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    1. Back in Haunted Time Passage House, Hidden Objects Style, Ties to Other Dreams

      by , 07-04-2017 at 05:31 PM
      06-03-2017 -- This one was from a month ago, jotted it down immediately, but didn't have time to get it on the computer until now. Much of the earliest bits have faded, but I am probably Harry Potter, judging by much of the stuff that comes later. It is late at night and I am trying to get some sleep, but I am rooming with a slightly stuck up but more or less OK Draco Malfoy. So while I am looking for a little bit of private relaxation time before falling asleep, Draco has been getting more and more into muggle electronics, so wants my help setting up his TV, cable box, DVD, video game systems and so on. So I'm kind of half-assing it, hoping in the process he doesn't stumble across porn and go nuts about it.

      I've got most of the stuff at least partly hooked up when somebody new wanders in and notices that his VCR doesn't have the cable channels tuned in, so he's only getting 6 or 7 broadcast channels, and the new guy starts to correct that, and is also showing him how to hook up and use his CB radio. Since he's now got other help, I'm more than happy to just turn around and head to bed.

      The next thing I know, I find I'm in a new circumstance that relates to several past dreams, including the Doctor Who/BtVS dream of a few months ago, and many others, including various secret passage dreams and more. I find myself outside an old three or four story house that I think I fought a plant in during another dream I can't find to link to, and I have a lot of memories of the last time I was here, and the things I had to do, but not exactly, or in what order, so I'm still having to puzzle a lot of it out.

      I start on the West side of the house, can't say what floor, but I'm kind of looking in a window at a room where the mom has fallen through a trap door in the floor (and possibly also time ala the Tonks scene in the above Doctor Who dream) to a lower dungeon-style room. The thing is, she'll need to be rescued on that floor (and in that time), not through the trap door she fell through. Meanwhile, though I should only have a limited view through the window, I can somehow see all kinds of people wandering up and down stairways throughout the house, though they should be out of sight, and quite possibly in other times. Strange.

      I move along the back side of the house, the area that most seems like the plant-fighting area, then I find myself in a hallway along the East side of the house, and there are ghosts wandering through the area, some helping and some hindering the regular people. At first I seem to be one of the ghosts, but as time goes on, I become more and more solid. Meanwhile, I am trying to use my half-remembered knowledge from previous dreams to help the regular people solve the 'puzzle' (it's all feeling kind of like a hidden object game), and am giving instructions. I point to one ghost in a room next to the corridor, and ask it to grab some tools and bring it to me.

      I realize almost immediately that this is unlikely to work. The ghost is probably not going to be able to pick up the tools, because it is a ghost. But it might be able to pick them up if that room is in the same time as the ghost, but even if it can pick them up, it probably won't be able to take them out of the room, and finally, if it did get them out of the room, then the tools would probably be insubstantial to me, so I probably wasted my time making the request. The ghost grabs the tools, and starts to bring them to me, but as it passes through the doorway, the door slams shut, and I figure the tools remain in the room. But no, the ghost kept them and brought them to me, and I found I was able to hold them, so that's why I figured I must be a ghost, too, at this point.

      I follow the East corridor to a large room at the back of the house, where there are a lot of people and ghosts around, and a lot of junk to possibly sort through. One of the ghosts is an old-fashioned housekeeper dressed in the appropriate garb, and looking just like Hermione Baddeley as the housekeeper in Mary Poppins. The room is one where I found Luna Lovegood in another time trap in a different dream, but this time there is no sign of her. Instead it is a long room with piles of junk to actually climb over, and some broken and damaged walls being guarded by an angry and dangerous tiger, who has several tiny ghost tiger cubs in the area. I suddenly manage to remember that I have to find some balls of ghost food to feed the ghost tiger cubs to be able to get by the real tiger.

      I ask the housekeeper to hand me the box full of food balls, and I start trying to toss them across the room into the cubs' food bowls, but being ghostly balls, they have no mass, so don't toss well. First I try to help them along by blowing on them, and it helps a little, but not enough. Finally I just throw the entire box of food, which gives it just enough mass to reach the other side of the room, and get a little bit of food in all five bowls. So I carefully creep past the ghost kittens, and the live tiger leaves me alone, and I crawl over more of the stuff, getting nearer and nearer to the ceiling, where I find a sort of secret passage way. It looks like there is a wall, but it's an illusion, and you can move right through it.

      I crawl up into a hallway on the floor above, and again I can remember it from other dreams (but not any particular dream the I can link to). I am now in a medium-length corridor. I crawled up through a passage at the floor level, and I know that there is another passage directly across from it at ceiling level, but it seems whatever point I have arrived at, we either have not yet found the step-ladder that we'll need to climb to reach the ceiling passage, or we haven't moved it here yet.

      There are doors at both ends of the hallway. The end close to the two secret passages is behind me, and it doesn't seem important. It is probably the first way we entered the hallway, early on in things. I seem to remember the door at the other end of the hallway being locked, and we have to pick the lock. I send my friend off to find the step-ladder, and head to the door at the end of the corridor, just to find it is already unlocked, so we must have already gotten that step taken care of.

      Spoiler for Humor and Sex:
    2. The Dragon-Whisperer and the Veela (Sex)

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:50 AM
      06-29-2014 -- As always, the earlier bits are sketchy, and some may be missing entirely. Am at a school of some sort. It's not Hogwarts, though there are probably some Potter characters involved at some point. I'm kind of interested in a girl who currently has sort of dark blond hair, who does not seem to be at all interested in me. Yet there are a lot of people who seem to think we belong together. School is over for the year, and a pair that are highly reminiscent of Tom and Carl are helping me to pack up and load my stuff, and are meddl...er helping me with the situation, saying I'll be waiting for an e-mail or a phone call from the girl, but will stay away until I hear from her, so as not to be a pest. But then the other one is kind of muttering to himself about how she is a very traditional sort of girl, and may feel it is inappropriate for her to make the first move, so ....

      The next thing I know, everybody has disappeared, and I find that I am walking around the Buena Park/Anaheim area, more or less along Lincoln Avenue. I ought to be on a bus, but instead seem to be kind of jogging along. I think I have just left a doctor's office, where I was diagnosed with some virulent respiratory infection. They have me wearing a sort of surgical mask to both protect me from spreading germs, and to help keep me from catching anything else while my system is weakened by what it is currently having to fight off. I glance down the block, and see a friend of mine, who is a Screech-like nerd sort, also wearing a surgical mask, and suffering from a different horrible respiratory infection. I suddenly realize it would probably be very bad for the two of us to get anywhere near each other, since we might both get even sicker.

      I run into the girl I like again, and she asks me if I am following her. I explain that it is just random chance that I ran into her here, and about my doctor's appointment. I'm afraid she thinks I am stalking her, and that I have probably blown my chances with her, but oddly enough, this is when she actually starts showing interest in me. Soon I am visiting at her house. She has a mother, who looks about 30, and seems to be far too young to have a daughter in the late teens, and an aunt with black hair and a slightly Oriental cast to her, who seems to be about 40, and is fairly attractive. The aunt seems to somewhat disapprove of me.

      But it turns out they have a pet dragon, a small breed. It is orange, and about the size of a common house cat. It is old and sick, and kind of dangerous, and it won't let anybody near it, so they aren't able to try and help it, and they are really afraid it is going to die. It turns out I seem to be some sort of dragon whisperer, and I speak soothingly to it, and approach it. I understand it, and it understands me, and I am able to calm it down a bit, so it stops shooting flame, and I can approach it. Talking with it, I not only get it to the point that the family can approach to offer aid, but I also am able to pass on word to them of what the dragon feels, to help narrow down what kind of problems there may be, and they are actually able to manage to heal it, to everybody's joy.

      The girl (who was originally blond, and now is probably turning into a brunette) is probably Susan Bones, which would probably make her aunt Amelia Bones, yet oddly enough the two are also part Veela. What I have done in helping their dragon has shown enough power and compassion that it has really had an effect on the aunt, and she is going into almost a sort of sexual frenzy, she suddenly wants me so badly, yet she is determined not to get in Susan's way, so she is holding herself in check. This makes her miserable, however, and Susan notices. She takes pity on her aunt, and decides she is more than willing to share, and the two women take me off for a rather pleasant orgy that is, unfortunately, 'off-screen' so-to-speak. I know it happened, and that I enjoyed it, but the dream skipped right over it, rather than to show it to me.

      Susan has a younger brother, about a year younger than her, slightly nerdy, somewhat Oriental like the rest of the family, and he has a friend over. They are being mild (little brother-like) pests, but overall they are good kids. One of Susan's friends is also visiting, a dark haired, slightly Oriental (no, I don't know what is up with that) Hannah Abbott, which is one of the reasons I think the girl is Susan Bones. Anyway, in trying to stop a prank by the boys or something, I accidentally turn off a light where Hannah is just walking in, which leads to her making some sort of comment.

      Soon the aunt somehow has something going on with the friend of Susan's brother, and the two of them are starting to get it on. I am sort of hesitant, but find myself approaching them, and nervously trying to make it a sort of threesome. I am standing over them as the aunt has climbed on top of the guy and positioned herself in a sort of 69 position. She asks me if I will go to get her something, but I am standing there looking down on her absolutely gorgeous ass, slightly spread in front of me, and I can't help myself. I step forward, take my large, hard thingy, and start to press it against her asshole. She gives a slight yelp of shock and the tiniest bit of pain, but hunches down further, providing a slightly better angle. I am patient, and move slowly in pressing forward ever deeper into her ass, and soon she is moaning and writhing in passion, as we enjoy a nice, long crappity smack. Susan is complaining slightly, however, about how I never lasted that long with her. I mumble under my breath about how Susan is a lot tighter than her aunt, which makes it harder to last as long in her.

      About this time, the mom shows up again, and she doesn't seem to like me or to think much of me. Thankfully the aunt throws in a good word for me, explaining what I did for the dragon, and what I am doing for her and Susan, though she does mention that she is going to have words with me about warning a girl before invading her behind! Soon however, we are all wandering through the house looking for the $2.19 that an uncle or some such has misplaced. Though it is a very small amount of money, it seems to be important that we find it. I find myself searching near Hannah Abbott, who seems to have this strange idea that I may have accidentally (and somewhat inappropriately) slipped the money to her ... not saying that I did anything wrong, but as something that happened almost accidentally. But I am explaining how she is Susan's best friend, which means it is quite important that I try to get along with her. I tell her that I would never dream of even laying a finger on her without her permission. Unfortunately, even as I am saying this, I am repeatedly poking her gently in the arm in a way that is very reminiscent of the way Monk can't keep himself from gently touching things like parking meters as he walks past them. Just a weird (but very pleasant) dream.The
    3. Lucid: Do You Really Want to Mess with Me in My Own Dream?

      by , 12-24-2013 at 09:48 AM
      12-19-2013 -- [Sleeping poorly, kept waking up, but I think eventually I was only dreaming I was waking up. Weird stuff. Lucid. Sex, rape, and violence ahead.] I am driving along in Joe's SUV when somehow the power steering goes out, but it is really strange and kind of intermittent. I think I am trying to do some sort of mystery shop or something, though I am not really sure. Anyway the steering is almost impossible at one slow speed, and then works fine at another speed just slightly slower or slightly faster, and I am trying to get the perfect speed so that I can actually manage to drive the car. I think there is a tiny bit about talking to my sister (maybe), or perhaps not. The first bits are rather choppy, as again, I think I am drifting in and out of sleep. Maybe.

      I find myself at a hotel, and I seem to be kind of changing out beer barrel-like bottles of soda syrup for the fountain drinks, and as part of a mystery shop am somehow taking one of the large barrels and trying to load it into the bike with a basket that the car has turned in to. I manage to get it into the basket, and am trying to get the bike lined up so that I can try to drive out of here, when a couple of crazy (but kind of attractive) Oriental women come driving up in their car. I am somehow several yards away from my bike, all of a sudden, walking toward it, when they start to back up right into where the bike is sitting. I'm calling out "No!" and they are winking and smirking at me, making sure that I know that they know exactly what they are doing. They crush and mangle the bike between their car and the wall, and I am suddenly furious. Thing is, I know I am dreaming, but I am furious that they are intentionally messing with me.

      Spoiler for sex and rape:

      I am just about done anyway, when this rough looking character seems to want to come to their aid. I can tell that he is a thief, so I decide to get a little more revenge by letting him know that the two women (who are staying in the hotel) have something very valuable in their suite. So he leaves them and starts upstairs, to break into the suite. Meanwhile I just fly up the side of the building, sneak in the window, and grab whatever the valuable is, not only stealing it, but framing the thief in the process. Mess with me in my dream, will you? I'm casually making my way out the window when the thief triggers an alarm or something, and he comes rushing to the window. He throws himself out, using some kind of harness or parachute to slow his descent, and as he leaps, he spots me and realizes he has been set up.

      I have no harness, parachute or gadgets, but I don't need any ... its my dream! I fly down several stories, and fly into a parking garage, mostly under control, just slightly wild, and almost knock over a couple walking through the garage. I am not 100% sure, but they look like they are probably Rose and Mickey from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, police cars are screaming into the area to check on the alarm, and Rose and Mickey realize they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. They duck behind a car as a police car drives by, swinging it's search light into the parking garage. (At this point I notice that the front of the police car is slightly crumpled, like it has been in an accident, though this fact has no affect on the dream.) I turn myself invisible before the cop can see me, but Mickey is getting more and more nervous, and suddenly makes a break for it, making himself look horribly guilty, and attracting the attention of all the police.

      He is quickly caught, and he has no reason to try and protect me, so he explains about the guy who flew out of the hotel and into the parking garage, and then turned invisible. The cop is kind of skeptical, but glancing around the area, as I try to shift away from him, it seems he can catch glimpses of my movement out of the corner of his eye. He suddenly calls out to all the other police that he caught a glimpse of one of "them", someone with some sort of power who turned themselves invisible. Suddenly I am backing up from a bunch of cops reaching out and grabbing for my invisible figure in a scene very reminiscent of Harry Potter backing away from Filch and Snape in the first movie. Suddenly there are six or seven cops, male and female, plain-clothes and in uniform, all chasing me. They can't see me, except a brief flicker in the corner of the eye, but that's enough to keep them crowding ever closer. A couple of them are blindfolded, to enhance their other senses, and one of them seems to be a strange whip-creature, flailing long, thin tentacles at me, trying to score a touch which I somehow know might poison me, and things are getting tighter and tighter.

      I make a break for it, and try to fly out of the structure, but somehow they have been getting ready for me, and there are strong, but thin, nearly invisible wires strung everywhere that I trigger and have to punch my way through to get out of the parking garage, and when I do, that drops a strong, heavy net on me. By this time, I have had enough. I turn visible as I tear apart the net, and am soon surrounded by the cops. I start to warn them off. "This is a dream. It is my dream. I am all-powerful in it." I point to one guy. "Your pants are going to fall!" Suddenly his pants are around his ankles. I point at another. "You're about to trip." He flops over backward onto his butt. "Sorry for this!" I point at another one and transform him into some sort of furry animal, perhaps a weasel. I can clearly remember another lucid dream I once had, where it was starting to turn into a nightmare (can be read here) and explain to the cops that I could conjure up a full-blown nuke and blow the entire dreamscape to kingdom come. "Do you really want to mess with me?!?" Most of the cops start backing off, but one big black cop (when I wrote the dream down, I knew specifically who he looked like, but didn't write it down, and now it is gone) is stupidly brave or an absolute idiot, and grabs me, so I tell him he is going to fall down and his stomach is going to explode. The others are seriously backing off now, but not quick enough to avoid being lightly coated with bits of blood and skin as his belly explodes over everyone.

      I start to fly off, but everybody who has been in the area is now convinced I am a god, and I am surrounded by people calling out for me to do things for them. Some are nothing more than greedy, selfish users who just want wealth and valuables, but many others are desperate, homeless, or horribly sick or injured. The ones who are truly in need, I feel for, but I am not god, I am just dreaming. I am only limited by what I can conceive of, but the mass of people calling out for help are large enough that it is more than I can conceive of. I land in a convertible next to a slim, attractive blonde woman, and I pull aside her top and start playing with her nipples, but neither of us are really into it. I just can't stop thinking about all these hurting people.

      Meanwhile, I spot another thin woman who is not so attractive, and is very hillbilly-ish. She seems to be a cross between the wife of the farmer who gets turned into the 'Edgar suit' in the first Men in Black movie and Cletus's wife on the Simpsons, and she is calling out for help for her husband, who cannot leave their car. I glance over at him, and he has a cheap mechanical heart made from a gallon milk jug, sitting in an almost non-existent torso, and is obviously in bad shape. This is at least somewhat beyond me, but I lay hands on him and start to pray for him, hoping I have enough faith to do some good. Thankfully new skin starts to grow around his torso, and I seem to have managed to bring forth some serious healing for him. One of their kids is a teenage daughter who no longer believes in anything at all, and I am trying to figure out some way to help her, but that one is going to take some thinking. They have a slightly younger son who is a little pudgy, and reminds me a bit of Pugsley from the Addams Family, who is working on some sort of school assignment, and is trying to make either a sword or a musical instrument (which it is changes moment to moment) from a bit of scrap, and I move over to him to start doing something.

      The mom is trying to stop me, not wanting me to do it for him, as she wants him to get whatever grade he earns, and learn from the experiment. Instead she calls out for me to just make him some candy or something. But she doesn't realize what I am doing. I am not making whatever it is for him, I am just changing the scrap he is working with into a very fine and valuable piece of lumber so that if he does fine enough work with it, the finished product may be worth a lot of money. Leaving him to do the work, but greatly increasing the potential value of that work. As soon as I finish that, I wave my hand and the candy the mother asked for rains down on both children.
    4. The Bank and the Superheroes

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:16 PM
      11-07-2013 -- [Haven't had any dreams worth recording for two or three days. Woke this morning with no dreams yet again, but it was quite early in the morning. Haven't had any fun sexual dreams in probably a month, so went back to sleep constantly repeating in my mind that I was going to have a long, involved, fun dream that included having sex. Slept for a few minutes, was briefly woke, then fell back asleep, and in the process had the following fragment and dream.]

      I am in a somewhat nice building that seems to be a cross of a Mercedes showroom, a bank, or perhaps an office building. Decent sized offices with glass fronts. There are a fair amount of people walking around, including a smarmy male manager, and several females, ranging from very attractive to fairly attractive wandering around in a variety of tops, but all wearing very short, white, pleated skirts that kind of remind me of Supergirl. They wander around in this building, running various errands, and whenever they bend over to pick up something off the floor, they provide a [b]very[/i] nice view. I'm feeling very horny, so I wander around, trying to stay away from the smarmy manager dude, hoping to catch one of the women alone and bent over in one of the offices.

      I follow around the most attractive blonde for a while, bright golden hair, fairly large breasts, long shapely legs, but it almost seems the manager is following her, and because of that, she never seems to bend over. Finally, I end up following another woman. She is not quite as wow as the other, but still very nice. She has a slightly smaller chest and dirty blonde hair. In one of the offices, alone, she bends over to pick something up, flashing a very skimpy pair of panties, and I drop to my knees behind her, and bury my face in her backside, tugging her panties to the side as I give her a lick. She gasps, and starts to say no, no, no, as I continue to lick, but as I reach a hand around and also begin to stroke her clit, it turns to more of a no, no, nore, more, more moan. But oddly, while she seems to be enjoying herself, and I am certainly enjoying myself, I don't seem to be erect, to take the next step. Which is exactly when I awoke to a trash truck going by outside.

      Fell back asleep to find myself in what started out as almost a doctor's office, but started changing into more a sort of abandoned super market. I am wandering around, and there are a lot of beautiful women here, and a lot of strong, handsome men. Many of both sexes are nude, and having sex with each other in individual rooms, but with no doors. Nobody seems to be bothered by it, though. I come across one fairly attractive redhead who doesn't seem to have anybody to spend time with, and we have some sex. It's nice and fun, but not very detailed or textured if you know what I mean. The dream isn't really making it real, yet.

      She wanders off, having things to do, and slowly I discover everybody is turning into superheroes, while still just wandering around, having sex. I am looking for somebody new, and come across an attractive brunette, slightly slim, good sized breasts, long brown hair, a nice figure, but slightly less curves than someone like Wonder Woman would have. She is alone, and nude, and seems kind of upset, and I ask her about it. It seems she is fighting with her boyfriend, because he refuses to eat her out, and I say I'd be happy to do that for her. She isn't completely sure, because her boyfriend is extremely strong, extremely jealous, and kind of stupid, but she's really horny, so she agrees.

      She is soon laying on a towel, her legs spread, and I dive in. She is moaning slightly as I start to lick her, and we carry on for a while, but though I try, I am not quite getting her there with my tongue. I add a couple of fingers, alternating between sliding them inside and using them to alternate with tongue strokes along her clit, and I must eventually hit on the exact right rhythm eventually, because she convulses, gives a huge groan, and starts spraying my face with her juices. Seems I've got a squirter. We continue with some rather nice sex for quite a while, and when we eventually finish, we kind of rest there in each others' arms, cuddling.

      That's when her boyfriend shows up, angry as hell and itching for a fight. He's a big, muscle-bound fellow, wearing a bright red costume. No idea what I am wearing. We exchange punches and throws for a while, and I am managing to hold my own, but we're managing to bang each other up pretty badly. At one point I have him pinned against a wall and straight out tell him, if he isn't going to please his girl, then I bloody well am. He claims that he does please her, and I tell him he refuses to eat her out. He get's this little-kid-icky look on his face and goes "Eeeeewwwwww!" and I look at him in amazement. "Have you ever tasted your girl's cum?" From this he realizes we weren't just cuddling, we've actually had sex, and he goes even more ballistic.

      We continue fighting for a while, and eventually I have the strength and leverage to catch him in a full nelson, completely locked in, and have him pressed against a wall. I tell him flat out that this can go a couple of ways. He can decide to give his girl what she wants, as well as taking what he wants, in which case I'll only be with her once more, to show him what to do, or he can continue to be selfish, and I'll be with her whenever she wants. He gets this intense look on his face, like its a really hard thing to think through.

      About this time, some other heroes come running through, and say some bad guys have planted some bombs at a nearby strip mall, and we have to go stop them. I let the guy go, and he kind of collapses to the ground. I almost follow him ... we've really battered each other. A couple of the other heroes are half supporting me, half carrying me, one on each side, as they start to lead me off to the strip mall. The farther we go, the more I regain my strength, and am able to move under my own power. Soon we reach the abandoned store front where the bombs are, and we find there are a lot of bombs held within some good-sized cardboard boxes. We start grabbing the boxes one or two at a time, pulling off a tab that kind of forces them to detonate within a few minutes (like a delayed action pin on a hand grenade) instead of whenever the bad guys had set them for, then are stacking them in a big, open area outside, where we hope they will do no harm.

      The guy I was fighting with wasn't here for a while, and I am worried that he is going to come along and attack and fight me again, rather than working on the bombs, but as I reenter to grab more, I come across him carrying two out. He seems to be more interested in doing his job, and I briefly clap a hand on his shoulder, then grab a couple more bombs and haul them outside. A fire engine pulls up right next to the bombs, and we try to chase them back a bit away so they won't get blown up when the bombs all go off. We've got all the bombs out of the strip mall, but what were medium sized cardboard boxes have turned into a number of railroad containers filled with explosives, and kind of quivering from the volatile contents inside. Now we're just kind of standing around, waiting for them to explode, and to find out whether the area is open enough to avoid them doing any major damage or not.

      Then I stop to think for a moment. We have a lot of heroes here, maybe 20 or 30, and some of them are probably not as impervious to damage as I am. I call out, loudly "Who here is not invulnerable?" I hear a couple of voices call out on the other side of the crowd, including a couple of female voices, and I head over that way until I find an attractive blonde female hero with her hand up. She's got a nice figure, a nice costume, very sexy. I explain when all these containers blow, there is going to be a lot of shrapnel, and if she isn't invulnerable, I am going to have to protect her. I pull her into a very tight, very invasive embrace, and pull her to the ground, my body between her and the containers, while they continue to quiver and pulse with the unstable materials inside. We're laying there for several very long seconds, though she does seem to be enjoying herself.

      Suddenly there is a flash of light, and we are flying through the air. For several seconds, it is very peaceful, almost as if we had the power of flight (neither of us do) as we somehow move smoothly and rapidly through the air, then there is noise and turbulence and fire, and we crash violently to the ground. I glance around, and there is flaming debris everywhere, but nobody is seriously hurt, and the buildings are all OK, so it seems we got everything set up all right. The beautiful hero in my arms seems rather affectionate, and we're only two or three miles from the abandoned supermarket where we seem to live, so I figure it is time to go back and have some more fun. I know we can't fly, but I am super strong, so I figure maybe I can jump a mile at a time, like the Hulk. I hold her tight in my arms, but only manage to jump maybe 30 yards into the air, and only about 50 yards distance before I drop back to the ground. I do a couple more jumps like that, but it just isn't moving me far enough, fast enough. I try running at super speed, but it turns out that isn't one of my gifts either, because I can only run about a mile a minute. Phooey. With our headquarters two or three miles away, it takes me two whole minutes to get us there! AAUUGGHH!! But soon we're moving among the abandoned aisles looking for a bed, then we start to rapidly undress each other, ready to relax after a tough day of explosives!
    5. Dream Bits: Sex with Melissa Gilbert, Knott's, and a Nasty Ghetto

      by , 10-09-2013 at 04:02 PM
      [For several days I was having dreams that seemed somehow not worth writing down or recording ... until yesterday when the exponential data center dream seemed worth recording, at which point the last several days of dreams that were not worth recording were suddenly worth recording, even though they are generally more suited for dream bits than full dreams. The mind is a very weird thing!]

      10-05ish-2013 -- Much of the detail was gone the instant I woke up, and several days later even more has faded, but ... I am in a sort of a sports stadium, being half pursued by a sort of a bad guy, but not too much so, still kind of a calm situation. There are hints of the Buena Park Church of the Nazarene, but not much. There are good guys that are helping me and bad guys that are chasing me, and maybe some hints of doing some kind of singing of funny songs, but nothing I can actually remember.

      I am moving into (or perhaps out of) the stadium area again, and find myself facing a naked and very attractive Melissa Gilbert (Laura from Little House, but very grown up) and I decide I want to have sex with her. She has no interest in me, she wants to get together with her 'Manly' (Almanzo Wilder).
      Spoiler for for graphic sex:

      After that nice bit is over, more of the bad guys are after me, and I try to sneak out of the entire stadium area, just to find myself in a sort of railroad yard, dodging trains. Thankfully, even though I am still being chased, I am able to fly, and they aren't, so I am flying higher and higher, and though they are trying to climb buildings to catch me, they just can't keep up.

      Then things start to change, in the way they often do in dreams, and I am having more and more trouble flying, while the people chasing me start flying, and are getting to be better at it than me, so I am only barely staying out of their reach, and then not even managing to stay out of their reach.


      10-06ish-2013 -- Running around in Buena Park, perhaps riding or trying to catch a bus, heading down Beach Blvd (or perhaps Grand Avenue) right past the entrance of Knott's Berry Farm. Somehow in something that half-resembles a computer game, and half ties into roller coaster rides and the like, I end up on a sort of ground-based care ride that carries me along the edge of the property just south of where Montezooma's Revenge is.

      While it somehow is a flat ground-based ride, it is soon on top of a tall building, perhaps 19 or 20 floors up, and I find myself walking along the top of the building, thinking of jumping off, and worrying about if I can safely fall 19 or 20 floors or not. Very strange, and too much is faded at this point to remember well.


      10-07-2013 -- Am somehow visiting with BAM in the old place, and am preparing to cook a meal which involves some very thick steak (actually a couple of very think steaks fitting together like a yo-yo until I cut them apart and make them into two steaks) and a side like macaroni and cheese or perhaps scalloped potatoes. I am also trying to get something to drink, but all the ice cubes are contaminated with some sort of brown alcohol. (Looks like Coke, but it is alcoholic, and I am trying to get it cleaned up, but all the ice is contaminated.)

      Somehow this ends up with BAM and I wandering around right outside (me still carrying the steak and potatoes) in a very ghetto-like neighborhood filled with some very rough people and lots of young gang member-like thugs carrying guns and weapons. Somehow it feels very end-of-the-world, and I can't help but think the whole world is doomed.

      Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out how to get the meal cooked, and dodging violent crooks. BAM heads off to a new place, and is moving (but only about a block or so over to a mobile home park) and I end up making friends with a particularly tough guy who actually seems to be tough but good, and is helping me gather the weapons I need to protect myself, as bad cops are chasing me and trying to lock me up, and I have to try and speak in a very hip and with-it way to try and food people and keep myself safe.

      Soon I try and make it back to BAMs new place, though I have a little problem finding the exact right mobile home, and she wants nothing to do with me, though there are Christian singers who do, and a dead pastor who is trying to talk to us, and clowns running around. It is all very odd.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Mom Abusing, Dale Flying Home, Swimming in Carpet at JCP Warehouse and fragments

      by , 05-25-2013 at 06:43 PM
      May 25, 2013 -- [Went to sleep at about 10:30, probably drifted away about 10:45. Phone records show I received the text message that half-woke me at 11:52, then drifted back to sleep and continued dream, actually waking around 12:05, so you could argue most of this dream actually took place on the 24th.]

      I'm at the Hickory house and mom is beating up on me again [nothing like this ever happened in real life, but in dreams I have to deal with this frequently, the last couple of years ... my mom, who has been dead for 7 or 8 years, is battering me for no reason in my dreams, except that she is going crazy.] She is claiming that I have done something horrible to the cat, who has been gone for something like 15 years, now, and it is obvious she is nuts. I put up with it for a little while, but then warn her if she continues hitting me, I am going to have to fight back. When she won't stop, I hit her and throw her around just enough to make her stop hitting me.

      The problem is, there are other people in the house, and I now have to try to explain things to them, so they don't think I'm a bully who beats up on women. Meanwhile, I am trying to walk out of the house, but as I make it out of the hallway and into the living room, there are two young, cute, Japanese anime-style school girls there, too young, but not dangerously so, at about 16-18, I'd guess. They are sitting there in short skirts and tight tops, school girl uniform type of things, sitting there, talking to each other. I stop to enjoy the view for a few seconds. One of them has dyed red hair and Japanese features, and has her shorts pulled aside to reveal her landing strip and slit, quite a distraction. She seems to be making out with the other girl and rubbing herself on her leg, and I really have to almost tear myself away to stop watching.

      I walk out the door of the house to find myself in a sort of cross between a hotel and a shopping mall. I am meeting Dale here before he has to leave and fly home to California [Dale hasn't been here since November, don't know why all these dreams about him going back to CA the last few nights when he hasn't even been here ...]. I'm trying to explain about the situation with mom, and how she's kind of getting nuts as she gets older, but he's really running late, packing very messily, and running out the door to try and avoid missing his plane, so he isn't really listening.

      I follow him out the door, calling for him to slow down, and quit moving like a giraffe on those long legs, and find him near the exit (half hotel, half theme park, now), talking to a guy he's run into that looks very familiar, but I just can't quite recognize him. [Looking back at the dream now, he looked a lot like Biff Tannen, the bully jock from the Back to the Future movies, with a hint of Truman's 'best friend' from The Truman Show thrown in.] I just realize I probably vaguely recognize him from some movie, and am about to ask him what I recognize him from, but Dale has run off again, so I have to hurry to catch up.

      I find him in the parking lot, just climbing into his rental car, and I ask him, did he pack everything? Does he need anything? He tells me that his new cell phone from Publix works really, really fast, and he's really happy with it. He also tells me he would really like me to make him a copy of some sort of DVD I have a some Disney stage shows (probably stuff I filmed using his camera) and the friend he is now with (who I don't know) also says he would like a copy. He runs off, and I suddenly find myself working a shift in the J.C. Penney warehouse.

      [Somewhere about here, I was half-woke by a text on my cell phone, which I assumed was probably from Dale (it was, btw), but I just drifted back to sleep and back to the dream, which may explain a little of what is to follow.]

      I find myself sort of flying around, working up at the loading docks where stuff is taken off the trucks and put on conveyor belts, then dropped from about 20 feet up, and we have to catch them, sort them, and put them on pallets. (In real life this would injure people and break stuff, but in dreams, I've had several like this in the last couple of years.) Annoyingly, I am not handling the regular stuff, but damaged returns, so instead of getting a box full of items, I am getting one of this thing, one of that, and I have to sort them into boxes with like items, making far more work, and they keep sending more and more stuff on the belts, and I am getting further and further behind, but they refuse to slow down. Soon there is so much stuff that it causes the entire system to collapse, with stuff scattered all over the place, the conveyor belt falling apart around me, and a very large flat screen TV hitting the ground and cracking open.

      There is a young punk manager here, and though the whole thing is his fault, he tells me he is going to place all the blame on me, and I am going to be fired for this, and I am just thinking this is so unfair, and wishing they had hidden cameras out on the floor to catch him bragging about how it was his fault, but I am going to take the blame, but I know they don't. No fair! Meanwhile, some of the broken crates that have fallen seem to be stuff of mine that I have packed up and stored, and I now find myself running around, trying to gather my stuff together, including several bits of clothes that include old security uniforms I haven't worn in years.

      By now I find myself out deep in the warehouse, among the tall racks of stock, all sorted on pallets and up in the air, except the space on the ground, the lowest rows, aren't filled with pallets, but all the associates' lockers, and as I am walking along, I spot one of them that has smoke gently rising from it. Something has caught fire. I am trying to call for help, and get somebody out here before things can spread, when I spot smoke rising from another locker a couple of rows away. And another. And another. There seems to be an arsonist running around, starting fires. There are several upper level employees running around trying to put them out, but I am helping out, acting as a spotter.

      As they continue, I can't help but notice the floors we're standing on are not tile, or even stone (which would make even more sense), but there is a strip of carpeting, a kind of a blue-green carpet, running the width of the aisle, and the entire length of the warehouse. As I am standing there, pointing at another burning locker, I am kind of shocked to find another associate swimming up to me in the carpet. He splashes some water up at the locker and puts out the fire, and even splashes a tiny bit at me. I am really in shock. He is swimming along like he is swimming laps, but I'm just standing on it ... nothing but carpet, to me. "How can you do that?" I ask, but he refuses to tell me, darn it!

      I can't help it ... I pull out my cell phone and start to text Dale and tell him what is going on in the warehouse, and I hope I will manage to catch him before he gets on his plane. As I continue, it slowly turns from a text into an e-mail, and I now seem to be typing on my laptop, which is easier, of course. But I am still getting annoyed because, though I can type quite fast (probably about 35 or 40 words a minute when I know what I want to say, even though I don't know how to touch type), there is a girl standing there, sending texts of her own, and she is somehow typing about 10 to 20 times as fast as me, which shouldn't be possible. In retaliation, I just start mashing the keys with both hands and even my arms, sending masses of complete gibberish to Dale, before I wake up.

      [And the moment I wake up, I check my cell phone and verify the text that half-woke me was, indeed from him, and immediately started texting him about the dream he almost woke me from, but since I only just woke up, half of that text was also gibberish. ]


      May 25, 2013 -- Somehow I have been visiting with Carolyn S., and was somehow even there last week when one of her sons (Carson, I think) graduated from elementary school [very odd, since all of her kids are already out of high school], though because of some sort of emergency or problem, Carolyn was not able to make it. She is very disappointed about this, and feels really bad about it. So when I am out doing stuff a couple of days later, and find myself in the right place at the right time, I decide to help out. I am somewhere in California, Garden Grove or Santa Ana or somewhere I know the major streets, but not well, and I realize I am really near Carson's school, so I decide to stop by and see if, even though the graduation has already happened, if there might be any more festivities Carolyn might be able to catch, to make up for missing the graduation.

      As I said, the overall area is Garden Grove or something, but when the bus drops me off at his school, it is an exact duplicate of Peter Marshall. I approach the kindergarten playground and classrooms, and there are a lot of other people wanting to speak to somebody as well, so it is fairly crowded. But as I am walking up, I realize that it is Sunday, so nobody is going to be here. [Never mind that if graduation was last week, school is over for the summer, anyway.] I comment on this, and several others realize I am correct, and start walking away. I am about to join them, when I glance back at the class rooms. Not only are there people on the playgrounds, but I can even see them in the classrooms through the windows, so even though it is Sunday, people are still here.

      I walk to the office, and find myself in a big line of people. I glance around, and there are five or six people working, and I remember when I was a kid at Marshall, and how there was only Ms Gurly and one teen working in here and managing everything. I can't imagine how they need so many people, now, but figure it must be much more record keeping because computers have made it so much 'easier' these days. Anyway, a couple of the people waiting in front of me in this huge line are pushy punks, and they start shoving me around a bit, until the staff gets angry, and orders us all to get out. They head out the door in front of me, and since they are now gone, I turn around at the last second and stay. Sine there is no more trouble, they let me.

      I find myself leaning against the wall next to the door to the principal's office, and there is a meeting going on in there with a lot of people. Unfortunately the door is broken, and I keep bumping it open and having to apologize. Meanwhile, I am playing with a couple of nails sticking out of the wall, and find myself backing away from several large spiders. (Large as in large types, wolf spiders, or wood spiders, perhaps, not something like huge spiders. just like an inch or two long.) They tell me not to worry about the spiders, and nobody seems to care, though they creep me out a little.

      Soon I finally have a chance to speak to the person in charge (who warns me they are still putting together the diplomas and mailing them out, and I can't collect it in person), and I say something like "I'm here on behalf of Carolyn S. Her son graduated a few days ago ... his name is ..." "Carson, yes. We were very proud of him ... such a shame what happened." "Wha?" "Oh, he went out and got drunk three days ago, and something happened, and now he is dead!" "But I just saw him ..." I continue to think ... four days ago! Oh no! Poor Carolyn. I am horrified. And about that time I wake up.


      May 25, 2013 -- [Even later in the morning ... but most of this one is missing. There was even more of this one, before the part I remember, and I think it involved looking for a nice restaurant.] There were bits about eating, and maybe a hint of balloon twisting that I can barely remember, but then I find myself getting home at the Hickory house. Mom is being a bit of a pest, but nowhere near as bad as in the first dream of the night. Carolyn S. is also here, and it is several days after the second dream. I know I ought to tell her how sorry I am to hear about her son, and apologize for my visit to his grade school, but she is running out to door for a balloon gig of her own. But just as she is exiting, she mentions that Carson was asking about me, yesterday. Turns out he is fine, and the woman at the school didn't have any idea what she was talking about. Weird.

      Meanwhile, I am walking to my second bedroom, and find that both the doors are open, and mom has been in there, messing with my stuff again. Darn it, I wish that woman would stay out of my room and leave my stuff alone! I walk in, and start glancing around to see what she might have messed with, and soon find myself playing some Runescape. It is half-live, half game, but I have no computer to play with. I soon find myself facing off against a huge troll or ogre, something along the lines of Bork, but not him. Problem is, I can't seem to touch him, but he sure seems to be able to touch me! Somebody sees me having problems, and calls over to me that the only thing he is weak to is the casting of bloom, but I don't have my druid pouch with me.

      Luckily, I do have my first ever cell phone, my old silver Sanyo flip phone, and I pull it out of my pocket, and start flipping through it to see if I might have any sort of Runescape app. Luckily I find one that allows me to cast bloom by pushing the 2 key, so I wait for the creature to attack me, hold the phone at him, mash the 2 key a few times, and a bright light comes out of the phone, and starts to injure him. I have to wait a little while before he recovers enough to try again, and we do the same thing. This goes on 10 or 12 times, and I've beaten him down to about half health, but unfortunately, I'm almost out of prayer, so I am not going to be able to cast bloom anymore. So I am struggling with the app to see if there is any way I can access my Ardy cloak to recharge my prayer points, but so far I haven't managed it. [In actuality, I would probably need the Falador shield, rather than the cloak.]
    7. Harry Potter and Vampires, Doctor Who Filming, and Harry with Vampires Redux

      by , 05-15-2013 at 02:18 PM
      05-15-2013 -- Three dreams from last night, all kind of inter-related or tied in with other dreams. Kind of.

      First was a weird Harry Potter dream that I can't remember in all that great of details, but it was a lot of fun. Somehow I was Harry, and was fighting against some kind of very attractive female vampire, except that very quickly we weren't fighting, but instead having sex. This was followed by minor conflicts with several other female vampires and other attractive females, which always seemed to also turn to sex. At more than one point, I would end up with multiple identical vampires from different worlds all at the same time, which was a whole lot of fun. It was lots of great sex while at the same time, fighting evil and making the world a better place.

      At the same time, I was kind of 'responsible' for babysitting the Malfoy from my world, who was nothing more than a petulant, whiny brat. But at one point during the various misadventures, one of the vampires from one of the other dimensions has brought along the Malfoy from her own world, who was pleasant, mature, and her lover, and when at one point myself and several of my vampires and the second Malfoy and his lover all end up in the same bed as the whiny Malfoy who wakes up to see the other version of himself with a vampire, he looses it and starts screaming bloody murder.


      An odd Doctor Who dream where I seem to be traveling with the 7th Doctor in the TARDIS. We've landed somewhere that very much has a feeling of past dreams that include a bathroom or locker room in a sort of construction site, which I may or may not be able to point to another specific dream here. Anyway, at this construction site or hotel or whatever, the TARDIS is sort of acting as an elevator, moving between floors, and I wander into the locker room on maybe the second or third floor, and am just wandering through.

      Though it is the men's locker room, there are many places where you can look right across into the ladies' locker room, and see the women changing, and I kind of enjoy watching and looking a bit, as I slowly walk back out of the locker room. Somehow I've gotten so close to the womens' locker room that it is the one I end up exiting from. I am soon heading back toward the TARDIS.

      Except now it is turning from living Doctor Who into filming an episode of the show. The TARDIS elevator is only a flimsy set which seems to be falling apart, and Sylvester McCoy is wandering around muttering about his lines and rehearsing them. I am trying to get back to the locker rooms using the 'elevator' which is now more of a platform with a rope and pulley painted blue, but it is kind of separating from the side of the building, and when I manage to force myself back to where I think the locker room should be, not even the door is there, much less the room, itself. And though I keep changing floors, I still can't find it.

      Then things somehow switch, and I have gone back in time. The TARDIS elevator is back and sturdy again, and the locker rooms are back, but we are still filming an episode of Doctor Who, and somehow I have gone back too far in time. We aren't ready to film, yet, and while the women are in place in the locker room, they are all frozen in suspended animation, until we're ready to film. I wander around and find a couple of attractive blondes enclosed in ice, and start kissing and cuddling with them to thaw them out. While none of them mind being thawed out like this, some of them are (understandably) quite ticked off about being frozen in the first place, and start stomping around angrily, complaining about it. Very weird stuff.


      Somehow I am in a house where I have a bedroom to live in, and I am recalling the first vampire dream up above, and trying to write it down as a story. It's not going very smoothly. My writing is horrible and stilted, I can't think of how to say what I want to convey, and though I am trying to compare it to something black and white along the lines of film noir, I remember it with colors like red, green and yellow, but all of them mixed with black to give them a more dingy, dirty appearance, but not anything that could really properly be called film noir.

      Meanwhile, I am trying to write it as a big fantasy story taking place on another world, when I suddenly start to realize that it was actually much more along the lines of a police procedural (yeah, a police procedural about having sex with lots of vampires ... right), and wondering just how much that is going to conflict with the garbage I have been writing, or whether I am going to have to scrap the whole thing. It isn't that I can't remember the dream, it's just that I can't seem to put it in words.

      Meanwhile, I am being asked to wash dishes in the kitchen for a meal I didn't have any part in eating, and soon decide I'd rather leave. As I find myself walking around the house, it suddenly changes to walking around the Moran house on the beach that I first dreamed about being chased by Voldemort around it here, and have since dreamed about at least a second time.

      I find myself creating a new (really lousy) song parody to the tune of 'Secret Agent Man' about the dream, humming 'Secret Vampire Man' to myself as I am suddenly riding a bike around the front yard, wondering if Bonnie has the dogs or not, this time, since she has given them away, and then brought them back a couple of times now in my dreams.
    8. The Wrong Number and the Locker Room

      by , 11-16-2012 at 06:50 PM
      11-15-2012 -- Anything earlier than this is gone. I am standing in a room somewhere, receiving a phone call. Unfortunately, I barely hear the person, and they can barely hear me. Friends in the room are trying to talk to me at the same time, and this just makes it worse. I know it is probably just a collection call to the wrong person, but to try and manage to hear the call, I duck into a public restroom. [Really, almost 95% of the calls I get on my phone are wrong numbers of people trying to get money out of the person who had my phone number before I did. Annoying.]

      Anyway, even in the restroom, I am having problems hearing the person on the phone, and one of my friends follows me into the restroom to continue talking to me, anyway. But the odd thing is, as I'm trying to chase him off so I can hear, more and more ladies keep walking into the restroom, even though it is a men's room. It is also getting larger and larger, and is turning into a men's locker room, rather than just a bathroom. But I guess the ladies is closed, and they want to use it bad enough to share it.

      So I'm slowly walking forward, trying to see what I can as all these ladies start changing clothes, without be obvious or obnoxious about it, when I come across a couple of big, muscle-bound rugged looking guys who are really coming on to one nice-figured brunette. Soon it is just one guy, and his hands are all over her. She doesn't seem to have any problem with this. I am just a couple feet away at this point, but they don't notice me. Somehow I have turned invisible.

      Spoiler for Sex:
    9. The Balloon Convention, Lucid Sex, and Trying to Ride the Corkscrew (Lucid)

      by , 11-13-2012 at 06:50 PM
      11-13-2012 -- More to this in the beginning that I can't remember, as usual. I'm pretty sure I am in the Hickory House, except it doesn't have the right layout, and areas are much bigger. As I am wandering the house, I am watching something on TV, and it seems to involve what seems to be a balloon sculpture, except I grab it and it seems to be something else made to look like a balloon sculpture, a sort of prop.

      It is three 260s braided together into a straight stick, but the braiding somehow makes it more aerodynamic, so it should be able to be tossed around a room and fly really well. [Though I haven't looked into it in real life for years, I think this is actually true.] The prop has some kind of balloon creature riding it, but I am more interested in the braided part. I can't try it out because it isn't really made of balloons, but I decide I want to make the same thing, and try it.

      Problem is, as I start looking for my balloons, my mom tells me to use hers, instead, and points me at a huge 'bag' of balloons on the couch. She explains that Pioneer Balloons gave it to her for a give-away at a lecture she is giving at the clown section of a convention. This thing is massive, probably about two feet by two feet, and contains probably 15 times the amount of balloons my apron carries (and my apron carries around 2,000 balloons), and I am amazed and jealous that they have given this to her to use, then give away.

      How can she have this and be giving a class at a balloon convention as a clown, when she has only been doing this for a couple of years, while I have been doing this much longer, and have never been asked to do so? But neither here nor there. I go to grab some blue balloons (a sort of royal blue color, a shade lighter than the basic dark blue) and they stretch more than they ought to. I decide not to try and mouth inflate, with my air and vocal chords as they are, and go looking for a pump, but the first one I find has a huge tip, and I know I could never stretch the balloon over it. The second one is a regular balloon pump, and works fine for me.

      Problem is, as I start to blow up the balloon, perhaps a 10" section of balloon fills up, then starts bulging horribly before it pops. I start to stretch the other balloons slightly, and they are like pulling warm taffy. I try to grab more from mom's balloon bag, but they are all in the same condition, either badly made, or very old, with no strength and stability left, so I don't get to blow any up and try the designs. I am explaining all this to mom, while asking where the balloon prop came from.

      She explains that some guy named 'Charlie' comes by every couple of days and drops off some balloons he has made for the local kids. I have no idea who Charlie is, but it is nobody I know. Suddenly we are at the convention (it is either an FCM convention or a balloon convention that has made a point to invite non-ballooning clowns to try and teach them) and I am wandering around, visiting with balloon artists I know, while having to admit I don't know where my balloons have vanished to.

      I visit with Don Caldwell for a few minutes, and he is working on some great new designs he plans to use in a combination lecture and show tomorrow, then I find myself visiting with Joe White. Meanwhile, it is just a day or two before Halloween, and mom is talking about how she isn't taking her gig at the weird mall-like fun center that I've dreamed about making balloons at several times before, because she doesn't expect many people there on Halloween. Several others are trying to explain that this is one of their busiest days of the year, but she just won't listen.

      It is quite late in the evening, and several of the balloon artists are talking about going out to a bar or nightclub for a little drinking and partying, and I'd really like to come along, but I start to realize that while I know these people, like them, and they sometimes teach me some designs, none of them are actually friends, and none want me along for the party. Bummer. I'm regretting Dale just went home from a Disney visit, because it means he's not going to have the time off to go to the convention, and I'm going to be all alone. Double bummer. [True ... my best friend Dale was just here in Florida for two weeks, and just went home ... part of why almost none of my dreams have been posted for the last couple of weeks.]

      As the balloon artists head off to the bar, I just wander the streets. I am singing some sort of old classic song (perhaps Putting on the Ritz, but really, I think the song changed several times even as I was singing it.) As I sing the first line, I find myself walking next to several punk-looking teens, and I am embarrassed, so I switch to whistling. When I am whistling the last line, one of the teens sings it out (though by this point the last line may have been 'So happy together') and when the other punks glare at him, he says something like "What? It was a great song, and he sang that first line of it very well!"

      One of the other punks pulls a small tray of Stouffer's mac and cheese out of the microwave, and spits on it to show what he thinks of this. I make some sort of smart-alec comment about how he has no musical taste, and I, for one, don't want any of the mac and cheese either, thank you very much! The others laugh and agree, and he gets mad and throws it at me, getting mac and cheese all over my shoes. I walk off down the street, trying to wipe the shoes clean.

      Spoiler for Becoming lucid and sex:

      I don't know exactly how the idea comes into my head, but I somehow decide it would be fun to ride the Corkscrew, a roller coaster that used to be at Knott's Berry Farm, but was removed something like 20 years ago. I just start staring down the road, and a little in the distance, a mountain starts to come into being, and slowly the Timber Mountain Log Ride begins to appear, logs plunging down the long drop and splashing into the water. I can just barely see hints of the highest part of the Corkscrew's lift hill behind it.

      I walk around the mountain and into the Roaring 20s section, but it takes some work. I have been kind of pulling this out of my mind and forcing it into the world, so things are sort of super-imposed on each other. As I try and walk into the Roaring 20s section of the park, I am walking under the freeway overpasses that were already here when I started to pull the rides into existence. Kind of neat, kind of weird, seeing freeway lanes filled with cars just disappearing into the sides of the log ride and the mine train areas.

      As I move further in, I can now see almost the entire ride in front of me. But it isn't quite right. The cars should be red white and blue, but they seem to be green and yellow, and instead of riding on top of the track, they are hanging underneath, a suspended coaster. But the track itself seems right, and I am more than willing to try the Corkscrew as a suspended coaster.

      A few problems, though. At first I can't find the entrance area, and when I finally do, the lines are very, very long. At one point, where the track dips to near the ground, after the lift hill and just before going into the corkscrews (the real layout of the ride), the ride almost seems to merge with the line, and people are just kind of being sucked into it. But when I get there, nothing is happening.

      I decide to just bypass the line, and half-jump, half-fly up to the loading station, but as I do, the ride seems to have just shut down for the day, and there are no more cars on the track, so no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get a ride. Very frustrating!

      [Oddly, while there was a lot of lucid stuff in the dream, a lot of cool dream powers and impossible things, still nothing actually worked out, and there was a lot of frustration throughout, as well. Doesn't change the fact that it was a very long, detailed, and interesting dream for me.]


      There was another very long and detailed dream earlier in the night, but unlike this one, I couldn't remember much of it. I know there were some Harry Potter bits, and lots of repetition and boring bits. I also eventually found myself in a sort of higher-class version of the Adventurers Club, sitting on a large, ornate staircase leading into the main salon wearing either a bathrobe or towel. Either way, I am probably going to be half-nude as I stand up. A couple of anonymous female performers here, and some annoying interactions with BC for some reason. Might be interesting if I could remember it in full, but as it is, not worth much.
    10. Lucid: Dreaming a Family and Sex with Business Women

      by , 11-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      11-07-2012 -- In this one, I just kind of 'woke' into a family. I know I am dreaming, and this is not my family, but I have just sort of woke up as one of the kids. I think it might be a part of a real life family I know, but am not sure. Anyway, I have woke up as a little kid, and am just running around and playing with all my siblings, having a good time, for the most part.

      Eventually most of them run off to do something, and I am flipping through channels watching some television. In the back of my mind, I think I am also plotting the defeat of a villain such as Voldemort. I can recall no details, but there is just this slight sense of Harry Potter story lines, in the back of my mind.

      Suddenly I find myself being confronted by my 'parents' who are asking me some question and demanding that I answer them honestly. "When have I ever not been?" I demand. "I don't know," my 'mother' answers sarcastically, "Maybe Green Day!" I know that is the day that I 'woke' into this family. They sensed some personality changes in their child on that day, and I have never been able to satisfactorily explain what changed. (Somehow it didn't seem to be a good idea to just say "This is a dream and I have replaced the child you used to have.")

      We argue a bit, and they stalk off angrily. I find myself standing outside of an office I think I once worked security out of, and I am no longer a little kid. Glancing in, there is an attractive redhead in a business suit sitting on a couch, talking to two men. One is sitting on the couch with her, the other is standing next to them.

      I know I am dreaming, and figure 'why not?' I walk up behind the lovely lady, take her chin in my hand, and lift her head around toward me as I bend down and kiss her passionately.
      Spoiler for sex:
      when I wake up.
    11. Harry and the Horny Hufflepuffs

      by , 10-23-2012 at 04:05 PM
      10-23-2012 -- [Well, a pleasant dream, even if most of it has to be hidden from view of children.]

      I'm Harry Potter, and I seem to be in a house somewhere with a large sliding glass door, but it is no real home I have ever been in. It is dark, and late at night. There is something going on, people visiting or something. Just what it is isn't clear. But these people (monsters? aliens?) that are visiting are locked into one area, and I am simply trying to go for a visit.

      Somebody, probably Poppy Pomfrey, is telling me I'm not allowed, and it is just really annoying me. I keep trying to sneak in, with no success. Soon Neville Longbottom has joined me, and he isn't getting anywhere, either. But after a bit we talk about it, and come to the conclusion that if they don't want to be disturbed, we should leave them alone, and we're only mad at being told "No." We acknowledge we're being childish, and so we leave, and head to bed.

      But I'm still annoyed, even if I can admit to myself that I am being childish, and I decide to do something about it. In this dream version of Hogwarts, there are lots of the older kids sneaking around into each others rooms at night for some fun, but being Harry Potter, and alternately hated and nearly worshiped, I have never come in for any of that. I just start kind of willing somebody to make a mistake.

      Spoiler for Sexual content:

      And then it is morning again, and I find myself standing in front of a mirror, painting my face blue with a paint roller while Susan is dressing up as a properly made up clown. Susan is doing some sort of show or gig, and I am painting myself to support her, but with a paint roller? I am getting paint in my nose, making it hard to breath, and over my glasses, making it hard to see.

      And then suddenly I am Susan, and I realize I have got my clown pants on inside out, and the seams are very visible. I'm pulling them off, turning them right-side-out, and preparing to put them back on again. Problem is, they are very tight. Somehow I find myself looking down at a very small Gideon Bible, and am considering sticking it in my garter belt before I pull on the pants. Just very odd.

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