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    1. Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher, I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher (DILD)


      The irony of being forced to have chemistry with a Chemistry teacher.

      The starts out in the same room where I had IPC in High School, and since there seemed to be one lighting shining on me, the rest of the room was dark, so I didn't pay too much attention to any finer details.

      I believe I'm wearing a white dress shirt that isn't tucked in along with an open black suit along with a black tie. I have black dress pants and maybe black laceless shoes. I'm sitting on the floor in an awkward manner, with my legs folded in an upside down V position, and my arms titled at a 45 degree angle to stabilize myself.

      I started to become aware, at least through spectating myself in the dream, that I was dreaming. My IPC teacher appears, and seems to be a decent emulation of her in general. She seems to have features, both for her visage and body composition, of another lady at work. She doesn't make the sudden proposal apparent, so I end up being coerced into following her direction, and we're traveling through all sorts of areas.

      After a while, she states something which makes me imply that she wants to marry me, and although it was kind of predictable, the emotions from my end were kind of overwhelming to the point where I probably forgot that I knew she was going to hint it at me. It takes me a few seconds to make a response as the tinging sensations surging through my spine and head augmented, but I agreed to go along with her.

      However, I didn't say "yes" to her indirect response that wasn't even in a form of a question, just "yes" to continue on our escapade I guess. After a while, we stop at an area where there's quite a few dream characters, the most noticeable was an emulation of Reba in a light blue dress suitable for a wedding I believe.


      I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine (DILD)


      I presumed that today within the dream was my off day from work, but for some reason, I went ahead and wore my work clothes. I noticed the sensations were completely different. It feels as if I’m existing in waking life, but that subtle atmospheric dream quality is there, and it seems prevalent whenever I tried to use my peripheral vision.

      I noticed that I wasn’t paying too much on the external environment, but judging from the lighting within the building I’m in, it seems to be a late afternoon. From the gravity, to the usual feelings of being relaxed and prepared to work, this dream really emulated waking life pretty well. As I’m entering the building, I noticed one of the employees standing around some computers and other electronic devices. She’s of Indian descent, has a short body composition, and the same hairstyle as in waking life.

      Seeing how I implied this was my day off within the dream, I had implications that I wanted to talk to one of the managers, or the admins for certain questions. An image came up of one of them that I talked to frequently, and I was tempted to go up the stairs to see if they were available. Then all of a sudden, I get an urge to play around with the claw machine that’s usually there in waking life, except this time it’s by the small hallway where you could take an elevator to head to the lounge and meeting room.

      I didn’t really have to put anything of monetary value for this claw machine, and the prizes consisted of MP4 players, similar to the one in waking life. The machine itself was quite complicated at first, especially since the main lever you control had all sorts of buttons. I try to go slow to gradually see what does what, and saw that I failed on my first try, but it seems I didn’t have to worry about putting in money for another go.

      The lever itself has a black coating around its light gray color, and the coating was probably conformed for hands, and there’s one small blue button just a few inches below along with maybe two light gray buttons. Then there’s a switch that you could push up or down, kind of like a light switch on the lever as well. I presumed this was to move the claw up and down, and was right in my presumption.
      I look at the black MP4 player, and fixated on getting it since it seemed to be the only color where the red-pink cloth material for the base where the MP4s rested on wouldn’t distort my vision. Though this is merely post-analysis of what I would choose out of unconscious preference.

      I fiddle around with the claw, and I finally got it to grab the mp4 player that doesn’t seem to be protected by a case should the claw’s grip pose a problem in damaging the screen. Fortunately, the claw held onto it just fine without crushing anything, and now I’m focused on moving it slowly without the MP4 wiggling out of the claw’s grip.

      I had moments where it was close to coming out of the claw, and when I had it near the hole that would slide down for retrieval, it almost landed back on the surface it previously rested on. I finally get the prize, and I grab the MP4 player, and then proceeded to figure out what to do next in this building.

      I noticed a dream character that looks like one of the managers or admins is coming in my direction. Let’s call her Liza, seeing how I had a small talk with her on how to pronounce her name later on in the dream. Liza has a name tag where it’s just Liz, and she’s wearing a blue cardigan of some sort with a white dress shirt buttoned up underneath it along with wearing khaki pants and sneakers with a white base near the toe region.

      She’s holding a clipboard with some paper on it, and she’s questioning how I seemed to have won the MP4. She expounds that the machine previously could never work at all, and she was wondering if I somehow hacked the machine. I quickly responded “No,” and wanted to give a follow-up that the machine just happened to work when I used it. Then she tried to come up with another probability of it suddenly working because I used “it.”

      By “it,” I guess she was referring to inputting my worker id for this building, and she ends up declaring this probability to me as well. She’s writing some stuff down on the clipboard, and I’m concerned if she could be writing a report on me, or at least writing how the machine works for further reference to the other managers. It didn’t seem like she needed my undivided attention anymore, but I still wanted to stick around her for a bit just in case something else came up in her mind.

      I saw that what she was writing down were a bunch of long-tailed numbers, which prompted me to feel that there’s really no point in engaging with this dream character emulation of Liza. Liza is about to leave, and I believe I was asking her how she states her name.

      I asked, “Lisssssa? Liz?”

      She responds, “Leeeeezah”

      I tried to pronounce this, and it should’ve been easy to declare back to her, but I’m having minor trouble here. So we ended up using trailing voices for her name for a while until I finally got the “z” down. I finally was able to say her name with a slight indication of a Hispanic accent integrated with that.

      After stating her name right, she proceeds to go through the hallway just like in waking life, except this time there seems to be a pathway to the right where one could continue to instead of being closed off in general.