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    1. Earth Movers and Chinese Food

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:36 PM
      05-02-16 Very weird, not too detailed, and all over the place. First I am just kind of driving around in fairly large vehicles, running into some driving problems, and especially having problems with backing up in these large, earth-mover types of vehicles. Soon it turns to a point where I am kind of standing there looking at a truck filled with dirt.

      Somehow this truck has two levels. One level holds dirt, the other (underneath the dirt) is filled with water. There is a hose running from the underside of the truck, to above the section containing dirt, where it can spray water over the dirt. The weird thing is, the hose just seems to hang there, but doesn't seem to be attached to anything to hold it in place, so I am trying to figure out how it works. Unfortunately, however it works, it doesn't seem to work very well.

      What it is supposed to do is add a lot of water, and then mix into the dirt to make mud, but there doesn't seem to be nearly enough water, and it is just kind of being absorbed into the dirt without making any mud at all. Others are standing around, complaining about how there isn't enough water. And, being a dream, things are starting to change.

      It is soon like I am looking at a sort of light blue sticky topping being poured over popcorn to make popcorn balls, except there isn't enough, and it is only coating the outside top of the popcorn, and it needs to be mixed up enough to coat everything, so it can help hold things together. Except now it is a sauce (perhaps soy sauce) being poured on the top of one of three small mounds of rice, and I am quickly eating the rice (and it is pretty good.) Problem is, all the others are now complaining, and how dare I eat all that rice, and not be worrying about eating all kinds of vegetables, instead.

      Now the amount I ate was not, in any way, unreasonable, and I just get tired of listening to these people yell at me, so I say I guess I'll just have to avoid meals at 'home' any more, and eat out all the time, from here on out. I walk out the door, and start to head a couple of blocks over, where I remember seeing a Chinese restaurant, and as I walk along, I find myself muttering to myself about how I wish I had joined another foreign exchange program to England, instead of the one to the Midwest that I am actually on.

      The next thing I know, I am walking from Smith's Food King and dipping onto Tamarack, before I double-back onto Dale. It is late at night, and there are several tough looking guys wandering around, and I am trying to stay out of their way, while walking down the block. I am trying to fill out some sort of grid, but things aren't starting where they should, and columns are not lining up, and it is all very weird, and I find myself trying to turn in weird test papers to Dolores Umbridge, and things are just fragmenting into nonsense as I wake up.
    2. Melting Pot Shop Goes Wrong

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:17 AM
      10-01-2015 -- So I didn't write this down, and am putting it on computer a day late, so don't know how well I will remember this. It seems I am out doing a dinner mystery shop at somewhere that may be a cross between Miller's Ale House and Texas Roadhouse, and it is my assignment to eat a lot of courses, and I'm having myself a really good meal. The problem is, I'm not completely sure what I need to order, so I excuse myself for a few minutes to go out to my car to get my paperwork and check it to make sure I am doing things right.

      So I get out to the car (the silver Lexus) and grab the paperwork, but almost immediately am attacked by a punk who is trying to take it away from me. He looks like the blond punk from the original Karate Kid movie. I won't let go of the paperwork, and we are wrestling for a bit, and he is warning me that I am really going to regret this, but somehow I manage to get free, and return to the restaurant. When I get back in, they are slightly upset with me, because they thought I'd run off without paying, but I explain I simply needed to get something, and now I am back, and need to order dessert.

      I am trying to order some sort of special I'd seen advertised on a sign earlier in the meal, which was some sort of seven scoop sundae, but a different advertisement is showing now, so they are trying to put in an order for the wrong item. It's a bit confusing, and I just can't seem to get what I want to get, which is annoying. So soon I find myself getting ready to leave the place, but I seem to be leaving in a dream or a day dream or something, where I walk out into the parking lot, and approach my car to find that the punk and his gang have really done a number on it. They've stolen the tires, broken the windows, stolen everything from inside, removed the bumpers, and more. I'm left with a car that is just a somewhat mangled frame.

      And yet, I haven't gotten out there yet. I'm just imagining what could have happened. But then I walk out into the strip mall parking lot, and am looking for my car, and it is parked a lot closer than it was, and the gang is at it, doing the kinds of things I had imagined, but they are still at it. I had just seen a security guard, so I am calling for help, while taking pictures of the main thug with my new video camera, and he is just smirking at me, and warning me 'You just don't get it, do you?' And I am left with a bit of an impression that the local cops are corrupt, and will ignore his crimes, and that there is a good chance that instead of getting him in trouble, they may arrest me, even though they have no reason to. But I still need to pursue this, so I am wandering along the strip mall, past the comic book store, and the Melting Pot (which is what the restaurant I was eating at has turned into), looking for the police station.
    3. Harry Potter and the Tribulation, Now with More Vampires [graphic]

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:27 AM
      06-26-2014 -- [Almost a sort of fever dream ... very stream of consciousness, with me kind of slipping in and out of sleep, trying to remember the odd bits I was just dreaming, except the moment I slip back into the dreams, everything is different than it was a moment ago ... makes for a very confusing and difficult to remember dream.] Starts where I am Harry Potter, being chased around what mostly seems to be the muggle world, but slowly it is changing to where I am not so much being chased, but fighting off some sort of possession. Usually I am pretty successful at this, but at one point I am riding along on a bus when I start being possessed, and somehow this time I cannot fight it off. I am being taken over and being forced to rape a teenage girl. The problem is, whoever is possessing me is gripping my manhood and kind of stretching it and fluffing it and making it larger and larger. Meanwhile the girl is getting younger and smaller by the moment, and by the time I start to do this horrid thing, I am sticking an organ about two feet long and eight inches thick into a helpless toddler who more or less explodes around me. Then it is just over.

      I am sitting somewhere, reading comic books, and I find that somebody has released a superhero comic about the book of Revelations, the rapture, the tribulation, and the mark of the beast. And somehow, in the dream, this is much more moving and hard-hitting because it is written about an absurdly unreal super powered character going through the tribulation period. Then suddenly I am a little kid, standing on a field, playing soccer with a bunch of other little kids, and playing really, really badly. None of us know how to play or have any athletic talent. Just very weird stuff.

      Then I am Harry Potter with the comic book again, and I am freaking out a little, because I have been in at least four different Bible studies in the last couple of weeks with four different groups, and all of them have been about the tribulation period and the rapidly approaching end of the world. And I am really getting scared, because I have also recently been bitten by a vampire, and have the two deep, drained puncture wounds in my wrist to prove it. I know about the vampires in the book of Revelations, and combined with all these recent Bible studies and my possession and the horrible thing I was forced to do, I am almost convinced that the tribulation period has already begun, the rapture has already happened, and I have been left behind, along with all the people that I thought were good Christians who I looked up to. Its terrifying.

      Which is how I find myself 20 or 30 feet in the air, kind of perched on a telephone wire, dressed as Batman, thinking about everything while staring down at the Celebration Bible study below me, which I am supposed to be attending. I'm just trying to get my mind together, and figure out if I can even still attend the Bible study at this point. But a young punk down in the group (who is now Batman, and I am not) spots me and starts yelling at me. I am holding up the group, and who do I think I am? And if I am so irresponsible, and it means so little to me, maybe I shouldn't be in the group ... so I quit on the spot, and walk away, only to find myself standing in a rehearsal hall with Tom D. He's working on top of a huge (as in 40' diameter) silver balloon. I fly up there and face him, and explain that I have left the group, and how I fear we've missed the rapture, and I suddenly remember having almost the exact same talk with him a couple of weeks ago. But now there is the vampire bite and the comic book, and a couple more Bible studies, and it just keeps getting more serious.

      And suddenly I am on a freeway interchange that I have dreamed about before that is part Orlando, part California, part Nebraska. On one side is a very built up city, and on the other is a flat farmland rural area. I am in a car with some lady that I can't put a name to, and we just finished a visit to some out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere amusement park (think Magic Mountain) and are debating what to do next week while making multiple lane changes between at least three freeways on a massive cloverleaf. We then pull off on a shoulder that is covered in overgrown wild flowers as we try to decide where we want to go to eat.
    4. New Christmas Show and Acid in the Face

      by , 06-11-2014 at 09:04 PM
      01-03-2014 -- I find myself in a nice mall somewhere, wandering around, looking at shops. Everything is still done up for the Christmas holidays, even though it is now a week-and-a-half after Christmas, and I soon find myself approaching an ice skating rink that has been created in the middle of the mall, inspired by something I recently saw on TV or in a movie probably (almost certainly something taking place in New York at Rockefeller Center.)

      Then somehow it is the first day of a new Christmas stage show being put on at Videopolis, which Disney seems to have rebuilt. Though I am not sure how, I am here, and it is early in the morning. I can see a sort of dress rehearsal going on, and I have no idea why I am here, since it is something like 5:30 in the morning, and the park doesn't even open until seven, with the first performance being at 7:30. I find myself standing around and thinking about it for a while, and am just staring to wonder if I should go home and try to see the show later or something, when I find there are people wandering around me.

      Seems it is now after seven, and they are almost ready for the show. Security drops the chains so we can go down to get seats, but somehow I am not right there, and as I make my way down to the seats all the front row seats are taken up. I am running back and forth in the first and second rows trying to find a seat, and finally one seems to open up in the second row, but right after I sit down, some woman comes up yelling for me to get out of her seat. It turns out her father, sitting in the seat next to me was supposed to be saving the seat, but he fell asleep.

      I start scrambling for a seat, but the place is filling up so fast that every section I get to has just been seated, and I soon find myself standing in the very back, right by the Yumz snack bar, trying to find a place I can stand and see the show, but I am standing behind a big support pillar, so even now I can't see very much. The show starts, and it is being performed mostly by the people from the Adventurers Club or people related to it. I see Karl, Philip, Anne, Greg Triggs (Comedy Warehouse) and (oddly out of place) the Brigadier's daughter from the seventh season of the new Doctor Who series acting as the stage manager. For some reason, though I was on good terms with almost all of them except Anne in the past, now they all seem to be mad at me.

      Greg has slid across on a rope (as part of the show) to the area I am standing in, and then proceeds to make me a part of the show, but in the most offensive, obnoxious, and hateful way he can, and I know Disney would not allow them to do this with the average guest, and I can't get why he thinks he can get away with this with me, or where all this hate has come from. He is constantly insulting me, and also sprays acid on my face, so I am rolling around on the ground as my eyes burn, and he is even making fun of the way I roll around.

      For some reason, though this is a Christmas show, it is only opening today, January 3rd, on the last day of the Christmas holiday. It is also the last day that my annual pass is good for, so this is the only time I can see the show, but I am so mad at the way I have been treated by Greg, I start to just stomp out of the area and decide to go home and forget the damn show! But as I start to walk out of the show, it has just ended, and everybody else is walking out, as well.

      I hear a voice calling my name, and find myself facing Amy F (a friend I knew in high school) and her new husband. They ask why I seem so upset, and I explain as we walk the parade route from Small World toward the Matterhorn, and they are also horrified about how I have been treated. Amy feels she needs to use the restroom, but can only seem to find the men's room. I point out how the door to the women's room is just a little further along, probably because it is located right behind the men's room with doors to either side of the men's room doors, making it a longer restroom since they have to have all stalls, rather than some stalls and some urinals. There was also a moment where we found ourselves back near the stage, and a large black woman on a strange cross between a wheelchair and a gurney ends up rolling down a flight of steps until we manage to stop her. Odd stuff.

      Somehow it is suddenly the next day. Amy and her husband are gone, and I am back at Videopolis, though I don't know how. The performers are getting ready to do the show again, even though the Christmas season ended yesterday, and somehow I am backstage, half-invisible, hanging on some sort of a long silk pennant (like the ones they spun and climbed in Circus Fantasy), where nobody can see me, just kind of watching what was going on.

      Somebody spots me, I think it is Greg, and they all start to chase me around backstage, until I warn them that I will get legal representation, and sue them for the acid in the face, and Greg is trying to act like it is no big deal, until my lawyer (who I have never actually contacted) materializes a letter right in the hands of the Brig's daughter, who explains the Greg is in big trouble, and largely gives me the run of the place. Soon I am being given copies of pictures that others have taken of the show (kind of reversing past situations where I made pictures for the performers of shots I'd taken of them) and being given ever-larger rubies that somehow seem to be being grown during the show. Meanwhile, my lawyers letters about how much trouble Disney is going to be in are oddly warping into letters explaining how some accounting firm would be very wise to hire me to work for them, which makes no sense in any way.

      Soon we are all walking out of the place, backstage, heading for the exit, and Greg still seems to be very mad that he wasn't able to get away with what he did to me, and as we are walking along a hillside he knocks my rubies out of my hands, and one of them falls down the hillside and into a sort of an electrical substation, except instead of being for electricity, it has a bunch of pipes with a trickle of green stuff leaking out of them. It seems to instead be a sort of acid substation. I am climbing down, weaving my way through pipes when I accidentally pull one loose, and small amounts of acid start spewing everywhere. Oddly, this is not actually too horrible, and just a minor inconvenience. But Greg does something which is going to cause the whole place to blow up (killing him and all his fellow performers as well as me) in his anger at me, except that me and a mechanic working in the area manage to avert catastrophe in part using the pipe that I broke.

      [Oddly enough, I barely know or recognize Greg, since he worked almost entirely in the Comedy Warehouse and I spent almost all my time at the Adventurers Club. He probably wouldn't know me at all. So why my dream made him the worst villain in this piece, I have no idea.]
    5. Freeway Problems and the Lauderdale Accident

      by , 11-13-2013 at 07:53 PM
      11-10-2013 -- Driving in an area that is a cross between Downtown Orlando and I-5 in California. It is one of the dreams in the busy freeways / construction zones category that I often have. I was heading north for a few minutes, approaching Downtown Orlando, then turned around and found myself heading South, just to find I was on I-5, approaching the Anaheim Plaza exit. There is a train track running parallel to the freeway, and I am somehow pointing out places where the tracks would switch, and theorizing on how the switchings would affect freeway traffic. (Since they are parallel, but unconnected, in real life it would have no effect, but this is a dream, after all.)

      I wave to a cop on the freeway shoulder who is a friend, and am listening to Z88.3 on the radio. Soon I continue on the road, and I-5 has turned back into I-4, and then (as I am still heading south and I-4 runs more east/west) find myself on the Turnpike, instead. I am heading far south, though I am not sure if I am doing mystery shopping or delivery work. Soon I find myself down at an automotive shop next to a gas station around Fort Lauderdale or so. I am puttering around this seemingly abandoned shop, and come across a bag of some kind of chemical that is used in repairing cars, and since it just seems to be sitting there, I stick it in my backpack.

      I wander around a little bit, and find myself on a slight hill, looking at a short (about four feet tall) fence separating me from a gas station with another auto shop as a part of it. It is a station where I have often been in dreams before, and I have also had work done there before on my scooter. I try to climb over the short fence, though my knee is giving me troubles, and I also get a little too close to a kid in a red baseball cap, which seems to make the adults in the area (his parents?) a little nervous. But I ignore them and move on. As I approach the gas station, I find out that they are working on my scooter once again, and are warning me that they probably won't have it ready until tomorrow. I have no money, and no other transportation, and I'm thinking to myself that I guess I will be spending the night sleeping in their parking lot. The guy then tells me "And you can't stay here!" Darn! But on the other hand, my car (yes, it is now a car) is ready.

      I guess I am half driving it to the payment counter, and half making a delivery, because I pull up to a spot that is not a parking space (like the diagonal white lines that aren't a parking space, but mark off extra space next to a handicapped spot) because I am only going to be here for a moment, either making the payment, or making a delivery, but the guy goes nuts, and tells me I am not going to park there, even for a moment, and he doesn't like my attitude, and they probably won't use our services any more because of this! He's really mad, and it is ridiculous overkill. For some reason, Graham Murphy is standing there, and is agreeing with him, and I'm figuring I guess Graham isn't really a friend.

      I say I will move the car, and am walking toward it, but the guy won't allow me to. He is now searching through my backpack, and finds the bag of chemicals, and claims it is his, and is now after me for stealing, as well. Graham, meanwhile, has taken my car keys, and is moving my car, himself. I call out to him and tell him that he doesn't have my permission to do so, and he just took my keys, so it could be considered grand theft auto. Not going to have him charged, of course, I'm just saying .... Finally, I have had enough, so I push past the guy and make my way to my vehicle, which now seems to be a cross between an ice cream truck and a Mears handicap van. Graham is sitting in it, I guess I am driving him back to Orlando. The kid in the baseball cap is also here, and is asking me for a ride to where he is going, which is a bit north, probably around the West Palm Beach area. Graham explains he isn't really against me, he was agreeing with the jerk because he didn't want an argument, and was just trying to get us out of there quicker. How do I get into these things?

      So I am heading north on the Turnpike, until I suddenly find myself driving in a mall parking lot, wondering how the heck I got here, and why I am here ... I should still be on the Turnpike until West Palm Beach. I drive to the edge of the parking lot and turn on to the street. I am approaching the light, and right on the other side of the light is the entrance to the Turnpike. Problem is, the light turns red. I put on the brakes, but they are kind of soft, and I come much closer to the car stopped right in front of me than I would like ... on the other hand, I do manage to stop on time, so it's all good. Problem is, the car that is in the next lane over. It is also trying to stop, and going too fast, and in trying to stop, it clips the car in front of me, and sends it into a spin, and while it is spinning, it hits me. Graham gives out a curse, angry about more delays. So we have a three car fender bender, that was in no way my fault.

      I get out of the van, and am getting out my digital camera to snap some pictures of what happened, but Graham immediately begins to drive the van through the intersection and out of traffic. What was the entrance to the Turnpike is now a small, out-of-the-way cul de sac. Now understand, I planned to move us out of the way, but wanted to get a few pictures, first, to help make it clearer what had happened. So now the three damaged cars are all sitting in this little cul de sac, and I am taking pictures while waiting for the cops to show up. Another guy tells me not to bother, because he is taking video footage of the whole thing, but I still plan on taking my own pictures. One of the cars contained a lady and a kid, and they are leaning against their car (I think the one that got clipped) and there is an elderly couple who were in the car that started the whole thing.

      I glance back at the intersection, and find that there has been another accident, and this one is really bad. There are some severely mangled vehicles, and I can see them stuffing bodies in body bags as cops direct traffic, and fire trucks and ambulances drive off. I tell the people around me that it may be a while before the cops can get to us, but remind them at least none of us got hurt. Meanwhile, the side of my van shows an advertisement for coffee machines and supplies, and there is a lady standing there that wants me to come in to her place of work an install a coffee machine right now. I'm wondering about a company that does both courier work and coffee services in the same truck, and trying to explain I am not a part of the coffee side of the business.
    6. The Sensors and the Goddess

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:23 PM
      10-21-2013 -- Walking down Hickory between my house and Dave's. It feels late at night and dark, and there is a strong feeling of something going on, and I probably don't belong here. As I am walking by Dave's house, Don comes out long enough to warn me I shouldn't be on the street, but he isn't going to try and stop me.

      Somehow I am looking for these odd sort of, well, sensors for lack of any better word. There are one or two per house, some in the ground in the flower beds, others in the middle of the shrubbery. One is actually in the engine of a car that has the hood open and is being worked on. They are roughly square, perhaps six inches long per side, perhaps about two inches thick, black, around a blue circle that is nearly large enough to touch the edges.

      As I get near enough to register them (and they to register me) there is a flash of blue light, and their power is somehow released to me. No idea what the power is or what it does, however. I continue down the street, and somewhere between Jenny's house and the one next to it (the fenced yard ... oddly, I think George Takei lives there) I feel like I am missing one of them. Can't find it, can't sense it, but how close the others have been to one another, I'm sure there should be another one, so I am looking for it pretty steadily.

      Eventually I move on, reaching the last two houses on the street. The one where the little kids used to live is no problem, but the corner house has a feel of unfriendly people, the ones who always come out to yell at us if we mess around on their property. Sure enough, when I start poking around the bushes surrounding the house, the owner comes out to scream at me. Oddly, when I explain what I am doing, he calms right down, accepts what I tell him, and seems to have no more problem with me.

      I wander around the corner, past the alley, and am soon checking the side yard of the house that has the big dogs, then return to George's house to continue looking for that missing sensor, and soon am at the end of the block again. I am actually standing in the edge of the street, but almost across the street at the church. By this point it is daytime, and there are some kids playing ball in the street, right about at the corner of Hickory and Holly. But strangely, they aren't playing with a ball, but are throwing around what looks like a two liter of soda, quite possibly orange Fanta.

      Meanwhile, I find I am standing with and receiving instructions from, an attractive woman who is a sort of mentor to me, and probably a goddess. She is helping me figure out what I am doing in regards to these sensors and their powers. But while we are standing there, some of the kids' bottles of soda come rolling up to us. I pick one up and throw it back to them like a football, and manage perfect throws, as does the goddess, when I gesture for her to throw back another one. Meanwhile a third has bounced off my leg and is rolling away toward Dale, until I wave my hand at it, and it floats into the air and starts back toward me. I wave toward the playing kids, and it flies off in their direction as I find myself with a new dream power.
    7. The Mega-Store and Water World Redux

      by , 09-26-2013 at 03:03 PM
      09-21-2013 -- [Second dream of the night, shortly after the below this, and at least slightly tied in to it.] Something about mail and packages waiting on the doorstep of the Hickory house, with just a hint of music clubs and CDs in the mail, before walking inside the house. Then somehow I find myself at the Buena Park Mall, visiting a new store that is just opening up. It is huge and fancy, with some absolutely fabulous bargains, but oddly the place seems to have no name, which is certainly odd.

      Meanwhile, there are some major hints of the water world dream from earlier in the night, and somehow a strange cross of Carl Baumer and one of my old Cadet councilors is here, and he has a broom, or maybe a pair of clippers. I have used my world building powers to sort of sheer off a very sharp edge, which makes them work much, much better. Meanwhile, I am running through this huge, fancy, important store, and find myself needing to make a run to the restroom, and find myself wondering if it will be the usual mess. Amazingly enough, it is quite clean and nice.

      Then I find myself in an odd sort of food court / waiting room / beauty parlor (there are women sitting around under the huge hair dryer things) and have just gotten a cheap bacon cheese burger, and am ranting about how even though the thing is really cheap, you can actually taste the bacon, and it is quite good. These things shouldn't be for the tiny amount I paid for it! I am being looked down on by a stuck up woman who is quickly turning into Hyacinth Bucket as I am climbing into my car and trying to drive home.

      I find myself driving up hill from the lower May Company parking area (the area where there used to be the winding pedestrian path along the hillside, before they tore it out to add in the lower level and the theater), while trying to avoid running over Hyacinth as she tries to walk up the hill to where her car is parked. It is late at night, perhaps two or three am, and there are only one or two cars left in the parking lot.

      I find myself driving by what used to be the car care center, just about to turn onto Dale, but the car care place has turned into a strip mall, filled with hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and for some reason I have stopped to get some ice cream or something. The people sitting here are weird and have a bit of an attitude, hints of goth or something, and the counter person has me signing the receipt while warning me not to try to claim the extra half penny from the sales tax, like everybody else seems to want to do. I tell him I am not going to worry about asking for a half a penny. Just strange.
    8. Sense and Nonsense: BC Loses her Job

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:13 AM
      07-21-2013 -- I'm at Denny's, talking with BC on the phone, considering asking her about lunch, when this guy wants to know something. I look the information up on my phone by using some super secret phone number which connects me to the Library of Congress, who can give me the answer, or something wild like that. After that, I am back to BC, asking her about lunch. We are having a very odd conversation where, for some reason we are spouting gibberish back and forth at one another, and it is a very weird and funny conversation. The guy who wanted information can overhear us, and for some reason, he is very impressed with BC, and wants her to go out with a friend of his, and in the process, give something like a half hour long motivational speech.

      I am considering asking her if she wants to do so, until he mentions that it is some sort of charity thing, and she would have to pay money each time she gave a speech, though he assures me it would only be $35, because he can get her a huge discount ... usually she would have to pay $85 each time. So I turn him down flat. Pay people to give a speech? Sure. Charge them to give one? Forget you! So I am trying to tell BC about the situation, using gibberish, baby talk and nonsense words, and she is using the same words, and we sound like a pair of idiots. It is hilarious. Meanwhile, she asks where I am, and though it is somewhere I have been a lot, I have no idea. I try to glance at the street sign, but the poles are bent and the sign is upside down, and I can't puzzle it out.

      So since we are talking on a pair of video phones, I turn the phone around and film the mangled pole with the upside down sign to see if she can figure it out, and she walks right past me because it turns out she works in the law office next door, part time. So I continue with my story in person, and she soon says she wouldn't have had lunch with the person anyway, because he is crazy and a nutwad. It turns out she already knows him, and she knows he is who we are talking about because there he is with the guy who was trying to set her up with him, heading back into the restaurant.

      Just as suddenly, we are now in the lawyer's office, up in Longwood or somewhere like that, where BC helps out by running errands, doing paperwork, and helping clients with odd requests. For some reason, we are still talking gibberish, even as I am roller skating on top of a concrete wall. I suddenly launch myself off, planning to land on a large cardboard box. I am surprised when it collapses under me (though I shouldn't be) and make a joke about needing to find a better quality of cardboard box. Meanwhile, BC suddenly has another friend with her, who seems to be a mixture of Pam's looks and Sybil's personality. She's even more crazy than we are.

      For some reason, I am still trying to tell my story, which means I must be a really lousy story teller, because it wasn't that long, and she was there for part of it, but BC is tired of hearing it, so tells me "Not now," and I decide to pout. This makes her blow her stack, and she starts to yell at me and orders me to get out. Which her bosses hear, and they decide to fire her on the spot. She begs and pleads and argues for her job, and they eventually allow her to continue working for them, but they force her to change her hours, which will cause her to lose the nanny job she has in the afternoon. This has her upset and depressed.

      We soon find ourselves, all three of us, standing in the back of a truck, unloading it, and the other friend has found a box of pool noodles (is that the right word for them? Foam, about five or six feet long, about four inches in diameter) and [this part tells me that though she may look like Pam she has Sybil's personality] is waving a pair of them around, trying to convince BC to use them as a couple of dildos to help her get some stress relief and relax. Just a very odd dream all the way through.
    9. The Doctor, Amy and Rory are Being Replaced by Aliens; BC and I are Stealing from Crooks in Library

      by , 07-01-2013 at 01:44 PM
      07-01-2013 -- [At least two very cool dreams from last night, even if I can remember very little of them ... stupid normal person dream recall! I will put down what I can of what I remember, but the detail won't be there ... at least not as much as I would like.]

      I am at the Hickory house, in the side yard. I'm next to the section of the neighbor's side yard that has been roofed in to form a sort of long, narrow shed, and as always he has been yelling at us to stay away from it. I don't know how it has happened, but as I am walking along the side yard, doors are being created in the wall of the house, except they don't lead into the house, but into large, empty warehouse-like rooms. I am here with what I am pretty sure is the tenth Doctor, and soon we are joined by Amy, and then by Rory.

      Rory is the last one to join us, and something seems a little off about his behavior, he just doesn't quite seem to be himself, and I start to realize he has somehow been grabbed and replaced by the aliens who are chasing us around. Soon Amy is acting a little different, as well, and I realize they have really managed to infiltrate us, and I have to manage to stay further and further away from them, while still trying to find some way to get close enough to the Doctor to try and warn him, all while the aliens are trying to beat down these doors which almost seem to appear and disappear to get in at us.

      As things get more hectic and involved, I suddenly find myself half-playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, building short shuttle coasters with pretty much just the wave of a hand, making them grow longer or shorter with just a thought, and things never do seem to get back to normal. [The last few days I have not been sleeping well, not been remembering dreams, and much of what I have been able to remember are vague, repetitive dreams of roller coasters and queues, actually quite boring, and the kind of thing that you dream when you aren't sleeping well.]


      Don't know how we get there, or what is going on, but I find myself in a big building that seems quite familiar. It is a three or four story building, quite large in scale. Seems like a large mansion or something, with libraries, offices, hallways and the like. I believe I have dreamed of it before, though in the past it has been more house-like, and this time it seems to be bigger and more involved, somehow. Anyway, no idea what we're doing here at first, but as the dream continues, it turns to me and BC running around this place and hunting for things, while trying to hide what we're doing and stay out of trouble.

      The central area has a large touch of the zebra mezzanine about it, except we can look down three or four floors to the ground floor far below. Somehow I end up quite a way down a couple of long halls to the east, where Anne seems to be distracting and leading along a couple of young guys ... to what purpose I do not know. Though I keep my distance, and am somewhat disguised, I am afraid she will still know I am there, and recognize me. Thankfully it seems to have been long enough, and my disguise seems to be good enough, she doesn't pick up on me, at all. I safely make it past her and back to the mezzanine.

      There are still plenty of people looking for us, but BC has found what she was looking for, perhaps an old manuscript, or at least some sort of records, and she has snuck into another room further to the west. I provide enough of a distraction that she isn't noticed. There are more tough guys after me, but I eventually find the painting that I am after, and head on to the west as well. I think I have lost all pursuit, but it turns out I am being followed, just not as close as I could have expected. We seem to be in almost a sort of auction house, with lots of counters where they can collect the monies paid for various things and wrap them up for the customers to take.

      Since I have noticed the people following both BC and I, we are both on the ground, crawling around the floor, trying to stay out of site. The room seems to be about 2/3rds women, almost all of them very attractive, dressed in fancy dress from perhaps the 40s or 50s, and very gorgeous. Since many of the dresses are on the shorter side, and I am on the ground, there's also a lot of very pleasant glances of very nice legs in very sexy stockings and garters and the like. Oddly enough, none of them are concerned about us climbing around on the floor, so they don't give us away.

      The bad guys are getting closer and closer, but one of them calls the other away at some sort of announcement or something, and they seem to wander off to handle some other sort of problem. Right about that time, the number for my package has been called, much quicker than I would have expected, and so I am able to get up, pick it up, and get out. (It kind of seems like we replaced the scheduled auction items that we 'bid' on with the much more valuable stuff we found and stole in the house, so that we are getting much more rare stuff and stealing it away from the bad guys.) But as I am exiting the pick-up room, I find myself being stalked by the thugs again. It seems them being called off was a bit of a ruse to make us relax our guard.

      Almost immediately I managed to kill one of the crooks, throwing him over a railing so he would fall several floors to his death, but when I try to do the same to the second one, I end up fighting with him over a sort of crevice, and we're struggling enough that there is just as much chance it could be me falling to my death, so we soon move back onto the main floor, and it is a tremendous battle. Each of us has struck the other, numerous times, and we've both collected quite a few injuries, but we are very evenly matched. The guy is angry, assuming since I made it to the package room much later than BC, she had already left, and so assumes they have missed her, but he is determined that I don't get away. He doesn't realize that my number was called much sooner than expected, so she is actually still in the package area. Soon I have him pinned on the ground, and I know it is likely that as soon as I lose my grip he'll be free again, and the fight will go on. But for the moment, I've got him pinned with his face right in the carpet, held firmly enough that he can't seen anything.

      About this time, BC comes by with her package, walking along with a stunning blonde who she is taking home with her. I have no idea why, but she is such a knock-out, I can't wait to get free, join them, and have some very pleasurable times. But for now, I have to keep the thug's face buried in the carpet well enough that he can't see them. Unfortunately, he manages to wriggle free of me just in time to catch a glimpse of BC leaving. Fortunately, as he starts to trash talk about what they'll do to her, he is distracted enough that I grab him and throw him over the railing before he can resist, and send him plunging to his death, leaving me free to follow BC and the blonde.
    10. Bad Boss at the Restaurant/Warehouse

      by , 06-17-2013 at 07:22 AM
      06-09-2013 -- I think this dream starts out in the Goodwin's kitchen, but it is quickly turning into an odd cross between a restaurant and a warehouse. I think somehow it is Hewitt, even though Hewitt is neither of those. Shrug. The female manager in charge screams and yells at everybody, sticks people in new jobs with no notice and then curses at them and berates them for not being able to do the jobs with no training, and is generally the boss from hell.

      I don't like it. In fact, I am rather against it. One girl is being yelled at, and she talks back and the woman fires her on the spot, and passes on several of her tasks to me. Thankfully I seem to know how to do them all, so I can handle it easily. Things get more hectic, more people are being yelled at, and another guy gets fired. I am given some of his tasks, and again can handle it easily.

      During a lull in what is going on, I spend some time reading a kids book (not sure what, possibly one of Gordon's), and the witch catches me at it. She tells me to stop, acting incensed not that I would read at work, but that it would be a kids book, and I refuse. I tell her that I will read what I want, when I don't have anything else to do, and if she has a problem with it, I'll give her my resignation tomorrow. I'm now doing so much of the disliked jobs that I don't think she'll dare make waves, but I am not sure.

      I am getting ready to leave for the day, when I get a phone call from the horrible boss, screaming at me some more, and I decide to tell it like it is, calling her a bitch, explaining how short-handed her department is, and explaining that if she fires me, she'll probably be fired tomorrow, because of how much work I now do.

      My final tasks for the day are to move the bread racks and the elephants, and I put on my green elephant gloves to handle the task (one of those least favorite tasks that were passed on to me) while trying to soothe other employees who heard me talking on the phone, and are afraid I will be history. After I finish my work, I grab one of the full-size boxes of donuts, rather than the snack version we are supposed to take, and I head out the Penney-style exit, past all the trucks being loaded and unloaded.

      Outside, a couple of dense employees (guys) are walking around talking about an issue with a truck while another guy is trying to figure out how to fix it. I dodge around them and get out of the way, but soon they have turned into Tony and McGee, and they meet Ziva in the parking lot. I show her my elephant gloves, and brag that I'll be out of the parking lot before she is, and there is some hint of a circus in the parking lot, as I head on my way.

      I drive on home to BM's house, where I am in a back room with BM for a while, but not for any particular reason. Then we come out and JM is starting to scream at me, wanting to know why we were together, and also why I have already eaten when he is cooking a special meal, and it is almost dinner time. He also asks how school is going, but I am not about to tell him I may be fired tomorrow. Weird.
    11. Stuck in a Maze, the Threesome, and Modern Hickory House fragment

      by , 05-30-2013 at 04:35 PM
      05-29-2013 -- [Most of the beginning missing, as usual.] I am working a security shift at a place I have worked before (in dreams, at least), where I am supposed to patrol the grounds fairly regularly, and open up a gate to a back parking lot at about 6 am so arriving workers can get in. The location is an industrial sort of place, kind of along the lines of OPC, but not OPC. I drove my car toward the back of the property, planning to switch to some sort of company van to make patrols, but somehow I got caught up in playing a computer game or reading a fan fiction, and seem to have passed almost the entire shift, and now I am late in getting the gate opened up.

      I find some others have arrived, and another security guard may be wandering around, taking notes of all the things I am supposed to have done, but haven't gotten around to. I can't drive two vehicles at once, so I decide to stick to my car, but I have parked in some sand, and my front wheels have sunk in a fair bit, so I suspect I may be stuck. But that doesn't turn out to be the problem. I climb into the car, which seems to be my old Kia, as it is white and seems to be a stick. I can barely climb into the car, and can't seem to reach anything, and the controls are certainly not working well. I try to put the car in reverse, and give it a touch of gas and try and back out of the sand, and instead I end up going forward and flooring it, freeing the car, and just barely avoiding hitting anything.

      I try to move forward slowly, and instead floor it again in a large curve that puts me into a sort of parking garage and sends me crashing into four or five other cars, causing lots of damage. I'm in for it now, but I have no idea why I suddenly can't seem to control the car at all. I try to gingerly back out of the garage, and instead plow forward at high speed and drive right through the back of the garage and into the middle of an apartment complex with very small, tight roads. The place is very beat up, old, wooden, worn, and I don't help, driving like a maniac and crashing into things.

      Around one corner I see a little kid waving from a balcony. He soon shifts into a man holding a little kid, but the kid is still waving. I turn a corner, facing a different area, and ahead of me is the same man, holding the same kid, who is still waving. I turn to look back behind me, sam kid still there. As I try to figure out what is going on, I get even more confused as I find my car is floating perhaps 10 feet in the air, surrounded by a flock of birds. Weird stuff. But soon I am back on the ground and driving through the maze-like apartment complex. At least now I seem to be able to actually control the car!

      I start to operate under the assumption that anywhere I can fit my head, looking around, I can manage to fit my entire body and the car I am driving, and it seems to work. I stick my head through a small hole, and somehow it stretches to let the entire car through. But I am still stuck in this crazy apartment complex, then I go through a hole, turn a corner, and find myself in what seems to be a small warehouse, facing a couple of guys who are staring at me. Before they can ask me why I am there, I say "Silly question, but where's the main road?" One of the guys points at the wall behind him, obviously indicating it's behind that wall. I try to floor the car, planning to crash right through it, but the car is barely moving, and I thunk into the wall without doing either it or the car any harm. Darn it! Instead I start driving through the warehouse until I turn a corner and come to some loading docks with very old, decrepit wooden roll-up doors. I point the car at the oldest, most damaged one that is almost in pieces already, and plow through it.

      I now find myself in a narrow roadway surrounded by block walls. It is maybe 13 feet wide, barely wide enough to allow two cars to pass each other, with block walls on either side, a long tunnel of sorts, but open to the sky. I continue driving around, and this is even more like a maze than the apartment complex was. I drive past a tall, striking blond woman, quite hot, walking with a guy, wearing a blue powder-colored dress, then continue on, where I find myself coming across another attractive lady, still tall, but slightly shorter, in a purplish sort of dress. The second woman is standing in the middle of the road, and is quite attractive, and I am kind of staring at her, and I don't notice I am plowing toward her at a fairly high rate of speed.

      Thankfully, she sticks out her hand and stops my car with a touch, and suddenly I am standing there with her in front of me, and I just wrap my arms around her and draw her in for a kiss. I pick her up in my arms and carry her a few feet to a small, bare block room right next to the road, her room, with only a bed in it, and I begin to strip the dress off her and make love to her. She lifts a cell phone or radio to her face and says something about requesting a clean up or something. A few minutes later, the other woman is back. The woman I was already making love to was about 5'10" tall, fairly nicely stacked, very light blond hair, and quite attractive. The first woman is probably six feet, more stacked, a darker blond, and absolutely stunning. She is also carrying a whip, and is starting to use it.

      I'm not willing to play that game, and the first time she tries to crack the whip at me, I grab the end of it and pull it out of her hand. I don't have the leverage needed, though, and she snaps it out of my hand. The second time I grab the end, I quickly wind it around my hand several times, and manage to pull it away from her. I am considering using it on her, but that isn't my thing, either. Instead I just pull her to me, start stripping her, and begin making love to both women.

      Then suddenly, they are gone, and I am in my car again, driving through the block maze. Driving along, I see one of the women standing at the side, and she winks at me, and suddenly I find myself just waking up, sandwiched between the two of them who are still sleeping, after some very pleasant activity. Problem is, we are suddenly attacked by somebody wearing all black clothes with a very white face with a big red spot on it. Looks like a cross between a ninja and Bloodshot (Valiant Comics) except with the big red spot on the face instead of the chest. Anyway, this guy throws a couple of small, hard balls at the women, but I kind of reach out and block them with some sort of power, then throw them back at the guy. He smirks at me as they fly right by him, but he doesn't see my slight gesture, and the balls curve around in mid-air and lightly smack him in the back of the head, kind of a magically powered version of a Gibbs smack. He spins around, looking for the enemy he figures is now behind him.

      Then it is all gone again, and I am just driving along in the block maze. I turn around a couple more corners, and find myself facing a very large blue door and drive out into the regular world. Problem is, even more time has passed, I am now really late at opening that gate, and I've driven far enough in the various mazes that I have no idea where I am in relation to the property I am supposed to be guarding. To make things worse, I don't know the area at all, and can't even remember the name of the property I am guarding, so I am driving around in circles, no idea what I am looking for. Also, the skin is peeling off my thumb in big pieces like I have a bad sunburn, or maybe had my thumb dipped in glue, and it is now dried and peeling off. Very weird.


      An amalgamation of a couple of different dreams. I am sitting in the Hickory house, watching an almost nude BC sitting around in just a robe and trying to get a look up her legs. M is here as well, but C and B are gone causing trouble for some reason. I'm trying to walk out the front door, and one of the many people who is staying in the house (which may now be a hotel instead of a house) is asking me if there is any shopping in walking distance. The time is now (I haven't lived in the Hickory house for probably 25 years) and I am telling him about walking to the Buena Park Mall as a kid, and thinking about possibly going back there to look around and see all the changes that I noticed on google maps the last time I was just wasting time scanning the old neighborhood, but as I open the door and look out, I discover an even newer shopping center right across the street, replacing all the houses that used to be on Holly Way. Resembles a dream I remember from about a year ago.

      I remember stopping by Marshall a couple of nights ago, relating the Carolyn's possibly dead son, and decide to visit again, and suddenly just find myself at the back entrance to the school. I walk in, and walk along one of the buildings, and I see nobody. All the class rooms seem to be empty. Turns out all the kids are on the playground, but just starting to come in. I actually only just barely recognize Ms Cummings as she walks past me (and she doesn't seem to recognize me at all), but she is much older now, and wearing a wig. I reach the playground and glance over toward the office, and see a sign proclaiming this is now Blue Moon Elementary or New Moon Elementary, and I am wondering when and why they changed the name, and somehow have some sort of odd memory of the schools all being privatized at some point. Am considering going to the office to ask about it when I wake up.
    12. Mom Abusing, Dale Flying Home, Swimming in Carpet at JCP Warehouse and fragments

      by , 05-25-2013 at 06:43 PM
      May 25, 2013 -- [Went to sleep at about 10:30, probably drifted away about 10:45. Phone records show I received the text message that half-woke me at 11:52, then drifted back to sleep and continued dream, actually waking around 12:05, so you could argue most of this dream actually took place on the 24th.]

      I'm at the Hickory house and mom is beating up on me again [nothing like this ever happened in real life, but in dreams I have to deal with this frequently, the last couple of years ... my mom, who has been dead for 7 or 8 years, is battering me for no reason in my dreams, except that she is going crazy.] She is claiming that I have done something horrible to the cat, who has been gone for something like 15 years, now, and it is obvious she is nuts. I put up with it for a little while, but then warn her if she continues hitting me, I am going to have to fight back. When she won't stop, I hit her and throw her around just enough to make her stop hitting me.

      The problem is, there are other people in the house, and I now have to try to explain things to them, so they don't think I'm a bully who beats up on women. Meanwhile, I am trying to walk out of the house, but as I make it out of the hallway and into the living room, there are two young, cute, Japanese anime-style school girls there, too young, but not dangerously so, at about 16-18, I'd guess. They are sitting there in short skirts and tight tops, school girl uniform type of things, sitting there, talking to each other. I stop to enjoy the view for a few seconds. One of them has dyed red hair and Japanese features, and has her shorts pulled aside to reveal her landing strip and slit, quite a distraction. She seems to be making out with the other girl and rubbing herself on her leg, and I really have to almost tear myself away to stop watching.

      I walk out the door of the house to find myself in a sort of cross between a hotel and a shopping mall. I am meeting Dale here before he has to leave and fly home to California [Dale hasn't been here since November, don't know why all these dreams about him going back to CA the last few nights when he hasn't even been here ...]. I'm trying to explain about the situation with mom, and how she's kind of getting nuts as she gets older, but he's really running late, packing very messily, and running out the door to try and avoid missing his plane, so he isn't really listening.

      I follow him out the door, calling for him to slow down, and quit moving like a giraffe on those long legs, and find him near the exit (half hotel, half theme park, now), talking to a guy he's run into that looks very familiar, but I just can't quite recognize him. [Looking back at the dream now, he looked a lot like Biff Tannen, the bully jock from the Back to the Future movies, with a hint of Truman's 'best friend' from The Truman Show thrown in.] I just realize I probably vaguely recognize him from some movie, and am about to ask him what I recognize him from, but Dale has run off again, so I have to hurry to catch up.

      I find him in the parking lot, just climbing into his rental car, and I ask him, did he pack everything? Does he need anything? He tells me that his new cell phone from Publix works really, really fast, and he's really happy with it. He also tells me he would really like me to make him a copy of some sort of DVD I have a some Disney stage shows (probably stuff I filmed using his camera) and the friend he is now with (who I don't know) also says he would like a copy. He runs off, and I suddenly find myself working a shift in the J.C. Penney warehouse.

      [Somewhere about here, I was half-woke by a text on my cell phone, which I assumed was probably from Dale (it was, btw), but I just drifted back to sleep and back to the dream, which may explain a little of what is to follow.]

      I find myself sort of flying around, working up at the loading docks where stuff is taken off the trucks and put on conveyor belts, then dropped from about 20 feet up, and we have to catch them, sort them, and put them on pallets. (In real life this would injure people and break stuff, but in dreams, I've had several like this in the last couple of years.) Annoyingly, I am not handling the regular stuff, but damaged returns, so instead of getting a box full of items, I am getting one of this thing, one of that, and I have to sort them into boxes with like items, making far more work, and they keep sending more and more stuff on the belts, and I am getting further and further behind, but they refuse to slow down. Soon there is so much stuff that it causes the entire system to collapse, with stuff scattered all over the place, the conveyor belt falling apart around me, and a very large flat screen TV hitting the ground and cracking open.

      There is a young punk manager here, and though the whole thing is his fault, he tells me he is going to place all the blame on me, and I am going to be fired for this, and I am just thinking this is so unfair, and wishing they had hidden cameras out on the floor to catch him bragging about how it was his fault, but I am going to take the blame, but I know they don't. No fair! Meanwhile, some of the broken crates that have fallen seem to be stuff of mine that I have packed up and stored, and I now find myself running around, trying to gather my stuff together, including several bits of clothes that include old security uniforms I haven't worn in years.

      By now I find myself out deep in the warehouse, among the tall racks of stock, all sorted on pallets and up in the air, except the space on the ground, the lowest rows, aren't filled with pallets, but all the associates' lockers, and as I am walking along, I spot one of them that has smoke gently rising from it. Something has caught fire. I am trying to call for help, and get somebody out here before things can spread, when I spot smoke rising from another locker a couple of rows away. And another. And another. There seems to be an arsonist running around, starting fires. There are several upper level employees running around trying to put them out, but I am helping out, acting as a spotter.

      As they continue, I can't help but notice the floors we're standing on are not tile, or even stone (which would make even more sense), but there is a strip of carpeting, a kind of a blue-green carpet, running the width of the aisle, and the entire length of the warehouse. As I am standing there, pointing at another burning locker, I am kind of shocked to find another associate swimming up to me in the carpet. He splashes some water up at the locker and puts out the fire, and even splashes a tiny bit at me. I am really in shock. He is swimming along like he is swimming laps, but I'm just standing on it ... nothing but carpet, to me. "How can you do that?" I ask, but he refuses to tell me, darn it!

      I can't help it ... I pull out my cell phone and start to text Dale and tell him what is going on in the warehouse, and I hope I will manage to catch him before he gets on his plane. As I continue, it slowly turns from a text into an e-mail, and I now seem to be typing on my laptop, which is easier, of course. But I am still getting annoyed because, though I can type quite fast (probably about 35 or 40 words a minute when I know what I want to say, even though I don't know how to touch type), there is a girl standing there, sending texts of her own, and she is somehow typing about 10 to 20 times as fast as me, which shouldn't be possible. In retaliation, I just start mashing the keys with both hands and even my arms, sending masses of complete gibberish to Dale, before I wake up.

      [And the moment I wake up, I check my cell phone and verify the text that half-woke me was, indeed from him, and immediately started texting him about the dream he almost woke me from, but since I only just woke up, half of that text was also gibberish. ]


      May 25, 2013 -- Somehow I have been visiting with Carolyn S., and was somehow even there last week when one of her sons (Carson, I think) graduated from elementary school [very odd, since all of her kids are already out of high school], though because of some sort of emergency or problem, Carolyn was not able to make it. She is very disappointed about this, and feels really bad about it. So when I am out doing stuff a couple of days later, and find myself in the right place at the right time, I decide to help out. I am somewhere in California, Garden Grove or Santa Ana or somewhere I know the major streets, but not well, and I realize I am really near Carson's school, so I decide to stop by and see if, even though the graduation has already happened, if there might be any more festivities Carolyn might be able to catch, to make up for missing the graduation.

      As I said, the overall area is Garden Grove or something, but when the bus drops me off at his school, it is an exact duplicate of Peter Marshall. I approach the kindergarten playground and classrooms, and there are a lot of other people wanting to speak to somebody as well, so it is fairly crowded. But as I am walking up, I realize that it is Sunday, so nobody is going to be here. [Never mind that if graduation was last week, school is over for the summer, anyway.] I comment on this, and several others realize I am correct, and start walking away. I am about to join them, when I glance back at the class rooms. Not only are there people on the playgrounds, but I can even see them in the classrooms through the windows, so even though it is Sunday, people are still here.

      I walk to the office, and find myself in a big line of people. I glance around, and there are five or six people working, and I remember when I was a kid at Marshall, and how there was only Ms Gurly and one teen working in here and managing everything. I can't imagine how they need so many people, now, but figure it must be much more record keeping because computers have made it so much 'easier' these days. Anyway, a couple of the people waiting in front of me in this huge line are pushy punks, and they start shoving me around a bit, until the staff gets angry, and orders us all to get out. They head out the door in front of me, and since they are now gone, I turn around at the last second and stay. Sine there is no more trouble, they let me.

      I find myself leaning against the wall next to the door to the principal's office, and there is a meeting going on in there with a lot of people. Unfortunately the door is broken, and I keep bumping it open and having to apologize. Meanwhile, I am playing with a couple of nails sticking out of the wall, and find myself backing away from several large spiders. (Large as in large types, wolf spiders, or wood spiders, perhaps, not something like huge spiders. just like an inch or two long.) They tell me not to worry about the spiders, and nobody seems to care, though they creep me out a little.

      Soon I finally have a chance to speak to the person in charge (who warns me they are still putting together the diplomas and mailing them out, and I can't collect it in person), and I say something like "I'm here on behalf of Carolyn S. Her son graduated a few days ago ... his name is ..." "Carson, yes. We were very proud of him ... such a shame what happened." "Wha?" "Oh, he went out and got drunk three days ago, and something happened, and now he is dead!" "But I just saw him ..." I continue to think ... four days ago! Oh no! Poor Carolyn. I am horrified. And about that time I wake up.


      May 25, 2013 -- [Even later in the morning ... but most of this one is missing. There was even more of this one, before the part I remember, and I think it involved looking for a nice restaurant.] There were bits about eating, and maybe a hint of balloon twisting that I can barely remember, but then I find myself getting home at the Hickory house. Mom is being a bit of a pest, but nowhere near as bad as in the first dream of the night. Carolyn S. is also here, and it is several days after the second dream. I know I ought to tell her how sorry I am to hear about her son, and apologize for my visit to his grade school, but she is running out to door for a balloon gig of her own. But just as she is exiting, she mentions that Carson was asking about me, yesterday. Turns out he is fine, and the woman at the school didn't have any idea what she was talking about. Weird.

      Meanwhile, I am walking to my second bedroom, and find that both the doors are open, and mom has been in there, messing with my stuff again. Darn it, I wish that woman would stay out of my room and leave my stuff alone! I walk in, and start glancing around to see what she might have messed with, and soon find myself playing some Runescape. It is half-live, half game, but I have no computer to play with. I soon find myself facing off against a huge troll or ogre, something along the lines of Bork, but not him. Problem is, I can't seem to touch him, but he sure seems to be able to touch me! Somebody sees me having problems, and calls over to me that the only thing he is weak to is the casting of bloom, but I don't have my druid pouch with me.

      Luckily, I do have my first ever cell phone, my old silver Sanyo flip phone, and I pull it out of my pocket, and start flipping through it to see if I might have any sort of Runescape app. Luckily I find one that allows me to cast bloom by pushing the 2 key, so I wait for the creature to attack me, hold the phone at him, mash the 2 key a few times, and a bright light comes out of the phone, and starts to injure him. I have to wait a little while before he recovers enough to try again, and we do the same thing. This goes on 10 or 12 times, and I've beaten him down to about half health, but unfortunately, I'm almost out of prayer, so I am not going to be able to cast bloom anymore. So I am struggling with the app to see if there is any way I can access my Ardy cloak to recharge my prayer points, but so far I haven't managed it. [In actuality, I would probably need the Falador shield, rather than the cloak.]
    13. Kitchen Sink Dream: Mardi Gras, Used Books, Rescuing Sylvester McCoy, Travel, plus more, and fragmen

      by , 05-23-2013 at 05:14 PM
      05-23-2013 -- [All over the place, took place between about 1:30 am and 3:15 am.] I have no idea where I am at when the dream starts, but am in a weird store, kind of a cross between an antique shop and a thrift store, with lots of odds and ends and big and little crap. Something about the place is familiar, and I think I have dreamed about it (or something quite close to it) in the last year or two sometime. Also some ties to the bookcase in the dream from a day or two ago, though no Wodehouse books this time. First I am looking at one of the small wire rack displays some libraries use for their paperback books, and come across a very old and much-worn copy of Vic Crume's Wiz Kid and the Carnival Caper adaption. (I wanted that book so much as a little kid, but didn't buy it the one and only time I ever saw it.)

      Soon I am walking further into the store, and am in a sort of sloping hallway on a hill, approaching a single short bookcase (maybe 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide) sitting horizontally across the hall, almost blocking the path through it, and am looking at more books on it. I see most of the books from the bookcase a coupe of days ago, including the large collection of Choose Your Own Adventure titles, but this time there are also two four book gift boxes of CYOA books, one with four titles set in the X-Men universe, the other with four set in the Star Wars universe. I pull a couple of books off the shelf to look at them, and seem to start a landslide, with about half the books on the entire bookcase falling off. I start to try and pick them up and put them back on the bookcase, but now it is falling over, and I can't get it to stay up where it was. I finally turn it sideways, so that now there is more space to walk by it on either side (it was like this | -- | but is now like this | | | ) and it becomes more sturdy, so I am able to start putting the books back on it.

      About this time I am attacked by some nutty demented dwarf (Billy Barty type, not long bearded fantasy type) and as he keeps throwing himself at me, I have to fight back. I grab him by his clothes, and am throwing him around the room, swinging him against one wall and then another. Eventually he is latching on to the chandelier above our heads, and as I continue swinging him around, he brings down tons of stuff, including the chandeliers, and brings it all (and himself) crashing to the ground some 20 or 30 feet below. What a mess! I quickly end up exiting the store.

      I find myself with my car, which doesn't seem to have a roof or sides, but is just wide open. I have tons of stacks of paper (mostly note paper) on a wide variety of subjects, including some writing, but with the car so open, I am afraid of how much stuff might blow away while I am driving. At this point I think I am in Chicago, and am about to drive back to California. There is an interstate freeway that makes the trip almost directly, and passes through Indiana and Kentucky on the way, so I plan to stop and look for a couple of Old Spaghetti Factory restaurants and some Hostess O's donuts on the way, but I've got a long trip ahead of me, and am really worried about my stuff. So I end up talking with my mom (who is dead) who is in the back yard of the Hickory House (where we lived in CA) which is now somehow in Chicago, and she agrees to put the rest of my stuff in storage, since she already has tons of it, anyway. She leads me to the corner of the back yard / side yard where I once tried growing corn, and helps me bury all the stuff in a pit I've dug here. I don't argue with her, but I am worried of rain and such.

      I'm very happy to not have to worry about the stuff in my car blowing away, but now I would like to have some cassette tapes to listen to on the long car trip, and I just buried most of them. Worried about it, and looking for some tapes, I step out of the house and find myself standing on a long, curving driveway in front of a big Chicago hotel, where a lot of my stuff is laying on the ground where it might have fallen out of my car. It is the kind of stuff you might find laying on the floor after you have been cleaning a very, very messy room for a while, and you've gotten up all the big stuff, and all that is left is a few small items you haven't gotten to yet, and small bits of paper and detritus that you still have to clean up or vacuum away. Among this are several cassette cases, and I am hopeful, but they have all been run over, so are broken and damaged. [Happened a few days ago to my gas cap when I left it on my roof.]

      This is all in the middle of the parking lot, and there are cars honking at me to get out of the way as I try to find any whole tapes, so soon I dodge out of the way and wander a few rows down in the parking lot. I start walking through a row of parked cars, but it quickly morphs to riding a bike down a path that seems to be for a combination of pedestrians and horses, and I seem to be moving against the flow. Making my way around the walkers is no problem, but the horses, walking three or four abreast and filling the whole path are a lot more difficult to dodge. They don't make room or get out of the way very well, and they seem to be slightly grumpy at the situation, and yet they aren't at all mad at me, they just don't like making room for somebody going the other way. Weird.

      I make it through this area and head back up toward the hotel entrance, where I find myself in an odd sort of room where I seem to have instantly fallen asleep, because a few seconds later, mom is shaking me awake and I find myself in just my underwear, scrambling to find my clothes and shoes and get dressed. I'm supposed to follow mom to the cars so we can leave, but I decide to make one last stop at the strange shop. It is on a hill, and I walk in to find it very, very busy. There are customers everywhere, and about four people at registers behind the counter, and it is almost impossible to get anybody's attention. I explain about the bookcase and apologize for it, and for any trouble I caused them, and they tell me I will be welcome back at any time, that they actually really like the new layout from my moving the bookcase, and that the dwarf was to blame for the damage he caused by attacking me, so it's all good. I wander the store a little bit, and at the entrance to the upward sloping hallway where the bookcase was, I come upon a strange sight.

      Sylvester McCoy (the 7th Doctor) is standing there wearing a space helmet (reminds me of a couple of the 10th an 11th Doctor stories) and his usual 7th Doctor outfit, being choked by a huge guy that looks kind of like Wreck-It Ralph. I run up to him and start to pry his hands away from Sylvester's neck while saying something like "Please stop choking Mr McCoy!" He just kind of grunts and tries to wave me away, but I manage to pull Sylvester free, and start to walk away. I soon find I have bought two of those small bubble packages you find in kids' gumball machines, and as I open them up, I find one contains two kind of mangled cassettes, and the other contains the box the two cassettes originally came from, and it is some kind of audio production Sylvester did (like Big Finish, but possibly not from that company), and I suddenly realize I may have interrupted a play or a recording session of some sort, and I'm a bit embarrassed.

      I'm now standing outside the store, in Chicago (it still fells like I am in Chicago) though it is the home of Mardi Gras, and the hill I am on has the exact layout and buildings of Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island, though none of those buildings are being used for the Island's nightclubs. I can see the Mardi Gras floats making their way up the hill, while people are screaming for beads and things. I am about 2/3 of the way down the hill, and am standing by the store when McCoy walks out, and I start to follow him, hoping to apologize and tell him how much I loved his portrayal of the Doctor, but he almost seems to be avoiding me, and dodging into paths and alleyways. When I catch up to him, he is back with the guy who choked him and an attractive young woman who looks like a show girl, and the guy who looks like Wreck-It Ralph is saying his name is Dan Spivey. I ask him "Dangerous Dan Spivey? Like the guy from 80s Disneyland entertainment?" and a bunch of people walking by who look exactly like various Disney entertainers who are walking by ask me what I am talking about. I say I think I remember a Dangerous Dan Spivey from Disney entertainment back when I hung out there as a teen. [In reality, Dangerous Dan Spivey was a wrestler back in the early days of the WWF, I think.]

      Anyway, by this time all the entertainers and Sylvester's group have wandered off, and the cassette tapes that I am trying to stick into the pockets of my large jacket have turned into 12 green apple lollypops. The thin, short-haired black woman at the meeting at First Baptist on Monday who somehow looked familiar is standing near me, and tries to seal some of my lollypops, but I catch her and pull them away from her, and a heavier black woman who seems to be her mother tells her something like "You can't do that, that's wrong ... but you might succeed if you try again." By this time we have reached the building that, at Pleasure Island, would be the Adventurer's Club, but here it isn't, and the black girl tries to steal my stuff several more times. By this time the lollypops are in my pockets, and I am pushing the girl's hands away, while the mother is berating me for daring to touch her daughter.

      I eventually grab her hands in my arms and shove her away hard enough that she slams into a wall, as I explain that I am helping to teach her daughter not to try and steal ... at least from me, and the mother acts like I am a horrible person. Then I duck out the lower level back door by the river (lake?), and find myself walking in a kind of darkish alleyway where I come across chorus girls dressed up as Cadillacs. They are wearing costumes that look like full-sized Cadillac cars from the waist, up, while still having the usual nylon-wrapped gorgeous gams beneath, as they dance around in a Vegas-style show, and I wake up. Very odd.


      Somehow I find myself in a public restroom with Carl, and it is one of the nicest, cleanest, and most private restrooms I have ever seen ... if you remember to close the stall door! D'oh! I push the stall door shut while Carl is doing the embarrassed 'I didn't have to see that' thing, as we discuss different job possibilities, as somebody familiar walks past and comments I ought to get a job doing what he does. I look at him and he looks much like a middle aged Andy Griffith, and I eventually recognize his uniform as that of a fire fighter. I am thinking I am in no shape to be a fire fighter, and he agrees with me, but says I could drive the truck and do record keeping, and stuff like that. I eventually start to recognize him, and place the name Conrad to him, but I can't quite remember where I know him from, then finally it clicks, Jeff's next door neighbor on Hickory. Turns out he moved right after I did, and now also seems to live in Orlando, and somehow we end up talking about internet connections.

      In the dream, I have a rather cheap internet connection through GEnie or something like that (with hints of Prodigy thrown in), and am complaining about the signal I get, but he explains that I need to get two modems to double up the signal, and then it works much better. Very strange (and pointless) stuff. Soon I find myself literally running down I-4 with Dale, as we're trying to get to the airport on time to catch a plane back to CA (I think), and Dale is wondering if we are going to make it, as we pass his rental car, which ran out of gas. Dale says it is no big deal, and that the rental car company is coming for it soon, and will add a couple of gallons before they take it back.

      We soon find ourselves boarding a bus, which as we try to make our way to seats is turning into a plane, we find ourselves taking two seats next to a guy in the window seat with a bag in his lap that looks like George Takei, but isn't. With Dale and I being big guys, and him with his bag, we ask if he is OK with us sitting there. He indicates he has had a bad day, is tired and sore, but our sitting there will not cause him any problems. Soon the plane is flying, and we are listening to the conversations around us, and a slightly older, attractive lady (about 55 to our 45) almost seems to be flirting with us. I'm shocked when suddenly Dale and this lady seem to be in one of the plane's restrooms making some very improper sounds, as this is nothing like him, and everybody on the plane can hear.

      But it all turns out to be a practical joke, she and Dale come out of two different restrooms, and it turns out she was showing him the weird phone system the airline has installed in the lavatories, which connect all the bathrooms, and broadcast everything said across the entire plane. Very weird system. I've reached the point where I need to use the restroom (no intention of using the phone, though), but all of them are in use. And the keep being in use. And when I finally get to use one, the plane suddenly takes off without me. Things have gotten weird, and the lavatories are no longer on the planes, and it seemed to touch down for a couple of minutes to let people use the restrooms, just before the end of our trip (which is now flying into Orlando, instead of out.) I find myself on Landstreet Road, chasing after the plane, waving my hands before a truck almost backs into me. Turns out I was running down the road trying to flag down the airplane while in between two small trucks, and they are mad because my running isn't as fast as they want to drive. I dodge the truck, then start the slow walk down Landstreet and up Orange Blossom Trail to get home.
    14. The Delivery, the Used Bookstore and the Dementor Attack

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:42 PM
      05-20-2013 -- [Hints of lots of stuff at the edge of my memory, which might be in the same dream, or from different ones in the night. Might have been bits with Harry Potter, Runescape, and/or Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      I find myself delivering a package to some place that seems to be a bit of a cross between a hotel or maybe an Orlando Paving plant. I make the delivery, then call in, but dispatch doesn't seem to have anything else for me. It seems to be kind of blending between a courier job, and hints of driving for Mears. I find myself considering exiting the parking lot through the proper exit, which would force me to turn east, where I would have to drive a little way to a place I could make a u-turn, while somebody leaving in a truck or a bus takes a side road they aren't supposed to, but it will allow them to head west immediately, and I am wondering which way will be faster.

      But then I get a call from dispatch telling me to just wait patiently, and soon they'll have something else for me. I remind them that I've been doing this for a while, and I know it is all part of the job. I glance around the parking lot, and notice they seem to be almost setting up a flea market or something, and as I find myself near a stall of used books, I decide to go take a look.

      I find myself carrying my worn paperback of Jordan's Eye of the World, and as I find myself glancing at several other Wheel of Time books on their shelves, I am hoping they won't think it is their book. I am glancing at the titles and see a few Dick Francis novels, a few Gordon Korman books, and several shelves of old Choose Your Own Adventure books, but I find I have no interest in that series, anymore, so I ignore them. I find a bunch of the really early Wodehouse novels, and then, oddly, a 3 Investigators book that I have never seen before, which seems to have the 3 Investigators solving a case at Blandings with Emsworth and Galahad and the rest. Very interesting.

      One of the people who works at the shop is considering getting some of the Korman Macdonald Hall books, and I am putting in a good recommendation for them, then as I try and look at the lowest books on the bookcase I am looking at, I start to sink a couple of feet into the floor, which makes it much easier to look at the lower titles.

      As I am looking at some of the books, the flea market is suddenly attacked by several dementors, and everybody starts screaming and panicking. But it seems a lot of the dementors are finding they aren't as effective as they might be. One dementor has grabbed a young child, and is trying to torture her, but she says the dementor is less painful and horrifying than the cancers she had been fighting, and she sacrifices herself to destroy the dementor.

      [A friend of mine yesterday was explaining something called Live Like Bella, which is about a young girl who, as a baby, had a cancer, and the doctors said she was going to die. She had a miraculous healing. Since then, she has come down with two or three other kinds of cancers, and each time, the doctors say she is doomed, and then she receives another miraculous healing. Through it all, she has remained upbeat, and tried to live her life to the fullest. I expect being told about this brought about the above scene.]

      Another dementor is coming right for me, but a kind of dopey (but very loyal) friend of mine throws himself in the way, and in some way through his sacrifice, manages to half take over the dementor, before they both explode. He seems like one of the Wodehouse male romantic interests, loyal, not too bright, a nice, ineffectual guy. But he sure managed to take out one of the dementors.

      I find myself making the comment that these dementors must be from the movies, not the books, because they seem a lot weaker than the book dementors that can only be scared away by a Patronus. By this point, the vehicle I am driving is a cab, not my own car or a shuttle van, and I somehow kind of see the future, and realize I am just about to be attacked by another dementor, and instead open the trunk of my car just in time for the dementor to fly in, then I shut it again, trapping the thing!
    15. Harry Potter and Vampires, Doctor Who Filming, and Harry with Vampires Redux

      by , 05-15-2013 at 02:18 PM
      05-15-2013 -- Three dreams from last night, all kind of inter-related or tied in with other dreams. Kind of.

      First was a weird Harry Potter dream that I can't remember in all that great of details, but it was a lot of fun. Somehow I was Harry, and was fighting against some kind of very attractive female vampire, except that very quickly we weren't fighting, but instead having sex. This was followed by minor conflicts with several other female vampires and other attractive females, which always seemed to also turn to sex. At more than one point, I would end up with multiple identical vampires from different worlds all at the same time, which was a whole lot of fun. It was lots of great sex while at the same time, fighting evil and making the world a better place.

      At the same time, I was kind of 'responsible' for babysitting the Malfoy from my world, who was nothing more than a petulant, whiny brat. But at one point during the various misadventures, one of the vampires from one of the other dimensions has brought along the Malfoy from her own world, who was pleasant, mature, and her lover, and when at one point myself and several of my vampires and the second Malfoy and his lover all end up in the same bed as the whiny Malfoy who wakes up to see the other version of himself with a vampire, he looses it and starts screaming bloody murder.


      An odd Doctor Who dream where I seem to be traveling with the 7th Doctor in the TARDIS. We've landed somewhere that very much has a feeling of past dreams that include a bathroom or locker room in a sort of construction site, which I may or may not be able to point to another specific dream here. Anyway, at this construction site or hotel or whatever, the TARDIS is sort of acting as an elevator, moving between floors, and I wander into the locker room on maybe the second or third floor, and am just wandering through.

      Though it is the men's locker room, there are many places where you can look right across into the ladies' locker room, and see the women changing, and I kind of enjoy watching and looking a bit, as I slowly walk back out of the locker room. Somehow I've gotten so close to the womens' locker room that it is the one I end up exiting from. I am soon heading back toward the TARDIS.

      Except now it is turning from living Doctor Who into filming an episode of the show. The TARDIS elevator is only a flimsy set which seems to be falling apart, and Sylvester McCoy is wandering around muttering about his lines and rehearsing them. I am trying to get back to the locker rooms using the 'elevator' which is now more of a platform with a rope and pulley painted blue, but it is kind of separating from the side of the building, and when I manage to force myself back to where I think the locker room should be, not even the door is there, much less the room, itself. And though I keep changing floors, I still can't find it.

      Then things somehow switch, and I have gone back in time. The TARDIS elevator is back and sturdy again, and the locker rooms are back, but we are still filming an episode of Doctor Who, and somehow I have gone back too far in time. We aren't ready to film, yet, and while the women are in place in the locker room, they are all frozen in suspended animation, until we're ready to film. I wander around and find a couple of attractive blondes enclosed in ice, and start kissing and cuddling with them to thaw them out. While none of them mind being thawed out like this, some of them are (understandably) quite ticked off about being frozen in the first place, and start stomping around angrily, complaining about it. Very weird stuff.


      Somehow I am in a house where I have a bedroom to live in, and I am recalling the first vampire dream up above, and trying to write it down as a story. It's not going very smoothly. My writing is horrible and stilted, I can't think of how to say what I want to convey, and though I am trying to compare it to something black and white along the lines of film noir, I remember it with colors like red, green and yellow, but all of them mixed with black to give them a more dingy, dirty appearance, but not anything that could really properly be called film noir.

      Meanwhile, I am trying to write it as a big fantasy story taking place on another world, when I suddenly start to realize that it was actually much more along the lines of a police procedural (yeah, a police procedural about having sex with lots of vampires ... right), and wondering just how much that is going to conflict with the garbage I have been writing, or whether I am going to have to scrap the whole thing. It isn't that I can't remember the dream, it's just that I can't seem to put it in words.

      Meanwhile, I am being asked to wash dishes in the kitchen for a meal I didn't have any part in eating, and soon decide I'd rather leave. As I find myself walking around the house, it suddenly changes to walking around the Moran house on the beach that I first dreamed about being chased by Voldemort around it here, and have since dreamed about at least a second time.

      I find myself creating a new (really lousy) song parody to the tune of 'Secret Agent Man' about the dream, humming 'Secret Vampire Man' to myself as I am suddenly riding a bike around the front yard, wondering if Bonnie has the dogs or not, this time, since she has given them away, and then brought them back a couple of times now in my dreams.
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