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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Where is the White Dragon?

      by , 10-01-2012 at 01:40 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I don't usually have many risqué dreams, but this one was pretty interesting. ((This contains some slightly mature content, so don't read if you're not comfortable with this, please.))

      Night of 9/30/12

      ["Where is the White Dragon!?"]
      I am looking out the window late at night, when I see what appears to be two large dragons fighting high up in the starry sky. As I watch, their fight grows closer and closer to the ground until they are right outside my house. I can now see that one is white with scales and the other is a black-feathered dragon. Both are about as big as the house itself.

      The white dragon soon kills her opponent and begins to feast upon him, when she suddenly sees me watching from the window. I don't believe she'll bother attacking me since she has just made a kill, but I am wrong. The dragon sticks her head through the open window and makes a snap at me.

      I run to the other end of the house--- she follows. Eventually I am forced to jump out a window and make an escape. The dragon soon follows me, however, eyes glowing bright yellow in the dark.

      When I reach the graveyard, I realize that I will never outrun such a massive creature. I stop and wait for her to approach, thinking desperately for a plan. "Don't kill me," I say, "I can be of use to you."

      The dragon suddenly transforms into a girl who looks perhaps a bit older than I. "And what exactly do you have to offer me?" she purrs, looking at me in amusement.

      I sigh, realizing what she wants. "Myself," I tell her resignedly.

      She grins. "Hmm. That sounds like it might just be a good deal. Okay then." She giggles and pulls me forward, lying back on the ground and positioning me on top of her. "Touch me," she orders.

      I lift up her shirt and slowly trail my fingers along her smooth stomach while she watches me with an interested expression. After a few moments, she complains that I'm tickling her. Smiling slightly to myself, I deliberately stroke her stomach a few more times before moving my hands a bit higher and kneading her breasts. She closes her eyes and moans.

      Before I can take things even further, bright lights suddenly shine all around us. Oh crap.

      Apparently the sounds of the dragon fight alarmed the neighborhood, and authorities were sent to deal with the matter. Some of the men present are leaders of an important club I had joined a few hours earlier, and I am somewhat embarrassed to be caught in this situation. I look down at the dragon-girl, chagrined. She seems more alarmed than embarrassed.

      I get off of her, and while I am distracted with the leering looks of the moronic men standing beside me, some people (dragon hunters, I believe) grab my dragon-girl and run off with her. As soon as I realize this, I become filled with worry and take off after them. I have to save her!

      Some friends of mine are now helping me track the dragon hunters down. They are slowly climbing the side of a building. "Why are you wasting time climbing when this is a dream?" I shout impatiently. "Fly, you idiots!" I leap on top of the building and jump from rooftop to rooftop until I reach some old ruins where I find the hunters.

      They are armed to the teeth, while I must rely on my own hands. Soon, however, I manage to kick one of the hunters off the top of the ruins and steal his knife. I then hold one of the others at knife point and yell, "Where is the White Dragon!?" He refuses to answer, so I slit his throat.

      Suddenly, I hear dragon like noises to my left, at a large seemingly vacant area where there are chains. I "remember" that the dragon can turn invisible, so I rush past all the other hunters to where she's lying. She reappears, in dragon form. She's lying on her back, bleeding badly from a large wound in her gut.

      "It's gonna be okay," I tell her as soothingly as I can manage, gently hugging her massive form. "I'll get you out of here." But she seems to be in a really bad state, and I don't know how I will manage this.

      I wake up shortly afterwards.
    2. Night of 9/29/12

      by , 10-01-2012 at 01:37 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been gone WAY too long. But I've missed lucid dreaming, so now that I'm in college I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

      [Escape from Mary's World]
      Through some twisted turn of events, I become trapped in a horrific world governed by an evil little girl named Mary. I am with two other people, my dream dad and a boy similar to Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji. We spend a very long time attempting to escape the world, but the only exit is blocked. The rest of the world is comprised of a small expanse of forest that extends behind Mary's mansion.

      After days of searching, the boy I'm with finally finds a special key. We know that this must be the secret to escape, so we barge into Mary's house. As soon as we set foot through the door, we are ambushed by evil dolls and headless mannequins. Armed with giant hedge clippers, I violently mutilate each of my enemies. At one point, Mary throws an entire dresser at me, which I barely manage to evade. My friend accidentally drops the key during his own fight, but I pick it up just as I figure out that it must fit the locket around Mary's neck. It's the key to her heart, I realize. I manage to put the key in the hole and turn it--- the locket breaks.

      Suddenly, Mary turns into a doll and shatters like glass. At her death, the entire world begins unwravelling, leaving us little time to hurry for the exit. I wake up just as we make it to the door.

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    3. One Thing After Another

      by , 12-04-2011 at 01:29 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been slacking off on my lucid dreaming lately, so to get back into the swing of things I've decided to actually start using this dream journal instead of letting it sit around collecting metaphorical dust.

      My last two lucid dreams:

      [Missing the Bus]
      Upon coming out of the school and realizing that I have missed the bus, I become lucid and decide to take a little walk down Main Street to see what might come up. It is a beautiful, overcast, rainy afternoon with no one in sight-- just as I like it. I talk to myself to say lucid while I make note of the similarities and differences of Dream Main Street from Real Main Street. Enjoying the peaceful walk, I am a bit dismayed when fear seeps through me from the very air itself and I notice I creepy girl standing ahead of me in the empty street. She is chanting in a sing-song voice, "Twilight! Sunshine! Twilight! Sunshine!" She approaches me and stops a few inches away, still chanting. Clearly, she's psychotic.

      I ignore the irrational fear and decide to have a bit of fun. "Hey, take it easy," I tell her soothingly, pulling her into an embrace. "It'll be alright." I see sanity return to her eyes,and I can't help myself: I press a gentle kiss to her lips. When she kisses me back, I push her against the wall of the store we're standing near, and we begin making out. After a few moments, however, she stops me. Apparently I have done something to anger her in the past, and she isn't yet ready to forgive me. In a rage, she nearly forces me to wake up.

      *darkness, but I manage to bring the dream back*

      It is sunny now, somewhat to my dismay, but despite the sudden scene change I am still lucid. Now I am walking with two companions along a grassy path, somewhere out in the country. The girl is still prevalent in my thoughts... I MUST find her again! Maybe if I hadn't been mooning over some non-existant person, I might have noticed the earth giant before he noticed us.

      His huge leafy head slowly rises from the hill where he was sleeping, his mean eyes narrowed right at us. Oh, crap. "Run!" I shout, doing my best not to trip over the unstable ground.

      Knowing I can't outrun him, I hide in some dense undergrowth and then sprint into the main forest as soon as the coast is clear.

      After I take interest in some strange little paths that stretch through the woods, a narrator begins saying some stuff that I'm not really paying attention to. Once more, I'm having fun just exploring. Then I catch the narrator saying something along the lines of, "But little did she know, she was about to encounter the dreaded Mask People." Wait, what? Mask people? That's when I see them: little hairy creatures dressed in brown robes and creepy masks, each carrying a staff with some kind of animal skull on it. I freeze in my tracks, doing my best not to make any noise, because I have an innate understanding that the Mask People are blind.

      I decide to mess with them. I let out a sudden bloodcurding scream, and a few of them are so startled that they fall to their butts on the forest floor. I laugh hysterically at my little prank, until they begin to get aggressive. "Wait, I'm not going to hurt you," I say. "I'm a friend." Somehow appeased, their leader gives me a skull like the ones on their staves. I follow them and eventually meet back up with my companions.

      It isn't long before I find that girl again, in some dream city, but she keeps running away from me. As I am searching for her again, I pass by a huge church that has a big electronic sign in which my name is scrolling by in big yellow letters. Maybe she's in there. I open the door and immediately see that this is no ordinary church. A service is taking place in which everyone is wearing some kind of disturbing mask-- not like the mask people, whose masks looked like tikis, but intricate masqurade masks resembling demons and evil creatures. I notice that the preacher, who is not wearing a mask, closely resembles Pan from Pan's Labyrinth.

      I'm intrigued, but I ignore all of this when I see the girl in a long procession on the staircase, headed to one of the lower rooms. I leap over the banister and stop her, holding on to her arm. Some of her sanity has left again; she is going off on a crazy rant that I am not really listening to because her eyes are changing color like a kaleidoscope. "Such beautiful eyes..." I think to myself.

      *there is a lapse in time, but somewhere along the line the girl has officially started trying to kill me*

      I run with my companions up the hill to some beautiful houses. But horror fills us--- we've arrived at HER house. Great.

      I confront her again, but suddenly realize that my friends have guns and are going to shoot her. "NOOO!" I yell and pounce on her, knocking us both to the ground. I end up taking all the bullets, which wakes me up.

      [Alice in Terrorland]
      I am with my mom and my brother to begin with, on a search for Alice Liddell, who is in some sort of trouble. We travel down a staircase into the basement of an old church where we come across a very formidable looking door. My mom tries to open it. "It's locked," she tells me.

      Suddenly I "remember" that I have had this dream before. (It was a false memory; I've definitely never dreamed anything like this). "This is the Door Master's door. You need his key to open it. It should be in your pocket," I inform her. Just as she finds the key, the Door Master appears behind us. He is basically a giant key with eyes, arms and legs, who is very alarmed when he sees what we are about to do. "HURRY UP AND OPEN IT," I yell as the Door Master sprints toward us. We go through the door and slam it behind us so he can't follow.

      Now we are in a long hallway with hundreds of different doors and passageways. I have been in this sort of place before; if we don't get proper directions, we'll be lost in here for ages. Shaking off my feelings of foreboding, I walk confidently onward, somehow aware of the general direction we should be traveling. After a while, I spot a familiar door. "What ever you do," I warn my companions (who are no longer my mom and brother; they are now an old friend of mine and a cat), "do NOT go through that door. I made that mistake last time." (Yet another false memory.)

      All of a sudden, the Door Master is sprinting in front of us, going off to alert someone of our presence. "Wait!" I shout and begin to chase after him. "We need you to help us find Alice!!!" I follow him for a while, but then I spot Alice just as she darts through one of the doors. A strange woman stops us as we approach.

      "You'll need to memorize this rhyme before you go any further," she tells us. "It will save your life." She then proceeds to recite a very ominous poem, which I have unfortunately forgotten. Something about "A terrible place called Wonderland." My friend memorizes it quickly, so we enter the house of Alice Liddell.

      Her parents are standing in the kitchen when we walk in. "She's in her bedroom," Mrs. Liddell informs us, pointing to the far end of the house. As we head that way, I notice Alice's older sister. She is a tall, beautiful young woman with pale skin and reddish-blond hair, wearing an old-fashioned dress. She smiles at me when we pass.

      Just when we reach Alice's bedroom, I "remember" that her sister is insane. Whirling around, I manage to throw up my arm right as she stabs a knife at me. The blade sinks painfully into my arm. Suddenly in a sort of berserker mode, I grab the knife and psychotically stab it into her stomach again and again and again until she falls to the floor, dead. Then, I plunge the knife into her back "for good measure," before taking it and following my friends into the bedroom.

      Alice, an 8 or 9 year old girl with black hair and sullen looking eyes, is sitting on her bed, waiting for us. "You're not my friends anymore," she says in the creepy, monotonous voice of someone who is possessed. "You're not my friend and you're not my friend and you're not my friend," she points at each of us as she speaks. That creature has taken her soul, I realize, preparing for the worst. "But you know who IS my friend? HE is!!!!" The closet door bursts open------------

      Just as my alarm goes off and wakes me up.

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