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    1. Of Death and Babies

      by , 07-03-2014 at 05:23 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Wandering Vagabond (Non-lucid)


      I am going through what seems to be a repeat of my dad's death, with different events. Somehow, this results in no longer being able to stay at my aunt's house for the summer. In the meantime, I've gathered my things to crash at my mom's.

      I have a different phone that seems a lot older and more basic than the one I have now, which is saying something. Someone calls and I can't figure out how to answer it, so it goes to voicemail. The voicemail plays live through the speakers of the phone, but I cannot interact with the caller. It sounds like my dad! "Lola! This is important. I'm calling to tell you----" In my frantic effort to answer the phone to speak to him, I accidentally drop his call. I desperately try to call him back, but the number is odd and it goes straight to some person named Jana.

      Later, I am outside my mom's house contemplating things when a little baby walks into the yard and starts playing. There is no one else around who the baby could belong to, and I'm concerned for his safety--- especially when he trips and nearly falls face forward into a ditch. I dive towards the baby and stop him from going into the ditch. When I pick him up, he is a lot tinier than before. At first, he was toddler sized. Now he is smaller than even a newborn baby should be, while still exhibiting the characteristics of a much older baby. Since he seems to be all alone, I take him inside and hand him off to my mom. It was really hot outside, so I tell her that he's probably thirsty. I walk away for a few minutes. When I come back, my mom is bathing the baby in a little pool of cold tea. I have no idea what purpose this is supposed to serve.

      I am trying to figure out where I'm supposed to stay for the remainder of the summer. I refuse to live at my mom's house again. The only other relative I really know well enough to stay with is my grandmother, but the thought of living with her isn't that pleasing, either. I sigh. I really look forward to the day when I can live alone in my own house and stop bouncing from place to place between the school year. I decide to call my grandmother, having such few options. Since my phone refuses to pull up contacts, I dial what I assume to be her house number. Instead, a rather deep-voiced woman answers that is definitely not my grandma. "Umm, I have the wrong number," I tell her apologetically.

      "Awh, that's alright. I'm just about to go have a lovely meal at [restaurant I've never heard of]. Hope you have a wonderful day!"

      I wish her a good meal, then hang up.
      Tags: death
    2. Anything For the Child

      by , 07-01-2014 at 06:33 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Anything for the Child (Non-lucid)


      Most of my dreams during this night are spent in prison, as I've been watching Orange is the New Black rather obsessively. At some point, I think after prison, I end up having a daughter named Jenni. (I believe I have other children too, but I only seem to really care about Jenni for some reason.) At my school, Jenni falls out of the bell tower and dies.

      I alter all of reality to save her. In the new timeline I've created, I give Jenni up for adoption as a baby, leaving a long letter with her for why it has to be done. Altering time has resulted in me not meeting any of the people I'm supposed to know in college; I am the only one who remembers the other timeline. That is, until I go to visit Jenni in the orphanage when she's about 4 and she actually remembers me.
    3. Seeing Orange

      by , 03-24-2013 at 02:51 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      This is one of those nonsense dreams that make me wonder if someone drugged my food before I went to sleep. xD

      Seeing Orange (Non-lucid)


      Running through a dark cave-like place with my companions, we must activate these strange orange symbols by touching them. I am balancing on a railing over a huge abyss in order to reach one of the symbols, high up on on the cave ceiling.

      After activating enough of these symbols, they now produce glowing orange spheres. The spheres are supposed to increase our "HP" in a deadly battle/game that is soon to follow.

      Now my brother and I are collecting the orange spheres. This soon disintigrates logic-wise into us gathering oranges and other orange things in a grocery store. We are racing against time to collect enough before the game begins. We have no idea what to expect once we enter the Chamber.

      I had gathered a full bag or oranges, but as we are walking to the Chamber I see that my bag is barely even half full, and only a few of the things in it are actually orange. There are a lot of little biscuits in there that I hope count as orange even though they're more white/tan.

      My parents are walking with me and my brother. They will be part of the audience. My mom chastizes me when she sees me eating one of the buscuits, because it will alert people that I'm "stressed."

      Inside the chamber, our bags of orange things disappear. A creepy disembodied voice tells us that we can find them throughout the game to increase our HP.

      As we're walking in, several judges are sitting on a high podium in the middle of the Chamber. I cannot stop staring at one of the judges, who is an evil-looking but gorgeous woman who is known for her cruelty in these games. She says something sarcastically to us about none of the contestants liking her. I like you, I think to myself, stricken by her beauty. One of my fellow contestants tells her, "You have nice hair."

      "Nice hair?" she says incredulously. "I have beautiful hair."

      After the disembodied voice introduces us to the judges, everything goes completely dark. The game has begun.

      A spotlight shines on one of the contestants, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza. The cheese (though more of a white/yellow color) apparently counts as orange. But when she takes a bite of one of the pepperonis, green mold spots begin growing on the cheese.

      The curtain closes on her, and the spotlight falls on twin puppets that are supposed to represent my brother and me (though we're not twins). The puppets are talking as if reading a script very badly. They stop and look down at their feet, where a coin is. "Look Sister, a gold coin!" the brother says.

      "Indeed brother, it is a lovely coin!" Though I am watching this scene from a seat several feet away, I also seem to have control over what my puppet version does. I will her to grab the coin, and she does.

      "But Sister," the brother puppet says, "Should not I get the coin? It was I who found it."

      "No, Brother. I found it." As I'm watching this, I firmly believe that if I have the coin, I can get both my brother and myself through the game alive.

      The two puppets quarrel over the coin until a Teddy bear walks up to them. He introduces himself as Hurston. They have a brief conversation that I cannot recall, and then the bear hugs the boy puppet. "Hurston hugged Timothy!" the puppet squeals happily.

      In my seat, I look to my brother who's sitting next to me. "Does this seem familiar to you?" I ask him. He nods.

      The spotlight goes out on the puppets and comes on another contestant. She is a pretty girl who is maybe a few years older than myself. She begins to sing: "When you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand..." The crowd murmurs appreciatively at her talent. She sings this song so beautifully!

      I resist trying to find my mother in the audience. When I was a child, she would sing this song to me every night before putting me to bed.
    4. The Lost Tribe

      by , 11-29-2012 at 10:09 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      The Lost Tribe (Non-lucid)


      Note: Before going to bed, I was reading Tears of the Desert.

      I am living among a somewhat primitive tribe in unknown lands. One of the girls is dying of a horrible parasitic infection, and as per custom, her family is sitting in a tight circle around her, keeping her in a sitting position. The girl has large holes in various places on her body from which hundreds of disgusting white insects pour out. By being at such a close proximity, each of the family members risks infection. I watch as the girl slowly dies.

      A guide is explaining to me that the family will continue their vigil for about five more minutes, after which time the girl's body will briefly re-animate in some kind of post-death movement that is the mere memory of life. Sure enough, the girl soon raises her head and opens her white, clouded over eyes. The family rises and takes this cue to bury her.

      Later, I am talking to the deceased's mother, who is a friend of mine. She is barely able to contain her grief, and I cautiously give her a hug to try to comfort her, though the fear of infection is prevalent in my thoughts.

      Some sort of evil deity is cursing the village. I hold council with him, hoping to persuade him to look upon us more favorably. He laughs at me and says that if I want to save my friends I'd better act quickly. I realize he has caused some catastrophe back in the village, so I run as fast as I can to find out what has happened. There, I find several of my friends trapped in a pool of grey liquid that looks similar to concrete. They are struggling to stay afloat-- if any of the liquid gets on or in their face for even a moment, it forms a tight layer over their skin and suffocates them. I do my best to pull them out of the liquid, but some of them slip from my grasp and die.

      After all of the villagers are out of the pool, I have a talk with a girl who is like an older sister to me. I tell her which deity is to blame and we decide we MUST do something to stop him. He overhears and curses us both personally. He says he will be willing to leave the village alone if we find a way to stop him, but in order to do so we must reach a nearby city by sunset. If we do not accomplish this, I will be struck by lightning and my sister will suffer some similar horrible fate.
      Tags: rescue, sickness
    5. Cult of Campus

      by , 11-23-2012 at 01:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      With this, I'm finally caught up.

      Night of 11/21/12

      I have stumbled upon a dark secret at school: several students are missing, and I suspect they are dead at the hands of a sinister cult that practices on campus. In my search for answers (as I vow to solve this mystery and expose the cult), I come across a student named Mary. She basically confirms my suspicions: "You'll become one of the bodies before you ever find them!" she taunts me.

      Angered, I manage to escape her before she kills me. I find my friend Jessica and tell her that I am closer than ever to finding out the cult's secret. "Have you heard of a girl called Mary?" I ask.

      "N-no. Why?" She seems kind of anxious and fidgety, asking if I'll go on a walk with her. I agree, until she starts to lead me into the forest. I suddenly become suspicious that she is going to kill me. I refuse to go any farther and head back alone, but I intend to secretly follow her to find out what she's up to. I am now almost certain that she is part of the cult.

      I stalk her further down the path to the forest, but she suddenly cuts back and heads to the graveyard instead. There is no good cover, so I head off to report my suspicions to Alex (my roommate).

      "I might just be really paranoid," I say, once back in our room, "but I'm pretty sure Jessica is part of the cult. And now they're all out to kill me."

      "That does sound pretty crazy," Alex agrees calmly, eating her Ramen. I pace the room, trying to think of a solution.

      Soon afterward, Mary sends us on a treacherous train ride (a strange train that is powered by a crank) in the hopes that we'll die along the way. Now Alex is more accepting of my "crazy" theories and tries to help me.

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