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      Uh-oh...My heart was racing.
      I know this feeling too well.

      I was trying a freestyle WILD technique yesterday evening when I had to rest because of a visual disturbance I randomly get at times, and I found myself getting it quite close to working, which was rather surprising since I hadn't tried a WILD in a serious manner in a few years. Still, I was interrupted by something else and my vision was fine again so I got back to what I was doing before.

      Something I learned in the last two years with WILD techniques is that you can mix them with some of the basics of self-hypnosis, have you ever tried that? Self-hypnosis doesn't work for everyone, but just thought I'd make the suggestion.
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      Hah, sounds like I may have been a recipient! Shared dreaming is something that interests me, and if I ever get a stable hold on my dreams and lucid often it is something I'd like to experiment with. I am not convinced yet with this experience, but I'll keep it in mind, thanks for the comment Ebbtide
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      Hi TehDalek

      Ebbtide000 here.
      You dream has some elements that attracted me.

      From paragraph 1

      ... a larger project coming out soon.

      From paragraph 3

      ... The playing area is a town on an island surrounded by sea.*

      From Paragraph 4

      ... but I can only think of a giant shark

      I did a 61 target Dream Remote Viewing Experiment on a dream Facebook page. I did 2 targets a week.

      1- a larger project coming out soon.

      I came back to Dreamviews to do a 104 target
      Dream Remote Viewing Experiment (drve)
      Begining on 16-November-2018.
      Ending on 16-November-2019

      2 - ... The playing area is a town on an island surrounded by sea.*

      As with the 61 target experiment
      The 104 target experiment begining on 16-November-2018

      I will put sand from the Henley-Grange strip of beach
      Into a box.
      Put the big, heavy, "MOON" shaped
      Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp in the box
      and leave the light on at night to light up the target.

      Then TehDalek

      When someone has the tactile experience
      of walking on sand
      The target is in that dream


      When someone is attracted to the sight of a MOON
      The target is in that dream.

      3 - ... but I can only think of a giant shark

      This statement from your dream report JUMPED out at me TehDalek

      Why (???)

      Check this link out

      Below*is some sort of explanation of what this
      “dream synchronicity game”
      is all about.*

      The last person to play this game with me was C.*


      this is one of the most amazing "dream synchronicities that happened in the game.*

      C posted that she had a dream where she visited a friend (or something) and noticed a salt-water swimming pool (seawater swimming pool).

      In the dream C asked her self,*
      “Why would anyone have a seawater swimming pool so close to the beach”?*

      Well, this really excited me. I got out of bed and got my butt down to my sacred beach (The Henley-Grange strip)

      (where the mandala is anchored, off the coast)

      and took a picture of what remains of the saltwater public swimming pool near the Henley Beach Jetty.*

      TehDalek, you can read about it in the Opening Post
      Of this thread, here on DV.


      TehDalek thank you for recording this dream 💖💕💞⚘
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      The Sorcerer's Apprentice - A old poem that was popularised by the Disney Movie Fantasia. One night, a young apprentice takes his master's magickal hat without permission and uses its powers to animate a broom that will do his chores. But the untrained apprentice loses control over the hat's power and things go horribly awry before the master returns and sets things right. Find the sorcerer's magick hat and make any inanimate object perform your chores.

      That is the goal for the first TOTY task. I kinda did it, but kinda failed. I didn't immerse myself in any of the actual fantasia plot, and no chores were really done. Also nothing went terribly wrong for me. I did animate a broom though!
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      It sucks that they put you in prison when you were innocent. It boggles my mind how sometimes people can be so wrong when their job is to help. Good thing the Roadhog appeared to protect you though. I enjoy reading those moments where things get better. You also did a good job on keeping your cool till it was over.
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      Recently I went to the dentist and questioned whether they lied or told the truth too. It sucks when you can't trust your dentist but if you feel your teeth are bad maybe you could get a second opinion. The part where you were in the cave sounds adventurous. It sucks that it changed but it happens. ^^ Good thing the house was still a nice place to explore though.
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      I've had dreams of virtual reality before. Have you ever considered that they may in fact be some kind of low level of lucidity because you are aware that what you are experiencing is not a part of standard reality?
      Nah, this was not even a layer 0 lucid dream. I got an oculus a few weeks ago, and it just happened to show up in the dream world.
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      He showed the potential of the oculus, shared his experiences, and made very good tutorials to provide the best experience with the device. Me and my dream brother got so into his videos that we got our own rifts and played some games designed for the device. This was set a few years into the future as brother also had a rift, and there was also motion tracking included.
      I've had dreams of virtual reality before. Have you ever considered that they may in fact be some kind of low level of lucidity because you are aware that what you are experiencing is not a part of standard reality?
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      *whistles* 4777 words 24160 characters
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      Woot! Congrats!! hopefully they come back in future dreams ;D
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      One thing to note is I researched Ezekiel and Obama, and Obama had said in a speech, a few years ago something about something(real specific..), and Ezekiel was predicting the end times. There was people saying that according to Ezekiel that the end of the world was coming after what Obama had said. So strange how those correlated into my dream, when I can't say I had heard about that before the dream.
      The link I saw when researching: Obama’s Indecisiveness and Ezekiel Chapter 38*|*Bible Prophecy Update
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      This was on 9/11 and I dream about NY, wow! lol