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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Rescuing a Friend from Abuse, Doctor Who, and the Scifi Convention

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:16 AM
      06-14-2015 -- So I'm sitting on a curb in a bad neighborhood, eating something. I'm a little scared something bad is going to happen, but it is late at night, there is almost nobody on the street, and I am sitting in a small space between my car and another one, in the shadows, and am almost invisible. Some woman spots me, though, and thinks I am homeless or something, so is coming over to offer me some food or help, and I'm trying to explain I don't really need it.

      I start to stand up, and put a backpack or something on the convenient gate of a nearby truck, but as I am getting to my feet, it starts to drive off with my stuff. So I jump to my feet and start to chase after it, but I can't run fast enough. So I kind of launch myself into the air and fly forward, and land on the roof of the truck. It is now more or less a box truck, the kind with the cab separate, so the guy doesn't hear me land on the roof. He gets to a restaurant he is going to, and I jump off the back and more or less fly inside so I am already there when he walks in, and he doesn't suspect I got there on his roof.

      But as I get inside, things start to change around, and I find myself near someone I *think* is Sharon N. (not sure because it has been a very long time.) She is scared and freaking a bit, and I find she and her mother are being abused, and she hears her mother crying out in pain, so she pulls out a gun and is preparing the shoot the guy doing the abusing. At this point, I am halfway there, and halfway just watching the dream happen.

      I grab the gun from her, and explain her fingerprints would get her caught. Instead I wipe the gun down, then fasten it into a table-mounted vice, with it pointing out the window and right down where the guy is dragging her mother, and when he's in the right position, I push the trigger with a stick and it shoots him. We run out of there quickly, and have left no evidence behind, but because we're running, they're chasing us.

      We split up, but are meeting in Sharon's college dorm room, which is on about the 15th floor of a residence hall or something, and I'm just running up stairways trying to find a way to loose the cops chasing us. And there are lots of other students running around, and stuff happening, and things are just getting a bit stranger all the time, and that's where my memory just kind of fades away, though more may have happened in the first dream.

      [Anyway, I woke up, and worked at remembering the dream, but was feeling sick, and didn't have anything to write it down at, so I just kept thinking about it and trying to remember it, and falling asleep while I did so.]

      Soon I was trying to remember the dream within a dream, but within the dream little bits and pieces kept changing, and soon I find I either was, or was travelling with the Doctor, and was trying to keep things happening the way they were supposed to, while the timeline kept changing around me. Amy Pond was my companion.

      [Soon I woke from that dream, and found myself trying to remember the original dream, and the remembering the dream dream (which obviously almost nothing stuck around from), but still had no way to remember it, and drifted off into sleep again.]

      This time I found myself arriving at some sort of science fiction-related event, somewhere in California, and somehow I had managed to fly out for this massively cool thing, even though I was only going to be able to be here for the single evening. And things are just about to start, and I am trying to ask about getting a ticket. And for some reason it would be really helpful to have these odd goggle-like things, but they are expensive, and I cannot afford to buy one.

      But there is a lady there who has a few pairs, and is considering renting them out as a sort of business, and I explain to her that I could really use a pair, since I am only going to be here for the single night, and she says I would need to have my ticket, first. I need to speak to Someguy. There was a name there, but I sure can't remember who it was. Anyway, he had just walked away, and I try to follow him to ask about the ticket, but he's climbed up into almost a sort of DJ booth, and I am calling out to him, but with my voice he can't hear me, and doesn't want to speak to anybody, anyway.

      The event has started now, and I am already missing it, and I'm ticked off and annoyed, and mad enough that I am ready to just stomp out. But then I realize I am in California, and actually, though I thought it was Los Angeles, it turns out to be in San Diego, and I suddenly think I could call Bynner and arrange to meet him somewhere for a meal (maybe In and Out) before I have to fly back in the morning, which would be kind of neat.
    2. Lucid: Do You Really Want to Mess with Me in My Own Dream?

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:48 AM
      12-19-2013 -- [Sleeping poorly, kept waking up, but I think eventually I was only dreaming I was waking up. Weird stuff. Lucid. Sex, rape, and violence ahead.] I am driving along in Joe's SUV when somehow the power steering goes out, but it is really strange and kind of intermittent. I think I am trying to do some sort of mystery shop or something, though I am not really sure. Anyway the steering is almost impossible at one slow speed, and then works fine at another speed just slightly slower or slightly faster, and I am trying to get the perfect speed so that I can actually manage to drive the car. I think there is a tiny bit about talking to my sister (maybe), or perhaps not. The first bits are rather choppy, as again, I think I am drifting in and out of sleep. Maybe.

      I find myself at a hotel, and I seem to be kind of changing out beer barrel-like bottles of soda syrup for the fountain drinks, and as part of a mystery shop am somehow taking one of the large barrels and trying to load it into the bike with a basket that the car has turned in to. I manage to get it into the basket, and am trying to get the bike lined up so that I can try to drive out of here, when a couple of crazy (but kind of attractive) Oriental women come driving up in their car. I am somehow several yards away from my bike, all of a sudden, walking toward it, when they start to back up right into where the bike is sitting. I'm calling out "No!" and they are winking and smirking at me, making sure that I know that they know exactly what they are doing. They crush and mangle the bike between their car and the wall, and I am suddenly furious. Thing is, I know I am dreaming, but I am furious that they are intentionally messing with me.

      Spoiler for sex and rape:

      I am just about done anyway, when this rough looking character seems to want to come to their aid. I can tell that he is a thief, so I decide to get a little more revenge by letting him know that the two women (who are staying in the hotel) have something very valuable in their suite. So he leaves them and starts upstairs, to break into the suite. Meanwhile I just fly up the side of the building, sneak in the window, and grab whatever the valuable is, not only stealing it, but framing the thief in the process. Mess with me in my dream, will you? I'm casually making my way out the window when the thief triggers an alarm or something, and he comes rushing to the window. He throws himself out, using some kind of harness or parachute to slow his descent, and as he leaps, he spots me and realizes he has been set up.

      I have no harness, parachute or gadgets, but I don't need any ... its my dream! I fly down several stories, and fly into a parking garage, mostly under control, just slightly wild, and almost knock over a couple walking through the garage. I am not 100% sure, but they look like they are probably Rose and Mickey from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, police cars are screaming into the area to check on the alarm, and Rose and Mickey realize they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. They duck behind a car as a police car drives by, swinging it's search light into the parking garage. (At this point I notice that the front of the police car is slightly crumpled, like it has been in an accident, though this fact has no affect on the dream.) I turn myself invisible before the cop can see me, but Mickey is getting more and more nervous, and suddenly makes a break for it, making himself look horribly guilty, and attracting the attention of all the police.

      He is quickly caught, and he has no reason to try and protect me, so he explains about the guy who flew out of the hotel and into the parking garage, and then turned invisible. The cop is kind of skeptical, but glancing around the area, as I try to shift away from him, it seems he can catch glimpses of my movement out of the corner of his eye. He suddenly calls out to all the other police that he caught a glimpse of one of "them", someone with some sort of power who turned themselves invisible. Suddenly I am backing up from a bunch of cops reaching out and grabbing for my invisible figure in a scene very reminiscent of Harry Potter backing away from Filch and Snape in the first movie. Suddenly there are six or seven cops, male and female, plain-clothes and in uniform, all chasing me. They can't see me, except a brief flicker in the corner of the eye, but that's enough to keep them crowding ever closer. A couple of them are blindfolded, to enhance their other senses, and one of them seems to be a strange whip-creature, flailing long, thin tentacles at me, trying to score a touch which I somehow know might poison me, and things are getting tighter and tighter.

      I make a break for it, and try to fly out of the structure, but somehow they have been getting ready for me, and there are strong, but thin, nearly invisible wires strung everywhere that I trigger and have to punch my way through to get out of the parking garage, and when I do, that drops a strong, heavy net on me. By this time, I have had enough. I turn visible as I tear apart the net, and am soon surrounded by the cops. I start to warn them off. "This is a dream. It is my dream. I am all-powerful in it." I point to one guy. "Your pants are going to fall!" Suddenly his pants are around his ankles. I point at another. "You're about to trip." He flops over backward onto his butt. "Sorry for this!" I point at another one and transform him into some sort of furry animal, perhaps a weasel. I can clearly remember another lucid dream I once had, where it was starting to turn into a nightmare (can be read here) and explain to the cops that I could conjure up a full-blown nuke and blow the entire dreamscape to kingdom come. "Do you really want to mess with me?!?" Most of the cops start backing off, but one big black cop (when I wrote the dream down, I knew specifically who he looked like, but didn't write it down, and now it is gone) is stupidly brave or an absolute idiot, and grabs me, so I tell him he is going to fall down and his stomach is going to explode. The others are seriously backing off now, but not quick enough to avoid being lightly coated with bits of blood and skin as his belly explodes over everyone.

      I start to fly off, but everybody who has been in the area is now convinced I am a god, and I am surrounded by people calling out for me to do things for them. Some are nothing more than greedy, selfish users who just want wealth and valuables, but many others are desperate, homeless, or horribly sick or injured. The ones who are truly in need, I feel for, but I am not god, I am just dreaming. I am only limited by what I can conceive of, but the mass of people calling out for help are large enough that it is more than I can conceive of. I land in a convertible next to a slim, attractive blonde woman, and I pull aside her top and start playing with her nipples, but neither of us are really into it. I just can't stop thinking about all these hurting people.

      Meanwhile, I spot another thin woman who is not so attractive, and is very hillbilly-ish. She seems to be a cross between the wife of the farmer who gets turned into the 'Edgar suit' in the first Men in Black movie and Cletus's wife on the Simpsons, and she is calling out for help for her husband, who cannot leave their car. I glance over at him, and he has a cheap mechanical heart made from a gallon milk jug, sitting in an almost non-existent torso, and is obviously in bad shape. This is at least somewhat beyond me, but I lay hands on him and start to pray for him, hoping I have enough faith to do some good. Thankfully new skin starts to grow around his torso, and I seem to have managed to bring forth some serious healing for him. One of their kids is a teenage daughter who no longer believes in anything at all, and I am trying to figure out some way to help her, but that one is going to take some thinking. They have a slightly younger son who is a little pudgy, and reminds me a bit of Pugsley from the Addams Family, who is working on some sort of school assignment, and is trying to make either a sword or a musical instrument (which it is changes moment to moment) from a bit of scrap, and I move over to him to start doing something.

      The mom is trying to stop me, not wanting me to do it for him, as she wants him to get whatever grade he earns, and learn from the experiment. Instead she calls out for me to just make him some candy or something. But she doesn't realize what I am doing. I am not making whatever it is for him, I am just changing the scrap he is working with into a very fine and valuable piece of lumber so that if he does fine enough work with it, the finished product may be worth a lot of money. Leaving him to do the work, but greatly increasing the potential value of that work. As soon as I finish that, I wave my hand and the candy the mother asked for rains down on both children.
    3. Dream Bits: Car Thefts, Walking Through Walls, Paranoid Realities and The Custody Suit

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:34 AM
      11-01-2013 -- Dale is just starting to arrive for a vacation ... or perhaps he is just about to leave. It's a dream ... who knows for sure. I am looking into a hotel room somewhere down around Disney, and it turns out to be the hotel from the dream The Affair and the Time Travelers Hotel, though this time it does not involve any time travel. I am looking for a cheap room, though I have no idea how I ever might pay for it. Regardless, when they quote a price that is far too high, I start considering maybe driving over to the Record Parkside Inn (a hotel in Kissimmee that I stayed at for a few days back in June or July) and trying to get a room there.

      Somehow I am rolling around in the hotel lobby in an odd cross between a wheelchair and a rocking chair that I just found sitting in the lobby, though it is slightly messed up, and it can only go backward, not forward, which means I am rolling the thing around without being able to see very well just where I am going. I move out into the parking lot, looking for my car. I can't remember if I was driving the Jimmy (my car) or the Lexus (Joe L's car), but whichever one I was in, neither one is anywhere in the parking lot, which means I have had another freaking car stolen! [Never in real life, but all the time in my dreams.]

      The problem is, I couldn't lock the doors, but I had my notebook computer and a musical keyboard in the front seat, and even worse than losing the car (since they always seem to be returned eventually, always in a little worse shape than when they were stolen) is losing my computer. I go back into the lobby long enough to try and drop off the wheel/rocking chair, but the problem is as I try to get out of it, the thing falls to pieces. One of the maids is kind of grumbling about it, but waves me off.

      I head back out to the parking lot to look around a little more and make sure somebody didn't just move it to the side or something, and as I am looking around, I am approached by a very tall blonde woman (at least 6'6", maybe closer to 7') who greets me by name and seems to know me, though I don't recognize her, and she seems to be somebody I would remember. She says I helped her by giving her a tour a couple of years ago or something. (Since the hotel was in a time travel dream, who knows, maybe it is a couple of years from now.) Anyway, she asks me how I am doing, and I start ranting and raving about how people are always stealing my car.


      11-01-2013 -- I am in the front bathroom in the Hickory house, and am filling the sink with water. I add some soap, then start throwing some clothes in, and it seems I am trying to use the sink for clothes washing or something, but it is too small, and it is just about to overflow. So I start grabbing wet clothes from the sink, and start throwing them into the tub (which is also filled) instead. Problem is, the water is still running, and the sink is about to overflow, and I can't get it to drain, either. Especially since the drain seems to be blocked by bits of lego and stuff. Then I discover I wasn't paying enough attention, and along with clothes I was also throwing in stuff like video tapes and books and comics and stuff, none of which is likely to be improved by being dipped in hot, soapy water. I am trying to get the stuff out, hopefully without ruining it all!

      Soon I find myself standing outside the house (which almost instantly turns into a hotel) talking with my mom. She plans to enter the hotel, but we're a good distance away from the door, so I am commenting on how she is going to have to walk a good ways. She says that she and the others have learned to cheat, and as I stand there and try to figure out just what she means, she turns around and just walks right through the wall as if it wasn't there. I am already shocked, but then my mind is fully blown as a group of five or six women, probably ranging between thirty and fifty, walk up. They are all gorgeous, excellent bodies, large breast, completely nude ... and they must be the 'others' my mom was referring to, because they walk right through the wall without a hesitation. I decide on the instant that if they can all cheat, so can I. I turn and try to walk through the wall. I can kind of do it, but obviously I have not practiced, as I get stuck halfway through, and have to kind of push myself the rest of the way. Then I go off looking for the lovely women. Short, but fun.


      11-02-2013 -- [This may have been anything between 1 and 3 dreams that I kept fading in and out of when I wasn't sleeping well. Very disjointed, and not very detailed.] Very Buffy-ish feeling, though I cannot specifically recall any characters from the show, just the sort of atmosphere. I am in a bedroom somewhere, and I feel like I am being watched. I turn my head, and it is like I can almost see something out of the corner of my eye, but when I look directly at it, all I see is a small squiggle on the wall. I reach out to touch it, and something just feels wrong, but if I close my eyes and touch the spot, there is something large there. I give it a solid tug, and something large and black (and previously invisible) somehow thuds to the ground. It seems to be a weird sort of camera, and between the not being able to see it, and the odd feeling to the whole dream, it is seeming very other worldly, very "They Live". I find myself awaking (or possibly false awaking) and breathing heavily, not sure if I am really waking up, or being somehow forced back into not being able to see the controlling stuff that is really there. VERY freaky.


      11-02-2013 -- I am at the Disneyland Hotel in the bar that used to be Sargeant Preston's, but is now just a generic bar, and mom and BC are here with me. We are involved in a court case (which seems to be being judged here in the bar) and Anne is trying to take C away from B. Mom is helping us with the case, and so we offer to buy her a drink, but she turns it down. She may want to keep a clear head, which would, admittedly, make a lot of sense. B has mentioned how Anne has multiple personality disorder [wouldn't that explain a lot?!?], and we are trying to trigger a switch to her very psychotic personality, because if the court saw that, there is no chance that they would ever award Anne custody.

      Eventually we win the case, but even after it is all over with, mom won't allow us to buy her a drink. Meanwhile, we run into a reporter who is doing a report on the whole case, and is quoting a Bible verse about Paul, and saying it is called the second amendment. I tell him the Bible doesn't have amendments, and then proceed to explain how he is also taking the verse out of context and twisting its meaning, and he eventually stomps off in a huff.

      Soon B takes C home, and I start wandering around the hotel, circling the main building. For some reason my pants are falling down, and I have my underwear on top of my pants instead of underneath, so it is really a problem. I am kind of hiding behind a large electrical transformer and trying to pull my pants up before I start grabbing bits of metal and wire and electrical parts, and for some reason start swallowing them. I find myself in a cross between a laundry room and a sort of mobile home park decked out with lots of picnic tables, and I soon find myself trying to bring back up all the crud that I swallowed without either becoming terribly sick or tearing up my innards, and find myself wondering why I was stupid enough to start swallowing all the stuff, anyway.
    4. The Further Chronicles of Narnia and the Old Hag

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:12 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I am walking by an apartment complex on either Hickory or Dale, where there is no apartment complex. I am more or less minding my own business, when I run into this guy who starts yelling at me. He tells me I am worthless and horrible, and he knew my mother, and my actions caused her to die in sorrow, and I ought to just go off and die, myself ... he goes on and on and on with really horrible accusations. I think back to the life my mother lived, and how old she was when she died, and how our relationship was (fine), and I can't see any reason for his accusations, and I tell him so, but he just keeps screaming at me, while I sit at this picnic table and begin to doubt myself and feel worse and worse. He finally stalks off, leaving me depressed, until a nice fellow I recognize from around the place comes up to me, asks me what is wrong, and tries to console me for a bit.

      Soon I am feeling a little better, and I start to look around. I spot something that seems a little interesting: there is an empty tape box sitting next to an unlabeled tape, and the tape box says it is the first of three parts in a continuation of the Chronicles of Narnia, the first of which is about the silver throne at Cair Paravel. I instantly slide the unlabeled tape into a machine that instantly makes me a copy of it.

      Soon I find myself in a family-type setting with a father and his little girl, and there is a VCR there, so I stick the tape in, wanting to watch it. There is a flash of light, and I suddenly realize. I have no idea what is on this tape. Sure, it could have been the the tape of the new Chronicles. It could also be a porno tape, just about to blare out a sex scene in front of this little girl! I violently stab at the eject button, and we see just a couple of seconds of a pair of silver boots sitting right in front of a ruby throne, before the tape ejects. I guess it was the right tape.

      The father glances at me, as if to ask what's up, and I explain about the whole thing, and not being sure about what was on the tape, and even about feeling guilty for copying it. I apologize, and he looks at me like I am crazy, and decides to ignore me. He may be ignoring me, but a Narnian dwarf suddenly appears in front of me and tells me it is no real problem. If I can't finish the tape before leaving the library, they'll gladly make a transcript for me. He takes the tape and disappears with a pop, and I suddenly know the next time I make it back to the room where I copied the tape, I'll have a printed copy of it that I can take legally. I start to walk away feeling much better about myself.

      I soon find myself in a small village of small houses with thatched roofs, and a young woman asks me what I am so happy about. I start to explain about more stories in Narnia, and the dwarf and the video tape, but she is walking away from me to the right. I turn to the left and see the same woman, and her daughter, and she asks me "What are you talking about?" "The Narnia story I was just telling you about." She says I wasn't telling her about any story, and I turn to look to the right and see a bent and shuffling old woman just about to turn the corner. She seems very sinister, somehow. I call out to her to wait a second, but she just continues around the corner.

      I chase after her, and I see her just entering a crowd, so I continue forward, but when I get there, she is nowhere in sight. It is like she just disappeared into thin air. I find myself in the middle of maybe a dozen or so clowns, in rather duller makeup than normal, and ask if it is a convention or something. I am waiting for an answer, until I hear a noise that causes me to turn around back the way I came. There are three little girls standing there, being approached by a bent old hag looking more and more like the hag the queen turned into in Snow White to give her the apple. I realize whatever this thing is, it can change shapes to look like anybody it wants to. I run forward to grapple with 'her' and protect the little girls, and I suddenly find I am wrestling with a grim reaper figure in black robes (which I facetiously refer to as Skeletor) and losing the battle.

      Finally I start speaking to it in the name of Jesus, and it starts to steam a little bit, and flinch back from me in pain, and as I continue, it breaks away and tries to run off. I give chase again, but it runs forward into another crowd of people. I run forward, and find myself being grabbed. I tense, ready to fight, but it is three Golden Horseshoe can-can girls who have pulled me into a tickle war. Three ladies working together, not one, not the thing, whatever it is. Soon I am walking along, studying everyone I see very carefully, looking for the old hag, or any single person.

      Suddenly I find it is very dark, almost pitch black, and I am walking near the door to my apartment complex with no idea how I got there. It is kind of foggy, and there is a forboding figure looming in the fog just by my door. Just as I realize I have fallen asleep at some point, and am now dreaming, the figure jumps out and attacks me. Now I am able to see it's true form, a red devil in a black death robe, and I am very, very scared that this thing can invade me dreams. But there is no hesitation this time. "I come against you in the name of Jesus! I come against you in the name of Jesus!" It is flinching at the name. "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" Suddenly there is a powerful figure, an angel, standing next to me, battling the creature. Unexpectedly, it is female. I thought angels were male ....

      She speaks in one of it's ears "I come against you in the name of Jesus." I follow and do the same. She does the same to the other ear, and again I follow, and do the same. It writhes at our words. Just as I realize we ought to do one ear each at the same time, I wake up, panting from the battle.
    5. Lucid Dream Within a Dream, in a Past Dream, Visiting Disney World and Popping Zit

      by , 06-07-2013 at 06:32 PM
      06-07-2013 -- [Dreams within dreams, connections to other dreams, lucid, false awakenings, all kinds of stuff in this one.] Stopping by Rosemary's to check for mail or something, but she says I look sick, orders me to bed (in a different room than the one that used to be mine), and tells me to see a doctor in the morning. I accept the bed, but I figure I'm not going to go see a doctor, because I might have a slight fever, but I feel more or less fine. The room I am in is messy enough to be mine, and there is a crushed orange juice carton on the floor that has been squished, and I am amazed that it doesn't stink, since old orange juice smells horrible.

      I must have gotten into bed and fallen asleep, because I suddenly find myself dreaming. I know I am dreaming, and even recognize the dream, one I had a few months ago, here. Oddly, though, I keep claiming that it was somebody else's dream, and as I am wandering through this dream that I can remember from before, I keep talking about how detailed it is, and how large the area it covers is, and how amazed I am that this other person could have such a detailed dream, and wishing I could dream so well! [Lol].

      Anyway, I find myself in an area that is kind of shaped like a backward E, with the long bar connecting the lines running down the right side, instead of the left. I am in a hallway that forms the bottom branch of the E, on the west side, heading to the east, and the hall seems impossibly long, like a mile or so, and I am talking to myself out loud about what a cool dream this is, and how great the original dreamer must be, and it is the same area from the linked dream above where I was chasing the imps. But in this dream there are no imps, just the hallway. Looking to the south I am looking out many windows into the outside world. Looking to the north, I am looking through big panes of glass to a very large swimming pool.

      As I walk along, the hallway is getting shorter and shorter, and now the entire hallway is probably only about a quarter of a mile long, and I am about halfway down it. Though it is still the outside on one side and a pool on the other, there is the hint and feel of hospital quarters or laboratories, again, just like noted in the linked dream, that ties this into even more past dreams, if only lightly. As I am looking around, I find there is a slightly seedy guy walking next to me, and I am shocked to look down and find he has got his dick in his hand, and is unobtrusively trying to rub the thing against me. Ick!

      I kind of hurry away from him, heading to the east and the north/south branch of the reverse E, except the actual area is starting to feel more like the corner with the bakery in the Van Thief dream linked here. The Dick guy is still following me, and I try to escape by making my way into a store that is located right about where the middle branch of the reverse E would be, except as I move further into the store, it actually turns into the middle E branch. To the north are a row of stores, and to the south are windows looking on the other side of the big pool that I could see from the other path. So my mind seems to be keeping the layout pretty steady.

      Dick Guy is still right on me, but now the hand holding his willie is covered in white, sticky gunk, and he is really creeping me out, so I start an odd combination of praying against him and using a sort of mind power/spell to try and force him to forget ever even seeing me, and I start running off to the east again, wanting to get away before there is any chance the guy might see me again or remember me. As I am approaching the north/south branch again, there is a small ladder to climb to get out of the area (about like the ladder out of a pool) but rather than waste time, I just fly up the four or five feet to the main path, to escape the icky creep!

      At this point the dream is switching again, to be like the Disneyland Paris dream I had here, in the area I met Dave D./Chris V. in that dream. (All three of these dreams took place in about a two week period, roughly 6 months ago.) It is seeming more and more like a shopping mall, though with hints of theme park areas about it. A little north and west of me is what seems to be a 3 or 4 floor version of the America Sings show building from Disneyland, except each floor is recessed a little further, and it isn't circular. Instead it kind of undulates kind of like a stretched out, really tall S. The funny thing is, it still seems to be rotating, even though it isn't circular. Instead it is almost like all the walls are kind of like the luggage conveyors at the airport, circling around the stationery, oddly-shaped building. Weird.

      As I walk further north, I seem to be making my way through crowds waiting for a parade, and soon find myself catching up to the parade, itself. There are hundreds of characters, and most of them seem to be dwarves. Seven of them are dressed in colorful costumes, and seem to be the named dwarves we are all familiar with [Dopey, Doc, etc.], the rest seem to be just generic dwarves of the same people, but to set them apart, their clothes and faces and all are just plain white. It looks rather weird. They are singing some sort of silly song, and I find myself singing along while floating a couple of feet over a tall planter. Several of the dwarves are climbing on the planter, and some ignore me, seeing I am causing no trouble, while others seem to be bothered by my floating there.

      I am now approaching the top of the backwards E, though it is now beginning to more resemble a T, with paths leading east and west. It is here in the Disneyland Paris dream that I headed East from what was a shopping mall sort of area into what actually became DLP. As I am wandering around, I glance over and spot a very short person with graying curly hair, and suddenly recognize Sharon K. I glance around and standing next to her is Joe H. [Actually I suppose she is Sharon H., these days, but I still remember her as Sharon K.] I make my way to talk to them, but they are vaguely unfriendly, and they indicate they are going to the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) to take a Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, and this has turned into Walt Disney World. They have no wish for my company.

      I'm a little miffed, and decide, fine! I'll just fly into the air, fly over to the TTC, and beat them there! Remember, through this whole thing, I know I am dreaming. (I just think it is somebody else's dream, oddly enough.) I fly easily, and follow the monorail tracks right into the TTC, just moving to the side a bit to avoid some guy who has borrowed Wonder Woman's invisible plane, and is landing in the same area. I am trying to figure out which trains are going to the Magic Kingdom directly, which are stopping at the hotels, and which are actually heading to EPCOT, but it is complicated. I have just figured it out and am about to land by the train going direct to the Magic Kingdom when it pulls out, so I decide why bother, and just fly along the track, following it into the park.

      As I fly along the monorail beam, I am thinking about what I want to do, today. I think about stopping by Casey's Corner to listen to the piano player, or heading into the back portion of Frontierland to ride Big Thunder or the log ride (in a layout more like my dreams of Magic Mountain than the real layout of Disneyworld), but oddly, as soon as I think of these areas, I suddenly find myself hovering above them. I am just about to land and ride some rides when I 'wake up' back into the earlier dream ... or into real life.

      For a few seconds I seem to find myself in both the 'wrong' bedroom at Rosemary's house, and in the room I am currently in at the roach motel I am staying at in real life. I think I halfway woke, really, then drifted back into the dream that I never fully left. Anyway, I find myself waking in Rosemary's. The room I am staying in does not have a door, but a sheet pulled across the door opening, and kind of velcro'd to the wall. Somebody has disturbed it, and it has pulled open, and I am hoping to block it off before Rosemary sees me and starts badgering me. TOO LATE! She's standing right there, and tells me to hurry off to the doctors.

      I tell her there is nothing wrong with me, I am feeling fine, and she says "Yeah, right! With your face covered in blood and your nose all purple!" What?!? I turn around to find a mirror (avoiding the overturned dog dish and kibble on the floor), and find myself standing outside somewhere in front of a large wall of reflective glass, staring at myself. My nose is swollen to about twice it's normal size and colored a bright purple, and there is a huge (perhaps 1 cm around) zit on the end of my nose, while my face is, indeed, covered in blood. I am about to reach up and try and pop the zit when a baseball coach who is standing there warns me that I might not want to do that, as I might cause a nasty infection. But I barely touch it and the thing pops easy as pie. I take a wash cloth and wipe off the blood and puss and try to gently clean the stuff out, and everything still seems fine, so I still don't plan on visiting a doctor.
    6. The Witches and the Evil Wizard, French Thugs, and Run-Flying with a False Awakening

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:06 PM
      05-19-2013 -- [Three or four dreams in one. Had a false awakening in this dream where I was recalling it as three separate dreams, before falling back into the dream for yet another part. Entire dream took place between 4:15 and 5:30 in the morning. All earlier dreams while sleeping very badly were rather fragmentary, but may have included Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      First part I can remember (and there may have been a little before this) was somehow driving around the Orlando area with Carl while trying to work on a story I had first started writing back in college, which involved wizards and magic, and lots of history and legend about the world where it is taking place. Oddly enough, though it is a fictional story, I seem to be working on it for possible publication in the Hornet Newspaper. There are twin sisters, witches, living in small, circular cabins somewhere on campus.

      One of them officially opposes the evil wizard, while the other pretends to work with him, but in truth she opposes him, as well. The one who officially opposes him finds that her house has burnt down, and as I am looking at it, I can see the somewhat poor burnt house graphics that I was using in my attempt at creating a Realmz scenario, many years ago. Writing a story has turned into writing a RPG computer game.

      I am thinking of bringing back Merlin to defeat the evil wizard, then set himself up as a good dictator, and it is now turning from a computer game into a comic book that I am trying to do, which is actually a very bad idea, since I can't draw worth beans! Soon I find myself half running and half biking through long corridors, of stairs and cabinets of china and the like, as dream things shift.

      This is where the false awakening claims the first dream ended and the second dream began. The scene is slowly shifting, and I find myself running / biking on one of the major roads from Orlando to Kissimmee (OBT or Orange, I think) and it is very late, perhaps 1 or 2 am. As I am moving along, I find myself being chased by two guys on bikes. I soon find they are threatening me, and they are punks who mug people and steal their stuff.

      As they start talking, I find they are French, and really, really stuck up. They think they are the toughest thugs in the world, and are now traveling the world to mug people in different countries to show just how bad they are ... but I find it halfway funny that they are mugging me with little, tiny pocket knives. Still, I'm no fighter, so I am trying to outrun them, and get to the nearby police station for help.

      I am somehow riding under and jumping over things on my bike, which really shouldn't work, but I manage to stay ahead of them long enough to reach where I think the police station is, but it isn't there. Instead, I find myself facing a cross between a motorcycle gang and the A-Team. They are toughs, and in a van. They might have been trouble, if it weren't for the circumstances (or they might not), but when I explain about the French thugs chasing me, they decide they'll take care of them, and it turns out the French guys aren't nearly as tough as they think they are, so I turn around and start heading back to Orlando.

      According to the false awakening, this is where the third dream began. I'm heading back toward Orlando, but I catch a glimps of a couple of bike riders in the distance, and am worried that it might be the French guys. I know they've been beaten up by the American guys, but also figure this could make them very mad at me, so I don't want to run into them.

      I start to run, but slowly rise in the air. I manage to fly by running fast, and am soon running among the roof tops of 2 or 3 story buildings, and big industrial buildings, and thankfully, even if they try, nobody can manage to follow me, so I soon manage to put some distance between myself and the people following me. As I get better and better at this running through the air stuff, I start to think of myself as a sort of super hero, and am becoming more and more impressed with myself.

      It is on one of these rooftops that I suddenly find myself "waking up" (though I am still on the rooftop), and I start to write down the three dreams I've had in my dream notebook. And I am very specific in writing them down as the three separate dreams, as I repeat them and try to get all the details down good and firm.

      Then I kind of slip back into the dream, and find myself still between Orlando and Kissimmee, but back on the ground, and I start running through the air again to try and reach the rooftops. But now it is a lot more difficult, I can't do nearly as well (find myself almost to the height of a one story rooftop, but have to struggle and scramble to climb onto it), and now the people who are chasing after me seem to be able to run through the air as well as I can, so they are right behind me now. Thankfully, they are not the French guys, but a couple of fairly attractive ladies, though I wake before I find out if they are chasing me for pleasant reasons, or unpleasant.
    7. Knott's Golden Horseshoe, Simpsons Computers, and the FCM Convention

      by , 01-17-2013 at 05:51 PM
      01-16-2013 -- [Two dreams, one night, at least slightly connected, so I am going to list them both in one post.] For some reason I am in Melody's room in the Hickory house, and trying to go to sleep, but really having some problems with insomnia. My body just doesn't want to sleep, though it is the middle of the night, and I am afraid mom is going to come in and give me problems.

      There is some very strange evil-Harry fan fiction that seems to be hanging on the walls, and near the ceiling, there is all kinds of stuff lining the walls like my room at the Moran house. Mom walks by and asks how I am doing, and I try and indicate I am all right. There are huge yearbooks from Melody's time in school that are about the size of the bound volumes of the Hornet, so the yearbooks are full-sheet newspaper size, which seems quite large for yearbooks.

      Suddenly I find myself in Knott's Berry Farm, walking from the wild west section into the Roaring Twenties section over by the Knott's Berry Tales area, and walking back along toward the Good Time Theatre. The area is completely deserted, and there is nobody around, but that doesn't seem to stop them from doing a scheduled show.

      I am outside, and though it is in the Roaring 20s section, the buildings seem to be very Wild West area, with balconies and such. I hear a voice call "Hello!" in a very familiar way, and a can-can girl opens a door, steps out onto a balcony, and hangs a leg over the railing. "Hello!" and there is another one doing the same thing. "Hello!" and again. This is seeming very familiar. Especially since as I look, the can-can girls look like Lana, Arlene, and Jill. Band members start to play, and I recognize Vince and Chris. The main performers come out and it is Jay Meyer and Betty Taylor.

      It is suddenly looking like when Disneyland closed the Golden Horseshoe Revue, the entire cast just picked up and moved over to Knott's Berry Farm. They even seem to be singing Hello Everybody, though they fall silent or whisper every time they have to say the name Golden Horseshoe, and I am thinking it is probably because Disney owns the copyright to the name of the place ... but I am getting to listen to the show I love, performed by the people I love, even if it is at Knott's, and I am suddenly very, very happy.

      I have a soda, which kind of gets knocked over, and I am running to grab the cup before it manages to roll on stage, and I manage to succeed, so I'm doubly happy.

      Suddenly I find myself waking up again, back in Melody's bedroom. The lights are off, and I can barely move. Feels kind of like what I would guess sleep paralysis might feel like. It is dark, the lights are off, and my eyes are closed, but I can see almost a sort of after-image like the light was just turned off the second before I started to wake up. I'm struggling to my feet, and find myself standing between two beds. There is stuff dangling from the ceiling, like Christmas tree ornaments or something.

      The shirt that the Harry Potter fan fiction was written on is now a weirdly folded envelope that I am starting to write down the Horseshoe dream on, and time is starting to go all over the place. I went to bed at two, and it is now five, or maybe three, or one (yes, before I even went to bed) and it is all very strange. And then I really wake up.


      01-16-2013 -- Starts with hints of the last dream, sleeping in Melody's room, then starts to turn in to a sort of a roommates in the house dream (even though it is still taking place in the Hickory House), and then shifts even further to a dream where we are still in the Hickory House, but we are the Simpsons, who live here, but film the Simpsons TV show on the set for Evergreen Terrace.

      So I'm in the Hickory living room, kind of watching the last episode, and Russi Taylor (voice of Minnie Mouse) was a recent guest star, but has never gotten to see the episode she helped us film, and since it is just about to come on the TV, we call her to come out from Melody's room, and come watch it.

      Oddly, it seems to episode she helped us with, Frick was building large old fashioned computers (the kinds with the huge tape drives) and somehow putting them on human legs so they could run around. Russi's character was a female computer with really sexy legs, but they stuck out at an odd angle, which made her a freak, and nobody wanted anything to do with her, even though both her legs and voice were really, really sexy. Very strange!

      Meanwhile, things shift, and I suddenly find I am with a roommate in the dining hall at Indiana Wesleyan University, attending an FCM convention. The roommate is not actually anybody I know, though it kind of looks like Meeks from Dead Poets Society. They are telling us that we have been invited to attend a couple of normal college classes while staying here, as part of the convention (which makes no sense, but hey ... dreams.)

      The physical campus looks very much like Brookhurst Junior High, though a slightly larger version. We're standing near room 66, and the class we get to sit in on is in room 33B or something like that. We're walking down corridors, and it seems the room we are looking for is past the office area and further south (we'd actually be in the middle of Brookhurst, the street, except in the dreams there are more classrooms).

      We find the right area, and I walk into what I am hoping might be the right room, to find myself facing what looks like a younger version of Ducky (from NCIS ... but looking more like his Man From UNCLE days). The room is along the lines of a huge lecture hall, and the professor looks quite nice, but he turns out to be a rude, insulting nightmare. I walk into the next classroom over, hoping I might have the wrong room, but the next room over seems to be a business class, and every single student is dressed in the exact same business suit, and we sure wouldn't fit in, in that room.

      So I come back to the room with Young Ducky, and he is insulting one student on his appearance, telling me to use soap next time, and insisting that a third needs to mess up his dorm room a lot more, just insulting everybody in the room, being miserable, and not teaching us anything. Finally, I just stalk out of the room, deciding I am not going to bother with this 'benefit', trying to make my way back to the cafeteria, and thinking this convention is really going to the dogs.
    8. The Lumberyards

      by , 01-17-2013 at 04:27 PM
      01-17-2013 -- [Not sure if this was 1 or 2 dreams. Woke at about 2:30 and wrote down a dream, then had some slight problems getting back to sleep, probably fell back to sleep somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00. Had a dream, and had the sense of waking up and trying to fix it in my mind, but might have been in the dream, itself. I just don't know. Eventually woke up and wrote everything down about 8:15.]

      Started out as a sort of dull, halfway repetitive Runescape dream. I was playing the game and teleporting to a sort of version of the Canifis farm patch, where I seem to be growing pumpkins. I teleport there, pick pumpkins, cut trees, perhaps bake pumpkin pies or something, then start the whole process again, about every five minutes, with the next growth tick. Very repetitive, kind of dull.

      For a few minutes I find myself in a real life kitchen somewhere, standing outside a refrigerator, waiting for somebody to remove something from the freezer, so I can lay out some slices of cheese on a large piece of aluminum foil and place it back in the freezer. Hints of roommates and things. Then I find myself back at the teleporting to the farm patch, and cutting the logs and all. I seem to be waiting for Dale to join me, watching the mini-map for him, but his orange dot never seems to appear.

      There is a slight hint of typical bits of a warehouse dream in here, but nothing that sticks, and it is around this point that I might have woke up, because I seem to remember trying to remember the previous bits in detail, so I may have half woke, then drifted right back into the same dream. I am just not sure.

      I keep doing the farm bits, but the tree cutting is getting more and more involved, and I am turning in more and more logs at once (kind of like adding to the bonfire while hunting Skoll), getting to the point of 10 or 12 at once. Where I am turning them in seems to be more and more a sort of lumberyard, and soon I seem to be building one as part of a quest in perhaps Mort'ton, on the other side of the screen, but on the same screen, where I built another one as part of another quest a couple of years ago.

      I suddenly find myself remembering building four or five lumberyards around different parts of Runescape, and it seems like it is getting to be a bit much to me. Besides, don't you need electricity to run a sawmill? This game seems to be getting more and more anachronistic to me. Anyway, I am still waiting for Dale's character to show up, and I am feeling very tired, so I decide to lay down on a pile of saw dust, which seems so very, very comfortable.

      Things are shifting around me, and the pile of sawdust is turning into an odd sort of combination of a beanbag and some sort of weird ergonomical chair within a showroom of a sort of furniture store, and there is a redhead who is bugging me to get up. It seems the store is about to close, and she is not going to just let me fall asleep there, though she is willing to show me around a little and try to sell me something. [She looks much like the somewhat strange redhead in the funeral home that I saw in NCIS: Los Angeles last night.]

      She leads me around the store, which kind of half looks like the Varrock Museum, then back to the corner where I had tried to take a nap. I am starting to gather all my stuff (of which I have more and more by the second), including putting things in my backpack, and trying to unplug my cell phone from the charger and the charger from the wall, without tangling up my wires and cables and things from theirs. My backpack is on my back, my pockets are getting full, and I seem to be having to carry my laptop in my hands, while she is saying something about me maybe accidentally dying, and I am saying "Good!" and reminding myself of the grumpy cat that people keep posting pictures of on Facebook right now.

      Somehow the store full of people seem to want to cheer me up or something, so they all start singing some goofy sing-along song that everybody is supposed to join in on, but the singing is not impressive, I have no interest in joining in, and moments later they are still trying to rush me out of the store because they are closing for the evening.

      But they are running me out in Frontierland in Disneyland, as it seems that's where the store is now located. I am supposed to be meeting a number of friends here, including Dale and others, but instead the only person who seems to be waiting is Howie, Kluts's husband. I'm talking about the odd store / show combination as we walk out of Frontierland, and then start down Main Street.

      Very quickly Howie has turned into a huge, tall black guy (very big, but not fat) as we continue down Main Street. Then we're out in the parking lot, perhaps on a tram, and then even on a freeway. At times we're in a car, or a utility vehicle. At times it seems to be a bus, and at times, it seems to be almost floating on air or something. At one point we are at the top of a very tall, very steep hill, just starting down the other side, and it doesn't seem like we're in anything at all, though it feels much like a roller coaster as we rush down.

      When it seems to be a bus, the black guy has lost his voice, but is trying to speak on a mic. He tries again and again, and is not sure if the mic is on or not, because even if it is on, with no voice, he probably couldn't make himself heard, anyway. I'm thinking his voice is even worse than mine.

      Anyway, by this point the guy has shrunk a lot, and is now starting to look like Director Vance from NCIS, and he has his wife (who just was buried last night in the episode I watched) and kids with him, as well as myself. The bus is turning into a large SUV, and we are driving along the freeway next to a railroad track. There are train cars sitting on the tracks, with scaffolding on them, as people seem to be cleaning them much like window cleaners. Oddly the people climbing around the scaffolding seem to be a little old woman and her kids, and I quickly recognize them as Bonnie's old housekeeper Mattie and her kids (who I never met).

      Somehow we're all impressed with how hard they seem to be working, and what a good job they seem to be doing, and Director Vance decides we have to stop at the trainyard and go in and place compliments for them, so we do so. We've parked at what looks much like a truck dock, though it is dirty, and I am thinking of staying in the car, so the kids don't have to go in, but we all end up getting out of the SUV, and end up being approached again by the same redhead from the funeral home / odd store, who wants to know what she can help us with. Odd.
    9. Sick, Never-Ending Dream

      by , 08-29-2012 at 04:19 PM
      08-19-2012 -- [You know those nights when you are sick, and the dreams are really weird, long, and never-ending? Where they make no sense and you seem to be half-awake, and when you really do wake up, you are still exhausted? This is one of those, and I figured I ought to have at least one posted here.]

      I'm running up and down Orange Avenue between Sand Lake and Holden, and trying to figure out which several out of the dozen gas stations in the small stretch of road I am supposed to be mystery shopping. The addresses are all very similar, and some are marked with the wrong addresses, and it is all just a terrible mess!

      Almost every time I stop, bits of Anagogic Ort are appearing at my feet, and I have to take the time to pick the dang stuff up. Since it interferes with my concentration on details of the mystery shops, it really annoys me.

      I keep waking up and falling back to sleep, just to continue the same stuff, wandering around these gas stations and picking up orts, and feeling more and more tired all the time. Absolutely miserable. Also bits of me lying in bed, bored and miserable, until finally I find myself dreaming that it is the next night, I am feeling a little better, and there is a person in a bed next to me, and people are coming in to talk to him, and we're all making friends, and I'm moving on from the miserable sleep.

      Very unpleasant.
    10. The Warlock Meets the First Ones

      by , 08-26-2012 at 07:22 PM
      08-24-2012 -- [Recently I have been concentrating on and working on my dreams. I am remembering more, writing more down, and having a few more lucid dreams. I have also noticed a marked increase in waking up, writing down long dreams, having a hard time getting back to sleep, and then finding my next dream connects to the one before. This dream was dreamed a couple of hours after The Life and Times of Harry Potter, Warlock, above, and was kind of a continuation, of sorts.]

      I am still a massively powerful Harry Potter, and still living in the Hickory house, but this time I am also myself. (Last dream I was Harry Potter ... this dream it is myself as Harry Potter, if you get what I mean.) There are still hints of the sexuality and passion of the last dream, but this time without any actual touching involved.

      I keep finding myself looking out the sliding glass door to the patio, sometimes even going out there, and perhaps bits of adventure, though that part I cannot remember. Suddenly, Don Dunn is there, making some kind of arrangements with me in regards to a vehicle. He isn't giving me a car, but it is still quite important, and I am quite pleased with it. Some kind of paperwork or something. Anyway, we are almost finished when he wanders off to check with somebody else about something. I wait a few seconds, then try to follow him through the house.

      As I reach the living room, I glance out the sliding glass door to see a huge face appear in the sky in front of Ivanova. This thing is huge, massive, and almost psychedelically colorful, kind of a cross between the real First One this scene was reminiscent of and Galactus. It is massive, powerful, and almost entirely a psychic/mental being, rather than physical. I am wondering if this thing might be powerful enough that even I couldn't take it out.

      It is warning us to get out of the area, not being pushy, but trying to protect us. An enemy First One is also here, and it is trying to keep us apart. The enemy First One attacks the friendly one, and it is also almost entirely mental/psychic, but it is shaped like a Trek shuttlecraft. The friendly being keeps the enemy drawn to itself, so we can get away.

      I am still staring out the same sliding glass door, but it is now on a space ship in deep space, and I am not only myself and Harry Potter, but also Captain Sheridan, and I am wondering if Garibaldi has gotten around to betraying me yet, before I suddenly wake up in a tilting bed because one of the supports has broken again. Then I really wake up.

      [Real life influences my dreams again as I just was given a car by a friend because mine broke down, but I picked it up from Don Dunn's shop. Also, the supports on my bed have broken a couple of times in the past, leaving the bed tilting with one or two corners on the ground, but when I really woke up, the bed was still holding together ... for the moment.]