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    1. Frisky With the Wife

      by , 10-29-2014 at 01:40 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      I am sitting on the couch watching tv with my wife sitting on my lap.
      Spoiler for Mildly Sexual:
    2. Talking Cat

      by , 10-23-2014 at 12:49 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at a fancy dinner or wedding with my wife. The food and service sucks but I still leave a huge tip.

      Dream 2:

      I am in lab with TA and DM working on new methods. DM has a primitive dilution machine. We put concentrated sample in A1 of a 96-well plate and the machine serial diluted the sample into all of the other wells. MM is also there and it is the morning of the layoffs. I left my blot at room temp on the shaker overnight by mistake. I am interviewing for jobs remotely. DM has some of his friends vouch for me - one of them in Jonathan Schoop from the Orioles.

      Dream 3:

      I am watching a baseball game. Trout hits a lazy fly ball to right field. The right fielder goes back to the wall, times his jump well but still drops the ball. Trout wasn't running hard but gets a triple out of it.

      Dream 4:

      I am watching a commercial on tv. There is a guy driving a Prius. You think he is very good for the environment. He pulls over to the side of the road and takes out a big hose and puts it in the sewer. He dumps all of the crap he used to do into the sewer. Clouds gather and a corvette explodes out from the hose. Not sure why but this was hilarious in my dream and right when I woke up.

      Dream 5:

      I am taking a cat to see a doctor. I go through an old, run down building with lots of bums. There is fire/lava around. I get to the room with the doctor at the end of the hallway. It is a very large and dark room with an uncomfortable table in the middle. The doctor is Einstein. (I think he shows me the commercial I describe in dream 4) There is a screen above the table showing streaming stock tickers and prices. DOW is up and EBAY is down for the day. I have a very strong bond with the cat. She (the cat is female) is getting molars pulled. After getting them pulled she says that her leg hurts now. I fear for the cats life because I have realized that I love her deeply. I look at her leg and am relieved to find that it is just a growth. I communicate to the cat that everything will be ok and I was shocked when the cat understood me and communicated back somehow. The cat now turns into a beautiful woman who I have apparently always been in love with (in past lives too). The feeling of love is indescribable. The woman looks like a girl I knew from way back named Emily. We go outside of the doctors room onto a dock next to a huge lake. I playfully push her into the water and jump in after her. We hug for what seems like an eternity.
    3. Failed Drug Development

      by , 10-17-2014 at 12:46 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am jogging in my old neighborhood on Capitancillos Rd. There is somebody else jogging close to me and we start to compete with each other. I am amazed at how easy it is for me to run long distance at very high speeds. This other person keeps catching up to me and then falls back. After a few rounds of this he fall back again and then I get hit hard in the back by something and fall to the ground. It turns out that this other person had caught up to me again but this time purposely crashed into my back. I finally catch a glimpse of his face and it is CH, someone I mildly picked on when I was a kid. He tells me that because of what I did to him he is going to make it so the drug I am developing at a major pharmaceutical company will fail. I'm not sure how he does it but he actually pulls it off. This upsets me to the point of crying to my wife - this drug was to be the next big blockbuster and make the company billions.

      I "wake up" and frantically write this dream into my notebook in great detail. Then I wake up for real. These false awakenings where I am writing in my dream journal are very common for me. In the past I would always do the plug your nose and try to breath trick as I wrote in my journal which allowed me to gain lucidity. I will have to remember to do this in the future.

      Dream 2:

      I am in a department store buying clothes. At checkout I tell the cashier that I would like to pay for the stranger's clothes behind me, thinking that I would do some random act of kindness. It turns out that the clothes added up to thousands of dollars. The cashier asked me for a deposit of 10%, or $400. The person that I was buying clothes for left so I wasn't sure what to do. My brother is also in the store and he is incredibly tall.

      The night before I did something similar in real life by purchasing Del Taco for a random person behind me in the drive through. It wasn't quite $4000 though!

      Dream 3:

      I am having lunch at a cafeteria with my friend KC. I go to the counter to order some kind of drink for her. When I bring it back to her she makes fun of me and says something like "who gets fruit punch flavored drinks these days?" She is also being very loud and embarrassing.
    4. Land Shark

      by , 10-11-2014 at 08:40 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      It's been two years since recording my dreams so it will take a while to build up my recall again. Recall was very fragmented in this first attempt.

      Dream 1: I am a slave and locked up in a room with my wife and DA. The only way to get out is to fill up some slots with either trading cards or dvds. I see a shelf full of unopened trading cards and I select a large pack of 1990 Hockey cards. I open them to reveal a bunch of random baseball cards.

      Dream 2: My mom and dad ask me about my stress levels at work. I reply that I am only stressed out 2 times per year, each time lasting a week.

      Dream 3: My wife and I are at a huge park with a very large swimming pool. There are hundreds of people sitting around the pool observing a shark - it is kind of like sea world. My wife has her feet in the water and I warn her that the shark is coming our way. She takes her feet out of the water. As the shark gets close to us it turns upside down and comes out of the water. We are frightened but embarrassed to run away. It is as if everyone knows the shark is harmless. We slowly back away and the shark continues to follow us on land. After a while the shark turns into some large cat (Cheetah?) and runs off.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Kids In My Pool

      by , 09-28-2012 at 10:28 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at my English professor's house getting my paper graded. We are sitting close together on her couch.

      This was a very long and involved dream. Unfortunately this is all I remembered.

      Dream 2:

      I am at work arguing with GM over someone's project. This person is trying to use a drug with proven toxicity in another program. I am arguing that we should give it a chance because the tox might be due to the drug going somewhere completely different from where it will go in the new program. I say that even if there is only a 1% chance of it working, those are better odds than our current approach to drug discovery. This person (a woman I think) presents her ideas to a large audience and GM is talking mad shit on her throughout the entire talk.

      My co-worker YA is technically not in my department although she works directly with me.

      I hear a strange buzzing noise and I wake up to find my wife's phone is vibrating.

      Dream 3:

      I am writing my previous dream in my dream journal. (As always with a false awakening) I am writing the dream in incredible detail.

      Wake up for real.

      Dream 4:

      I come home early from work and find two young boys playing in my pool. I jump in and play some basketball with them. They ask me to put in a diving board. I ask them how much that would cost and they didn't know. I say that if it is less than $1000 I will do it. Next I am playing 4 square with them and my wife with tomatoes. My wife asks me to have sex with her but I said not with the little kids around.

      Dream 5:

      I am in a very serious flag football and basketball league. The basketball portion is 2 on 2. I get picked to represent my school even though I am not on the normal school basketball team.
    6. Coyote Attack

      by , 09-25-2012 at 09:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am house-sitting for my parents in their old house on Pam Ln. My wife is with me and we are sleeping in the master bedroom downstairs. The bedroom looks very similar to what I remember as a child except in addition to the sliding door out to the spa there is another very large window behind the bed. My wife wakes me up. It must be morning because we can see clearly out of the windows. She is very concerned because we see a coyote walking across the window by the spa and our cats our outside somewhere. I try banging on the window to scare it away but this doesnít work. After this attempt I resort to tormenting the coyote. I am laughing at it, scratching on the walls, yelling at it, and talking shit on it because it canít get inside.

      Suddenly it gets dark outside as if it were nighttime again and the coyote grows bigger. More coyotes are outside now and they are trying to get in. I regret my previous actions and I am now frightened. The coyotes are very intelligent and one of them is talking to me Ė it called me stupid. My wife and I move upstairs to my old bedroom, closing two doors behind us. We are almost certain that the coyotes will get inside of the house but we feel safe in this room. We realize that we will eventually have to face them when we leave the room and we are scared.

      Wake up.

      Dream 2:

      I am in a huge crossfit gym getting coached by coach D. There is some kind of tournament going on. I havenít been to the gym in a very long time so coach D is designing a special workout for me. I begin with box jumps and he brings out a 12Ē box. I pride myself in being a great jumper so I tell him that for this exercise I want to use the same box everyone else is using. He brings out a 30Ē box and I am having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to be as tall as me and I have to use my hands to pull myself up onto the box. Embarrassed that I canít do it, I call coach D over and ask for the shorter box. Then I move on to a 225lb deadlift and a few other exercises. Coach D and some other people are recruiting me for their football team but I decline. They want me to play the occasional cornerback by I say that in order for me to play I have to be one of their main options for quarterback and wide receiver because thatís what Iím used to.

      Soon after my workout I discover that there are hundreds of pigs lying around the gym. They are all dead, hairless and they appear to have been infected with something. I am completely grossed out. We all get white trash bags and go around throwing all of the pigs in the bags. I am now standing in a disgusting pool picking up the pigs. Coach D apologizes and explains that his pigs are breeding out of control and he canít handle taking care of all of them Ė thatís why they died.

      The horrible pool of water that I am standing in contains a bunch of broken needles. Me and some other guy step on the needles and one goes very deep into my foot. I announce that I have been stabbed in the lymph node and it is very deep. The guy next to me says it will be fine and I reply ďyou donít know as much about science as I do.Ē I have a strong feeling that it will give me cancer.

      I am not in the gym anymore and it looks like I am at someoneís apartment. I go through some weird scenes explaining what lymph nodes do. Basically if you leave stuff open then bad things like pollen and other irritants will get into the lymph nodes (?!?). Bill Murray is acting it all out. Bad things are attracted to me now and are trying to get me sick.

      Dream 3:

      I am in the parking lot at a golf course. Some guy comes up to me and begs me to play. He tells me that nobody is playing this course because there is some crazy guy roaming the course. He offers to pay for everything: green fees, golf balls, etc. I accept. We go into the pro shop and he purchases a couple of golf balls. I tell him that Iím not very good so I will probably need more than that. We head out to the course and the guy changes into my dad. The course is very difficult and the balls are cheap. They look and feel like balls of mud. I manage to birdie the first hole. On the second hole I out-drive my dad off the tee but he ends up winning. I got stuck in a sand trap that was impossible to get out of. One time I managed to hit the ball from the sand trap and hit the flag stick, but the ball just rolled back into the sand. I eventually realized that there were other holes IN the sand trap that were eligible.

      I go back to his house and he administers some strange medicine that makes me very sick but I get better later on.
    7. Pets In Trouble

      by , 09-23-2012 at 06:15 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at a water park / amusement park. I go on a crazy roller coaster with my wife.

      Dream 2:

      I am at a doctor's office with my wife talking about having a baby. There is some kind of complication and we have to make a choice. Either I would have to carry the child or my wife needs surgery. They run some tests on my wife and decide that they can do the surgery. They need to put some new walls in her vagina. I ask "how long before we can start trying for a baby?" The doc says one month after the surgery.

      Dream 3:

      I am back at my old house on Pam Lane. I am with my wife and my coworker GM. He is living in DA's house across the street from mine. He is telling me about someone who got murdered. Some little kid comes up on his bike and interrupts us. He asks if I own a beagle. I say yes. The kid says that my beagle got away again and then goes on to explain how everyone in the neighborhood hates my dog. I go out onto the street and see my dog. I start chasing him but he runs down to the end of the street.

      I drive down to the end of the street. My dog is in someone's garage along with my two cats S and V. I park in the driveway, go inside the garage, and knock on the inside door. I ask if I can leave my car there while I take my pets home (I don't want to get hair in my car). She rudely replies "You got 10 minutes." This pisses me off because there is no reason to put a time limit on it since she had nothing to do. She is just being a bitch so I punch her dog in the stomach (in her garage).

      I miraculously pick up all three of my animals (kind of just stacked them) and walk home. It has suddenly changed from daytime to nighttime and I remember that I only have ten minutes. I start speed walking incredibly fast. I look at the houses wiz by and it seems like I am walking about 40 mph. I think "How is it possible for me to be walking this fast?"


      I drop the pets off in my backyard and head back to the old lady's house. I run because I am out of time. I think "Why can't I run as fast as I was speed walking earlier?" I finally get to the house and knock on her garage door. It opens slowly to reveal her smirking face. Apparently she has a camera in her garage and caught me punching her dog. She steps aside to reveal a cop waiting to arrest me for animal cruelty. The cop is a famous fat actor. I run and hide in her neighbors backyard.
    8. Bear Attack

      by , 09-22-2012 at 05:30 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      It is my turn to present at our departments large meeting. I am going to present a mixture of old data and new data that my boss threw together.
      (Once again) I didn't even look at the slides before presenting. I am doing a horrible job presenting the material. People start leaving, talking and roaming around then the meeting ends. I am off the hook for good - apparently this is the last meeting.

      Dream 2:

      J - the bartender at the bowling alley - is a gasoline salesperson. I am explaining some difficult math to her about evaporation rates of the gasoline.

      Dream 3:

      I am on a guided kayaking tour on a river with my wife. I am being an idiot - going too fast and being reckless. I start fucking with a bear and then it realizes that I have food in my backpack. It fake charges me about five times. It is very smart and I think it is talking to me. I run and hide in a bathroom and then a gift shop. The bear finds me. I realize that it is not food in my pack that the bear wants, but perhaps something I have done to the locals pissed him off. There are now two bears chasing me. I trick them somehow and get a head start back to my car. I would have made it easily but someone was with me and slowed me down. The bear catches me.

      Dream 4:

      I am in my house but there is no furniture. It looks just as it did when we first bought it and put the fresh carpet in. My cats are there. The black one is HUGE and V is whiter than usual. They are both purring like crazy.
    9. Meeting With The Big Boss

      by , 09-19-2012 at 07:51 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am playing in a basketball tournament in someone's house. My boss, my mom, and my dad are in the kitchen watching us play 5 on 5 in the living room. There are strange rules that we are debating. At the end of the game each player takes 3 3-pointers, then another, then a dunk. I got mad rebounds.

      Dream 2:

      I am at my brother's huge house playing poker. My brother announces that he is going to have a $200k one-year anniversary in Anaheim. He is sending out invitations that state that everyone will be picked up in fancy cars. My wife is sitting next to me and my friend CS is across the room. NG is also there. I notice little flowers that look like colorful christmas trees which I identify as strawberries. We eat some. I win a huge hand (a couple thousand dollars) with most of the chips coming from CS. My winning hand is a straight flush, 4-8 of spades. She is really pissed about it because she was positive she had a winning hand. I believe she has a full house. My wife is a real bitch when she announces my hand to everyone - directed at CS. She slowly reads off my hand one card at a time. After this hand I realize that I am almost late for a meeting with my boss's boss CR.

      After realizing this I find myself on the campus where I work. The grounds are covered with swimming pools filled with toys, slides and small children. For some reason I am completely naked in the pool. I am very embarrassed and do my best to cover myself up because the children's parents are watching them. I manage to get out of the pool and find out that there is a flea market going on as well. I find a booth selling jeans and find my perfect size. I steal them and put them on without drying off.

      I head over to building 15 wearing only wet jeans and get into a MASSIVE elevator - as big as a house. There are many pairs of shoes on display in the elevator but they don't fit me. I am having difficulty finding CR's office, which I believe is the 12th floor, 17th wing, room 12. The floor I am on reminds me of the airport in Cancun Mexico.

      I wake up and try to visualize the dream scene because I want to continue.

      I arrive at my meeting with CR about 40 minutes late. My other two co-workers are there and I kinda just slip into the conversation. I answer two questions confidently about how well we all work together then the meeting is over. When the others leave I plead to CR to give me 5 more minutes to meet with him. He hesitates. I say 2 minutes and we sit back down. I say to him "I feel like I owe you an explanation. I have had a very rough day. I was with my brother and niece helping" with something and she got very sick. I stayed to help out and make everything OK. CR doesn't believe me. I try to make my case more believable by saying that the doc said its one of those 1-2 day illnesses called (I can't think of something to say). I am doing a horrible acting job and I can't come up with something to say. Finally he says a name and I say I don't think that's it. Somehow this makes him believe me and we start having a normal conversation. He loves me now and we go out onto the train
      (which inexplicably is operating on my work campus).

      I explain to CR that it is fun to jump around on the train and railings around the buildings. Before I can even finish my sentence he is off jumping around and I follow. I get a text message from CS saying something like "we don't like each other anymore" and "my excuse was always the wedding so what now?" She is really upset with me after the whole poker incident. CR and I are jumping all over the buildings and railings now. I receive a message that my wife is with my parents at a 7-11 store (which also has sit down dining) and I have to take her home.

      I jump onto another moving train that my brother and my dad are on - they are most likely heading to the 7-11 as well. My brother is really impressed with my jump. My dad is next to me freezing with the heater on and a blanket. I am hot so I put the AC on me and the guy next to me thanks me. The plan is to take my wife home and then go talk to CS.

      I get to 7-11 and my wife is completely wasted with my friend WW, my mom and some other friends. My wife and WW are extremely fat. We get outside of the store and there is a huge parking lot on a steep slope. My wife starts dancing and slips. She rolls down an asphalt hill at incredibly high speed. I run after her and finally catch up to her as she slams into a curb. I carry her to my dad's truck like a baby. On the way I realize that a bunch of people filmed her rolling down the hill and were going to post it on you tube. I ask my wife if I should make them erase it.
      (I don't remember the reply). My dad gets mad at me for carrying my wife like a baby but she says that she is comfortable. I get her into the back of the truck then I wake up.

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    10. Spooky Cabin

      by , 09-17-2012 at 07:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in a restaurant on a cruise ship. Each table has its own tv but the remotes work on random tv sets. I keep changing peoples channel.

      Dream 2:

      My wife and I are at a cabin in the woods. We go outside to take a walk. We get deep into the forest and I spot a bunch of gun lockers. Upon inspection they are full of not only guns, but fresh meat (hanging deer carcasses). This is very unsettling. It feels like we have been hiding and running from something for a long time and this is an ominous sign that they have found us again. There is nobody around and no sounds whatsoever. I test one of the guns in the locker and it is loaded.

      We head back to the cabin and weird shit starts happening. People and images start popping up randomly. We had spotted a large structure out in the woods when we were walking earlier so we decide to go check it out and see if it has supplies. We get to the building and I tell my wife to wait outside while I look around. I go down some stairs into a dark room. There are more lockers here fully stocked with supplies and weapons. I begin gathering supplies but then I start hearing frightening noises coming from down the hall - like someone is being tortured. The more stuff I take the louder the noises get and the scary images start appearing again.

      I get a very strong sense that the evil that is present in this building is closing in on me. I am very scared so I just grab a random box of guns and ammo and leave. On the way up the stairs I finally spot someone off to my left. There is a man at a work bench confused and banging things randomly. He doesn't seem to notice me. It hits me that these things (not quite human) aren't sure what their purpose is on earth although I know it is only a matter of time before they realize they are supposed to kill us.

      I get outside and some cops are running into the building. They are not quite human either. I yell to them "he is down there and he is crazy" so they go after the guy by the stairs. Since they are also confused I am trying to convince them that I am not the target. I get back to my wife who has no idea what is going on and we start walking back. This is when we notice that there are hundreds of half dead humans (kind of like zombies) scattered around the forest - just standing there. We walk quickly through them to get back to the house. Some of them start attacking us but I fight them off.

      We get back to the house and lock up. They arrive at our door and we arm ourselves. We hold them off for a while but one of them eventually gets in. A lot of glass is breaking. I get away briefly but I think I get caught eventually.

      This is the first time I have woken up from a dream truly scared in about 20 years.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    11. Huge Wave

      by , 09-15-2012 at 08:24 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      I am at a resort with my wife. She is laying out on the beach and I am in the water. I look out at the horizon and notice that a massive wave, as high as the clouds, is coming towards our beach. I start making my way towards the beach but the undertow is pulling me out to sea. I manage to get out. I grab my wife and start directing her and others to safety. We get to the top floor of the resort before the wave hits. The water comes crashing through the resort and reaches our floor. I move everyone around a corner and we stand up against one of the walls. The water rushes through and eventually goes down.

      Once the wave passes, we are in a survival of the fittest situation. We are in some kind of game and I am losing. Hermione and Harry Potter are in the lead. They are both under water and apparently time flows slower under water. Hermione gets out first and ages 3 years while Harry is getting out. I lose whatever game we are playing. I find a van and drive it skillfully backwards down a long steep hill and out into traffic. I am a sore loser and I begin taking important game pieces and scatter them all over the arena (which I believe is a high school at this point).

      Next I want to have sex with my wife. I am ready to go but she keeps delaying. My erection keeps going up and down and I finally say fuck it and I leave.
    12. Crazy Drivers

      by , 09-14-2012 at 07:55 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      My wife and I are taking a class and it is our first day. It looks like a locker room - it is dark and surrounded by large lockers. I go to sit down in the second row but my wife gets nervous. She ends up hiding in a locker for the duration of the class. After class I score some coke and weed from the school.

      Next I am at a restaurant that has a shower in the corner. I am in the shower with my friend C and I start kissing her neck. She is really into it so we keep going. I pin her up against the glass that faces the restaurant and start having sex with her from behind. It felt incredible. I begin to feel bad because I remember that I am married. Then C turns into my wife while we are still having sex. My wife notices that everyone in the restaurant can see us and they start taking pictures. We stop having sex and leave the restaurant. I ask my wife if she would like me to ask the people to delete the pictures.

      Now we are in a car getting a ride to Harvard. It is a limo that we rented and there are two Asian women driving us. They are talking mad shit on us saying 600k people apply and we will never get into Harvard, bla, bla. They are driving like maniacs. They take the wrong exit and are going against traffic. We end up driving the wrong way in a carpool lane and caused a major accident. A cop had to come spinning through traffic to let us cross the freeway.

      Then I "wake up"
      (false awakening) and I am at a swim up bar with my wife and a bunch of friends. I am asking my wife if we shared the same dream and I explain the whole ride to Harvard dream to her. Then she starts playing water polo and she is really good. She makes a blind shot over her shoulder.

      Next I am at work looking for AC to explain a badge issue. Some lady is looking for YAC complaining that she is always late (not true). My cousin CG moved to YACs desk. The office is brighter than usual and CG is the only one set up in there. I am making fun of his 4" monitor. I say "What, did they demote you or something? They move you to our crappy building AND give you a 4" monitor!"
    13. Bits n Pieces

      by , 09-12-2012 at 07:31 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      I could only remember bits and pieces of my dream(s) last night.

      I am at a strange resort with my wife and I am driving a boat. Nobody is speaking English. I am being forced to dance. We go to some island for 11 hours and play baseball there. It is now morning and we are laying out on the ship deck. The waitress is taking drink orders and I ask for a bloody Mary. The waitress makes fun of me and says that I should get a drink with alcohol (hmm). Next we are trying to surf and I am having trouble standing on the board. My cousins L&C are doing it easily and making fun of me.

      Possible explanations:

      Resort: I recently went on a vacation to an all inclusive resort.
      Nobody speaking English: My vacation was in Mexico.
      Forced to dance: I hate dancing.
    14. Tiger in Joshua Tree

      by , 09-11-2012 at 09:22 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1

      I am hiking in Joshua Tree National Park with my wife and a group of about 15 people. I see a large, orange, striped tiger that looks exactly like a Bengal tiger cross the trail up ahead. We call it a bobcat since they are native to this region even though it is clearly a tiger. We all consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to spot one of these creatures in the wild. Then all of a sudden the bobcat circles around behind us and starts fake attacking. It continues to circle us for a while. My wife ways something in another language and I ask her to translate (I donít remember what she says). Next someone from the group asks ďIs this really happening?Ē I wish a professional was in our group to tell us how to respond to an aggressive tiger.

      Next we are all in my house Ė specifically the kitchen. The bobcat keeps circling us and we begin to yell at it and start slapping its back to try and scare it away. Finally the bobcat tries to get out of the house but the sliding door is closed. We open it and the bobcat goes out into the back yard. I notice that my cat, V, is out by the pool and I think to myself ďOh itís gonna be so cool to see how V interacts with the bobcat!Ē V meowed and the bobcat sees him. At that moment I realize what is going to happen and I am flooded with sorrow and anger (at myself for letting this happen). The bobcat grabs V in his mouth in a flash and carries him over the fence. The whole way out of the yard Vís eyes are locked with mine. I drop to my knees, head in hands, and start crying. A huge wave of emotions and thoughts come over me Ė it is my fault, the one thing that unconditionally loves me is dead because of me, etc.

      I wake up with the song ďKarma PoliceĒ by radio head stuck in my head (this is what you getÖ).

      Dream 2:

      My next door neighbors get a new front lawn installed.

      Dream 3:

      I am at a pool with my wife and we have two kids. I ask some guy for something - I think he is in a phone booth and I ask him for money.

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    15. Pregnant Male

      by , 09-10-2012 at 09:09 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at my parentís house but it feels like some kind of magical place. My parents ask me to cut a branch off of a giant tree in their front yard Ė right next to the curb. It is a magical tree. I through a rope over one of the branches and I climb up the rope. The tree is now floating and I manage to float the whole thing down to the ground without cutting the branch. My mom is helping me determine where and how to cut the tree. The tree turns out to be a date palm. We eat some of the tree with the intention of replacing the parts we eat.

      Dream 2:

      I am pregnant (I am a male) and I am with a number of pregnant women. I am having stomach pains and I call in my doctor because I think I am ready to deliver. The doctor (female) coaches me in front of everyone else on how to deliver my baby. She has me squat over a pool of water and tells me to start pushing. I feel crap starting to come out of my ass because of the pushing and she tells me this is normal. She says to hold my hand under my butt just in case the baby comes out Ė we donít want it to drown in the pool. I just ended up getting a bunch of crap on my hands and no baby. I was very embarrassed.

      A thought in the middle of the night:

      Each dream you have is you creating a new universe. Once you create a suitable and stable universe you will die and go there. If you die young (before gaining the skills to produce a stable universe) or if you die a tragic death you will end up in an unstable/unsuitable universe (live a rough life).

      Dream 3:

      I am having dinner at my parentís house with some of my wifeís family members. Even though my parentís house is not in LA I am upset because we have to drive to LA 3 times in a row Ė it is as if their exact house has moved to LA. My brotherís family is there and they have a small dog. I am playing with AD and the dog under the table for a while. I notice that my brother forgets / loses the dogís toy at least 3 times and I am always the one who has to go get it and nobody thanks me.

      I donít join dinner because I am waiting for my wife to get back from somewhere. I notice that I am never wearing a shirt. My brother has a black Ford something (not a real car name, something like a personís name with 2 hyphens). Then for some reason I am driving that car by myself on a mountain road. It is almost as if I am in a commercial demonstrating features on the car. I stop and there is a dirt avalanche and the car gets completely buried in dirt with me in it. I am still able to call for help using one of the cars features even though I am deep under dirt. I recall being very scared thinking that this is a horrible way to die. People come to dig me out and they have a credit card machine with them to charge me for the service. There is a $50 tip already included in the bill but I feel bad for not tipping more.
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