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    1. I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl | Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension

      by , 01-12-2016 at 02:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl (DILD)


      Iím on my way to open at work, and the parking lot, if itís even considered one, is so grandiose that getting from point A to B would seem to take a long time, but it didnít. I see a large gray stoned wall that looks like stone doors of some sort. Iím wearing some gray dress pants, and a gray shirt as well, though, before the encounter with a certain dream character, it felt as if I was wearing a green shirt instead.

      Iím in a fairly active mood, and feel so energetic that it slowly bleeds into how I interact with people. The first entity within my peripheral vision was an Asian male thatís probably in his early 20s as me that looks like a parking lot attendant I know. Iím not fixated so much on him other than the fact that heís wearing a bright, lime shirt, and black shorts.

      Heís just strolling around, I guess, and as Iím moving forward, I encounter a blonde female with a heavy foreign accent. Sheís wearing a white vest, and some black pants/shorts. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and as I get closer to her, she professes to me, in a manner of jest:

      ďYou should live to serve me,Ē and smiles. As Iím trying to process the words, I was looking at her reaction to really see if sheís just joking around

      But I couldnít shake off the feeling that there was something between the lines of said profession.

      I basically shrug it off while retaining a transient smile, and go inside the doors that start to open up. Itís this spacious garage with all sorts of stuff that I didnít bother paying attention to. The two main colors that came to mind were brown mixed with a bit of dark violet, and this light turquoise color that has this chalky overtone to it.

      I see two girls that Iíll nickname Bail and ArtGirl10; the former of darker skin complexion, and the other thatís lighter. I fixate on the latter, and she says I look different physically. For some odd reason, I get a surge of motivation to start flirting with her physically. I go up to her, smile, and take my finger to rub her nose.

      She giggles for a bit and asks where I got the shirt, because apparently, it costs like $70 bucks online. I have an ďuhhĒ moment, and we part ways after that. Meanwhile, Bail says, ď3 XXX,Ē and I feel Iím shifted into another dream.


      Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house that is dark brown mostly pertaining to the walls and ceiling, and golden for the flooring; a little nuances of brown blotched in as well. I can see that thereís this indirect gregarious tension with my presence in here, but the individuals remain quiet while trying to find something to distract themselves from making it explicitly awkward.

      To dissipate the tension, I took the decency to start shaking hands with everyone, and they all naturally complied. I reached to the point where I interacted with an obese female thatís wearing this black dress with some dark pink flowers surrounding it along with a fancy black hat as if it was 1930s style, or something.

      I started to hug her for a bit, and as Iím trying to release my grasp, I awkwardly touched the gap towards her armpit, and eventually to the muscles that would connect to the top left region of her breasts. I try to pretend that I didnít notice this, and see seems fairly nonchalant in this being done. I turn around immediately, and proceeded to move forward, and then to the right to go into another room.

      The entrance to the room that I have to turn to the right once more involves this dark red drapery that hangs to the sides like ďY Y.Ē I see there are some chairs that are dark red for the base and back rest, and bordered with golden colors. I go inside to immediately sit, and just reveled in being alone while feeling Iím waiting for someone, or some event to take place.
    2. Interrupted Sex with Two Women

      by , 11-28-2015 at 05:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Interrupted Sex with Two Women (DILD)


      Iím at parking lot of an area completely new to me. The atmosphere at the moment entailed that it might rain, or at least be a fairly cool epoch. The lot itself consists of a light, caramel color, and I notice that Iím near a strip mall of some sort.

      Iím on the floor, and thereís a female on top of me. I canít really make out her visage in particular, and the next moment, I felt as if I was projected out of that imaginary body, and a female is on top of said body. She has her knees on the floor, is wearing blue yoga pants, and had a dark complexion; African American female, I guess.

      Her white dress shirt is slightly open to portray her cleavage, and I believe her hair is bundled up, and is hearing a headband of a dull, cool color (violet, I think). She waves her rear around, tempting me to do anything with it. I eventually get close to her, and just as Iím about to perform oral activities, out of nowhere, I have the sudden urge to drive a car, and head for one of the strip mall units.

      Iím still trying to process what I would really need that can compensate for the sex that was going to occur, but Iím going inside for something to eat, or maybe use for the activity?

      I canít recall much of the interior other than the flooring having a checkered black and white style to it. I get out, and I have some trouble with the vehicle Iím riding, and I get the urge to pee.

      I wake up, and as Iím walking out, I see a relative sitting on a couch watching an early morning show. They look at me, but I didnít bother looking at them. Took care of my business, and when I went back to sleep, I tried to get back into the dream, but to no avail the moment I woke up from the second alarm after.

    3. Achilles' Heel Repetition

      by , 12-14-2012 at 08:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Achilles' Heel Repetition (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a group of females, and all I remember for this one is that we had to use random white shaped forms of material to make a spear or something.

      The person we had to give it too at a parking lot told us that Achilles' Heel must be repeated for us to get the right answer.

      I didn't know what he meant by that, but this blonde female who was part of my team comes in and gets a marker. She writes on the object and did something to get us the right answer.

      Achilles' Heel, that must be repeated for us to get the right answer is confusing me.

      I know it's a sign, and it's fairly new dream sign. I do feel kind of weak right now with this flu/cold I'm trying to get out of. But it could be the same person that I'm so afraid of in waking life that makes me so weak
    4. Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out?

      by , 03-22-2012 at 01:25 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Parking Lot, Principal, Auron Passes Out? (DILD)


      Dream 1: Parking Lot

      I'm outside, and it's night time, and I'm just going around, but it seems all I'm doing is looking at all of the vehicles in this fairly wide parking lot.

      Dream 2: Principal

      I'm laying still in my bed, with my eyes closed. I notice that lights are on, and I hear some random song playing in the background.

      I asked myself, "Am I Dreaming?" I do a nose plug reality check, and I am. I'm still worried about opening my eyes to quickly, so instead of opening them, I slowly get up by first starting to lifting the top region of my body from the bed.

      And then I slowly moved my legs to the left off from the bed and as I'm getting up completely, my eyes open naturally.

      I'm in a completely different dream environment, I'm not in my apartment at all. It seems I was resting at a room in some type of school building.

      The first person I see to the right of me is a lady sitting on a small sofa chair. She looks like a ginger, with some orange to red hair, and I can tell she's fairly shorter than me.

      I'm smiling that I'm lucid dreaming for once, without caring if I'll wake up, and she's smiling too.

      I try to form words to talk to her, but things are a little bit difficult for me because I find that when I do speak, it's like I'm speaking through a fan, basically, my voice is distorted, and so is the lady sitting down.

      She looks like she is around her 30s or 40s, and she looks like a fairly cheerful person because she's smiling at me most of the time.

      I get closer to her a bit, and I go to the right side from my perspective, which would be her left side. I look down, and I try to talk to her again, and the words are sounding less twisted.

      I asked her who she was, and before she starts to speak, things are going a little bit slow at the time. So in my mind, I was thinking to myself some negative things that she could be saying to me, like "Just randomly try to kill to me or something!"

      I don't know why, it's just that I expected something bad to happen, but then I thought, "Nahhh, she's not going to do that to me," because she's obviously happy to see that I'm here.

      The last time I met a ginger, she tried to suck my energy, but I could tell she was a cheerful person, despite her needing my help by letting her suck my energy. This one was a bit more stable.

      I believe she tells me that she's the Principal or something like that, maybe "User Principal," but that's just pushing it a bit too much on presumptions.

      She's walking with me down the hall, and before I pay attention to her (I'm still walking with her, just thinking about something in the meantime), there are glass walls, and you can see what's outside and everything.

      To my left is a mini-pathway with a lot of plants, almost like a mini-garden, but I didn't pay too much attention to it.

      The principal DC was telling me some things, but I can't remember all that she said, I think I had another dream scene split for a few seconds where she said she had sex, all forms of it, but I'm not too sure on that, because I was expecting her to say that.

      I see we're headed for a dark corner in the path we're heading to, but I didn't mind, I'm just focused on the ginger short lady beside me. I see two people outside the glass wall to my left, and it's a boy and a girl.

      The girl has black hair, and the boy, I can't really make out a decent image from him, I didn't pay attention to both of them, just for a few seconds, and then found myself getting closer and closer to the darkness in the hall way.

      Suddenly, I can't freaking breath. Shit is getting crazy, what the fuck is going on!!?!? My chest is being pressed as well.

      I almost fall on my back, but my leg supports me in time, and my hand is near my heart, and I feel liquid coming from my chest to my mouth.
      (Now that I'm awake recalling this, it could've been spit building up from resting on my backside lol, and I was probably choking in my own spit).

      I'm still wondering what the fuck is going on, and while I'm busy trying to breath, I look to my right and see the short lady there by my side still, I thought she was luring me to the darkness to fuck me over or something, but it seems she's supporting my back to make sure I don't collapse.

      I think I turn around to the left to see the couple outside again, then back to the lady, and then I wake up.

      It was another false awakening, but I slept it off to even care. I remember the alarm saying it was 6 AM or so.

      Woke up seeing it was around 5 AM. God, that freaking dream, Kaomea, I swear, that better not have been a demon by my side trying to make me choke indirectly, but but....she was helping me not fall down though. Ugh...I don't know anymore...

      Then again, it's easy for me to presume that it's just spit building up and me choking from it.

      Dream 3: Auron Passes Out?

      I'm riding my bike down a road hill near where I live. I decided to steer left to stop and think about something. I get a flashing news video clip that Auron was a college student who passed out, apparently he used a hammer or something like that.

      I think he even made his own book, and is most likely selling it through the news promotion while admitting he lucid dreams.