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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Of Shapeshifting and Invisibility

      by , 11-17-2013 at 05:39 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Not so great recall last night, and what I do remember is a bit vague.

      Transformation (Non-lucid)


      I am on a secret mission that somehow involves stealing a particular item from this girl's bedroom. To accomplish this, I knock on her door and proceed to transform into an adorable black bunny. She comes to the door, squeals in delight, and carries me up to her room. I notice that it feels kind of nice being held while in this form.

      In her room, I change shape again. This time, I'm a black cat. A talking black cat. I talk to her and trick her into helping me out with my mission.

      Ghost Hunters (Non-lucid)


      I am with a friend in the lower rooms of an old, creepy building. My friend is hunting a ghost, but I happen to really like the ghost she's trying to get rid of. I turn invisible and screw up my friend's hunt while trying to help the ghost girl get to safety. There is also an evil spirit there that we're all avoiding. The ghost girl is terrified--- she holds my hand the entire time.
    2. Fat Demon

      by , 03-23-2013 at 07:29 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Fat Demon (DILD)


      I have travelled back through time to the year 2008. I am going to my grandma's house. I'm really excited, even though it is a very important mission, because this should mean that I will get to see my grandfather again.

      Outside the house, there is some scene involving a cat that seems important, but I cannot remember it.

      Weird things are going on in the house. My grandfather is already dead, which doesn't make sense since he died in 2011. My grandma has a shrine for him built in the living room. I am stressing out, trying to figure out what's going on.

      After examining the signs, I realize I have seen this situation before. A certain type of fat demon is causing this. All I have to do is kill him and things should go back to normal.

      More weird things happen, and I remember becoming lucid. I go along with the plot of the dream for a while longer (though I can't remember any of it! I just remember being lucid for a really long time in a huge market like area). Eventually I decide to try to complete by goal of finding out the name of a girl that my friend drew. Crazy things are still happening all around me, and I'm wondering how I can focus on summoning her while I'm being chased by whatever it is.

      ((This was a really long dream. I wish I hadn't forgotten all the important parts.))
      Tags: cat, demon, escape
    3. Accidental WILD

      by , 03-22-2013 at 01:33 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I had so many dreams that they're all jumbled up in my head. I feel like I'm forgetting something important about an ancient temple and a quest I had to go on....

      A "Wild" Roll (WILD)


      I wake up breifly because my roommate is up doing homework. I roll from my side to my back (my eyes are forced closed because of the sleep mask I'm wearing.) I'm wondering how much time I have left to sleep, when I realize that I'm suddenly caught up in Sleep Paralysis.

      "This will be the first WILD I've had in ages," I think to myself. I ignore the almost painful vibrations tearing through my head and focus on trying to roll off the side of the bed. After a few moments, I accomplish this. My roommate is staring at me in concern. "Did you just fall out of the bed?" she asks.

      "Don't worry about that," I say happily, doing a reality check just to be sure. "I've got tons of stuff to do and not much time to do it." Without answering her questions, I run out of the room.

      I am expecting to see the hallway, so it surprises me when I'm suddenly in my Grandma's house. Doesn't really matter where I am, I decide, just as long as I get... whatever it is I'm supposed to do, done. What am I supposed to do again?

      I notice that it's dark outside, and I figure that I'll be able to think more clearly if it's lighter.

      Before I can even attempt any of this, I wake up again. I lie motionless and try to turn it into a DEILD. I am successful, but I remember absolutely nothing about the following dream, other than it was lighter than the first.

      Too Many Fleas (Non-lucid)


      I am sitting in my old back yard when I notice that my cat (who is supposed to be living with my friend now) is accross the yard. She comes running when I call to her. I am kind of irritated that my friend would just let her wander off like this, when she is supposed to stay inside.

      I pet her and THOUSANDS of fleas begin leaping around through her fur. I am alarmed and disgusted. "Don't worry, I'm going to fix this," I tell her.

      My mom refuses to let her in the house, but she tells me where I can buy some good flea medicine for "only" $50. I look out the window and see Sadie playing with two of my cat's who have been dead for years. I think that my old cats will look after her and she'll be safe.

      Mighty Yell (Non-lucid)


      I am in my closet, looking for something specific. In the background, I can hear my mom calling me. "What is it?" I call out. She just calls my name again. This repeats several times, much to my irritation. Why does she insist on yelling to me from another room if she can't hear my response. I shout "WHAT!?" so loud that I end up screaming it in real life. My roommate is looking at me like I'm insane.