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    1. Trying to Save People on B5 thru Drugs, Staying with Friends Who Turn out to be Death Eaters

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:08 PM
      06-27-2017 -- Odd HP/B5 mash-up. First bit I can remember, I am at the Hickory House, which is somehow on B5. I'm being lectured by one person (possibly Sheridan) that I can't save everybody, while being warned by another (probably Delenn) that I have to find a way to save them all! I'm not sure what's going on, but we're drinking something that is supposed to cause odd hallucinations, because it will provide us hints of the future. I drink the thing, and am waiting for the hallucinations to start, and there are bits and flashes of light and movement and stuff, growing into a brighter and brighter flash.

      And then I find myself on Hickory, and it is early in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but for whatever reason, home is why I am tired, so I can't go there. Somehow I can remember I was staying at the Goodwins before this, so I decide to go back there, though I fear it is a bad idea (after all, it's early in the morning.) In a sort of dream deja vu, I go there twice. Both times I open the screen door, try the door knob, find it is locked, turn to walk away, and then hear a loud bang that I fear I caused, but I can't figure out how. (In actuality, I think the screen door was on a strong closing thing, and as I walked away, it banged shut.)

      Anyway, I know I've done this twice, and am afraid the banging is going to have woken the family up and gotten them mad at me, so I'm about to rush away, hoping not to be seen, but as I glance back, the door is already open, and Barbara is standing there, so I turn back to apologize and explain myself. I explain that since I was staying there briefly the previous afternoon, before going off to however my mind was understanding this bizarre mash-up, I was just trying the knob, combined with mention of how tired I was. I'm also kind of nervous to realize I am standing here in my underwear. Instead of yelling at me, Barbara simply invites me back inside, and I somehow find myself dressed in a full set of blue pajamas, kind of collapsing on an extra bed in Jeff's room, more or less passed out.

      I realize Barbara dressed me by magic, and I'm Harry Potter. Jeff's starting to stir, and Marvin is there as well. They are talking quietly, and I'm only half asleep but acting like I'm fully asleep. Jeff is dressed in a green boy scout uniform, and my blue pajamas are morphing into the same. Meanwhile, I've swung back to a sitting position on the bed and am apologizing to Barbara again, except that I am starting to refer to her as Narcissa. But Marvin/Lucius is now and always only Sir. Oddly enough, Jeff stays Jeff, and thankfully doesn't turn into a Draco clone.

      Turns out something is going on today, and several of Jeff's Death Eater friends have shown up, and are slowly changing out of their green boy scout uniforms and into their red Death Eater robes, while Narcissa is cooking us all breakfast, trying to prepare us for the day. I'm feeling out of place, sitting here in my green boy scout/Gryffindor robes while everybody else has switched into their red robes, and my mind isn't even catching a hint of the odd color reversals. It does lead me to commenting on how some Death Eaters are perhaps not so bad, while wondering if I ought to dress up in red robes as well. Narcissa is looking at me strangely until I mention "Can't you just imagine the expressions on the faces of all the light-side wizards at seeing me that way?" and she starts laughing.

      They head off to what they need to do, and I walk back to the Hickory House, where I now feel ready to head inside again. But as I approach the door, I am briefly stopped by seeing four of my friends walking up, dressed up as a set of super heroes, all different, yet with a hint of uniformity to their costumes that indicate some sort of team. The only one I can identify is David. They are iffy about letting me approach the house in my red robes, but I quickly explain and walk in. The first thing I do inside is approach my room, because I know my cat was left in there, and I figure with my being gone for a day, nobody is likely to have let him out, so I am fearing a mess. As I head into the second bedroom, I am thinking of a more recent cat (probably a cross between Black Lightning and Ray), but what I find is still the old marmalade of Cocoa and Sammy. I'm trying to coax the cat out, but it doesn't want to move. That's about all I can remember of this one.
    2. The Long Arm of the Graves

      by , 02-19-2013 at 03:40 PM
      02-19-2013 -- I find myself in the backstage elevator I know from past dreams, riding down to enter the Adventurers Club. When the elevator lets me off, it is at the regular elevator spot, on the Zebra Mezzanine. I step out, and run into a couple of the cast members. I think Graham is doing Fletcher, and is glad to see me. Kristian is doing Hathaway, and is producing that slightly smarmy sort of vibe where I don't think he likes me, but he deals with it by just gently poking fun at me, and it doesn't really bother me. Then Joe (pre-surgery) as Graves walks up to me, greets me kind of warmly (something like "It's nice to see you again, Sir,"), and shakes my hand.

      Then something distracts him mid-shake, and he turns away and leaves me holding his right arm. His real, live, right arm. He walking away, and I'm calling after him, asking "Graves ... Graves ... do you think you might still need this?" But he's disappeared through one of the staff doors, so I'm left carrying his arm.

      I'm walking counter-clockwise around the mezzanine, and downstairs, somebody is calling out for Graves, asking him to give them a hand, and each time they do, his arm raises up in my hand and waves excitedly, but there's not much else it can do without its own body. I glance down, and oddly, the bar is over where the Treasure Room usually is. Eventually Graves arrives there (sans arm) right as I reach the stairwell and start down.

      I am going down the stairs with my right hand on the banister, and my left hand holding Joe's arm, and it is kind of feeling in front of itself like a blind man might. There are people coming up the stairs at the same time, and Graves' arm ends up feeling up the chests of the women, who for some reason find the freshness from a disembodied arm to be hilarious. Meanwhile, it seems Joe can still feel whatever his arm is touching, and he is making comments like "Oh, that's nice," and "I've got to do this more often." Everybody just roars with laughter.

      Things shift, and Graves has his arm back, and I am relaxing in the Main Salon, while many of the performers are just mingling with people and chatting. Then soon they start to seat a show (I think it is a treasure room show), and I end up wandering over to the desk in the stairwell, and sitting down to do a little writing. I know I am dreaming, and I find it to be a very nice dream, and I want to write it down, while I can still remember it really well.

      I'm trying to write it down on an envelope, but there are already several other dreams written on it, so I'm having trouble finding any room, and am having to write bits of it down here, there, and everywhere. Will make it hard to keep track of when it comes time to transfer it to the computer. Meanwhile, I know I am dreaming, but I am enjoying the dream enough that I'm not trying to change anything, but just enjoying it as it is.

      A maid who I don't actually recognize walks by, and makes a couple of comments, and I explain I am writing down this dream, so I won't forget it (and wondering if I will wake up to find it already written down, or if I will have to write it down again in the real world.) I find myself wondering where the other female performers are, because I've seen most of the men, but only the one woman, and I don't know her.

      Then I hear another voice, and I recognize it ... Jennifer. But I turn around, and she isn't in a Club costume. Instead she is in a really short (at both ends) red dress and a black wig. She is explaining to some others that she is in training for a new role, and has a couple of days left to go in that training. She has a very strong Betty Boop vibe going on, but she also has a very obvious, strong (fake) Flintstones five o-clock shadow going on, that makes the role a cross between Betty Boop, Betty Rubble, and oddly enough, Barney Rubble.

      Meanwhile, one of the cast members in the Main Salon is making some sort of comment about how the Club closed down years ago, but urging us all to attend and participate in ConGaloosh, and I'm thinking how I'd love to, if I could afford it, but ....

      Another of those dream shifts, and I find myself at some sort of after-Club party somewhere. I think Jennifer brought me along, and everybody is chatting, and somebody is asking why I am here, and I am still trying to properly explain the thing with Graves' arm, and this being a dream. Jennifer wants to take me aside to talk for a few minutes, but before she gets the chance, somebody else grabs her, and I end up taking a seat on a sofa to wait for her, then I wake up. (And do have to write the dream down again, since doing so in the dream didn't carry through to the real world. Pity. 8-D )
    3. Warfare at the Park, the Stakeout, and Singing with Mark and Luralee

      by , 12-27-2012 at 03:51 PM
      12-26-2012 -- [This one is interesting to me mostly because of just how much it is all over the place. It goes anywhere and everywhere ... heck of a lot of different scenes for one little dream. Unfortunately as so often, the first part is mostly gone.]

      Starts out with a combination of military stuff and Harry Potter bits. I am Harry Potter, fighting off Voldemort with the help of the military. There are bits of military police, chases, guns, and faking my death, while trying to gather weapons to aid with the fighting. Lots of chasing, and some long, neat scenes that are almost entirely gone, unfortunately. And all taking part in what is turning into Boisseranc Park.

      Soon I find we are exiting the park on the center road [in real life, there is only one road into the park, on the 'west' side of the property, but the road we're on is one that doesn't exist about midway between the real road and the handball courts.] As we're exiting, we have to pass through a security check point, and I am hoping the guns we have on our persons are hidden well enough to not trigger all the alarms and things. But we go through without problems.

      We're in mom's green car [mom never had a green car, nor have I], just about to pass a building and turn out on the road, and mom points it out and mentions that it is Fred and George's new building, and I just lose it. For the last ten days she has pointed this out each time we drive by it [never mind this is the first time I've dreamed this] and I'm tired of it, so I get really insulting and snippy. Really obnoxious, and I feel kind of bad about it even in the dream.

      Soon we're in Smith's Food King, doing some shopping, and after how I blew up, I'm afraid to try and add anything to the shopping cart because I think she is still angry at me ... but I can't resist it when I come across a couple of packages of Sanderson Farms chickens wings at .49 cents a pound, and a BOGO deal. Somebody else is commenting on it to me in an insulting way, but I just tell them it is a really good deal, and I am jumping on it!

      Soon I am somewhere, probably in Florida, cooking up the wings, and there is no mom here, anymore. I am now an adult, and mom has turned into an attractive young lady who is either a partner or girlfriend. I am deep frying the wings in a fryer, and our boss comes by and is making a lot of comments about not over-cooking the chicken, so I cook it a lot less than I normally would. When I take them out of the fryer, the gal with me carries them over to our bosses car, which seems to be on a stakeout. We soon see them cooking the wings in the car, and griping about their joke backfiring. It seems they told us to cook them less as a joke, not realizing we were going to give the wings to them.

      Soon we're walking along a chain-link fence, talking about the national economy, job market, politics, and how it all affects local crime, as I find myself approaching a kind of strip mall with a lot of storefronts in it, and a slight curve to the property. I am walking toward one that seems to be a Doctors office on the side, almost at closing time. There seem to be three other people walking up at the same time, and I am hoping that isn't going to mean I need to wait forever.

      Thankfully the wait isn't too long, and I soon find myself buying either some real estate, or a cell phone, I'm not really sure which. They have a long contract which I am going through and reading, and there are several lines where I need to sign, some where I need to initial, and some where I need to enter in a property address or cellular number or something. But I am being given the contract and am supposed to take it home to fill in the last bit, before turning it in.

      Soon I find myself at a cross between a restaurant and a nightclub being taught to sing by Mark and Luralee, in a setting that is slightly Karaoke-like, but really more profession. They are singing parts of songs, and expecting me to take over for other parts, and when I reach just the right point, I am belting out the last few lines as well, and as powerfully as Luralee used to do at Preston's. I am amazed, and figure I must have gotten over my voice problem! [Actually, I don't think Luralee sang that one. I think that one was one that Claudia did, later.]