowly walk backwards while feigning as if Iím afraid, and the moment I found a way to run, and have him have a difficult time if he were to shoot me, I took the opportunity immediately. I didnít hear gunshots, though something about this interaction makes me have feelings as if I want to encounter this individual again, mostly due to something they did to another individual.

      Iím not too sure which individual they caused harm, or even death to, but feelings of revenge started piling up, and feeling a sense of incompetence of not being able to save the individual because I was left empty handed to try and protect myself. The transitioning in the dream is a bit shaky, mostly due to me not really taking the time to recall it in detail the moment I woke up from it.

      The dream shifts to where I somehow land inside a large maroon van, which feels kind of awkward since I was in the process of trying to reflect what happened before I escaped from gunpoint. Thereís two females I believe that I have a conversation with, and I donít know what was stated, but I believe I finally recollected what occurred before, and shared my story with them.

      They seemed to have been sympathetic for me, and offered me some money to get by, which either implies they knew I would probably want to get back at the other individual, or whatever was stated in my story, the individual that was harmed by the enemy, in this case, probably was of essential help. Whatever the case, I thank them, and had intentions of going to a weapon store, since I felt the individual Iím after couldnít have gone far.

      But with the logic of dreams, sometimes when you feel so close to something, or someone, youíre literally thousands of miles away, or implied to be in a completely different circumstance, which kind of throws plot development out of the window. For some reason, when I tried to get to a weapons store, I felt as if I was scammed by someone, maybe the same women I talked to, when they stated the money was either fake, or something like that.

      Seeing how thereís too much going on, I decided to use whatever money I had in my wallet, and invest in going to a hotel to see how I would assess the circumstances Iím having to deal with right now. I still feel like Iím inside a vehicle, waiting for whoever is driving to arrive at a destination for a hotel I could go into.

      And the environment itself resembled a city where there's elevated train tracks.

      I can't recall what happens next. Either things ended up being pointless to me, since the plot development was basically nonexistent with these sporadic dream shifts, or my recall for the rest faded away when I went back to sleep.
    6. The Guy with the Axe and Gun

      by , 04-05-2014 at 07:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Guy with the Axe and Gun (DILD)


      I wake up, and found myself in an environment that looks exactly like the area I'm currently residing in waking life. Green walls, a bed that's slightly elevated more than usual, and the same material of dark gray carpet.

      I'm gradually becoming more aware that this is a dream, feeling the slight blurry echo effects as I'm moving about inside the house. I hear footsteps coming near the house's entrance, and I immediately motioned myself near it.

      I peek through the hole, and I see a Caucasian male that has dark brown hair, is wearing a yellow polo shirt that's untucked, along with regular blue worker jeans. He's wielding an axe with his right hand I believe, and he's knocking on the door, and spends a few seconds waiting before knocking again.

      I quickly turn in the other direction, wondering where I could find a weapon in case this guy has ill intentions in mind. I decided I should check the other bedroom diagonally to the left of me for something. I hear the knocking, but I try to not let it intimidate me since they couldn't possibly come in.

      Completely wrong.

      I hear the door open, and because I couldn't find something to protect myself, and because I was too fixated on the emotions of fear and panicking, I ended up making horrible decisions, and decided to try and hide under a bed.

      Too bad the bottom of the bed barely had any space for me to hide under, and it would only be a matter of time for the person to find me there even if I could hide under there.

      The individual is getting closer and closer, and he's raising his shoulders up while having his arms at a lop-sided "L" position with the axe, and a gun as well. My perspective starts getting a bit weird, and it feels like I'm seeing things at a slanted angle now, almost as if I'm about to fall down.

      The guy is walking pretty slowly, and the blurry echoes become more prevalent, but I'm too bothered by what may happen rather than attempting to change the dream environment.

      I wake up, because it doesn't seem anything was going to change at the time.

    7. Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death

      by , 03-31-2014 at 05:41 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Persuading a God while He Tries to Kill Me, Balloon Giraffe, Green Squares of Death (DILD)


      Iím inside of an educational facility, and apparently, thereís a news station crew that broadcast that itís dangerous to try and enter a certain room because criminals are inside of it. I had the intention of going into the office way before this announcement, but now, whatever plans I had were delayed.

      The ďcriminalsĒ come out, and thereís an outbreak. People are screaming, panicking, and running for their lives. I canít really see the criminals that well, because everything felt like a rushed blur, but the dream shifts to where I eventually get outside.

      Thereís a balloon giraffe thatís probably 300-500 in the air, and as for the actual height, at least 50 feet or so.

      It apparently has the ability to summon large light green squares, and can mentally break them apart into smaller cubes, and theyíre all being directed to me. This ends up being a dream where I just run for my life, trying to use whatever I can in the environment while gradually developing an escape plan, other than to wake up.

      I can feel my back tingling constantly in this dream, and even though it gets annoying, along with the head pressures, it helps a lot with avoiding the green cubes. I already know Iím at a major disadvantage since the floating giraffe can move about anywhere, and can get a quick aerial view of where I could be at. I couldnít cover large distances, so my general tactic was to hide in buildings while peeking to see if the giraffe is off looking at me in the other direction.

      But it seems that as long as the giraffe can locate me, the green squaresí composition can be manipulated to fit into the tightest corners, and then swoop in to try and inflict damage to me. Speaking for damage, Iím pretty sure I was attacked several times, but I didnít really feel any pain.

      The adrenaline, and other surging tendencies prevented me from noticing this. Maybe I knew it wouldnít be something as dangerous, but itís hard to know if I would be aware of that in the circumstance I was in. The giraffeís composition was nagging, and this made me realize why this giraffe may exist within the dream.

      I felt as if I was having to deal with a projection of how I conceptualized someoneís over-inflated ego. And because the visage of the giraffe was stationary, correlating its attacks at me, while it portrays no emotion whatsoever, since itís a balloon, makes things pretty intimidating.

      I speculated on whether or not the same individual I engaged in discussion with in waking life was either a Sociopath to remain calm, and yet still be so aggressive at the same time without even knowing that theyíre being so in the first place. Building after building, and crashing into so many random items and resources, I finally get some breathing time.

      I took that time to speculate why I havenít woken up as yet, especially when all the rushed surging of adrenaline was so overwhelming. I guess what helped sustained me within this dream was that I was fluctuating between going into a dream body, and then just viewing what was happening if things were too overwhelming. Itís hard to describe, itís almost as if I wanted to see how this dream would turn out, despite of its nonsensical nature.

      After a while, it seems the giraffe isnít going to win this hunt, so it decides to turn into what seems to be a godly entity. And I swear he looks exactly like the Advice God meme:

      He has a built chest, and is wearing white robes that seem to move around like smoke. He continues to use the green squares, keeping his distance away from me. I continue to play this game of chase and run, realizing that heís obviously not here to kill me, but rather to intimidate me, and wanting me to respond to his random queries.

      But then again, I donít think it wouldíve been wise to stop someone that turns into a giraffe to hunt you down in the first place. Iím now in a building, and I reach the top floor, and it almost feels as if itís some kind of public school in New York, or some kind of area where thereís mostly dull colored buildings.

      The flooring consists of a checkered tiling with dark gold and dark brown, and thereís all sorts of papers and fliers. The entity starts creating winds to swoosh into the area, and now heís augmented his size so much that I can see his whole eye extend probably up to 20 feet just from me looking at the window. He asks me at some point,

      ďWhy donít you believe?Ē

      I get confused, trying to strip away the obvious reasons why he would ask me this. After this, I believe I woke up at some point. After going back to sleep, Iím now in a building, except it seems like a mix of a laboratory, and a disco dance floor, exceptt with white tile flooring and walls, and no disco ball. Thereís an entity wearing a fancy suit, and had a body composition similar to what you would see in Team Fortress 2ís Spy (never played the game by the way).

      Except his suit is black, and he just has an expression, despite wearing a mask, that makes me feel really bad for this guy. I donít know what it is in particular, but something irks me about him.

      I think I was going to declare generalizations on nihilism to him. But what would be the point of telling a spy that his objectives have no inherent meaning?

      Get it? Get it? Geeeeeet it? Okay, enough cracking existential nihilism jokes.

      After avoiding conversation with the guy, it seems Iím headed for an elevator nearby, and itís really an open elevator where you can see some of the gears and metal bindings. OH, there was another dream shift before this I think where I'm Roxas, and I'm trying to run away from the giraffe, or the godly entity, can't remember who.

      After that, I canít remember what happens next.
    8. Dreams from Jan-30-2014 to Mar-4-2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 05:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Havenít been interested in recalling dreams to extensive detail, except for a few that were just too overwhelming and crazy to generalize.

      124+ Lucid dreams since the time I joined this site. Of course, with the other 1,022+ dream sets Iíve made, if I took time to see where I couldíve been lucid, the number would be much higher. Maybe there couldíve been more in the 2,000-3,000 dreams from 2011 to early 2014 recalled; the exact number of dreams recalled is still unknown seeing how I had different formats of clunking several dreams into one entry compared to the separate entries Iím doing on a separate program, and then combining it to as few entries on this site as possible. But by that point, it would just be a bias and problematic wondering how I would become aware of my existence in the dreaming state. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

      Itís amazing how putting in a lot of hours within a few weeks that I did for image streaming last year would make dream recall easier. Itís just a matter of actually caring to have unwavering acknowledgement of all dreams, nonsensical, hidden with deep symbolism, or actually a potential to relate to helping quotidian lifestyles in waking life.

      Itís hard being busy with the streaming of inspirations in my head in waking life, and wanting to do the same in the dreaming state. I think I prefer the former since there always seems to be a direction to go to fortunately.

      To anyone that seems to have episodic struggles with lucid dreaming attempts: Persevere with your shittiness until you get good at it. Itís a constant struggle that youíll just have to accept every now and then. If I couldnít find some way to reduce how I react in the cluster of dreams filled with a myriad of emotions, or some inspiration to animate them, I highly doubt I would have any more incentive to recall them.

      Public Shower with Women (DILD)


      • Outside in public shower near a pool I guess
      • At least three females diagonally front of me
      • They're wearing bras and panties only
      • One wears a light sky blue bra and panty
      • I'm pause for a moment, and then wake up.


      Riding a School Bus to Catch a Missed School Bus (DILD)


      Yeah, that's pretty much it. It took a while before I decided to give up after doing something futile where I didn't even know the location of the school I was supposed to go to.

      Kingdom Hearts Themed Island? (DILD)


      All I know for the time being is that the island I was residing in the dream was related to Kingdom Hearts in some way. I don't know, it's just what's initially showing up in my mind.

      I did all sorts of random things with dream characters, but I can't remember any significant or memorable moments. It had that weird feeling of accepting the illusion of comfort in a confined island, similar to what I'm sure the main characters had during their childhood.

      Clipboard of Teleportation & Wanting to Take a Photograph with Victoria (DILD)


      Iím inside of a store that looks a lot like the H-E-B within my area in waking life. Apparently, I have a job in this dream, though Iím not sure what it is Iím doing specifically. Iím wearing a red polo shirt, seeing how that would be one of the default colors to wear along with some colored dress pants.

      Iím holding a clipboard which I believe also had the color of red, and thereís paper attached under the clip. Thereís a square thatís split into a series of smaller squares that are numbered.

      Petting a Horse/Dog Hybrid (DILD)


      I'm petting a horse/dog hybrid that's vanilla colored.

      I'm petting it, and then I move around the environment without any kind of indicator if I'm in a body or not. I seem to be able to go through walls, and I see a few wolves that are inside a dark area. They have yellow eyes, and have a mix of brown and black fur.

      They seem to be friendly.

      Walking on Sand (DILD)


      >Walking on sand
      >Entities that looked like they were lost and trying to find somewhere to go surround me
      >I have to walk behind them and keep walking to convince them to move forward and being purified
      >One of them transforms into an older man holding a brown folder, or binder

      Petting a Cat & Backing Up A Vehicle (DILD)


      >Petting a cat, enjoying experiencing the sensation of petting it

      >Backing up a vehicle that I thought was a Blazer, ends up being a motorcycle

      Running Away From Robert Knepper & Prison (DILD)


      Iím on the run, and it seems Iím helping some prisoners escape while trying to elude Robert Knepper. His hairstyle is similar to his role as T-Bag in Prison Break in Season 4 most specifically. Iím not too sure on what his overall composition was, but it seems he was shifting from a human body to something like a large insect composition.

      Iím wearing an outfit similar to what Michael Scofield wore in Season 4 of Prison Break, except the sweater probably has a darker hue from this:

      The closest I can associate to this transient form of is U3 from Resident Evil 4, except this time the overall color for the bottom region is a mix of brown and a few overlays of red, and other warm colors.


      Spoiler for u3:

      Now, all that really mattered to me was making sure I kept moving forward, and that the prisoners I was saving can get out safely. I believe it was two females, or one female and a female, or maybe three individuals that Iím saving, but Iím not too sure because of the cluster of adrenaline and fear surging through my dream body.

      My initial presumption was that Iím escorting Michelle Obama, and one of her daughters, or Obama and Michelle. Whatever the case, it seems that I keep implying that Iím saving them within the dream, but the more I try to avoid Knepper, the less I see the presumed dream characters. Itís really dark outside, and it doesnít seem that I have to worry about security, light towers, or anything that would require systematic planning, or contingencies at all.

      I noticed that Iím going through a cyclical process of running for a few times within the dream. It starts out with heading for a slope, and having to go upwards. The hill itself consists of brown dirt with a few rocky substances here and there, and thereís a set of light gray cemented stairs on my right that I can take to skip the grind work of going up the hill.

      I take the opportunity, while constantly being weary of how Knepper may be close to chopping my body in half, to jump abnormally to skip a few steps of the stairs, and eventually reach the apex of the hill. I look down, and turn my head to the left to find a small house that I can go to that seems to lead to path of other houses that could be used as a shortcut, and give me more stalling time from Knepper.

      Shooting Arrows at Large White Monster (DILD)


      Feels like I'm playing an MMORPG, and I have a Ranger role where I can shoot arrows that have a dark blue arrowhead with a light sky blue aura surrounding the tip.

      There's a huge white whale like creature, or seal like creature that's coming after me. I click on the creature with a mouse click I'm presuming, and the character starts shooting arrows rapidly at it.

      It seems the creature is pretty close to potentially eating the character, but I can't recall what happened next.

      Finger Gets Shot & Golden Retriever (DILD)


      I'm inside of a house, and the dream characters, despite of not seeing them clearly

      Running away, ran for a mile, came back to house, had to go up stairs

      Open door, relative is there, golden retriverer barking at me at front door, but not biting me

      He gets out of the house and pushes a lady that was with a guy.

      Tells them to get out, closes the door, he goes back in, I do too, he gets mad, waves gun, I stay near door, back to door, sitting down telling him not to shoot, hands up, he shoots one of my finger, or fingernail

      Reverts back to normal

      Someone is Kidnapped (DILD)


      >Someone is kidnapped, and I'm apparently trying to save them, even though I don't know who it is I'm after

      >I'm listening to someone that seems to be the one taking the person hostage

      >They're instructing me to do all sorts of things

      >Relatives are suddenly involved in helping me out

      >White SUV is being driven by a relative, never seen him ride one before of that color

      >Female relative ends up going to clinic to get a prescription that's important for complying with the kidnapper's demands

      >Dream shifts to where I'm at a docking area of some sort

      >I head to a shed, and before I enter, I see a green frog outside

      >I decided to play around with it, and started to throw it up a bit

      >Then I went back to focusing in entering the shed

      >Two floor panels near the entrance, I only step on one

      >Open door

      >Kidnapper, that sounds like an old and cerebral female, tells me I made the wrong move

      >Apparently I wasn't allowed to get anyone to help me to comply with her demands

      >Dream shifts to where I'm reading a manga that looks like Naruto Shippuden

      >I see Kakashi, Obito, and Rin in their childhood years

      >Kakashi and Rin are side by side, Obito is on the opposite side

      >Someone is holding Obito's head as his body slowly elevates from being picked up

      >Obito's head comes off, and only his scalp and hair remains within the person's grasp

      >Kakashi and Rin freak out

      >I can't take this dream anymore

      Peter Bergman, Running Away From Bombing, and Lady in Red Gives Up On Wedding (DILD)


      Things start out at a luxurious hotel, and it takes a while before I realize that Iím dreaming. Some dream characters that come to mind is one that looked like Peter Bergman from the Young and the Restless:


      Along with Joshua Morrow as well:



      The latter doesnít seem to show up until later on in the dream, but Iím quite confused on when he does arrive.

      I honestly saw this dream as so nonsensical (and the ones a few days before it), that it wasnít really enticing enough for me to type it down. So my memory is going to be a bit patchy due to wanting to forget this altogether.

      The hotel room itself was comfortable enough for a gregarious conversation with the dream characters, and it also felt as if we were on the higher floor as well. I couldnít make out the actual conversations streaming through, but it seems thereís a scheme to bomb part of the hotel apparently. I canít recall how I specifically reacted, but I felt things were going to get intense very quickly.

      Joshua Morrow comes in at some point, and I believe heís wearing a brown jacket with some milky light brown fur around the collar, along with wearing regular denim blue jeans. He has his hairstyle groomed and gelled up:



      The dream overall has this celestial, blurry, and slightly dark overlay to it. It clearly made it prevalent that this was a dream, and it almost felt like the kind of atmospheric overlay youíd see at sunset, or something like that. While the dream characters are having a conversation over whatever, it seems that Peter Bergman has a control switch in his left hand. Itís a typical black box with a red button, and other small buttons in there as well.

      He becomes impatient, and wants to click the switch now, which basically blows up everything within the room. No damages are done to me, him, and any other dream character that happened to be there. But my instinct was to run away before something more catastrophic would occur. Panic initiates, and I feel that somewhere during the run, I glanced over the window, and saw that people were already forming groups outside to see what was happening.

      Joshua Morrow plays a significant role in this part to some extent, but my memory is kind of horrible at this point for what he really helped out on. All I could presume is that he helped me find a way for shortcuts to reduce suspicion from others that I, or anyone else in that same hotel room were advocates of the bombing event.

      After this, the dream shifts, and despite of the inconsistency of the next dream, I felt this one had some correlation with the previous. Simply because the atmospheric overlay was the same, and my emotions at the time still had a high sense of adrenaline and fear of trying to escape from something.

      Iím riding a motorcycle, and Iím driving parallel to someone thatís riding a motorcycle as well. The freeway weíre on is pretty spacious, though the perspective and perception is clearly abnormal. What seems to be large in front of us takes quite a while before it gets smaller. During this ride, I felt as if I was experiencing another virtual reality where an Asian female wearing a red dress wants to propose to me.

      Her visage mixes around for a bit, and one was similar to someone in waking life. The moment I saw her face, I was questioning why she would want to propose to me when sheís already in a relationship in waking life. Maybe she wanted me to be the man of honor, but her expression clearly wasnít one that was friendly, it was more sexual than needed.

      Then her visage shifts around with other relative Asian facial compositions, and the shape shifting dream character looks more like sheís in her late 20s to early 30s. For the top section of her long red dress, thereís an ďXĒ format of cloth wrapped around her breast region.

      Snap back to the motorcycle riding, and Iím asking the dream character, who I canít really see too well, on why she would propose, or want me to marry her. Whatever the dream character stated, it eventually ended the conversation, and it seems my reaction to it was that my concern was resolved in some way. Apparently, we were on our way to talk to that same Asian female, and once we met her, she called the wedding off.

      I canít remember anything else after that.
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    9. Lawm Mowing During a Wedding, Sitting on a Chair & In Space, Fake Lunch Pin, Wizzrobes Are After Me

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lawn mowing during a Wedding (DILD)


      • Lawn mowing with huge lawn mower

      • saw a chubby female wearing violet dress down to her upper thighs

      • small orange blobs relative wants me to go over and mow

      • area is around huge green valleys


      Sitting on a Chair & In Space (DILD)


      • sitting on a chair

      • tennis members (adam, john kuzko (black haired one))

      • Shifting to space and moving gray rings

      There wasn't anything exciting here.

      Lunch & Fake Lunch Pin (DILD)


      Too lazy to recall this:

      • Cafeteria
      • Juan
      • Fake lunch pin
      • Asian female mad at me for fake lunch pin
      • Forgetting lunch pin
      • Waiting in line


      Wizzrobes Are After Me (DILD)


      It seems I'm in an environment that relates to being at a beach with large and rocky cliffs here and there. I feel like this is another dream where I'm trying to run away from something or someone.

      And who I was running away from was a small group of Wizzrobes from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

      All that mattered was for me to run away before they even made any motions with their wands.
    10. Random Gunfire Kills Children, Mile in 4:30, Messy Apartment, Relative Catches Me Late at Night

      by , 12-11-2013 at 08:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random Gun Fire Kills Children in Sporadic Intervals (DILD)


      When I became lucid, itís in a dream setting similar to a school cafeteria. It's completely different from the pre-existing models my mind usually utilizes. The flooring has the basic bland light gray colored tiling with black tar/rubbery-like substances between the creases.

      It's either morning or early afternoon, and there's a lot of individuals in their own groups. Two distinct groups where the ones that seemed to be Hispanic. For some weird reason, I had some predisposition into thinking they could be two gangs that have turmoil between each other.

      It seemed pretty normal in the sense of a school having individuals desperately trying to find an identity for themselves through gregarious activities with peers to have some illusory perception that there could actually be sustainable bonding. And I happened to be in the middle passively acknowledging their existence.

      I hear abrupt and short bursts of gun fire to the left, and I immediately turn in that direction to see the group to the left of me panicking and crowding around someone that may have been shot. Naturally, I get up to see what actually happened.

      There's a man who seems to be close to descending into a crying fit as he's holding a dead child in his arms. I can't really describe the details of how the dead child look because it was too disgusting to even contemplate on it.

      There's blood streaming through the child's face in several directions, almost as if there's some kind of radial streak originating somewhere along their chest. The group seems to be in a longer state of shock, and I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the group to the right of me.

      For some reason I wanted to confirm that this actually just happened, that a child just randomly dies due to gun fire that was very difficult to confirm where the origin was. Seeing how there were walls surrounding the building, the only presumption that can be made is that the bullets can somehow pass through walls and people and solidify until it meets whatever target the shooter wants.

      After looking at the child and the man who seems to be at his nadir, I presumed he was either the father, or some kind of relative to the child. Then I noticed most individuals here seems to be around my age or even older, and it felt weird with them existing in a school that would seem to be formatted for Middle School and High School.

      I don't know where I'm headed, but I just wanted to get out immediately because of my current attachment to the high state of paranoia of who would be next.

      This next environment seems to be an expanded version of the previous one, and the next attack seemed to have been initiated diagonally to the right. I'm sitting with a dream character that was a counterpart of the waking life individual I talked with in High School mostly though lunch period.

      Although his existence didn't really seem to matter much, though for the sake of just getting some descriptions down:

      • He was wearing a bland gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and his usual messy hairstyle

      • His body composition emulated gestures that seemed as if bad was going to happen, though I'm not sure why I'm led to believe this

      Most of my attention was on the right section of the dream environment, and I seemed to have some restriction to turn to the left. Maybe it's because I felt something bad would happen in the direction I'm paying attention to the most, or it's something else entirely that I wasn't aware of.

      Then more gun fire comes in randomly, and everyone starts screaming. I get up immediately, and the person to the right of me gets up and seems to be shifting his head left and right frantically trying to find where the shot came from.

      Turns out it's another child that died, though I didn't bother to take that into consideration seeing how I ended up bringing out the neurotic state again. Since the attack came from afar, I didn't bother paying attention into looking at the child.

      Because at the point, if I came in to see what would happen, I would be questioning why I would want to make the attempt to go there and confirm whatever visualizations would show up of the late child's body. And like the previous event, I get out like everyone else eventually did.


      Running a Mile in 4:30 (DILD)


      Guess DILDs are my frequent means of reaching lucidity. That's glad to know considering how haven't done any WBTB lately, and the fact that I was sleeping late and waking up fairly late as well.

      The environment looks exactly like the middle school I used to go to, except there some weird atmospheric overlay of brown, orange, and other warm colors. It seemed it was close to night time, but the sunset managed to sustain its existence for a pretty long time.

      The conditions of the dream with the environment, and where I was placed with other dream characters and other factors such led me to believe there was going to be a mile run. I can't recall when the coach blew the whistle, but I proceeded to run at the same time everyone did.

      I seemed to have realized my legs wouldn't tire out, though I seemed to have been experiencing psychosomatic processes where I felt like I was tired after running fast from the start. The dream shifts to where now I have to go around a huge ring where there was a large field of grass in the middle.

      However, it wasn't necessary to go around this circle. All I needed to do was get to the middle, and then turn around and dash all the way back to the start, and then turn to the right to the next new outer ring. I was stumbling a bit in my movements, but then a random image somehow gave me a jolt of energy.

      Out of all the imagery that could show up to emit some kind of emotional response, Shanks from One Piece shows up and fades away. It was a younger version of him smiling while wearing a straw hat, at least younger than the current version that looks like he's in his late 30s or something.

      Either that was some weird reference on how Luffy has a long-term goal of eventually meeting Shanks when he becomes more powerful, or just a random image altogether.

      Anyway, deus ex machina kicks in and I'm running very fast. So fast that I'm already close to finishing the mile run and I'm already by the large gates that I have to go outside the edges. I then get the urge to propel myself to run even faster and finally reached the end.

      The coach looks like exactly like the waking life counterpart that seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt along with dark gray sports shorts. He checked his stopwatch and stated that I finished the mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

      Clearly something I never was able to do during middle school or even in my current state.

      The dream shifts to where I'm heading somewhere holding a cellphone and calling someone. I don't know who it was, but based on how I felt and communicated with them, it was someone really close. Though that's pretty vague seeing how it could be anyone really. I told them how I managed to finish a mile in 4:30, and by that time it was night time.


      Messy Apartment and the Realism Distracts Me From Dream Logic (DILD)


      I'm in an apartment that resembles the one when I was in College Station, and it seems my father was on his way over there. I didn't know how much time I actually had, but with the situation I'm in now in the dream, my apartment was a horrible mess.

      Everything here felt so real to the point where I really started to get distracted. I tried formulating ways to clean up this mess before actually doing so, but I barely got anything done. Then the dream shifts to where I meet an individual in waking life that I'll just abbreviate as Jas.

      Jas seemed to be close to this area for some reason in order for me to interact with him so easily. He looked exactly like his waking life counterpart, probably to near perfection. His expression and his fairly passive demeanor to twist his words a bit to make himself look better seems to be there, but that could just be my conceptual schemes playing out within this dream.

      He seemed more casual, and even friendlier than he is in waking life. It was almost as if I was a very close friend of his within this dream. I was getting something out of a Jeep Blazer vehicle, and I seemed to ignore the fact that I owned a vehicle for once as well.

      Jas was stating something, and I interrupted him with a joke since how what he was saying was going to end up awkward and weird. I forgot what I actually took out, but I went back to the apartment only to go back to square one on what to do with the messy apartment.

      Sometimes I wonder if it was an error in perception on the apartment being messy, and instead it I was probably confused on how there were so many objects in front of me that were most likely organized in a weird fashion.


      Relative Catches Me Late at Night (DILD)


      I'm just going to be lazy and give a brief overview of what happened:

      • It's night time in the dream
      • I wanted to get out of the house that I was in for reasons I can't recall
      • My relative wanted to get out, but he wasn't aware that I was outside for a few seconds
      • I ended up walking into his direction, and he's surprised on how I was able to get out
      • I go back into the house
    11. September 2013 - October 2013 Dream Journal Entries

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sitting in Lunch and Comparing Electronic Devices (DILD)


      I had the intention to do a recording of using IamCoder's Halovision plugin for sleeping prior to a WBTB and then after a WBTB. However, since I'm not used to waking up so early after only attempting a WBTB a few weeks ago after months of just focusing solely on reality, wasn't able to get the motivation to move the laptop near the bed.

      Made me realize how much sleep is more enjoyable when you stop making a habit where you would prefer to wake up as soon as you hit that tra

      I'm in a school cafeteria, and based on how my senses were in the dream, the atmosphere or condition of the dream in general was fairly milky and blurry in some aspects. The tile flooring consisted of a milky violet color with black rubber or colored cement separating each square by maybe half and inch to an inch wide.

      It was afternoon within the dream seeing how it was fairly sunny outside by looking through the glass windows. The seating arrangement in the cafeteria consisted of long light gray tables going horizontally in perspective of you looking at this text and light gray circular flat seats supported by a curved J shaped metal attached to the bottom railings of the table.

      I noticed that I'm wearing an general outfit similar to a High School get-up I had horrible sense of fashion in. It was a maroon polo-like shirt with black jeans, joes, and a black wind jacket of some sort. I proceed to an empty seat where to the right was an individual that had a long-sleeved shirt under a gray shirt. Sitting down, I take out a random object out of my pocket, and I started having a small conversation with the dream character.

      I noticed he was similar to someone in waking life that I used to know a little bit in High School, he had an enthusiastic demeanor. I held the electronic device and noticed it's similar to the Zune HD I had. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, just tilting it in a semi-circular motion and noticed the same dream character was listening to something on what seemed to be an iPod.

      Wake Up! (DILD)


      I felt someone's fingers touch one of my eyes to try and open it, and I hear a familiar voice.

      I decide to pretend that I was sleeping, though it seems the dream character knew I was awake. She decides to say "Wake up!" in a casual tone, and I tilt my head and feigned usual sounds when a person is being bothered in their sleep.

      I hear her footsteps trailing away from me, and I hear another female's voice. After things seem quiet, I open up my eyes and I was resting on a white sofa. Its composition was fairly flat and square-like and barely round on the edges. This environment feels very peculiar....too lazy to update on this...

      Lady Spares my life (DILD)


      Shooting people

      Lady almost shoots me but spares my life. Oh, I'm so going to remember this one, hopefully.

      • Mutant being with pulsating heart external from its body
      • Metal Tank with Spiked Wheels grinding everything up except me
      • Coming out with an injured arm
      • Hiding from a female and her group of men that apparenty want to kill me
      • I try to kill the men, but they just won't die
      • Eventually get trapped and I'm held at gunpoint by the lady
      • She smiles and walks off without shooting me
      • I sit there still looking perplexed on what happened just now



      Metal Tank of Death (DILD)


      I believe I'm wearing a warm colored dress-shirt, maybe a milky yellow color that's tucked under a gray dress pants. I'm wearing a gray suit as well along with a brown belt with a silver or brass colored buckle in the middle.

      My hair is shaved off, and I find myself in a dark area. I don't really pay attention to confirming if I'm dreaming or not, this is just one of those dreams where you decide to get absorbed into the adventure instead of destroying the environment and being confused on what to do next.

      the floor consists of milky and faded yellow tile flooring, and there seems to be small hallways, almost built like a maze. I'd presume each hallway was about fifteen to twenty feet wide, and I find myself lurking around the corners.

      I have a dark gray gun in my hand, and I can't really make out all the details because there's several yellow lights in random patterns on the ceiling. After walking a bit, I noticed there's a fairly large entity in front of me about twenty feet away.

      It looks like a mutant, completely disfigured body composition, and I'm wondering just what it actually is. It seems to have a face, but this face looks like it has been mutilated, and it's hard getting its visage in good detail.

      It consists of an dark apricot skin complexion that's stretchy and a bit flaccid in a few areas. It almost looks like it's dead, or just pretending to be dead. I noticed that it's heart was external from its body and was still beating.

      The heart had a dark violet color, and was pulsating in a slow but strong frequency. Things shift and there's a metal tank with two cylinder shaped wheels going horizontally that have small spikes on them.

      I make a run for it, and the machine grinds up the weird mutant body.

      I can't remember what happened next because I wasn't expecting to get a lucid.

      I got an iPhone....wait, just a lucid dream... (DILD)


      I was taking an hour nap from attempting 71 minutes of image streaming. I did 3 hours of it 2 days ago, and it's amazing how quick things come by in my mind lately.

      I'm inside of a house similar to the one I'm currently in, and I go outside and go around the side yard and end up talking to two dream characters. I don't know what I was going to mention to them, and I end up being distracted by the mailman that comes by.

      He's an elderly man, but seems to be in pretty peak condition for his age, and he gives me a brown box with my name on it. I go inside the house and open it up and realized I've been given a free iPhone!

      Some dream character that looks like a relative of mine started to state that someone merely glued all those pieces together and managed to make the phone look like new. For some reason, this prompted me to realize once more that this is just a dream.

      My enthusiasm was sapped, good bye imaginary iPhone!

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    12. Her Family Jewels Are Still Intact...Wait..Her What???

      by , 09-09-2013 at 02:00 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Her Family Jewels Are Still Intact...Wait..Her What??? (DILD)


      Boy, me talking about the lucidity at the right time in the dream journal entry I had yesterday?

      I don't even know anymore. I just can't have the decency to describe this dream in long detail.

      [18+] This isn't even that graphic in the first place. I just state a word or two, and whatever imagery you come up with it is YOUR fault, not mine man.I'm exiting a room and I'm going into a hallway, and I encounter a female that's sitting on a desk and is working on a computer. For some odd reason,
      Spoiler for You Wot M8?:

      I will admit she could've gave the best fellatio. You want to know how hard it is to get out of a situation like that? She wanted to do it man, she wanted to do it, her nails were already skin deep man.





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    13. Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Thought-Form Imposition, Azula is Crazy, I'm Airbending, Huge Battle Ox, and Money (DILD)


      The exercise I did for an hour about 2 days ago is really helping my recall alot, but I'm beginning to think it's much more than that helps with recalling this dream despite having to take my time typing other dreams. The exercise is basically made for me to imagine things without being able to put conscious judgment in anything, and how I'll have to rely on unconscious thoughts to stream in to connect the dots.

      Now, this isn't what I'm doing for this dream, this is what I actually experienced, the exercise itself is completely different from this. This is just a result from that practice, and of course, the discipline I tried to give myself with recalling as many dreams as possible. The thing is, instead of me being so focused on recalling dreams instantly, I'm letting my mind form those events because I know that as long as I want to recall them (which isn't that hard obviously), the more the mind will make those connections to make the dream a bit more cohesive.

      Now, you're probably wondering if one doesn't recall their dreams sooner or later, it might become less valid. Well, with how the concept that's made with the unconscious mind, it seems that if someone thinks that, it's really the person underestimating what your mind can do if you just allow it to do its job of helping you remember things.


      The environment I'm has a major color of green and shades of it and has a darker overlay to it as well. It feels as if I'm within the depths of some ancient chamber that has all sorts of secrets and jargon all over the place.

      I interact with several dream characters, and I can't really make a cohesive structural plot to do this because there's so much going on at once, but I will try my best. Anyway, I go to a dream character that looks like an albino, and he has a floating orange object in his hand, so I go up to him and ask what he's doing.

      He declares to me that he's training how to make thought-forms imposed into his reality, and how the orange object he's holding that's floating on top of his hand about 3 inches up is the thought-form he's trying to make. I take a closer look at the object that's floating about his hand, and it kind of looks like some weird fruit. Imagine cutting Mango, and finally getting to the seed, but there's still some orange-yellow flesh surrounding it. Now imagine scraping the flesh with your teeth that would give the flesh that doesn't come off as easily a slightly curvy and smooth spiky look to it.

      Like this,

      except the ends are bit longer and wavier. And there are a few red orbs/eyes/balls on this weird looking object as well, and I see that a few more dream characters have thought-forms similar to the albino I'm near. He's wearing a black monk outfit similar to the Las Plagas monks wear in Resident Evil 4. I turn back to look around the environment again, and I see Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and he's using the Kyuubi arms to hold onto a dark orange orb.

      I can't recall why he's doing this, but it seems to be something very important to hold on to seeing how everyone is worried that he might make it drop down in what seemed like a bottomless pit. I think at some point Sasuke shows up for something, and as Naruto is continuing to hold the orange orb, it seems something throws off his balance.

      He isn't able to hold the dark orange orb for very long and it drops all the way down to the bottom, and Sasuke I believe gets irritated on Naruto's clumsiness. Naruto closes his eyes and tries to give a fake laugh, and I end up diving towards the bottom.

      The dream shifts completely where after the darkness subsides while still falling all the way down head-first, I noticed there's some kind of tug on the pants that I'm wearing. I turn my head quickly to see that it's Azula from Avatar.

      From this point, I'm shifting back and forth from third person, spectator, and first person view, and as I'm trying to get Azula away from me, I noticed that I shift between the body form of Aang and myself. I end up taking the role of Aang, and realized that if I airbend at the right time, I won't fall faceplanting the floor.

      I look down really quickly, but I can't make out the surface other than it being a light brown-ish or khaki colored tiled flooring. I noticed really huge columns that were a mix of brown and orange, and I believe there were a few lit fire torches maybe 30 feet above from the surface.

      And as I'm trying to get Azula off me, she continues to persist and is holding onto the regions of my pants near my ankle more. I try shaking my legs a bit to see if she'll lose her grip, but it seems she's not going to give up. I decided that when I was about 15 feet away from the ground, I somehow managed to make an Airball and flipped myself over on it and landed softly.

      Not sure how Azula took the fall, but as I'm preparing to run and create another air ball to sit on, Azula is already back on her feet. She prepares herself like in this video clip below:

      Except this time, she's lightning bending to propel herself, and as I'm instantly creating an airball to travel on and escape her, it seems she's having a hard time catching up to me and sustaining the lightning. I don't really look back from that point other than hearing her grunts as she talking to herself wishing the lightning bending would've worked for her.

      Pretty sure if she wanted to kill me, she would've done it right from the start. But you know, logic doesn't come in like in a snap that when you're fucking falling down 200-500 feet from above. And I remember her showing up in my dreams at least two times, and it's in really awkward situations. I wonder......

      Anyway, my recall of what occurs as I'm continuing to travel with the airball is patchy, and all I know is that there's a dream shift that still relates to this dream I'm having. I'm in a similar environment like I described in the first portion of this dream, except this time, the area is much more expansive and even comforting despite of its dark setting.

      The walls and columns are all still green, and I believe the fire is green as well, which makes a huge contrast from the patches of darkness in random places. I can't recall what happens next other than another dream shift in a similar environment, only this time, the atmosphere and lighting has a yellow-orange hue to it (leaning more to yellow).

      The more I traverse through the depths of this presumed ancient underground, the more I feel there's going to be surprises just waiting to happen. I find myself walking at what seems to be a dead end, and there's some wording on the walls the seems to be instructions on how to operate the switch in front of me. I had to go around a wall in the middle to the left to reach this area, and I press the switch for a bit to see what will happen.

      Nothing happens as yet, and then there's a dream character that looks like the same albino monk I met holding a floating fruit that looked like a Mango. This dream character informs me that I have to keep pressing the switch in order for something to work. I think there's a leveling format involved where there's the maximum number listed and I had to hit the switch, or twist and turn it a certain amount of times to get the result.

      The monk leaves I believe, or maybe I just become less aware of him, but anyway, the moment I make the maximum turn/rotation/push/whatever on the switch, it magically slides in a bit more through the hole it came out of. Imagine the event here like watching a movie like the Mummy or even Indiana Jones where if the person presses something they don't know they're dealing with, you start building up tension that something is going to go wrong.

      Well, it's pretty much like that, and there's a lot of rumbling occurring, and the ground and the whole area shakes for a little bit. I go back around the wall in the middle where the switch was behind, and looked up.


      I couldn't have described the moment any better, there's a huge statue with glowing orange eyes that has the visage of an ox. It's pretty slow due to its gargantuan size, which gives me more time to find a way to get out of this place, things have gone too crazy for me to try and find anything anymore in this area. I go straight towards the huge statue that's probably 200-300 feet away from me, and I go to the right with the stack of columns perpendicular to me to get some cover.

      And as I'm running straight on the right side, I noticed there's a set of glass windows bordering something inside, and I peeked to see that beyond those glass windows is an exit. It's dark, but it's definitely my chance of escaping.

      Suddenly, another entity comes in from the dark opening, and it's basically a mini-version of the large statue that's probably coming after me. Imagine for a moment of how a person would play a game with someone else where they go around in circles trying to catch each other, but then one person stops and waits for that person to come into that direction; and how we predict where a person's going only for them to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction.

      It was kind of like that, except this entity was a bit more competent to fall for such tricks. I end up going to the right inside the entrance from the set of glass windows bordering the interior area that has white lighting and is more bright than anything in this ancient environment. Then as the beast comes in from the opposite direction, I quickly turn back and tried to make a dash, but then the beast catches on to what I'm doing, and it makes a sharp turn as well.

      All I remember is trying to get out, and probably trying to get away from the mini-ox humanoid entity,
      the rest is just a mystery to me.

    14. Oneironaut Zero Saves Me, Kicking Ass and Taking Names [DILD]

      by , 07-28-2013 at 12:32 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Oneironaut Zero Saves Me (DILD)


      Listened to a self-hypnosis recording I did with my voice and decided to continue not using WBTB, managed to get a decent lucid. Without even trying, SWEET!!!

      Recall is okay, just the normal if I were to actually do a WBTB and have a decent sleeping schedule. It will only get better when I get more into making more audio hypnosis scripts and/or saying them to myself before sleeping at night. I managed to get my tonality and emotion-pouring down with the scripts, which makes the imagination that much easier. Might even make a longer hypnosis script for myself where I'll make a recording and save it for some other purposes.

      Imagine being in an underground base where the dominant colors are mostly shades of blue and turquoise. The dream itself repeated some aspects for some odd reason, and it was mostly me checking if the person Oneironaut Zero killed stayed dead. But let's not worry about that right now.

      All I can remember as I'm shifting back and forth with third person, first person, and just spectating what's going on over what seemed like watching a movie, I started harboring extreme sensations with adrenaline and fear.

      My recall for this has a lot of patches, seeing how there were so many areas I must've traveled in a short span of time. Most of the double doors were electronic and open, and it seems every time I enter some area, I would see to my right side a wired fence shaped into a cube protecting random electronic objects. Like bases or power generators of some sort, and with how things were going, it seemed the building we're in has some kind of invasion of weird creatures, machines, and such occurring.

      It seemed I was pretty lucky, not having to deal with all of that, yet. Throughout the dream, I felt sensations occurring within my head, neck, and back region. It was a sort of fuzzing and vibrating feeling, it didn't hurt, but it wasn't something I would want to tolerate for too long. It almost as if my senses were just elevated because of the rush and adrenaline surging through my dream body, that it was a matter of life and death, and all that mattered was getting out before I end up dead.

      And as I'm running and dodging without looking back, as if all that was needed was for me to sustain the narrow tunnel vision I had in this dream, Krauser shows up yet again, and his countenance is completely different from the other dreams where he seemed to only show up to scare me, but never had any ambition to kill me.

      He extends his left arm, and seems to be ready to facepalm my face straight into the wall behind me, and luckily, there just happened to be someone right behind me that he ends up hitting instead of me. Either he was still trying to scare me, or he just had crappy aim. I waste no time and immediately dashed to the open double doors to the left about 10 feet away from me.

      Suddenly, I find myself accidentally tripping, and it's really, really hard to get up.



      While Krauser is trying to get his hand out from the person's head he slammed against the wall, I'm still struggling to get up. I felt like this dream was going to end up being miserable until someone in a blue-black jacket comes in rapidly, and the dream character looks a lot like Oneironaut Zero who's just waiting for a good fight with Krauser.

      He indirectly signals me to leave, but I'm still trying to process how he came about. Eventually, I managed to finally get up from the floor, still looking at what Oneironaut has up his sleeve to deal with the Krauser dream character coming after me. And before I managed to get past the same left door that's now to the right of me (since I braced against the wall), Oneironaut Zero goes through some mutation while Krauser does the same.

      There seems to be tentacles gradually coming out of the left side of O's face, then some grows behind his back, and after that, I was too afraid to really see the full transformation from both dream characters. I wanted to help, but it seemed O can hold his own, especially since I have no chance against a fully mutated Krauser that probably would end up twice the height of the original.

      Now things shift back to me watching the events as if I'm looking at a movie or something. I noticed I started to pick up the pace with running away, but not only that, feeling more agile, flexible, and even ready to do super-human jumping as well. The scene that was previously saturated with a turquoise and blue atmosphere now changes into a mustard-yellow atmosphere.

      And things are getting even more hectic as I'm trying to avoid the random machines and other-worldly creatures that are just too hard for me to process their visage and composition because of how I only cared about getting out of this place alive. I still worried about whether or not O would be fine dealing with the Krauser dream character, but I guess some kind of instinct kicked it telling me he'll be just fine.

      There's a long metal chain that happens to be one of the few ways to get out of this place, and I immediately jump up to grab onto it. And as I'm slowly taking my time climbing up the metal chain, there seems to be random fighting below me. I noticed Wonder Woman (the Justice League version) seems to be taking pretty hard hits from whatever entities she's fighting. She's being thrown left and right and still while recovering each time to go back fighting full force.

      All of this is still occurring while I'm looking at myself and the background scene in spectator mode. It seemed the dream character of me was so fixated on climbing upwards without looking down, and the more I focused wanting to get out, the more intense the fighting is below. I can hear the slashing, clashing, and all the punching sounds along with the grunts, moans, and screaming as well.

      I wondered how the hell I got myself into this dream environment, and I'm presuming I finally made it to the top and I'm hopefully free and safe from all the chaos beneath me. My train of thought, or at least me being able to visualize myself starts getting patchy again.

      I start seeing a few glimpses of areas I've been before, and I take advantage of this ability to check to see if O was okay. All I saw was Krauser's dead mutated body, so I'm presuming O managed to seal the deal and get out perfectly fine. But I didn't have time to speculate and try to again some assurance that he's alright, seeing how the monsters and machines most likely are tailing me by climbing the long metal chain as well.

      From this point, I don't know where in the world I'm headed, all I remember was just jumping off somewhere very high. The dream environment and setting shifts completely now, and that's probably because I forgot what happened in the middle.

      That's what I get for not doing a proper WBTB.

      Anyway, I'm in a different scene, and my feelings are less anxious and intense, so I'm assuming things are safe now. Imagine me now being within a large and spacious area that resembles a base for small planes and helicopters to traverse. Surrounding me about 400 feet to 2 miles are large garage type buildings, as if I'm near some miltary base.

      But it doesn't feel like that, it feels more like some type of training ground for people who want to pilot flying vehicles. And I find myself noticing that I'm waiting in a short line, and I quickly shift my head to the left to see who I'm waiting in line to meet.

      I noticed there's a lady that looks like she's in he 30s, she has bowl cut hairstyle that's orange-red with a slight shade of black near the front regions before stopping to the side of her face. She's wearing a classic secretary black dress shirt and skirt that's a about knee-level.

      She's filling in applications and signing forms I'm presuming, and while I'm waiting for my turn, I take the time to just look around and stare into random space. I noticed how it's early morning within this dream, and I can see the sun rise up slowly to my left side. And as I turn to my right, you know how you can see the heat waves or whatever from a distances where the light gives the illusion that the objects are bending?

      It was like that for a a minute, and as I'm turning left and right occasionally, I turn to my left again to find an elderly man sitting about 5-10 feet away from the same female that's busy with the people in line. He has his back faced to her on her right side (my left side), and is sitting perpendicular from her.

      It seems he's waiting for something, and I begin to notice how he's holding some kind of certificate in his left hand. I didn't want to pry into the information within this certificate, but because he's holding it in a way that makes it look like eye-candy, I can't help but zoom from far away to see that he's most likely trying to get his driver's permit or something.

      The man is wearing thin-framed glasses, a few jagged features sustained in his visage, and is a bit obese, maybe 250-400lbs. He's wearing a green cap with a small streak of orange, if I remember correctly, and he's just casually reading this certificate to himself, probably to kill some time.

      Then he finally gets his turn, and quickly gets up to meet the secretary like female I'm waiting for as well. She declares to him the type of license this man will be getting, and she stated some things that are hard to process, jargon most likely. I believe he had to have a restriction on his license or whatever it is he's trying to get because the female stated how he had some kind of disability.

      She states this a bit loud, not too loud, but just enough to make the man feel ashamed for his disability. He quickly tries to cover the topic by questioning her randomly, but it's not really working out for him. I don't really pay too much attention to is situation with her, and I'm sure the dream characters I'm behind in line didn't really care, or at least pretended they didn't hear the conversation.

      You know how you wait in line for something, and there's someone somewhere at the far corner of the area you're in that shows off or does something loud that makes every avert their eyes towards them? And then when things settle down, they quickly turn back so the person doesn't feel like people are staring at them like hawks? It was kind of like that, and as the man eventually has his situation covered, it's finally my turn to speak to the lady.

      I honestly don't know why I'm standing here, but it seems the lady knows I'm here for something fortunately. She tells me that O gave me a letter, and I was puzzled for a bit. She tends down while still sitting on her black rolling chair to open a drawer and hands me a letter. I quickly tear the seal and read the glanced at the content for ab it.

      Then I tried to re-read it to absorb whatever content the O dream character that saved me tried to give me in this letter. The letter is folded into thirds, hot-dog position, and as I'm trying to sustain my vision and make things a bit clearer, I find it difficult to read the content.

      It starts getting blurry, and no matter how hard I tried to calm down, relax, and let the word trailing shift back to their original position, I can't really string together a cohesive train of thought from this letter. I believe I decided to put this letter in my pocket by folding it the opposite way after folding it back hotdog style and gave my thanks to the secretary like dream character female.

      All I can remember from the letter was that O stated he was alright and didn't really have much injury from before, but he was more concerned that I hopefully got out alive without any injuries myself.

      I can't recall what happened from this point, and I guess I tried to leave because I didn't want to stall the people waiting in line behind me.

      Sucks I don't know what the O dream character was trying to tell me. It seems whenever there's a message being given to me, especially letters, I always end up having to save them for later only to forget them and never really getting the chance to see them before I try to have a dream where I can find the letter again without worrying if it was going to be a false copy.

      If only I recalled this dream earlier, I'd probably be able to get out a few chunks within the letter, but that's my fault.

      I felt even more guilty that despite of this O counterpart being a dream character, that this entity still cared enough to risk his own life to make sure I got out safely. It's happened before with a female that takes a laser cannon shot to her chest and stomach region, and a few others I can't recall off the top of my head. I'm personally glad O was just fine and things didn't end up where someone's life is taken away, compared to the dream I had months ago where the lady that pushes me off before possibly dying from the laser shot.

      Those types of dreams where someone has to take their life are always hard for me to process honestly, even if it's all just a dream.

      I wanted to do much more in this lucid dream, but I guess all I really cared about was seeing how the dream plot would unfold instead of sitting around doing nothing but wondering what to do.
    15. Sex With Teal Scott [DILD] | Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...And a Demon | Chubby Anal Sex

      by , 05-17-2013 at 06:00 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Didn't really care much for using self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming and just wanted to have the sleep where you sleep through until the next morning.

      Sex with Teal Scott [DILD] (DILD)


      Okay, can't really remember much, but I'll try.

      The dream, at least from what I recalled, was already occurring, it's just that the non-lucid state was so hard to remember until this point. I feel I was lucid at the time, seeing as how it was similar to me doing self-hypnosis sessions to go from waking to dreaming state quickly.

      So the dream starts out with me and a female that looks exactly like Teal Scott on YouTube (The Spiritual Catalyst). My memories of how she would talk, and her overall personality, and her positive demeanor that she naturally shows (or maybe it's just me wanting to believe that), combined with her being half-naked in front of me...it's just hard to describe my emotions at the time.

      Damn it, I need to work on my descriptions more.

      I don't know why two spoiler's are showing up, but whatever, too lazy to edit this.
      Spoiler for 18+ Content - Read at your own risk:
      Spoiler for 18+ Content - Read at your own risk:

      but that's all that I remember.


      Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall....and a Demon (Non-lucid)


      I'm looking at a mirror in a random room that seems to be there for me to focus more on the mirror. The room itself had bland and dull colors of crimison red and burned red (I'm horrible with color naming, sorry).

      I could feel that looking into this mirror would turn into something random and potentially bad. I didn't bother looking at myself, just at the mirror in an angle where I couldn't see myself. I see a sinister face show up, and I start getting jumpy. I shift my focus to a random point in the room, and then turned back to the mirror, having a longer gaze than before.

      I do this once more, and then focused on the mirror until the face of a demon shows up, and I can't remember what happened next.


      Chubby Anal Sex (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+ Content:


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