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    1. Fragments: Locomotion Routes in Orlando, Ubering Main Street, Knott's Security, Weird Stuff

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:48 PM
      06-30-2017 -- Three tonight, all rather fragmenty. (Well, some of them are longer fragments than usual, but I'm still lumping them together.) Third starts (as far as I can remember) at the BP Nazarene church. I'm poking about a little, but some people are giving me some hassles, so I just walk away, down Page, then the side street that takes me out near Orangethorpe. Somehow I walk down the block a bit further, until I turn the corner onto another street, heading back toward Page (Stanton, perhaps.) By this point it is getting a little strange, because I seem to be laying out route lines in Locomotion, putting in tram stops about every four spaces.

      Soon I am hitching a ride from Carl Baumer, Starting from next to where the first route ended, heading across and down another side street to Page, ending at a shopping center where I am asking Carl to drop me off. He thinks it is to go to a tire company, but I don't really know what business I am looking for here. I just know I am looking to start a third route where the first ended and the second started, this one going down to Page, then to the right, until it largely completes the pattern I've been setting up.

      I am also pausing, glancing around, at an auto repair place I've seen in many dreams that has gotten constantly worse at fixing problems or selling me good cars and cycles, and glancing at a spot in the middle where I am trying to place a station, but having problems of getting it to place, and then finding I'm placing the wrong thing, and its an ad or something, instead of a tram stop.

      Don't know how the change happens, but the next thing I know, I'm now driving Uber (no idea what vehicle) and have a little old lady in my car who is telling me to ignore the GPS and just follow her directions. She must know what she is doing, because following her instructions, I now find myself driving her through the Fantasyland paths at the Magic Kingdom, where you can't usually take cars.

      But about the time we reach the Hub, it has changed to where I am pushing the lady around in a Publix shopping cart, and I stop and remove her because I think Disney will object to people using Publix carts on their property. I am trying to explain this to the lady (hoping she won't object, because a young family has already taken the cart and loaded their two young girls in it), but she's like "Of course, now come on, we're going to miss the Wild West Show," leading me over into Frontierland.

      As we walk along, the speakers are making odd announcements about people dying, and lawyers, and other strange things that have no place in a Disney park. Continuing along (now back in the car) we are passing Margaret, who I am surprised is still alive (its been a long time), and I roll down a window to call out hello to her, but she turns her nose up and ignores me. I think about making a comment about ol' Laser Lips.


      06-30-2017 -- Somehow playing around with (and building) some sort of rolling marble game, where I am trying to tilt a board to make a marble reach different points. There is a tiny hint of stuff about the TARDIS, and patterns painted on the board in a strange red ink that appears and disappears, depending on where you are in the game, and hints of buses or trains as well.

      Somehow I then find myself standing around at Knott's Berry Farm, late at night. I don't seem to be really doing anything, so I may be security or something. Vince Williams is here, and is speaking to me about two things. The first is that his van is locked in the parking lot, and there is no way to get it out. (There is a pole system something like the one used at House of Imports), and it seems they lock the parking lot up at night, but don't warn the employees of that fact. The second is that he is muttering something about idiots who set up the bus systems where two buses run in opposite directions on the same street, but each has a different route number. I think about explaining I laid out the system, and it was just coincidence that the two routes are running on the same street, so they shouldn't have the same number, but I don't really feel like bothering.

      Meanwhile, I say I think we can get him out of the lot, and I grab a sort of crowbar that is sitting around in the warehouse I am guarding, and approach the pole gate. I remember from my time with House of Imports, a locking system where the crowbar releases a latch within the pole that allows you to open the gate (the real system was nothing like this), and I've soon popped the latch and let Vince out. He's rather happy. Myself, I am hoping I haven't triggered any alarms or gotten myself in trouble.

      Anyway, he's driven off, and nothing has happened to me, and I soon find myself in Rosemary's place, and Vince, who is another of the roommates shows up. It is now a day later, and I want to ask him about the situation, and if he got in any trouble the next day, but don't want to tell anyone of the situation, so I'm like "What about ... was there any ...?" "Nope. No mention of it." Meanwhile, I seem to be eating a piece of hard lasagna noodle with spaghetti sauce spread on it, and when Rosemary walks in and sees it, she is freaking out. As I said, only fragments tonight.


      06-30-2017 -- First one is even more fragmented. I am in a warehouse, working security, but it is late at night and dark, and most of the staff has already left, so I am trying to watch something a bit sexy on TV. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people who are working all night long, and I feel like they are trying to spy on me, so I turn the TV off. A couple of the guys are being rude and obnoxious, saying odd things, making odd threats. It kind of reminds me of Ray Burke a bit, but seemed more wrong and threatening.

      Somehow I more or less think I am dreaming, but can't think of any way to test it, so I am kind of wandering around, feeling up the occasional attractive female if I can find her alone, but not daring to be too pushy about it, since I am not sure I am dreaming. One girl is pleasuring a guy, so I pull her skirt down, planning to do a bit of pleasuring, myself, only to find under her skirt is a bit of a metal chassis, rather than legs and human skin and stuff. Very strange.
    2. Dream Bits: Sex with Melissa Gilbert, Knott's, and a Nasty Ghetto

      by , 10-09-2013 at 04:02 PM
      [For several days I was having dreams that seemed somehow not worth writing down or recording ... until yesterday when the exponential data center dream seemed worth recording, at which point the last several days of dreams that were not worth recording were suddenly worth recording, even though they are generally more suited for dream bits than full dreams. The mind is a very weird thing!]

      10-05ish-2013 -- Much of the detail was gone the instant I woke up, and several days later even more has faded, but ... I am in a sort of a sports stadium, being half pursued by a sort of a bad guy, but not too much so, still kind of a calm situation. There are hints of the Buena Park Church of the Nazarene, but not much. There are good guys that are helping me and bad guys that are chasing me, and maybe some hints of doing some kind of singing of funny songs, but nothing I can actually remember.

      I am moving into (or perhaps out of) the stadium area again, and find myself facing a naked and very attractive Melissa Gilbert (Laura from Little House, but very grown up) and I decide I want to have sex with her. She has no interest in me, she wants to get together with her 'Manly' (Almanzo Wilder).
      Spoiler for for graphic sex:

      After that nice bit is over, more of the bad guys are after me, and I try to sneak out of the entire stadium area, just to find myself in a sort of railroad yard, dodging trains. Thankfully, even though I am still being chased, I am able to fly, and they aren't, so I am flying higher and higher, and though they are trying to climb buildings to catch me, they just can't keep up.

      Then things start to change, in the way they often do in dreams, and I am having more and more trouble flying, while the people chasing me start flying, and are getting to be better at it than me, so I am only barely staying out of their reach, and then not even managing to stay out of their reach.


      10-06ish-2013 -- Running around in Buena Park, perhaps riding or trying to catch a bus, heading down Beach Blvd (or perhaps Grand Avenue) right past the entrance of Knott's Berry Farm. Somehow in something that half-resembles a computer game, and half ties into roller coaster rides and the like, I end up on a sort of ground-based care ride that carries me along the edge of the property just south of where Montezooma's Revenge is.

      While it somehow is a flat ground-based ride, it is soon on top of a tall building, perhaps 19 or 20 floors up, and I find myself walking along the top of the building, thinking of jumping off, and worrying about if I can safely fall 19 or 20 floors or not. Very strange, and too much is faded at this point to remember well.


      10-07-2013 -- Am somehow visiting with BAM in the old place, and am preparing to cook a meal which involves some very thick steak (actually a couple of very think steaks fitting together like a yo-yo until I cut them apart and make them into two steaks) and a side like macaroni and cheese or perhaps scalloped potatoes. I am also trying to get something to drink, but all the ice cubes are contaminated with some sort of brown alcohol. (Looks like Coke, but it is alcoholic, and I am trying to get it cleaned up, but all the ice is contaminated.)

      Somehow this ends up with BAM and I wandering around right outside (me still carrying the steak and potatoes) in a very ghetto-like neighborhood filled with some very rough people and lots of young gang member-like thugs carrying guns and weapons. Somehow it feels very end-of-the-world, and I can't help but think the whole world is doomed.

      Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out how to get the meal cooked, and dodging violent crooks. BAM heads off to a new place, and is moving (but only about a block or so over to a mobile home park) and I end up making friends with a particularly tough guy who actually seems to be tough but good, and is helping me gather the weapons I need to protect myself, as bad cops are chasing me and trying to lock me up, and I have to try and speak in a very hip and with-it way to try and food people and keep myself safe.

      Soon I try and make it back to BAMs new place, though I have a little problem finding the exact right mobile home, and she wants nothing to do with me, though there are Christian singers who do, and a dead pastor who is trying to talk to us, and clowns running around. It is all very odd.

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    3. The Balloon Convention, Lucid Sex, and Trying to Ride the Corkscrew (Lucid)

      by , 11-13-2012 at 06:50 PM
      11-13-2012 -- More to this in the beginning that I can't remember, as usual. I'm pretty sure I am in the Hickory House, except it doesn't have the right layout, and areas are much bigger. As I am wandering the house, I am watching something on TV, and it seems to involve what seems to be a balloon sculpture, except I grab it and it seems to be something else made to look like a balloon sculpture, a sort of prop.

      It is three 260s braided together into a straight stick, but the braiding somehow makes it more aerodynamic, so it should be able to be tossed around a room and fly really well. [Though I haven't looked into it in real life for years, I think this is actually true.] The prop has some kind of balloon creature riding it, but I am more interested in the braided part. I can't try it out because it isn't really made of balloons, but I decide I want to make the same thing, and try it.

      Problem is, as I start looking for my balloons, my mom tells me to use hers, instead, and points me at a huge 'bag' of balloons on the couch. She explains that Pioneer Balloons gave it to her for a give-away at a lecture she is giving at the clown section of a convention. This thing is massive, probably about two feet by two feet, and contains probably 15 times the amount of balloons my apron carries (and my apron carries around 2,000 balloons), and I am amazed and jealous that they have given this to her to use, then give away.

      How can she have this and be giving a class at a balloon convention as a clown, when she has only been doing this for a couple of years, while I have been doing this much longer, and have never been asked to do so? But neither here nor there. I go to grab some blue balloons (a sort of royal blue color, a shade lighter than the basic dark blue) and they stretch more than they ought to. I decide not to try and mouth inflate, with my air and vocal chords as they are, and go looking for a pump, but the first one I find has a huge tip, and I know I could never stretch the balloon over it. The second one is a regular balloon pump, and works fine for me.

      Problem is, as I start to blow up the balloon, perhaps a 10" section of balloon fills up, then starts bulging horribly before it pops. I start to stretch the other balloons slightly, and they are like pulling warm taffy. I try to grab more from mom's balloon bag, but they are all in the same condition, either badly made, or very old, with no strength and stability left, so I don't get to blow any up and try the designs. I am explaining all this to mom, while asking where the balloon prop came from.

      She explains that some guy named 'Charlie' comes by every couple of days and drops off some balloons he has made for the local kids. I have no idea who Charlie is, but it is nobody I know. Suddenly we are at the convention (it is either an FCM convention or a balloon convention that has made a point to invite non-ballooning clowns to try and teach them) and I am wandering around, visiting with balloon artists I know, while having to admit I don't know where my balloons have vanished to.

      I visit with Don Caldwell for a few minutes, and he is working on some great new designs he plans to use in a combination lecture and show tomorrow, then I find myself visiting with Joe White. Meanwhile, it is just a day or two before Halloween, and mom is talking about how she isn't taking her gig at the weird mall-like fun center that I've dreamed about making balloons at several times before, because she doesn't expect many people there on Halloween. Several others are trying to explain that this is one of their busiest days of the year, but she just won't listen.

      It is quite late in the evening, and several of the balloon artists are talking about going out to a bar or nightclub for a little drinking and partying, and I'd really like to come along, but I start to realize that while I know these people, like them, and they sometimes teach me some designs, none of them are actually friends, and none want me along for the party. Bummer. I'm regretting Dale just went home from a Disney visit, because it means he's not going to have the time off to go to the convention, and I'm going to be all alone. Double bummer. [True ... my best friend Dale was just here in Florida for two weeks, and just went home ... part of why almost none of my dreams have been posted for the last couple of weeks.]

      As the balloon artists head off to the bar, I just wander the streets. I am singing some sort of old classic song (perhaps Putting on the Ritz, but really, I think the song changed several times even as I was singing it.) As I sing the first line, I find myself walking next to several punk-looking teens, and I am embarrassed, so I switch to whistling. When I am whistling the last line, one of the teens sings it out (though by this point the last line may have been 'So happy together') and when the other punks glare at him, he says something like "What? It was a great song, and he sang that first line of it very well!"

      One of the other punks pulls a small tray of Stouffer's mac and cheese out of the microwave, and spits on it to show what he thinks of this. I make some sort of smart-alec comment about how he has no musical taste, and I, for one, don't want any of the mac and cheese either, thank you very much! The others laugh and agree, and he gets mad and throws it at me, getting mac and cheese all over my shoes. I walk off down the street, trying to wipe the shoes clean.

      Spoiler for Becoming lucid and sex:

      I don't know exactly how the idea comes into my head, but I somehow decide it would be fun to ride the Corkscrew, a roller coaster that used to be at Knott's Berry Farm, but was removed something like 20 years ago. I just start staring down the road, and a little in the distance, a mountain starts to come into being, and slowly the Timber Mountain Log Ride begins to appear, logs plunging down the long drop and splashing into the water. I can just barely see hints of the highest part of the Corkscrew's lift hill behind it.

      I walk around the mountain and into the Roaring 20s section, but it takes some work. I have been kind of pulling this out of my mind and forcing it into the world, so things are sort of super-imposed on each other. As I try and walk into the Roaring 20s section of the park, I am walking under the freeway overpasses that were already here when I started to pull the rides into existence. Kind of neat, kind of weird, seeing freeway lanes filled with cars just disappearing into the sides of the log ride and the mine train areas.

      As I move further in, I can now see almost the entire ride in front of me. But it isn't quite right. The cars should be red white and blue, but they seem to be green and yellow, and instead of riding on top of the track, they are hanging underneath, a suspended coaster. But the track itself seems right, and I am more than willing to try the Corkscrew as a suspended coaster.

      A few problems, though. At first I can't find the entrance area, and when I finally do, the lines are very, very long. At one point, where the track dips to near the ground, after the lift hill and just before going into the corkscrews (the real layout of the ride), the ride almost seems to merge with the line, and people are just kind of being sucked into it. But when I get there, nothing is happening.

      I decide to just bypass the line, and half-jump, half-fly up to the loading station, but as I do, the ride seems to have just shut down for the day, and there are no more cars on the track, so no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get a ride. Very frustrating!

      [Oddly, while there was a lot of lucid stuff in the dream, a lot of cool dream powers and impossible things, still nothing actually worked out, and there was a lot of frustration throughout, as well. Doesn't change the fact that it was a very long, detailed, and interesting dream for me.]


      There was another very long and detailed dream earlier in the night, but unlike this one, I couldn't remember much of it. I know there were some Harry Potter bits, and lots of repetition and boring bits. I also eventually found myself in a sort of higher-class version of the Adventurers Club, sitting on a large, ornate staircase leading into the main salon wearing either a bathrobe or towel. Either way, I am probably going to be half-nude as I stand up. A couple of anonymous female performers here, and some annoying interactions with BC for some reason. Might be interesting if I could remember it in full, but as it is, not worth much.
    4. A New Runescape Freebie

      by , 09-15-2012 at 08:00 PM
      09-11-2012 -- I'm at Newberry's in the Buena Park Mall, where I run into Joel K., who in telling me about this neat daily freebie in Runescape that I wasn't aware of. There is something about a weird sleep issue that might have told me I was dreaming if I was paying enough attention, and something about some kind of farming connection.

      I am just finishing up an herb run, and have my pack full of herbs. Joel has warned me there is some kind of sacrifice involved, and I might lose any food I have in my backpack. I don't know if herbs might count as food or not, but I'm thinking it might be wise to stop at a bank and drop off my herbs, first. Joel suggests if I am stopping by the bank, to get some robes to use as the sacrifice instead. I don't get what he means immediately, but eventually I think the idea is cheap, disposable robes, so I don't lose anything of real value.

      I think we're walking through Al Kharid, which seems to look just like Fiesta Village at Knott's. We're approaching the garage that the small Model T ride runs out of, which seems to be right behind the palace. There, Joel has a short fight (perhaps 20 seconds) with a small, chipped blade which is floating in the air. Beating it should be easy, even for me. He is gathering up some kind of small grubs or something, and storing them.

      He explains this is only the first part of things, and leads me past some buildings and things until we come to a small cabin down a long road on the side of a cliff, where there is a witchdoctor waiting. He tells me this is where the second part takes place, and gives me a small carafe filled with powdered Tang. When I do this myself, I will mix the Tang with water to make a drink for the ceremony. But he tells me any kind of drink should work.

      He briefly turns into Greg Jones, then disappears. I am now wandering around Disneyland/Runescape in an area that reminds me of the Big Thunder Trail between Frontierland and Fantasyland, and I spot Dale in line for a ride. I head further down the road, passing first a large wood chipper, then two or three inflatables that look like carnival rides. There is a ride that seems to be kind of a cross between a mine train and a Norwegian Viking ride, and Dale comments it is one of his favorites.

      I make my way back to the hut, and now there is a guy there who seems to be dressed like one of the rangers at the Karambe Wildlife reserve in the Animal Kingdom. I think he is there collecting real blood samples or something, but it turns out he is part of the freebie. I admit this is my first time of doing the freebie, and I don't really know what I am doing yet. He doesn't get my Tang powder, and to my horror he throws it out, but just replaces it with powdered lemonade and adds water, so it's still ok.

      While he is standing there, an evil witch appears behind him and beheads him with a huge lumberjack saw. I grab my weapon, and strike the saw, and manage to break it. The witch is about to attack me, but there are animals here that are defending me. I think there is a large tiger, and something huge (elephant, rhino?) is actually tearing it's way through the roof and pulling itself inside to help protect me. Unfortunately since we're in this tiny, frail cabin on a cliff, I'm afraid the beast is going to cause the whole thing to fall off the cliff.