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    1. Trying to go Shopping, Attacked by Dinosaurs with Machine Guns, Weird Dorm, Kicked Out

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:58 PM
      06-13-2017 -- Shopping at Publix, and actually making a comment during the dream about 'where shopping is supposed to be a pleasure.' Wandering around the place quite a bit, though I can't fully remember why. What I can remember is going out to the car (white Corolla, for some odd reason) several times. One time, I was kind of being half-followed around the store by a couple of troublemakers who would literally bump into me now and then, and trying to cause trouble. Another time, while I was out at the car, I opened the trunk and found three black or dark blue ski masks that had a really creepy vibe to them.

      Back into the store, and pushing around a shopping cart trying to find a place where I can take it in or out, grabbing food, and trying to check it out with one of the cashiers, then head back outside. This time I glance up to see a couple of T-Rex-like dinosaurs off in the distance, waving around machine guns and heading our way. People start screaming, including myself (no real surprise), and we try to run back into the store, but the dinosaurs are moving too quickly, and are firing at us. I act like I've been hit and drop to the ground, playing dead, but it doesn't seem to fool the dinosaur, because he walks right up to me and starts firing the gun directly at my head. I am getting quite a headache from this, but other than that, suffer no real harm.

      So since the dinosaur is still shooting me and playing dead isn't doing much good, I hop to my feet, and just turn to walk in the store, which really freaks the dinosaur out. As I step inside, the place is a mess. There are wounded and blood everywhere. Some are sick (mentally) because of what they've seen, and are throwing up. There's a really dark, spooky, apocalyptic feel to the whole thing, with the slightest hint of zombies. I take the escalators up to the third floor, where I wander into a sort of a homeless shelter-style dorm room with bunk beds all around. One poor, deluded soul is painting scripture-sounding verses on the walls, but he's really messed up, and the verses are twisted, inaccurate, and foolish.

      We're all just kind of standing around and talking, and I mention I've got some creepy ski masks if anybody needs them, though I say I have no idea where they came from, and nobody seems to much care. At one point, they open up a roll-up door in the northeast wall, and a whole bunch of people come marching in, four abreast, looking almost like they are on a stand-up roller coaster. Somehow they don't want to be here, and have volunteered to all be shot out of a giant slingshot ... and remember, we're on the third floor, here. It's really screwy. Anyway, once they've been shot out, we're all kind of congregating around the door into the dorm, discussing how that was wrong and freaky, and in just kind of shuffling around, I step through the door without even meaning to.

      Lights start flashing and an alarm starts blaring, and I'm a little freaked out as everybody else steps back from me. It turns out I've now been here for something like three years or something, but I never realized that once we entered the dorm, we're not allowed to exit it unless they ask us to. Some guy dressed up in a sort of monk's habit walks up to me, and is kind of pushing me along, while asking if I thought I could just pretend the whole thing never happened, and I hopefully say something like "Well, I'd be glad to," but he's not allowing it. They open the roll-up door again, and are pushing me into a sort of parachute harness kind of thing, then I'm pushed out the door. I drop the three floors, but the harness keeps me safe, and when I hit the ground I take it off and drop it.

      I'm in what used to be the open parking lot of the Publix, but it has now been converted into a covered parking structure with soldiers kind of wandering around. I glance around to see where the soldiers are and who else is around, and see a strange figure that I could swear I half-remember from some sort of movie or TV show, but can't remember what. The guy seems like a cross between Trick (the mayor's assistant from BtVS) and the Joker, or just some weird guy in a sort of jester costume, but he kind of tilts his head, gives me an odd look, and dances a few steps of an odd little jig that makes it look like he is a marionette or something. I know I should remember this, but I just can't place it.

      Crouched down on the ground and muttering to himself is somebody I kind of recognize. It is mostly Tom Courtney, with just a hint of Miles O'Brien thrown in, and he's kind of muttering to himself, something about how God has told him to wait here, and he's trusted, and waited, and been left alone, and it seems he has probably been waiting for me. Meanwhile, there's this whole sort of Logan's Run kind of vibe going on, as all the soldiers and creepy people keep kind of starting to approach us, then back off, because the spot on Tom's hand is green, and the spot that was on my hand has kind of been painted over white, because I was thrown out of the dorms, but God protected me from the gun, and is still protecting me, and since neither of us have the red spot, they can't come after us, but they keep trying to start in our direction, anyway. Meanwhile, I am just looking around the parking lot, trying to find out where my white Corolla is. Strange! Very strange.
    2. WA Reunion Ruined by Politics, Shrunk Cars Cause Mass Collapse

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:44 PM
      05-29-2017 -- The earlier one was also a bit strange. It seemed to be an odd cross between a political convention and a family reunion. We were in Washington, probably in the Snohomish house, except it was two or three stories and fairly large. There was a lot of discussion of old candies and stuff that were no longer available, but that we were trying to figure out how to recreate (including some sort of peanut butter cereal that we were determined to create again) while at the same time talking with the two lousy candidates from the recent election, and also an independent candidate or two who would have been far better than either of the real candidates.

      Some of the folks from church were around (including Tom Drick and Jeff Steinberg), and I think Randy was the one actual relative that I could find in the family reunion that I recognized. I think in the dream, the absolute worst candidate won, and we ended up with Hillary as president, but we were at least happy that the very good independent choice (who I cannot remember ... maybe it was some TV hero or something) got some electoral votes or something. But whatever the exact results were, I was very disgusted, and decided that I needed to get out of there and take a break.

      The problem was, the reunion was huge, and there was a driveway kind of like Dale's, long and narrow and blocked in, and when I went looking for my car to drive off, there were dozens of cars gridlocked in, and even when I went looking for it, I couldn't find my gray Corolla among them, much less be able to get it out of there. The problem was, there were so many cars (now turning into hundreds) that they somehow had to start shrinking them to fit them all in, so that they were piled 3 and 4 high, but were only about two feet by four feet in size. So now I'm looking through these hundreds of tiny cars, on several levels of a sort of parking garage structure that had been put together in this small driveway space.

      But something went wrong, and the cars all seemed to still have their full mass even if they were suddenly about a tenth of the size, and they were starting to collapse the structure, because there was too much weight, and that caused the cars to start reverting to their normal size, and they were all beginning to crush together and break apart, while the parking structure was being forced to expand to contain them, and was tearing apart ever quicker.

      Soon it was like one of the earthquake movies, with us running through the levels trying to get out, as things collapse around us, avoiding being squished by falling cars and concrete. We finally made it out of the structure and away from the house and driveway, thinking we were probably finally safe, just to find that we had such a large group and so much mass squeezed into such a small space that the exploding, re-expanding mess was now continuing to expand and started to fill up the entire state, somehow also causing horrible flooding.

      Somehow we were stuck in a sort of garbage barge with huge flowing masses of the expanding damaged cars and structures, where we had to keep scrambling to stay on top of the stuff, so that we didn't get pulled into the huge hydraulic crushers that would have mashed us into a pulp. All very frightening and horrible, but still interesting to 'live' through.
    3. They Live ... Without Eyes

      by , 02-16-2016 at 05:53 PM
      02-15-2016 -- [Many wakings, long dreams I can't remember, cool stuff I've lost, and then finally this dream with a lot missing, but also a lot of details I manage to remember. Vaguely nightmarish, and woke to even more nightmarish stuff.] There are these people on TV that are giving orders, and somehow there are hints that they can see the future or something, but there's something weird about them. I don't know what, but I can just kind of sense that something is a bit off.

      As I really concentrate, and look, while watching them, I begin to kind of see it. In some way, over the TV, they are hiding their real faces, and they look perfectly normal, but when I really stare, I begin to see through that facade, and begin to barely catch a glimpse of their real faces. It isn't at all clear, at first, but I start to see square white patches where their eyes should be. And somehow for the moment, it is really spooky and creepy.

      I come to know that they have had their eyes gouged out, which somehow allows them to see into another time or dimension or something, which may be helpful, and allow them to provide some good directions, but when you suddenly see through the disguises, it's also kind of spooky. The ones on TV are disguised really well, and it is really hard to see through it, but the ones around me in person are a lot easier, and moment by moment I can see through the disguises at a glance, and in a scene hugely reminiscent of 'They Live,' I'm walking down the street, pointing out people, going "You're normal." "You're OK." "Ewwww ... that's disgusting!" The ones who realize I can see through their disguises go running off in horror.

      Anyway, one guy has given me instructions that I have to go see somebody in the hospital, and that it's vitally important that I talk to him and check on him ... then the guy goes running off. Another is to drive me there, and he must have had his eyes gouged out a long time ago, because he has done away with the linen bandages, and it looks like his eye sockets have almost entirely grown over, which is somehow less creepy ... until I remind myself that I am riding in the cab of a person who is blind.

      Suddenly I find myself walking past a large, fading, decrepit old house, spooky, tall grass. I'm moving carefully, pushing branches out of the way, and trying to avoid the snakes I don't quite see, but know are there. I'm not me, but someone else that I'm just kind of watching over. He's gotten to the upper rear corner of the property, and is kind of hiding behind some rotting old steps, and he 'knows' the timing is just right for the summoning of a powerful, demonic 'god,' but doesn't really believe in such things, so he starts to chant the words he's been told to speak, the idiot.

      So with a bang and a lot of brimstone, this huge, powerful demon appears, and stalks around pontificating about finally being free to terrorize, and tossing aside a basic 'thanks' to the idiot that summoned him, before he stalks off through the grass. Meanwhile I am with this thin, trembling scared teen who is more and more resembling Shaggy, who is done with this, and is about to bolt, but still reminds me I have to go see the kid in the hospital, which it turns out is the rotting, decrepit old building.

      This isn't the guy who was driving me. He was older, a lot bigger, bulkier, and not nearly so terrified ... and yet, he might be the same guy, because it is weird and dreams are like that. I tear off the information about the person I am supposed to be seeing from out of the guy's notebook, and step through the rubble and debris as I start to make my way into the hospital, and the sound of me feet in the gravel are very loud and clear. In fact, they seem more real than anything else ... in fact ....

      [I start to come awake in the real world, and can still clearly hear what are sounding like footprints in the gravel outside my windows, like somebody is walking around just outside. I lay in bed, motionless, just listening to the sound, and wondering what is going on, and as I come more awake, I realize I don't have any gravel outside by the windows, and I am starting to suspect another palmetto bug has gotten in, and is crawling around in the bits of paper on the floor, except as I shift and turn the light on, I can not hear anything moving around, even after several minutes, which seems very unlikely, and I'm eventually forced to conclude that I was lying is just the right position with my ears bent by my sleeping in just the right way that a sound of the pillow brushing against the headboard or something was producing a slight brushing sound that was amplified absurdly, combined with the nightmarish setting to wake me with heart palpitations. (Figuratively.)]
    4. The Further Chronicles of Narnia and the Old Hag

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:12 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I am walking by an apartment complex on either Hickory or Dale, where there is no apartment complex. I am more or less minding my own business, when I run into this guy who starts yelling at me. He tells me I am worthless and horrible, and he knew my mother, and my actions caused her to die in sorrow, and I ought to just go off and die, myself ... he goes on and on and on with really horrible accusations. I think back to the life my mother lived, and how old she was when she died, and how our relationship was (fine), and I can't see any reason for his accusations, and I tell him so, but he just keeps screaming at me, while I sit at this picnic table and begin to doubt myself and feel worse and worse. He finally stalks off, leaving me depressed, until a nice fellow I recognize from around the place comes up to me, asks me what is wrong, and tries to console me for a bit.

      Soon I am feeling a little better, and I start to look around. I spot something that seems a little interesting: there is an empty tape box sitting next to an unlabeled tape, and the tape box says it is the first of three parts in a continuation of the Chronicles of Narnia, the first of which is about the silver throne at Cair Paravel. I instantly slide the unlabeled tape into a machine that instantly makes me a copy of it.

      Soon I find myself in a family-type setting with a father and his little girl, and there is a VCR there, so I stick the tape in, wanting to watch it. There is a flash of light, and I suddenly realize. I have no idea what is on this tape. Sure, it could have been the the tape of the new Chronicles. It could also be a porno tape, just about to blare out a sex scene in front of this little girl! I violently stab at the eject button, and we see just a couple of seconds of a pair of silver boots sitting right in front of a ruby throne, before the tape ejects. I guess it was the right tape.

      The father glances at me, as if to ask what's up, and I explain about the whole thing, and not being sure about what was on the tape, and even about feeling guilty for copying it. I apologize, and he looks at me like I am crazy, and decides to ignore me. He may be ignoring me, but a Narnian dwarf suddenly appears in front of me and tells me it is no real problem. If I can't finish the tape before leaving the library, they'll gladly make a transcript for me. He takes the tape and disappears with a pop, and I suddenly know the next time I make it back to the room where I copied the tape, I'll have a printed copy of it that I can take legally. I start to walk away feeling much better about myself.

      I soon find myself in a small village of small houses with thatched roofs, and a young woman asks me what I am so happy about. I start to explain about more stories in Narnia, and the dwarf and the video tape, but she is walking away from me to the right. I turn to the left and see the same woman, and her daughter, and she asks me "What are you talking about?" "The Narnia story I was just telling you about." She says I wasn't telling her about any story, and I turn to look to the right and see a bent and shuffling old woman just about to turn the corner. She seems very sinister, somehow. I call out to her to wait a second, but she just continues around the corner.

      I chase after her, and I see her just entering a crowd, so I continue forward, but when I get there, she is nowhere in sight. It is like she just disappeared into thin air. I find myself in the middle of maybe a dozen or so clowns, in rather duller makeup than normal, and ask if it is a convention or something. I am waiting for an answer, until I hear a noise that causes me to turn around back the way I came. There are three little girls standing there, being approached by a bent old hag looking more and more like the hag the queen turned into in Snow White to give her the apple. I realize whatever this thing is, it can change shapes to look like anybody it wants to. I run forward to grapple with 'her' and protect the little girls, and I suddenly find I am wrestling with a grim reaper figure in black robes (which I facetiously refer to as Skeletor) and losing the battle.

      Finally I start speaking to it in the name of Jesus, and it starts to steam a little bit, and flinch back from me in pain, and as I continue, it breaks away and tries to run off. I give chase again, but it runs forward into another crowd of people. I run forward, and find myself being grabbed. I tense, ready to fight, but it is three Golden Horseshoe can-can girls who have pulled me into a tickle war. Three ladies working together, not one, not the thing, whatever it is. Soon I am walking along, studying everyone I see very carefully, looking for the old hag, or any single person.

      Suddenly I find it is very dark, almost pitch black, and I am walking near the door to my apartment complex with no idea how I got there. It is kind of foggy, and there is a forboding figure looming in the fog just by my door. Just as I realize I have fallen asleep at some point, and am now dreaming, the figure jumps out and attacks me. Now I am able to see it's true form, a red devil in a black death robe, and I am very, very scared that this thing can invade me dreams. But there is no hesitation this time. "I come against you in the name of Jesus! I come against you in the name of Jesus!" It is flinching at the name. "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" Suddenly there is a powerful figure, an angel, standing next to me, battling the creature. Unexpectedly, it is female. I thought angels were male ....

      She speaks in one of it's ears "I come against you in the name of Jesus." I follow and do the same. She does the same to the other ear, and again I follow, and do the same. It writhes at our words. Just as I realize we ought to do one ear each at the same time, I wake up, panting from the battle.
    5. Hewitt Warehouse Nightmare

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:00 AM
      07-19-2013 -- [I don't usually have nightmares, but I sure did, last night. And it was in multi-part. I would wake up, then drift back to sleep and be back in the same dream, with the same root causes, but each time things escalated.] Somehow I went back to work at Hewitt. There were some people there who liked me and wanted to give me another chance, even though I don't have a voice, and so couldn't speak on the phone. Instead they had me doing desk work, processing paperwork or something like that. Even so, some of the bigwigs don't like me.

      In the dream I carried around a big backpack filled with books to read (including a large hardcover book with something like six sci-fi/fantasy novels in a series printed small in the big omnibus edition, several bags of balloons, my dream notebook, possibly my notebook computer. Fairly big pile of stuff.) The employer was Hewitt, and most of the people worked on phones in a call center environment, but the building is one I have often dreamed I worked security in, based on the TAMS building in Tustin, with staircases leading upstairs in two separate parts of the building leading to two separate upstairs areas that don't connect. And the huge warehouse area in the middle is far more JC Penney than what the TAMS building had.

      Earlier parts are somewhat generic and sketchy, but one part is in an outdoor section, where people are working in cubicals outside, which makes no sense whatsoever. But for some reason I am allowed to set up a small tent to work in when there is room. Unfortunately, the place I usually set up this tent is now overflowing with tables and booths in a kind of job fair, and I am having to look around to try and figure out somewhere to set up my tent, just to come to accept that today there is nowhere I can set it up. This doesn't stop one guy from coming up to me and asking what the heck the tent is about, anyway, and who do I think I am, and why am I allowed this special treatment?

      I have to go and sit at my usual cubical, working with the friendly, young, Hispanic guy that I really shared a cubical with at Hewitt, even if after six or seven years I can no longer remember his name. But with the job fair going on, they aren't bringing any of the usual paperwork around, so I don't really have anything to do, and am pretty much wasting the day sitting around and talking. Eventually one of the managers who doesn't like me comes over and gives me an assignment to take something to the other side of the building and deliver it there, and I have no problem in doing so, though I am not too happy with her attitude.

      When I come back, I find the delivery was a ruse to get me out of the area so she could gather up my backpack/box, my computer, and anything and everything else of mine that might be in the cubical. This angers me. Not to going through my stuff, that is covered by company policy, and I can see the point of it, but the going behind my stuff behind my back, without even letting me know they are doing it. I realise that some of the bigwigs who don't like me have decided it is time to get rid of me, and are looking for a reason to fire me, but I don't care. To me, this behavior is beyond the pale, and I am ready to quit on the spot because of it, regardless of whether this is giving them just what they want. I ask around to find out just where she works, and I am told she is in the Obamacare department, and am given vague directions to it. Great ... Obamacare ... so this is probably something political. This just gets worse and worse.

      As I am searching the building, looking for her desk or office, it seems more like Sears in the Buena Park Mall, in the layout and where the elevators are located. It takes a fair amount of looking, but I eventually find her. She's got all my stuff there and is going through it, and I start grabbing parts of it from her hands and my bag/box, and sorting through the stuff that is mine, and the stuff that belongs to the company, but that I have use of, seperating them out. At the same time I am lecturing her about the sneaky way she went about all this, telling her that if she had just told me they were going to search my stuff and had me present for it, I would not have had any complaints, but this is bullcrap.

      Meanwhile, I am pulling bag after bag of balloons out of my bag, and dumping them on her desk. Though it makes no sense, for some reason they have been providing me with balloons, and I am giving them back. Then it turns into bags and bags of potato chips, snack cakes and chocolate that belong to the company, and that I never put there. I have to assume she was putting them in there to frame me, giving her a reason to fire me. I don't give her the chance, as I dump all the stuff on her desk, telling her I quit! She says I can't quit, because she is in the process of firing me, and I tell her too late, I already did. I find an extra check in my bag, and figure if it is my final check, I'll keep it, but it turns out to be somebody else's check, so I toss it on her desk, also.

      Now that everything in my bag/back pack is really mine, I gather it all up, and am ready to leave the building, but she orders me to use the warehouse exit, rather than any of the other ways out of the building, and I don't know why. But as I am walking through the warehouse, some of the workers are calling out to me, distracting me, and driving fork lifts and things close to me, and in the process I set down my bag and dodge some stuff, and when I go back to where my bag was, it is gone. I now realize she wanted me to exit through the warehouse so she could have somebody in the warehouse steal my stuff. I don't get why, but I am not happy about it.

      [It was about this point that I woke up and fell back asleep for the first time.] I storm back into the office and start trying to find her, but now she is hiding from me, and has made her cubical look almost identical to everybody elses. So I am looking and looking, but having no luck in finding it. I keep asking around for where her cubical is, and a few people try to point me in the right direction, but most are unhelpful, realising that I am on the outs with management, now. Eventually, when I reach the point that I am right next to it, a big worker who looks a lot like Sam on NCIS LA is very insulting, and points me at the cubical I am standing next to, and I am finally able to confront her again.

      She denies everything, tries to claim I probably just mislaid my backpack, or maybe didn't even have one to begin with. She says she planned nothing, she doesn't believe me, and that I am just trying to stir up troubles. But a couple of the more honest employees back me up, at least in part. One points out that 'Sam', who is carrying a fantasy anthology, hates reading, and they know they have seen me with that book in my possession for any number of weeks. But she refuses to listen to anything, claiming that, at worst, I misplaced my bag in the warehouse, and am making wild accusations against good people to stir up trouble.

      So I am back in the warehouse, looking around for my bag (it is kind of like a huge yellow duffle bag of the style (but not color) that soldiers or seamen use), but now much more of the warehouse staff is against me, and more and more I find myself involved in slightly dangerous near misses with warehouse equipment which is where it shouldn't be. Stuff that isn't really all that dangerous, but kind of threatening, like they are trying to warn me off. But I keep looking around, and one of the guys finally gets angry enough to get more serious. It seems like there are two 'levels' to this warehouse, and he is somehow driving a forklift on the second level. These aren't floors, that would make sense, but not be dangerous. Instead it is like a second level about fifteen feet above the first that is formed from catwalks and the like. Stuff that is there, but isn't super sturdy.

      Anyway, there are some racks of pipes, the kind and size that they sometimes install along the street, segments perhaps 12 feet long and about a foot in diameter, and lots of these pipes are stacked up together, and one of them drives a forklift out on to this rack of pipes so that they break out of the rack and start to rain down around me. Worse, the forklift no longer has a sturdy base, so it is plunging down on top of me, as well. While this is not a nightmare yet, it is getting more and more serious, and I end up laying flat on the ground while the forklift comes to a stop about six inches above me. Getting close enough to truly be dangerous!

      [Somewhere around here is when I woke up for the second time, then fell back to sleep.] I am soon stalking through the building, looking for the supervisor who started all this again, and she is still hiding, so it takes a lot of time and effort. By this point I am determined I am getting paid for the (at this point turning into two days) time that I am spending looking for my stuff which they have stolen from me. I finally find her and start to berate her about the latest attacks, and she tries to categorically deny everything, saying there is no way such a thing almost happened, just to have one of the employees not under her thumb come up and say "Oh no, so-and-so did dump his forklift down a load of pipes. We were wondering why he had been so stupid," so again, I had witnesses backing me up.

      Suddenly she stops for a moment, and seems to remember something. She tells me that the black high school around the corner was off yesterday and is off today, and maybe some of them have seen something, and can help me to find my stuff. She is very insistant that I go ask them about it, and is telling me what to say to them, giving me a quote in a foreign language, though I am not sure if it is in French or Spanish. Anyway, she keeps repeating it over and over again until I actually write it down. About that time, my friend Carl, who neither of us saw standing there, steps out and verbally tears her a new one. He may have even physically attacked her slightly, ranting about what kind of a horrible person was she? I say something like "Let me guess ... what she was telling me to say was a horrible insult that would get me killed if I said it to the students at the school? Did you really think I was dumb enough that I would ask what you told me to, without first getting a trusted translation?"

      I explain that I now have actual evidence that she is trying to kill me, waving the paper [in real life, my handwriting, no help, but in the dream it seemed it would work as evidence], and now she is going to be in so much more trouble. I angrily stalk off into the warehouse to continue looking for my bag. Problem is, now she knows she made a mistake, and the kid gloves are off. There are at least three or four of the warehouse workers now trying to kill me, and I am being chased by workers using all kinds of equipment.

      When I try to duck into the racks of stuff and climb a little to get out of range, the kinds of cranes that work on ships or airplanes, the elevated ones that move around on two parallel tracks, are being used to chase me around and try to crush my head if I don't stay low enough to be in range of the forklifts. For a good ten or fifteen minutes, I am running around, fleeing for my life as there are constant near misses, screaming for help, but because of the no voice thing, nobody can hear me.

      Finally I have made it near the edge of the warehouse, back by where the office area starts again, and pursuit dies off as I run into Carl, who has seen the last little bit of it, and is horrified that they are trying to kill me. That's when I woke for the final time, almost hyperventilating from all the running I'd been doing in the dream.
    6. Mindwarp, Politics, and Prison

      by , 09-27-2012 at 04:25 PM
      09-21-2012 -- VERY strange dream. I'm having some political discussions with some liberal friends right before bed, who I strongly disagree with, then I go to sleep. I suddenly find myself waking to a very Mindwarp* situation. There is a loud, commanding voice giving me orders in my dark, empty room (in the Hickory house). I look around the room carefully, and eventually find some sort of squak box / monitoring device has been installed on the blinds in my room, while I slept.

      This voice is promoting a very socialist agenda, and threatening me with what will be done to me if I don't follow it's orders. It gives lots of orders, but most I can't remember. The one I can remember is that I was to hold myself back because my sister is not as talented as I am, and I am not allowed to do better than her. [Has nothing to do with my real life sister.]

      As this this is going on, there is a really weird game show on the TV in my room. It is a game that involves people trying to solve charades by other people that they can neither see nor hear, which makes it really tough. At the moment, Wink Martindale is the contestant, who is trying to solve charades being performed by ... Wink Martindale?!? Somehow they have moved him in time so he is playing against himself!

      I approach the box, rip it off the blinds, and start to break it apart, and it threatens me ever more fiercely, ordering me not to separate the broken pieces, though I am obviously going to do so. Finally, it produces a line of tiny glowing hieroglyphics that look like human figures. I have to figure out the meaning, but they are too tiny, there is no way to decode them.

      Somehow throughout this entire thing I have not been myself, but KB. They have come and taken me away to prison because I didn't obey the voice, and they have thrown me into a very large bathroom with four or five big nude criminals, then turned the lights out. Obviously a scary situation. I rush to the door, still nude, and open it so there is some light to see by.

      I find myself in a locker room, and start opening lockers until I find one with my clothes in it, and start dressing as quickly as possible, hoping to get out of here before anything more happens to me. Semi-short, but intense dream.

      *[Five or six years ago I had a very strange real-life situation happen. Kind of scared me for an evening. Had no idea what was going on. Had been renting a room from some people for just a couple of months. This room was lined with shelves near the ceiling that had tons of kid toys on them. One night I went to bed, and was fast asleep when I woke to hear this loud, deep voice seeming to come from nowhere, saying something along the lines of "Prepare for Mind Warp!"

      I was suddenly wide awake in my room, quite scared by this mystery voice, not sure if I was awake, asleep, or insane. I'd turned the light on, there was nobody in the room. The TV was off. I had no radio. Nothing!

      I sat there hyperventilating for a minute or two, turned the light off, and tried to go back to sleep, when the same voice returned again, saying something about mindwarp over or something. (It's been several years, I no longer remember the closing phrase nearly as well.)

      Terribly frightening. Got up the next morning and searched the room carefully, and found a battery-powered game called Mind Warp that spoke when activated. Whatever it was, exactly, it was a toy I'd never heard of, and therefore very frightening to suddenly hear in the middle of the night. That toy was quickly relocated out of my room.

      Anyway, that was the Mind Warp story referenced in the dream.]