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    1. Bits: Malfoy's RPG Dice Save the Day, Attacked by Gorilla, See Doctor at Bus Stop, MR Ducks routine

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:15 PM
      A collection of fragments I can't remember in enough detail to get their own topic, but with some interesting parts I don't want to just forget.


      07-23-2017 -- Again, a bit of a shorter one. Another Harry Potter dream, taking place in a sort of a cross between a school, and a mall, I think. Something evil is pursuing us, and we're trying to find a way to defend and protect ourselves, and Hermione has come up with some sort of gadget that can help keep us safe, but it needs to be made with a fairly good-sized gem. Malfoy has been trying to become a better person, though he is still a bit annoying, but Hermione is telling him about the new devices to help keep us safe, anyway. When she mentions needing the gems to make them, he pulls out a bag with his D&D dice, and it turns out a couple of the larger dice were lost, and he had replaced them with large, multi-faceted gemstones, so he is able to give her a couple more to make more of the things. There was a lot more to this, originally, but it was very hard to remember, and faded especially quickly.


      07-25-2017 -- Can't remember all that much of this, but I am Harry Potter, and am on some kind of camping trip in the woods, and am trying to sleep in a sort of a camp bed, but I find that I am in some kind of a tree, and there is a big, violent gorilla who is trying to reach me and attack me. I am trying to stay out of his way, but he is fast, agile, and can climb well. I keep trying to get out of his reach, and he eventually does something that launches us both off the side of a cliff. He falls to his death, or at least serious injury, while I somehow manage to save myself with some sort of hover charm or something, then am explaining the whole situation to Tonks while listening to old music. Strange.


      08-19-2017 -- Anything earlier is gone. Waiting for a bus near Knott's Berry Farm. Kind of flirting with a girl who might, just might, be Amy F. And accidentally catch my phone between my body and something solid, and manage to more or less snap it in half, longways, and I am really disgusted with myself about it. Meanwhile, somebody sick has come along, and has their doctor along with them, and is giving them a check-up at the bus stop, and I had heard something about this and tried to make arrangements, so the doctor is willing to see me and prescribe something for my HBP, and in the aftermath of that, I manage to miss two buses by being in just the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Flash forward, and it is now a week later. I am out traveling with mom, and we are at the same bus stop, and I am hoping to see the doctor again, but I don't know if he travels this route weekly or only once a month or what. A doctor is passing through, but it turns out he is not here to do medicine, but just on a walk or something. Then 'my' doctor comes through and he is checking on me briefly, and I decide I want to tell him the conversation that looks like gibberish, until you know the secret. MR Ducks, MR Nott, OSAR CM Wangs? OILB MR Ducks. {'Em are ducks. 'Em are not. Oh yes they are ... see 'em wings? Oh I'll be ... 'em are ducks.) But he wanders off for a minute and before he can get back, the bus comes (on the wrong side of the street.) I catch it and go one stop, then decide to go off since the Doctor still hasn't come back yet, but as I get off I don't see mom and don't know if she got off, so I get back on the bus, and find her standing by the bus driver, talking to him, so I guess I am missing the doctor.

      The next thing I know, I've gotten off the bus somewhere else. There is no sign of mom, and I think I am having a short conversation with Sheila Smith, which has her commenting something on how she can likely answer a few questions, and I say sure, as long as they aren't on the subject of, say, Muslim dating rituals or something, and she seems hesitant, and I am considering making a statement about how I thought it was Anne who was the cast member with a Muslim history (something from another dream that wasn't written down, nor anything except that one bit remembered) as she walks into the Peter Marshall cafeteria for a rehearsal, and I wait to catch another bus. Weird.
    2. Back in Haunted Time Passage House, Hidden Objects Style, Ties to Other Dreams

      by , 07-04-2017 at 05:31 PM
      06-03-2017 -- This one was from a month ago, jotted it down immediately, but didn't have time to get it on the computer until now. Much of the earliest bits have faded, but I am probably Harry Potter, judging by much of the stuff that comes later. It is late at night and I am trying to get some sleep, but I am rooming with a slightly stuck up but more or less OK Draco Malfoy. So while I am looking for a little bit of private relaxation time before falling asleep, Draco has been getting more and more into muggle electronics, so wants my help setting up his TV, cable box, DVD, video game systems and so on. So I'm kind of half-assing it, hoping in the process he doesn't stumble across porn and go nuts about it.

      I've got most of the stuff at least partly hooked up when somebody new wanders in and notices that his VCR doesn't have the cable channels tuned in, so he's only getting 6 or 7 broadcast channels, and the new guy starts to correct that, and is also showing him how to hook up and use his CB radio. Since he's now got other help, I'm more than happy to just turn around and head to bed.

      The next thing I know, I find I'm in a new circumstance that relates to several past dreams, including the Doctor Who/BtVS dream of a few months ago, and many others, including various secret passage dreams and more. I find myself outside an old three or four story house that I think I fought a plant in during another dream I can't find to link to, and I have a lot of memories of the last time I was here, and the things I had to do, but not exactly, or in what order, so I'm still having to puzzle a lot of it out.

      I start on the West side of the house, can't say what floor, but I'm kind of looking in a window at a room where the mom has fallen through a trap door in the floor (and possibly also time ala the Tonks scene in the above Doctor Who dream) to a lower dungeon-style room. The thing is, she'll need to be rescued on that floor (and in that time), not through the trap door she fell through. Meanwhile, though I should only have a limited view through the window, I can somehow see all kinds of people wandering up and down stairways throughout the house, though they should be out of sight, and quite possibly in other times. Strange.

      I move along the back side of the house, the area that most seems like the plant-fighting area, then I find myself in a hallway along the East side of the house, and there are ghosts wandering through the area, some helping and some hindering the regular people. At first I seem to be one of the ghosts, but as time goes on, I become more and more solid. Meanwhile, I am trying to use my half-remembered knowledge from previous dreams to help the regular people solve the 'puzzle' (it's all feeling kind of like a hidden object game), and am giving instructions. I point to one ghost in a room next to the corridor, and ask it to grab some tools and bring it to me.

      I realize almost immediately that this is unlikely to work. The ghost is probably not going to be able to pick up the tools, because it is a ghost. But it might be able to pick them up if that room is in the same time as the ghost, but even if it can pick them up, it probably won't be able to take them out of the room, and finally, if it did get them out of the room, then the tools would probably be insubstantial to me, so I probably wasted my time making the request. The ghost grabs the tools, and starts to bring them to me, but as it passes through the doorway, the door slams shut, and I figure the tools remain in the room. But no, the ghost kept them and brought them to me, and I found I was able to hold them, so that's why I figured I must be a ghost, too, at this point.

      I follow the East corridor to a large room at the back of the house, where there are a lot of people and ghosts around, and a lot of junk to possibly sort through. One of the ghosts is an old-fashioned housekeeper dressed in the appropriate garb, and looking just like Hermione Baddeley as the housekeeper in Mary Poppins. The room is one where I found Luna Lovegood in another time trap in a different dream, but this time there is no sign of her. Instead it is a long room with piles of junk to actually climb over, and some broken and damaged walls being guarded by an angry and dangerous tiger, who has several tiny ghost tiger cubs in the area. I suddenly manage to remember that I have to find some balls of ghost food to feed the ghost tiger cubs to be able to get by the real tiger.

      I ask the housekeeper to hand me the box full of food balls, and I start trying to toss them across the room into the cubs' food bowls, but being ghostly balls, they have no mass, so don't toss well. First I try to help them along by blowing on them, and it helps a little, but not enough. Finally I just throw the entire box of food, which gives it just enough mass to reach the other side of the room, and get a little bit of food in all five bowls. So I carefully creep past the ghost kittens, and the live tiger leaves me alone, and I crawl over more of the stuff, getting nearer and nearer to the ceiling, where I find a sort of secret passage way. It looks like there is a wall, but it's an illusion, and you can move right through it.

      I crawl up into a hallway on the floor above, and again I can remember it from other dreams (but not any particular dream the I can link to). I am now in a medium-length corridor. I crawled up through a passage at the floor level, and I know that there is another passage directly across from it at ceiling level, but it seems whatever point I have arrived at, we either have not yet found the step-ladder that we'll need to climb to reach the ceiling passage, or we haven't moved it here yet.

      There are doors at both ends of the hallway. The end close to the two secret passages is behind me, and it doesn't seem important. It is probably the first way we entered the hallway, early on in things. I seem to remember the door at the other end of the hallway being locked, and we have to pick the lock. I send my friend off to find the step-ladder, and head to the door at the end of the corridor, just to find it is already unlocked, so we must have already gotten that step taken care of.

      Spoiler for Humor and Sex:
    3. Trying to Save People on B5 thru Drugs, Staying with Friends Who Turn out to be Death Eaters

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:08 PM
      06-27-2017 -- Odd HP/B5 mash-up. First bit I can remember, I am at the Hickory House, which is somehow on B5. I'm being lectured by one person (possibly Sheridan) that I can't save everybody, while being warned by another (probably Delenn) that I have to find a way to save them all! I'm not sure what's going on, but we're drinking something that is supposed to cause odd hallucinations, because it will provide us hints of the future. I drink the thing, and am waiting for the hallucinations to start, and there are bits and flashes of light and movement and stuff, growing into a brighter and brighter flash.

      And then I find myself on Hickory, and it is early in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but for whatever reason, home is why I am tired, so I can't go there. Somehow I can remember I was staying at the Goodwins before this, so I decide to go back there, though I fear it is a bad idea (after all, it's early in the morning.) In a sort of dream deja vu, I go there twice. Both times I open the screen door, try the door knob, find it is locked, turn to walk away, and then hear a loud bang that I fear I caused, but I can't figure out how. (In actuality, I think the screen door was on a strong closing thing, and as I walked away, it banged shut.)

      Anyway, I know I've done this twice, and am afraid the banging is going to have woken the family up and gotten them mad at me, so I'm about to rush away, hoping not to be seen, but as I glance back, the door is already open, and Barbara is standing there, so I turn back to apologize and explain myself. I explain that since I was staying there briefly the previous afternoon, before going off to however my mind was understanding this bizarre mash-up, I was just trying the knob, combined with mention of how tired I was. I'm also kind of nervous to realize I am standing here in my underwear. Instead of yelling at me, Barbara simply invites me back inside, and I somehow find myself dressed in a full set of blue pajamas, kind of collapsing on an extra bed in Jeff's room, more or less passed out.

      I realize Barbara dressed me by magic, and I'm Harry Potter. Jeff's starting to stir, and Marvin is there as well. They are talking quietly, and I'm only half asleep but acting like I'm fully asleep. Jeff is dressed in a green boy scout uniform, and my blue pajamas are morphing into the same. Meanwhile, I've swung back to a sitting position on the bed and am apologizing to Barbara again, except that I am starting to refer to her as Narcissa. But Marvin/Lucius is now and always only Sir. Oddly enough, Jeff stays Jeff, and thankfully doesn't turn into a Draco clone.

      Turns out something is going on today, and several of Jeff's Death Eater friends have shown up, and are slowly changing out of their green boy scout uniforms and into their red Death Eater robes, while Narcissa is cooking us all breakfast, trying to prepare us for the day. I'm feeling out of place, sitting here in my green boy scout/Gryffindor robes while everybody else has switched into their red robes, and my mind isn't even catching a hint of the odd color reversals. It does lead me to commenting on how some Death Eaters are perhaps not so bad, while wondering if I ought to dress up in red robes as well. Narcissa is looking at me strangely until I mention "Can't you just imagine the expressions on the faces of all the light-side wizards at seeing me that way?" and she starts laughing.

      They head off to what they need to do, and I walk back to the Hickory House, where I now feel ready to head inside again. But as I approach the door, I am briefly stopped by seeing four of my friends walking up, dressed up as a set of super heroes, all different, yet with a hint of uniformity to their costumes that indicate some sort of team. The only one I can identify is David. They are iffy about letting me approach the house in my red robes, but I quickly explain and walk in. The first thing I do inside is approach my room, because I know my cat was left in there, and I figure with my being gone for a day, nobody is likely to have let him out, so I am fearing a mess. As I head into the second bedroom, I am thinking of a more recent cat (probably a cross between Black Lightning and Ray), but what I find is still the old marmalade of Cocoa and Sammy. I'm trying to coax the cat out, but it doesn't want to move. That's about all I can remember of this one.
    4. Camping with Dumbles Leads to Making Brooms with Sirius, Cheese Broom Causes Fireworks

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:37 PM
      04-30-2017 -- Actually, I have no idea when this was dreamed. Had to be after the last one I wrote down, but it was several weeks ago. It was a very interesting dream that I certainly meant to write down while it was still fresh, but it never ended of happening, so now I'm jotting down what I can remember on the 29th of May, and assigning a (likely incorrect) date to list it by.

      Somehow I'm on a cadet-style camping trip, but I'm Harry Potter, and the one in charge of the trip is Dumbledore. As might be expected, it is very strange, and actually kind of boring, so I decide to make things more interesting by grabbing a dead tree limb and trying to make myself a good broom. I actually manage to do a fairly good job of it, and am flying around, but Albus is upset that I might be seen. Thankfully, I've also got my invisibility cloak, which allows me to keep myself somewhat hidden.

      So he's on my case, but it's the only thing we've found fun to do on the trip, so we continue to work on flying. Soon we're flying through the dream version of the Buena Park Mall, but whatever spell we've used to power the brooms have started to weaken, and I'm drifting to the ground, right where people are looking to try and catch me. Thankfully, Sirius is right there with another broom that he's made, so he tosses it to me, and I fly off again, and Sirius finds himself arguing with his harridan of a mother (who is alive and not a painting), even though I seemed to be getting along with her quite well.

      There's a bit with me walking through Waldenbooks, while talking with Remus and Sirius about more broom options, and I end up wrapping a bit of cheese or something around the handle of my latest broom as a joke, figuring it wouldn't work, but when I try to fly with it, it shoots up into the air, sending off sparks like a major firework, blasting up into an arc, before coming down again, used up very quickly, but providing an amazing pyrotechnic show, and I decide it is an amazingly cool effect that I will have to work with some more.
    5. Exploring Haunted Secret Passage House, Cross of HP/DW/BtVS

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:22 PM
      03-25-2017 -- An ever-morphing cross between HP, BtVS, and DW. A group of us (an odd mixture of regular people, Harry Potter and Buffy characters) are exploring a large old house that I've explored before in many dreams. Sometimes things remain normal, sometimes they get a little strange, but this one got odder than usual. I'm sort of a Xander-like character, just the normal guy that stuff kind of happens to/around.

      The house seems to be morphing into a kind of a cross between Grimmauld Place, the house from the Classic Who episode Ghostlight, and the hotel from the Shining. There is a very evil, corrupting feel to the place, and an odd variety of ... creatures ... are popping out at us, trying to scare us and frighten us, yet over time you almost get the kind of feeling that they are past victims, themselves, now trapped in the place.

      At one point, we're exploring one room, and Tonks steps on an area where the floor is weak, and it collapses under her, dropping her into a room in a lower level of the house. The problem is, it is not only a lower level, but also is somehow located in another time, so while we can see her, and are trying to rescue her, we're having a really hard time reaching her. Thankfully the Doctor (the 10th Doctor) arrives, and manages to bridge the gap, so to speak, and rescues her from the evil cat-girl who was after her. So now we're wandering the halls of the horrible place together.

      The corrupting influence is still there, but now it is kind of muted, and not as strong, and we realize the TARDIS's telepathic circuits are kind of holding the evil influence at bay. Because of this, the Doctor has got it on a sort of old-fashioned looking pallet jack, and is wheeling it around with us. One of our members is being referred to as 'Dog-Boy,' and I can't help but wonder if it might be Xander, with a hint of the Hyena possession coming out, due to the evil spirit of the place.

      Soon we find ourselves in a large room, perhaps a kitchen or a living room, I'm not sure which. One of the beings we're fighting against seems to be a slightly sweet, slightly sassy girl with a sort of a Victorian appearance, who is actually rather cute, and I am sort of falling for her. In the house, only seen under the low lighting of flickering candles, she looks almost completely normal, but then I catch her in direct sunlight pouring in from an uncovered window, and suddenly the makeup on her face shows a completely different image, of a very evil looking clown with razor-sharp, long, demonic teeth.

      Doesn't stop me or change how I feel, though. I look her in the face, and explain I am a sometimes clown, too. She doesn't believe me, and I start explaining about the face I designed for my clown. In real life it was a classic white face appearance, with small purple highlights around the eyes and the lips, but in the dream I was explaining it as a rich, violet purple face with white highlights around the eyes, which would probably look rather frightening, itself.

      I am explaining how I did a lot of work with balloons, while she is playing with a yellow balloon poodle (sans head), when somebody randomly asks "Hey, where's Dog-Boy?" One of the other enemies, a bit of a mean one, just starts laughing, and says he was killed three days ago, and we never even noticed until now. Personally, to me it only feels like we have been here a few hours, so I'm figuring it was much more recent, but it is still a terrible thing, and as he's still laughing like a loon, I decide to take my revenge on him. I grab a pink bee-body (a kind of twisting balloon) and try to inflate it to pop it at him, but my balloon is full of holes, and won't inflate. So I ask the evil clown girl if I can borrow one of her red ones, and she lets me. The problem is, no matter how big I blow the thing up, it just will not pop! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the thing.

      Others are discussing what might have happened to Dog-Boy, and I take the opportunity to spent a little time kissing my evil clown, while also trying to think of a way to save her. Somebody makes an odd mention that kind of indicates that Cat-Girl and Dog-Boy got together for a short time in another time, and had a kid. While others are trying to figure out the logistics of that, I suddenly grasp on an idea of time travel, and saving even the earlier victims of the place, by maybe traveling back in time, saving them and taking them all to another time to safely live out a good life, then bringing them all back to this time for the ending of it all, letting them all have most of a good life.

      I start to search out the Doctor, wanting to explain my plan to him, and find him right outside the front door of Draynor Manor, somehow managing to exit the door that is usually entrance, only, and approach him with my idea, but as I run the idea through my mind, trying to figure out the best way to explain it, I can just picture him, ever-more-clearly, muttering about fixed points in time, and how it can't be done, and by the time I reach him, I just kind of glare at him, reproachfully.

      "What?!?" he demands, at the way I'm looking at him. "Never mind," I mutter, and start to walk away. But he demands to know why I'm looking at him like that, and I explain the whole idea, and as I expect, he starts muttering about fixed points, and impossibilities, and starts to get angry at me, and accuses me of either being possessed by the evil spirit, or perhaps not even being myself at all, but a replacement that has been foisted on us, and I just re-enter the manor, to see what little I can do for the poor past victims.

      As I get back to the kitchen or wherever it is that most of us are now at, a strange cross between Rory and Angel is in the process of hanging a huge pack of firecrackers on the wall of the place, while an equally odd cross of Amy and Buffy is wielding a crossbow and trying to shoot the firecrackers to light the fuse. The idea is to set them all off, which will start a large fire on the wall, which will quickly spread to the entire evil house, burning it to the ground, and destroying all the evil victims within it. I am trying to block the shot, keep it from happening, and figure another way out of things, but I'm just not having any luck.

      Just before they manage to send the place up like a roman candle, an earlier version of the 10th Doctor bursts through the back wall, accompanied by Rose and Jack, all three carrying big, shiny, advanced sci-fi weapons, as the Doctor confronts the smallest, meekest, shyest member of our party, and exposes -them- as the one who has been replaces and is working against us (instead of me, as he accused earlier) and says he managed to take my plan and make it work, so now everybody has managed to be saved. Which is when I woke up.
    6. Bits: AC and Ben Franklin, Bellatrix deranged Ms Claus, Robin Williams at Coke Corner, Mammoth RPG

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:04 PM
      07-26-2016 -- Another strange dream back at the AC. Somehow I'm going in for an evening of entertainment at the Club, which I imagine has been re-opened. Lots of wandering around the different levels, looking for good parts of the show, and seeing odd things. At one point, there is a sort of a recap from a previous evening of performances, and Anne was doing Pamelia that night, but is in a different role tonight, so is having to rush to try and change costumes to react to the past bit, before changing back for this evening's entertainment.

      At one point I find myself outside an odd combination of the Mask Room and the Library, where inside they are doing a strange show where Tim is playing the role of Ben Franklin, while Steve Cluck is cheering along, and I am trying to get my little digital camera to take good videos, which just isn't going to happen. At another point, I run into Dean Ambrose, and am trying to tell him how much I've enjoyed his recent wrestling ... and also how cute his girlfriend (Renee Young) is.

      Soon I'm in a corridor between shows, and Tim pops by and is just kind of visiting for a few seconds, and asking me to try and help direct guests into the Library for the next show, while Anne is just kind of nodding at me, seemingly ready to be friends again. I am walking kind of fast through an area that is shaped rather like the area around Space Mountain and the Space Stage at Disneyland, except there are huge vines like the kind Tarzan kind of slides along in the animated flick, and I decide that since I'm helping to usher people along, I can get away with climbing up on them to help direct people.


      07-24-2016 -- It's winter time, and it is snowing around Hickory, and I am kind of gliding down the street toward Greenleaf, as though I am ice skating. I'm just reaching the corner when a large truck of some sort (possibly a trash truck) comes rolling along toward Dale, and Ron Weasley is on it, and is firing curses off at me.

      I grab the mirror of the truck, and hang on, letting it speed me down the street, and in trying to get a good angle to fire more curses at me, Ron gets thrown from the truck, and flies through the air before crashing to the ground. He's now got enough problems of his own, that he is ready to leave me alone.

      I return to the Hickory House, and realize it is Halloween, and I know I always face some kind of attack on Halloween, so I am trying to prepare for it, setting up secret passages through the house, and putting in wards and defences, and trying to set it up so that when the Death Eaters attack, they are forced through limited channels where I can concentrate a lot of fire power on them to try and take them out.

      I manage to fight off evil Halloween-type creatures and some Death Eaters, especially with Dumbledore's help (he just shows up and is helping in the battle, even though he seems to be disappointed at how much I'm hurting the bad guys) but soon things start to change, and we're back to Christmas time, and I'm having to fight off evil, leering snowmen, and corrupted Christmas elves, and worst of all, a super-evil, cackling Bellatrix dressed up as Mrs. Clause, as she tries to invade through the sliding glass door!


      07-20-2016 -- Can't remember most of what went before, but I'm walking through Disneyland, avoiding a parade, all trying to reach Coke Corner, and hoping to listen to the piano player. When I get there, there are several pianos arranged both inside and out, but nobody playing them at the moment. What there is, however, is a very young Robin Williams (young like 20, not like a little kid) in a small set of bleachers, doing comedy routines, and cursing at people when they don't react properly to it ... and somehow Disney finds it to be a good thing that he is cursing at their guests, which I don't really understand.


      06-00-2016 -- No idea when this was actually dreamed ... sometime in June or July, I think, but I never got around to writing it down. I am again puttering around in the version of Mammoth Cave that started in another recent dream inside the drainage ditches, before it became the caves. This time I am wandering through the caves again, but it seems to be an odd, live-action version of an RPG or a D&D game.

      I'm wandering through a number of cave areas, dressed in armor and carrying a big sword, when it doesn't just fade away, while trying to understand the game, search out the solution to various quests, and interact with people. I'm with Dale for a while, but he eventually wanders off to do something else. Follow a cute girl for a bit, and soon run into Bynner, who is getting overly into the whole Lord Emperor Drake schtick, and annoying some people, while entertaining others, and hitting on some of the guys.

      Meanwhile, I'm following along a sort of ice queen who is dressed in some lovely, semi-revealing outfits, hoping to become friends, when she takes some time out to work on some skilling. I'm distracted, when I find out the skilling is somehow making hundreds of huge barrels of homemade peanut butter, and I'm thinking I have to keep track of this place, so that I can come back with some marshmellows and some Rice Crispies, and make some top-notch Rice Crispies Squares, except when I look around, everything has vanished. It seems they get together for about one hour every month to make the peanut butter, then it is all shipped away in an instant, and is gone ... so unless my timing is perfect, I'm going to be straight out of luck!
    7. Flying Problems and Freddy Krueger Tries to Attack

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:32 PM
      04-28-2016 -- Starts out all over the place with bits I can only barely remember. There were bits of Harry Potter, and I know there were some chasing scenes. I think there were some bits with wild animals and stuff, but only the barest hints remain. Eventually, I think one friend (possibly Neville Longbottom) was holding some sort of concert with a mid-level star performing, and I just missed it. Steve Glance tells me that he's bringing in somebody else for another concert in a day or two, because he wants me to be able to make that one, and I ask about ticket prices, saying I have to be able to plan ahead. He has no idea what the cost is going to be, and that seems not good to me.

      I think about how much money I might need to get together, and waiting in line, and standing around, and find myself thinking that I don't think I'm a concert goer, any more ... I just don't want to be bothered with the hassles involved in getting into a concert. Never mind. So I am kind of flying out of the area (just kind of floating along) leaving my friends behind, when I start finding more and more birds in the area, and they are turning into bigger and bigger birds, some large enough to see me as prey, so I start to slow down and fly more cautiously.

      I am now flying in Anaheim. At first I am flying over the street at the intersection of Brookhurst and Crescent, heading for the junior high. There is a lot of traffic beneath me. More and more traffic, then signs of an accident. The accident is getting bigger and bigger, and I keep flying a little higher to try and stay out of things. Now there are full-scale disasters with collapsed buildings, and rescue work, and construction all going on, and I'm just trying to make it across the street. So as I mentioned, there is some construction going on, and there are lots of random people walking along girders up in the sky, and they are just walking off the ends and plummeting to their doom, and nobody seems to care.

      And yet there are construction workers approaching me (still flying in the air), and they seem to think I am somehow trying to jump off the beams and commit suicide, because they cannot grasp the concept that I can fly. So they are trying to catch me in nets, or knock me down by swinging pipes at me to keep me from killing myself, while ignoring all the people who actually are killing themselves, and I am just trying to dodge out of the way and get past this blasted intersection!

      By this point, the intersection has changed to Crescent and Magnolia, and I am heading for Marshall instead of Brookhurst, and I am just flying higher and higher into the air until I finally manage to leave the people chasing me behind, and I finally allow myself to drop the altitude a bit, until I manage to land on the roof of one of the houses on Crescent between Magnolia and La Reina. I'm kind of catching my breath there, when I glance over and see an old, slightly beat up Domino's Pizza box. Problem is, as I am watching it, it is starting to develop reddish-orange and black stripes, and I can see blades starting to stretch out of the box.

      The pizza box is in the process of morphing into Freddy Krueger, and I'm not going to have that. I start concentrating on the pizza box only being a pizza box, and trying to force it to only be a pizza box with my mind. At the same time, I am also praying that it is only a pizza box, and grabbing the box and tearing it to pieces, until there is no longer any way that Freddy can form from it. I'm just starting to relax, having beat him, when I look down, and two pizza delivery drivers have both pulled up, stepping out of their cars with brand new pizza boxes for him to morph from.

      I am trying to explain that I did not order a pizza, I do not want a pizza, and if they aren't careful, they are going to release a crazed mad-man on the world, but they just want to deliver their pizzas. So I jump in the air and try to start flying again, except I instead find myself on a bus that Paul Orsi is driving, except moments later it is a helicopter, and he is trying to take it high into the sky, except that I wrestle with him for the control, and try to force a landing on Hickory, because I'm just done with the whole thing. Just as we land, I wake up.
    8. Zombies, Secret Passages, Time and Dimensional Travel

      by , 12-01-2015 at 04:50 AM
      11-29-2015 -- Kind of a cool one, if not all there. I'm wandering around a place that I have been before, which is a strange blending of the multi-level underground office complex at Savanna High School and the hospital that I have dreamed of several times in the last couple of years with the long corridors along the south and west sides of the building. This odd combination is further crossed with the spooky haunted maze type of dream.

      So we're creeping through these corridors, trying to avoid running into either the people in charge, who don't want us in areas that we don't belong, or the monsters that are roaming the area. I'm leading them down the long, empty corridor along the west side of the building, trying to get everyone else to stay quiet and move quickly, since I have some familiarity with the building, and know more-or-less where I am going. Soon we're going along the south corridor, dodging doctors and patients, but not in any sort of trouble. Then we're heading up the east side, which is where things are turning more into the Savanna building.

      Soon we're in the men's room, trying to access the secret passageways that not only lead deeper into the hidden areas of the building, but also into other times and other dimensions. To even get into the restroom involved finding keys and following detailed processes, though in this particular dream, we weren't 'living through' that part of it. We're just in the restroom, and the others are loosening the grating on the ceiling, and starting to climb up. My friends are traveling to another world, but I'm busy theorizing about the whole process, and don't notice them trying to get my attention, and finally they go on without me.

      I notice I'm all alone, and while I could follow them as far as things working for me, I'm not really in good enough shape to feel comfortable trying to pull myself up into the ceiling by myself. Instead I decide I'll explore a little bit, trying to move carefully, act like I belong, and avoid attention. I tell myself that if I stick to the well-lit areas, I ought to be able to avoid any of the zombies.

      So I am moving slowly and carefully, being quiet, doing nothing to draw attention to myself, trying to look like I belong, and I reach the underground attendance office. I just kind of peek in, wave to a few of the ladies there, say hello. No problems ... until I try and leave, and one of the guys in the office glances my way and realizes he doesn't know me and I probably don't belong. He starts a chase, and suddenly I'm running pell-mell through maze-like corridors being chased by monsters.

      At one point I find myself climbing over rubble around a sort of stream, climbing over a broken down dam, and one of the zombies chasing me is an old friend. He's actually calling out to me, begging me to take him with me. In our original world, this friend was outright killed, a while back. But in this world, they did whatever turns people into zombies here to him ... but it only half takes. He has a zombie's broken down body, but his mind is his own, and he isn't trying to eat my brains. I think about it, and find myself thinking if I bring him from this world to our world, I can have my friend back ... but I warn him he is going to have to be really careful with his foot, which is rotted and only half connected, and kind of flopping around. I tell him he'll have to protect it until we can find a way to heal it for him.

      So we climb through the rubble into the school gym, where we almost immediately run into Dumbledore, who unfortunately only needs to glance at us and hear a couple of tiny details before he realizes we've been messing with things we shouldn't be messing with. We're involved in both time travel and dimensional travel, neither things that are very safe to play around with.

      We keep moving, heading to the restroom where we can make it back to my world, when suddenly things shift, and I'm not me, but a rather attractive female teacher who is trying to find this strange dimensional portal that we're using. She's actually reached the counter that has the small hidden drawer with the key needed to make it in the restroom, and is looking in exactly the right place, but she hasn't done one of the earlier parts of the process that makes the trigger for the drawer visible to you, so she can't see it.

      Even as myself, I now have the same problem, I can't access the hidden key because of some part of the process that I haven't done recently enough on this world ... thankfully I also still have another key to another hidden area on another world in my pocket (from a different dream), and it will work here, too.

      At this point I am myself again, and sneak up on the teacher and half-kidnap her, dragging her down a hall and into a department store (can't say for sure if it is Sears, May Co, or Penney's, because I don't really see enough of it). Near a broken down wall, surrounded by piles and racks of clothes, I somehow use some kind of truth ray on her to interrogate her and see if we can trust her enough to bring her in on things, and maybe have some fun, as well. As I said, very attractive teacher.
    9. Dobby Will Show Bad Lucius, Dobby Will!

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:23 AM
      10-04-2015 -- This one starts oddly, especially since I can't remember most of the beginning. Somehow Pat Q., Paul O., and I are all together, and sitting down for pizza somewhere, like I'm pretty sure we've done in the past in real life. Thing is, we're also going on and on talking about our phone numbers, including a slightly odd number that I can't remember awake, but seemed to be an important phone number from a past dream that I no longer remember.

      One of the many things we're discussing is how Lucius Malfoy has kidnapped Dobby, and we're hoping that he's going to be all right. The good thing is, he soon pops up to tell us that he managed to escape, and has decided to tak his revenge on Malfoy by grabbing an important book of documents; some kind of record keeping for Lucius' evil plans or illegal financial dealings. He's brought it back to Pat so she can use it to cause him trouble.

      So somehow we use a 'spell' in the form of a technomancy piece of equipment to copy one page of this material, then I wear at it and mangle it until I manage to make it nice and soft and very old looking [like that paper ball Jimmy had been mangling in a class until it became almost cloth-like from the fibers breaking down], and then use it for something else, and leave it somewhere that Malfoy will find it, discover a few of his secrets on it, and start to worry about what else might turn up somewhere unexpected.

      Soon the paper has turned into a huge map, which we have hung on a wall, and somehow as a part of this incredible plot (which becomes less sensible all the time) we're soon shooting at it with guns, putting a number of holes in it. Soon we're working at printing gold paper money. (The paper the bills are printed on are actually made of gold.) We're printing it on a fairly normal printer, feeding in letter-size sheets of thin gold, and printing the bill lettering and such on it, but I bump the printer, and the paper shifts mid-feed, messing up the bills. I try to fix it by kind of pulling the lettering off, and trying to smooth it out, then reaffix it to the gold, but of course it doesn't work.

      Soon I am grabbing huge wads of unprinted gold bills that have already been trimmed down to bill size, and stuffing them into a brown paper bag, trying to hide the evidence of my damaging them, until we can perhaps resmelt them or something. About that time, a huge guy who is an odd cross between Hagrid and a huge black hillbilly walks in, thinks I have his lunch, and grabs the paper bag and opens it. When he sees what is inside, he's kind of shocked, and I have to swear him to secrecy about the whole thing.
    10. Harry Potter and the Shifting Realities

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:18 PM
      06-25-2014 -- Am in a weird Harry Potter world that I think is based on a fan-fic I rather disagreed with right before I went to bed. Sort of fan-fic by message board, with multiple people posting the story, and each chapter not only advancing the story, but changing things from earlier in the story, rewriting it on the fly. Friends are now enemies, are now friends again. Then Dumbledore sets in motion a ritual which is supposed to cause Harry to be married in x years and y hours, but he messes something up. Harry is immediately plunged underwater, and is now scheduled to be married in x hours and y minutes. Harry will be married tonight at something like 11:20. And instead of a bond between two people, it is a sort of odd loyalty bond between up to 20 people, depending on how many of the 20 are able to reach the location on time, as they are compelled to. Nice job, Dumbles!

      So far the gold and red counter floating in the upper corner stands at four, for the four Weasley children that were already here with their parents, but more will likely be arriving shortly. Then suddenly a new writer takes over, and I am Harry Potter, in a different universe, while the author is paraphrasing Jo's text, but subtly (or not so subtly) changing it so that the Dursleys move from being quite mean and slightly physically abusive, to horribly mean and horribly abusive, physically. I have run away from the Dursleys and am hiding in the muggle world. Soon I am a 20-year-old Harry Potter pulling a security shift at a weird cross between a British Heritage site and an Orlando Paving plant. It is the middle of the night on a holiday along the lines of Memorial day, and I am somehow asleep on the floor of the control tower.

      I am clad in only a pair of tighty whities, as I wake suddenly and am trying to scramble into clothes as I discover there are people wandering around the grounds. I am soon dressed and interacting with them, explain how there is only security here on holiday weekends, and how we help to preserve and protect the heritage of the Boy-Who-Lived, without ever letting it slip that I AM the Boy-Who-Lived. Strange, fun stuff.
    11. Harry Potter and the Tribulation, Now with More Vampires [graphic]

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:27 AM
      06-26-2014 -- [Almost a sort of fever dream ... very stream of consciousness, with me kind of slipping in and out of sleep, trying to remember the odd bits I was just dreaming, except the moment I slip back into the dreams, everything is different than it was a moment ago ... makes for a very confusing and difficult to remember dream.] Starts where I am Harry Potter, being chased around what mostly seems to be the muggle world, but slowly it is changing to where I am not so much being chased, but fighting off some sort of possession. Usually I am pretty successful at this, but at one point I am riding along on a bus when I start being possessed, and somehow this time I cannot fight it off. I am being taken over and being forced to rape a teenage girl. The problem is, whoever is possessing me is gripping my manhood and kind of stretching it and fluffing it and making it larger and larger. Meanwhile the girl is getting younger and smaller by the moment, and by the time I start to do this horrid thing, I am sticking an organ about two feet long and eight inches thick into a helpless toddler who more or less explodes around me. Then it is just over.

      I am sitting somewhere, reading comic books, and I find that somebody has released a superhero comic about the book of Revelations, the rapture, the tribulation, and the mark of the beast. And somehow, in the dream, this is much more moving and hard-hitting because it is written about an absurdly unreal super powered character going through the tribulation period. Then suddenly I am a little kid, standing on a field, playing soccer with a bunch of other little kids, and playing really, really badly. None of us know how to play or have any athletic talent. Just very weird stuff.

      Then I am Harry Potter with the comic book again, and I am freaking out a little, because I have been in at least four different Bible studies in the last couple of weeks with four different groups, and all of them have been about the tribulation period and the rapidly approaching end of the world. And I am really getting scared, because I have also recently been bitten by a vampire, and have the two deep, drained puncture wounds in my wrist to prove it. I know about the vampires in the book of Revelations, and combined with all these recent Bible studies and my possession and the horrible thing I was forced to do, I am almost convinced that the tribulation period has already begun, the rapture has already happened, and I have been left behind, along with all the people that I thought were good Christians who I looked up to. Its terrifying.

      Which is how I find myself 20 or 30 feet in the air, kind of perched on a telephone wire, dressed as Batman, thinking about everything while staring down at the Celebration Bible study below me, which I am supposed to be attending. I'm just trying to get my mind together, and figure out if I can even still attend the Bible study at this point. But a young punk down in the group (who is now Batman, and I am not) spots me and starts yelling at me. I am holding up the group, and who do I think I am? And if I am so irresponsible, and it means so little to me, maybe I shouldn't be in the group ... so I quit on the spot, and walk away, only to find myself standing in a rehearsal hall with Tom D. He's working on top of a huge (as in 40' diameter) silver balloon. I fly up there and face him, and explain that I have left the group, and how I fear we've missed the rapture, and I suddenly remember having almost the exact same talk with him a couple of weeks ago. But now there is the vampire bite and the comic book, and a couple more Bible studies, and it just keeps getting more serious.

      And suddenly I am on a freeway interchange that I have dreamed about before that is part Orlando, part California, part Nebraska. On one side is a very built up city, and on the other is a flat farmland rural area. I am in a car with some lady that I can't put a name to, and we just finished a visit to some out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere amusement park (think Magic Mountain) and are debating what to do next week while making multiple lane changes between at least three freeways on a massive cloverleaf. We then pull off on a shoulder that is covered in overgrown wild flowers as we try to decide where we want to go to eat.
    12. Mystery Shopping and Filming a Movie with Real Superheroes and Harry Potter

      by , 06-11-2014 at 08:10 PM
      01-28-2014 -- [As usual, first part is not as detailed as it should be.] First thing I can remember, I am out somewhere, discussing potential mystery shops down in the Palm Beach or Lauderdale area. I am talking to a male scheduler, but the type of shop has a strong feel of the recent Circle K shops, stuff where the pay has gone down or they have limited the number of shops or something like that. Something has gone on that has caused me to quit, and say I won't be working for that company any more, and this has ticked off the male scheduler a bit. But then it turns out one of the shops is right next to where we are having our discussion, and the closeness balances out whatever has me ticked off, so I try to un-quit, and say I won't mind doing that particular shop.

      The guy says that particular shop is only doing a shop-by-mail shop, that month, but it turns out all I have to do is mail something to them, and remark on any response I get, and that is even simpler than the usual shop, and pays the same, so I am quite happy with it, and am trying to get to necessary envelope together. Problem is, as I am trying to get things together, I actually start to drop stuff, and as I do, Joe S. and his little sister show up, and start pranking me. I am carrying a bunch of sheet music for choir, and as I am picking up other stuff, Joe's sister has grabbed my sheet music and dropped it into a file, while Joe has grabbed some of my other stuff, and started moving it. I have already had the hassles I have been mentioning with the mystery shopping company, and I just don't have the patience for their games, so I make as if to stomp off.

      Joe's sister gives up on teasing me, and starts pulling back out sheet music and handing it to me, but now I find myself with two or three copies of various songs, rather than just the one I need, and as I try to separate out the extras, I just start dropping more and more, and scrambling for it. Meanwhile, I also have four toothpicks I have to keep track of, and keep safe (possibly in connection to the by-mail shop) and they are scattering on the floor as well. As I keep trying to pick things up, the scene shifts a bit, and I am standing next to my car at a toll booth, right before where you pay the toll, the door open, still trying to pick up sheet music and toothpicks.

      The problem is, there is another car approaching the toll booth coming the other way (doesn't make sense, but there it is), and he may plow right into me. So I pick the entire car up, and set it just off the road on the other side of the toll booth, and then hurry out of the way, myself, so I don't get run over by the car, then finally manage to finish picking up all my toothpicks and music. Problem is now that I don't want to get in trouble for not paying the required tolls, so I again pick up my car (which has an e-pass in it) and kind of swing it over the toll booth on a sort of swinging platform (like the ones in Sonic the Hedgehog that sometimes swing you over spikes or fire pits) so that it registers. Problem is, I don't stop quickly enough, so it swings over a second time, and registers again. I just hope that the toll organization will be smart enough to realize they should only charge me one of them ... meanwhile the car keeps swinging back and forth, so now I have to hope they will disregard two of the three tolls, and I get the car out of there as quickly as I can.

      Then things shift again, and I find myself in Manhattan (or a cityscape that looks fairly like it) surrounded by skyscrapers. I find myself watching a movie being filmed by real superheroes. The Incredible Hulk and the Green Goblin are in the middle of a big fight, and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man comes swinging into the middle of it, and I can hear the Hulk muttering and complaining about how it is a mistake to let Spider-Man get involved in all this, because he is so wild, and improvises so much. And sure enough, Spidey swings into the middle of things, coming around on a web at high velocity, and nails the Hulk with an incredible drop kick that sends him flying about a half a mile, outside the city, where he lands on his back, sliding through a field on the edge of a lake. He's the Hulk, so he's not really injured, but he now has a slightly painful case of something like road rash on his back, which he is muttering about as he climbs back to his feet and starts to leap back toward the fight scene.

      But the scene is now changing again, and Tobey has been turning into Harry Potter (or perhaps Daniel Radcliffe) who is standing on what almost seems to be a float, along with Hermione/Emma Watson, who is feeling rather down. For some reason, I am standing there trying to tell her how very beautiful her character is, being as sincere about it as possible, to give her morale a boost. But they have to get back to filming. (Like the superheroes before, they are making a movie, but they actually have the powers of their characters, so it isn't technical movie magic being used to make the scenes.)

      I am in a sort of an alleyway, out of the way of things, and some sort of late-teen black princess (dressed in a fairly fancy purple gown) is approaching the alleyway I am standing in to get out of the way herself, until her scene is ready to begin, and she sort of glares at me, so I back up further to give her more room to sit down. Harry Potter goes flying by on a broom mounted to the front of a magic carpet where all the camera equipment is mounted, filming over his shoulder as he flies, and he passes the mouth of the alley, then flies a sort of arc before heading past the alleyway again, heading the other direction. By this time the black princess has moved on to do whatever her part is, but there is a little black girl (probably ten or eleven) riding up on a bike, looking forward to watching her sister film her scene.

      And somehow the little girl and I in our alleyway, get sort of sucked on to the flying carpet in Potter's wake, so now we're flying through the air behind him while the film company films these fabulously expensive scenes. They must be adding the sound separately, because the whole time Daniel is muttering and complaining about how there is a fabulous peanut-shaped blimp flying high up in the sky, but they didn't know it was going to be there, so they couldn't plan to include it in the filming, which bothers him, because he thinks it is neat. The problem is, all the sheet music that I had been trying to carry has now turned into large, flat (unassembled) cardboard boxes, and the wind rushing by as we fly along has pulled them out of my hands, and they have been sucked in front of the cameras and have ruined the scene. Daniel goes ballistic, and starts screaming at me for ruining the scene, and mentions now they will have to refilm it tomorrow, but I am not available tomorrow, and you know what? He's glad I'm not available tomorrow, because after ruining the scene, I don't deserve to be in it, so hah! I don't remember what I actually have to do tomorrow anyway, but I say I can reschedule if they want me to, and be there, but he tells me that I am not wanted. Rather depressing.

      [Just interesting information ... though I have not read it in some fifteen or twenty years, there was a very early Spider-Man comic book that had Spider-Man and the Green Goblin filming a movie in a desert somewhere (Spider-Man thinking the Green Goblin was only an actor, and not realizing it was the real Goblin) when the Hulk stumbled into the middle of things for a huge fight.]
    13. Harry Potter and the Death of Magic

      by , 06-11-2014 at 07:58 PM
      02-27-2014 -- Very strange cross between Hogwarts and home, throughout the dream. Somehow the ministry has done some bad stuff, and as a result, magic is dying out, and I am working with Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and others on the staff to clear out Hogwarts. We know the ministry are on their way, and want to take over the school, and with the way they have destroyed the magical world, we have no intention of letting them have any of the books, supplies, and so on which are stored at the school.

      Meanwhile, the scene keeps randomly shifting from cleaning out the school to cleaning out the Hickory house, and Dumbledore keeps shifting into my dad. I am running around the house picking up all the money he has been gathering up. It is all in dollars, not in galleons, but he managed to accumulate the vast majority of the world's remaining wealth, as the economy collapses along with magic. I am stuffing money in my pockets and in my backpack, grabbing it from where it is sitting on counter tops, and floating in pools of water, and otherwise all over the place. I have probably around a million bucks, which now makes me by far the richest person on the planet, so you know the economy has been devastated.

      So the ministry shows up, and are furious to find that almost everything has been removed from the school, and all the students and staff have gone, and I am the only one left. Dolores Umbridge is trying to threaten me, but since most of the magic that remains in the school has settled in me, I am by far the most powerful wizard left in this world, even if my power is also slowly fading. They have no chance to hurt me at this point (other than what they have already done, in destroying magic) so I completely ignore them.

      By this point I am gathering up the last of the money, and am wandering around in a mostly derelict castle which almost seems to be morphing into a derelict bank. There are three teenage muggle girls wandering in, wanting to make some kind of transaction, and I have to explain to them that the bank is closed ... permanently. They are running around, tossing about a football, and one of them is annoyed that I won't toss the football with them. I have no interest in that, but as I am trying to get them to leave me alone, I can hear one of their stomachs growling. Since the world is collapsing around us, and I am now the richest person in the world, I decide to help out.

      The bank has turned into a steak restaurant, and I tell one of the girls I will buy her a meal, and she mentions it has been something like six days since she last had a chance to eat. In return, I suggest that she buys one of the really big steaks, but eats it very slowly over the course of a couple days so she doesn't overwhelm her stomach. Somehow I am explaining that magic is dying, and therefore the world is dying, and neither will be coming back, and as I am explaining, Carolyn and her husband Don show up. It seems that they are magical (those losing their magic), and as they see me telling these muggle girls about magic, Don is about to call the ministry on me, not because he is particularly pleased with them, or one of the worst of the pureblood bigots, but just because the Statute of Secrecy is still the law. But I disconnect his phone by magic, and tell him that with the world dying, it doesn't matter, anymore. Besides, nobody really has enough power left to do anything to me, anyway.

      Then I decide that I feel like heading back up north, though it changes moment by moment if that means to Hogwarts, or to perhaps Altamonte, Longwood, or maybe Mount Dora. But I start holding hands with all of them, and use a large amount of my remaining power to side-along apparate all of us, then wake up.
    14. Harry Potter and the Winter Carnival

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:29 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [This is an odd one with no magic, but several characters from the Harry Potter stories. I am a cross between Harry Potter and myself.] I am sitting in my second bedroom in the Hickory house (not as in I have two of them, but as in I moved from one to the other at some point in my childhood) with three friends from Hogwarts, trying to plan out how to deal with Voldemort. With me (I think) are Hermione, Luna, and a cross between Neville and Dave D, a friend I grew up with. I also may be including scheduling a security work shift in here somewhere.

      I get a feeling that the girls might like me in a romantic sense, but if I try to get near either of them enough to try and touch them, they back off. Neville won't even shake my hand, and I find myself just about to start asking if I smell or something. I'm starting to feel really down and unwanted, until I tell myself not to make a fool of myself. I remind myself they may want to take things slow, or they may both like me, and both are backing off to give the other a chance. Or they could have no interest in me in that way, but I just don't know at the moment. I just don't want to make an idiot of myself over what could be a simple misunderstanding.

      Meanwhile, they are all giving me warnings about my income taxes, and reminding me that some expenses of taking out a Dark Lord are tax deductible, while others will probably get me in trouble, especially considering how corrupt the wizarding world is, and some of the screwed up laws they have. I promise I will try to take it all into account, as I rescue Luna, who slips and falls in the mass of clutter in my room. In this dream it is just masses of worthwhile stuff, with nowhere to properly store it, as opposed to garbage. I also pet a couple of the cats which are wandering around, but then the other start to leave, and I am getting ready for bed.

      Before I can lay down to sleep, I am interrupted. Padma and Parvati show up at the door, and Parvati explains she has an envelope she wants me to open up, and read, and then give her an answer to. On the outside of the envelope are three or four tickets to something, and inside I find a letter from Parvati explaining that she wants me to take her to the Winter Carnival on Tuesday night. It also says there are enough tickets to take up to six people, giving me a little wiggle room to keep things from possibly getting too uncomfortable. Chris T., a girl from my high school (and grade school for that matter) has an envelope as well, and seems to be a bit worried at first, but then mutters "it's Tuesday. Mine is for Wednesday," and settles down. I am apologizing for the condition of my room, and commenting on all the strange 70s tie designs I have hanging in my closet (which is located where the desk should be) which I think I inherited from my older brother.

      I think about it for a few moments, and come to the decision that I need to get out more, and decide I will take anybody who wants me to, to the Winter Carnival, if they can accept my limitations. Since I am almost sure it is fourth year, the Winter Carnival seems to be an alternative to the Yule Ball. It seems to be the muggle version, with rides and games and shows, according to the information on the tickets. I lead Parvati off to the side to speak to her (after asking which is which, since they are identical twins) and start to explain things.

      I explain that I am a very heavy guy who is out of shape, and tires easily, and say that I will be very happy to take her to the Winter Carnival, but she has to understand that I won't be moving all that fast, and will occasionally have to stop and find a bench to sit down on and catch a breather. She seems sort of nervous and iffy, as if she had somehow never noticed my weight, and was rethinking things, and seemed to be worried that my belly might keep me from even being able to hold her. I wrap her in my arms and pull her close for a hug, which seems to answer her fears, and she seems to be smiling again.

      I soon find myself meeting the twins' mother, who shows hints of the past beauty that the twins now have, but she has aged a fair amount, and is now only fairly attractive. She seems to approve of Parvati's interest in me, and tries to calm my own worries by telling me they will pick me up at my door and drop us off right at the gates of the carnival, so I will not have to do any walking around except at the event, itself. Meanwhile, I am looking around for Chris to explain the whole thing to her, and to let her know I would be glad to escort her on Wednesday if she still wants me to, but I can't find her anywhere. I hope I haven't hurt her feelings while I was talking to the Patils. Meanwhile, I find myself looking at my clothes and wondering if I have anything nice enough to wear for this event.
    15. The Doctor and the Flowers of Doom

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:26 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [Not enough detail remembered, but a quite cool dream, anyway.] I am at the Hickory house, trying to get some laundry done, and just kind of wandering around. I think mom and Melody are here, though I am not completely sure. Whoever they are, they are acting just a little strange, which has me worried. Whether it is some sort of mind control or some strange issue having to do with effects of the full moon, I am not sure, but in some way, I eventually manage to mitigate and reverse some of the strange behavior, even if it means wandering around in the neighborhood a little, late in the evening, with Barbara and Marvin glaring at me when I wander near their house.

      Unfortunately that is not the only issue we have to deal with. Mom and Melody seem to be slowly warping into Amy and Rory Pond, and I think the 11th Doctor is around here someplace, though at the moment I am not him. We find ourselves kind of being attacked by giant mutant plants that look like they belong in an amazon rain forest or something. They have a bright red flower that is divided into three 'branches' with a central stock that somehow kind of sprays a mind control mist on people, taking them over, controlling their actions, and using them to take the flowers to more people. Turns out the way to battle the flowers is to grab them and thwack them hard on the central stock, which kind of knocks them out, at which point they kind of shimmer like one was looking at them through a heat haze, and then they turn into a more normal sort of flower and lose their grip on whoever they were controlling. So I free the Ponds, then the three of us run around and start bashing flowers all over the place, either hitting them directly on the stock with our fists, or bashing them against tables or walls, instead.

      By the time we've got that incursion under control, I have turned into the 11th Doctor, just in time to find that the area we are in is slowly turning into a crowded and busy stadium, and there are people walking up behind us, trying to gently spray us with a different mind control mist, again trying to take everybody over. Amy and Rory (or perhaps Amy and River) have already started to collapse, but I try to throw myself into respiratory bypass, to avoid breathing the stuff in, as I start fighting back against those around us, and trying to free my fallen comrades. It's a minor bit of the usual kind of hunt and chase dream bits, as we fight our way free again, just to find we're now facing a fourth challenge.

      It seems to be something in the air (all of these seem to be something in the air), but now they are somehow causing massive distrust between generations. Nobody over about 30 trusts anyone under that age, and vice versa. I am the odd one out, as I seem to kind of switch back and forth between the two groups in which I accept and am accepted, and Amy and Rory have enough trust for me that they can fight it off slightly. But we are running around in what I think is a small village in England, fighting off the rest of the town folk who are still under outside control, as we fight against bobbies, vicars, and regular people. Near the end, I may even find myself morphing into Harry Potter, hoping the Doctor may come to save us, as I wonder if my aunt's dislike of me could possibly be because of the mind control, though I know Uncle Vernon is just a jerk, plain and simple.
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