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    Hai Der!

    1. Stabbing incident

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:00 PM (Exterminate)
      Just scribbling down some things I remember from this morning, a few hours after being awake. I dreamt my mom was involved in a horrific stabbing incident. I investigated the crime scene, and saw a lot of blood everywhere. I thought I'd be okay with it, but the scene was pretty gruesome. I think it was a movie theater lobby, and I saw no bodies anywhere. Evidently they were all gone, taken to the hospital. I didn't see any security or police or anything. I was fairly sure my mom was not harmed, but I also didn't have contact with her, so I was worried. I was just about to leave when two pretty girls appeared and wanted to investigate but were too spooked to do it alone. They pleaded with me to join them in looking around since I didn't seem to be scared. Great, if only I wasn't more worried about checking in on my family I really would have taken them up on their offer. How often do you get the opportunity? I left alone and started my search. The details here are foggy, but I recall seeing someone that looked exactly like my mom in a store. I talked with her and she didn't seem to recognize me. I asked her name and she gave something completely different than what I expected. She told me I was mistaken and to leave. I saw yet another person who had the same appearance in the store next door. Something weird is going on, and I want to solve it. As expected, she also was not who I was looking for.

      Whether the dream changed or not, I found myself in a desert that felt a lot more like a video game. I seemed to be playing GunZ or some form of it. I think I was playing as a Mario character. I got surprise attacked by a person wearing full minecraft iron armor. I managed to get the lead on them and won the duel. I only got iron boots from them. Two more ambushed me and I again won the battle. I got two more pieces of armor and a good sword. Another attacked and I realized I needed to leave the place I was at. I checked my coordinates and found I was in the exact center of the map, of course that was why I was being hunted. I ran to the nearest city I could find and was in awe of how detailed it was. Tall cylindrical buildings with parkour stairways. The air was warm and breezy. I noticed the village went down a distance and the buildings continued the path. I saw some loot chests near the top of some buildings, but didn't want to risk going there in case I would fall. I got a bit too excited to explore and accidentally caught the wind and started gliding over a ravine. I made it to a safe landing and saw something that really caught my eye. It was a gigantic structure lit with LEDs and neon lights. I forget exactly what it said, but there was the name of something along with a topless woman.

      The scene shifted a bit again. I was in an enclosed location with the structure in front of me. I reasoned that I was at some sort of movie theater / frat party. The sign was welcoming the party guests and saying what movies would be playing. I felt I didn't belong here, but still looked around to see what was here. I saw a couple of passed out drunk people in a living room. One completely nude. I saw a room down a hallway with a homeless looking guy inside and a sign on the door that said cannibal society. I saw another room down a ways that had several more nude people inside. I questioned whether I should participate in such a "lively party", but decided to leave instead.

      I had another major dream segment where I was a child talking with my (irl) sister in law. She was with some loser who only wanted to get in her pants. I asked if she thought they had a future together and she said he didn't want to get married. We then had a discussion on how relationships shouldn't stay together if there is no hope for marriage.
    2. The Dentist, the forests, and the dream house.

      by , 04-15-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I had many dreams this morning, pretty much all focused on landscapes and scenery. I didn't actually record them throughout the night so I thought I'd share here, sort of going through my thought process.

      I was playing minecraft I believe, a new update that introduced a large height limit and bigger and taller biomes. The mountains were large, the cliffs were tall, and the grass was spread wide. There weren't as many trees as one would come to expect. As I flew around and explored the view became more lifelike and less blocky. There was a real neat sheet of ice that went from a lake all the way up this mountainside. I tried to get a better look at it, but I was distracted by the other cool things around. Everything I saw gave me a sense of amazement, even though there was not much really to look at. I saw a big row of some sort of structure. They seemed to be cave entrances, or dungeons or something of the sort. There must have been over 50 of them side by side, and they had redstone mechanics to get inside. I left them alone and flew higher to better investigate the way this mountain was built.
      I think the dream above was influenced by this post from reddit, even though the two look nothing alike.

      I woke up somewhere around here. Realized I was in the same position I had been when I went to sleep. I was on my side facing the left which is the opposite side I normally lie on. I normally find this position hard to fall asleep in. I turned over on my other side and feel back asleep

      I now found myself trying to explore more of the area I was in before, however it looked nothing like it did before. I wasn't in minecraft anymore. I was in a wooded area of a mountainous forest. There was a lot of debris and trash lying around. It was kind of like exploring a place long abandoned. There were the typical rusted cars and fallen trees that looked like someone made them into shelters. This particular dream felt like it happened a few times throughout the night.

      I woke up from the previous dream lying again on my side facing to the right. I lied on my back and went back to sleep.

      I was now at the waiting room at the Dentist. I was called in at the same time my dad was in the other room. The dream skipped past the actual cleaning part, and went straight to when the appointment was over. I was standing outside the door of the dentist's room and my dad had come out of the room he was in. I could hear my dentist tell me my teeth were good and to keep doing what I have been doing with my teeth. She then said she still had some work to do but I walked away.. I said to my family that she was clearly lying. She even paused before she said what she did. This is something a dentist actually did tell me once and it caused me to actually stop taking care of my teeth for quite some time. I knew my teeth were bad, yet the dentist in the dream was being lazy and also didn't want to hurt my feelings. We left the building before mother could get her teeth checked.

      At some point throughout the night I realized I was actually in a dream. I couldn't see much. The dream felt sort of unstable in that it kept fading to the void. I tried engaging my senses but it didn't seem to help. I touched a wall but couldn't really feel it. I tried walking around and grabbing a ladder but it was starting to feel like I was watching myself do it instead of doing it myself. I got to the top and looked at my hands and they were all blurry. It was like my eyes were crossed. I did indeed have 10 fingers, but I couldn't focus on what I saw. I woke up fairly quickly. The dream took place in a shack on a mountain. Must have been a beautiful view outside, but alas, it was not meant to be.

      Another cool dream was exploring a house I had seen. Actually come to think of it the house appeared out of nowhere. I recall being in a very tall cave. There was what looked like mincraft tnt lining the ceiling and walls far away, but mostly it was just a dimly lit open area. Like it was all excavated out for some project. I really felt at home(hah get it) here. I wanted to explore and see what cool things may be in here, but suddenly I saw a house forming around me. I started to get irritated that the cave was disappearing around me just for some stupid house, but I looked around the newfound environment anyway. It was a modern house with all new appliances and glossed marble floors. It was a single story home with perhaps 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. I say 3 because when I got to the end of the house there was a bathroom and then a bedroom. I felt disappointed that I had reached the end of the open house exploration without seeing anything that really caught my eye. Until, at least, I saw a small doorway in the bedroom to another room. It was an odd shaped door and it led to another bathroom. I was interested now, and I saw the bathroom had a urinal, claw tub, and a large and expensive shower. I was sold on the house now. This extra bathroom made the whole house worth it.

      I was again in the forest, kind of like the one before with the abandoned car and such. This time I had myself a dog. It was either a lab or a mastiff and it was on a rather short leash. It led the way as we explored the area and tried to find civilization. It wasn't long before we got into a town and I had to pee. I saw a street sign with the town name on it but I don't remember now where I was. I gave up on the idea of relieving myself due to there being no way to deal with the dog without the fear of someone stealing him if I tied him up somewhere. The dog and I swiftly left the city and went onto the next, going through yet another forest. I found some tree to wet and we continued our journey. We would up in another town and the dream ended.

      I "woke up" in a car without my shoes on. My family texted me to meet them at some restaurant. I got up after a few moments and noticed it was very early dawn and my dog from the previous dream as happily sitting at the end of the road. I noticed a bank across the way and saw my family's car in the parking lot. I walked over and they told me they were going to the restaurant next door, but had to pick up cash first. I agreed to meet them there, but had to go back to the car to get my shoes...
    3. Last couple dreams: Hunger games quest, church remodel, Working at a school, Assassin's Creed III

      by , 10-27-2012 at 08:41 PM (Exterminate)
      Castle dream 10/18
      I don't remember much, just being in another country looking at this huge castle owned by my grandparents, then coming home and seeing a huge mansion where another family member lived.

      Quest 10/18
      This was sort of a mix of Heroes of Olympus and The Hunger Games. Seven people, including me, had to go on a quest. Actually, this is more like the Tri-wizard tournament, where they all come in, but only one can win. I remember looking around and there was about 3 guys and 4 girls. The portal to start the quest was through my closet. Someone said something about grabbing a hook to go through. I am second in line, watching the first person go through. They touch something then walk through an invisible gateway. Now it's my turn. I go into the closet, and try touching hooks on hangers utterly failing, then I reach for a pair of antlers at the top of my closet, and nothing happens. I grab a few different "hooks" and try walking forward, only to hit the wall of my closet.

      I wake up, then go back to sleep, and see 3 girls flying on giant birds. Actually, I only see two, but I know there are three. One starts humming a familiar tune, then the other scolds her telling her NOT to hum, as it is very annoying. The girl in the back tries throwing the humming one off to rid competition only to have it backfire and fall off herself.
      I wake back up and go back to sleep. This time I am lucid.

      I try completing one of my goals, but nothing is working. I see a circular castle tower and try removing the top off with Telekinesis but it doesn't work. I try flying, but I can not take off. I decide to continue with the dream. I have 5 others with me, and one spots this small house. We go inside. They all sit on couches while I go to the kitchen. I see my brother eating salad and my mom has a small pizza in front of her, cut into 4 pieces. I go to grab one, but then get picked up by my dad by the scruff of my neck. He sits me into the living room and asks what we have done so far, what we are doing, and what we will do, battle plans. I get woken up shortly after.

      Creatures from the other side 10/20
      I was in this grocery store with my brother and after getting a few things I see this door in the corner of the store. Various black strage shaped things go inside and outside, with others on waiting chairs outside the door. The door reads "Employees only." After watching for a bit, the dream ends.
      There was more, I just don't remember.

      Short dream before waking 10/21
      I was told I did not have to take a shower and was wondering why not, then I got woken up by my mom... telling me to take a shower.

      Tubing 10/22
      I walked into a lake then realizing I couldn't swim. Well done genius. Luckily I found an inner tube. I laid on it and floated on the water relaxing until the dream ended

      Church remodel 10/22
      The church I go to had a completely new look to it. Irl they are working on a new worship center. I remember the entrance looking real cool, with glass etc. There was a coffee shop inside with an interesting floor. The coffee shop was really suspicious, and a name I had never heard of before. There was more, but alas, it has faded.

      There was a lot more, I just don't remember because it has been a few days. :/

      Abandoned store 10/23

      Me, my mom, and my bro walk up to this strip mall. Once inside, on the left side I see this abandoned store with no signs, no security, nothing. The doors have like 3 strips of rubber over the door in a horizontal fashion. I squeeze inside, and find some cool stuff inside. But there are no tripwires, no locked doors, no price tags, no cameras. I take some stuff and walk back out. I remember at one point seeing 3-4 pizzas, and tasting one. It was really good tasting, and filling. We went back to the store at a later time and it got a name on it, with someone inside, but no items inside. They say they lost all their stock and can no longer open.
      I know there was more to this.

      The bar 10/23

      I worked at a that gives you patches the more you drink. The more you buy their alcohol the better rewards you receive.
      This too was a very detailed dream, but I forgot.

      A minecraft store 10/23
      There is this mall owned by an admin on a minecraft server I used to play, and I looked around seeing my and my brother's shops. Nostalgia hits since the shops no longer exist. I remember at one point looking outside seeing everything colored gray. There was this pyramid and many mannequin looking things come off of it and walk toward the mall. They come inside and walk inside clothes displays inside the mall. One looked like Beethoven the dog as a statue inside of some clothing.

      Working at a school 10/26
      I walk into this school that only has one room. There is the teachers desk, various student desks, and then a small chair and chalkboard in the corner. Turns out I work here, but never come in for work. I should be there 5 days a week, but I come in maybe 1-2 times a week, or whenever I feel. The teacher says she doesn't really need my help, but wont fire me. However, I won't get paid unless I show up. She tells me I could very well sit in a corner and play my laptop, I just have to be there. I sit in the corner and wait, then this other guy comes in. The teacher and this guy discuss this book that I happen to have with me. They tell me I must study this book and recite things from it. I get pissed off that I have to actually do work. After work I return home to a trailer park. I see two people that look like bulk and skull from power rangers, so I follow. I see this huge stage, and almost everyone on stage is dressed in all blue. There is a guy in the middle getting a helmet put on. I look around and see a couple of people dressed in red and many people dressed in yellow. I conclude this is a power rangers convention or something. As I take in my surroundings two guys dressed in red signal me their way. Guess I'm a red ranger. The two that look like bulk and skull walk by us and the dream ends.

      Assasin's creed III Time travel 10/27
      I get the game Assassin's Creed III (Never played an assassin's creed game irl) while helping out my parents with storage stuff. If I recall correctly, I am taking things out of storage, and then my grandparents' friends come over with food and the game. I start playing the game (I am part of the story, instead of just watching a screen) and I am on a dark street. I see these collectibles and information bubbles, but I walk right past them, collecting some coins. I eventually go back to collect more coins, then get killed by something. I realize the game is set near the end of the game, right before the final boss. I reset the game, and find myself in an empty old room. I look in the closet, and there are tons of shelves, but they are all empty. I notice the whole room is just...empty. I see one bookshelf with stuff on it, but it is full of dust.

      Someone comes in and tells me what is going on. Turns out I am dead. Not only that, I died in August and it is now December. I was resurrected. I remember nothing about my past, but I do not feel I belong here. I go downstairs, and talk to some people. I am in the 1800s. People know me and wonder where my memory went and why I don't remember anything. I remember doing things others thought was strange, because I am from the 21st century but present in the 19th century.
      Everything is so strange to me. I remember having like 4-5 powers. One was taking chakra from people, one was giving. Then there were 2-3 types of stuff I could send shooting out of my fingers at people. One was purple, one was red. I forget what they did. At one point I had like 4 swords. One was slightly longer than a butcher knife, and I gave it away. Another was actually two swords, twin swords. They were also kinda short, but they were curved and looked really cool. Another was a longer sword, one that I truly loved. It had an amazing design on it, and I held it well.
      There was a lot of fights in the dream, lots of action. I recall at one point being given 4 books to read, all 300-400 pages, but with big text. I was told to read them all, out loud, in that day for story time.
      Lastly, at one point there is this man that appears to be Gandalf, but I am not completely sure. He has a large, white beard and a huge cloak on. He staggered about a foot or two higher than me. He is talking to this enemy who says that he was here first. This is his people's land not ours. According to him we should not be here. We were in this huge ship that looked like it was crashed outside the village. Gandalf says that he has a boat in the West, one in the South, one in the East, and one in the North, in the wide open area of the North Pole. He explains where the other three are, but i forget what he said. The enemy then seemingly kills Gandalf. I then put a wand to the guy's neck and say "Avada Kedavra!" And he falls over dead. Gandalf wakes up and asks what I have just done, and that they had just called a truce. The dream ends.
    4. Last Week's dreams

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:38 PM (Exterminate)
      I am getting real bad at this, not writing my dreams down anywhere..Hope I can remember them all since last monday.

      October 1st: Strange night show

      The day seemed to be kind of dark, as if the sun was setting. My dad had pointed out that there were two moons in the sky. I looked and sure enough, there was two. One was the normal moon, and the other seemed about the same as the normal moon. The sun was extremely dimmed, like no light was shining off of it. It was orange-yellow, and kinda small, like the size of the moons. I stared at this new moon for a bit, and after a while it changed to kind of reflect the earth. It had islands, water, volcanoes..I looked at the old moon, and I saw more detail than ever before. It was still desolate and craters, but I saw it up close, without a telescope. I saw this concert like place, where my dad worked in the dream. He was doing sound next to the stage behind a curtain. I flew over the crowd and landed in front of him, and he tells me I shouldn't be here and that I shouldn't be so obvious when I am flying. I guess I could be thrown into some government agency for testing or something. I explain to him what I saw, then went back to staring at the new moon. I see a volcano go off, and the whole earth just kind of turn orange with lava. I witnessed the destruction of a moon. (Or is it a planet?) All of a sudden I see like a film over the sky, as if some artificial thing was placed over the city. I look around and hundreds of people are watching the sky, as the new moon attracted attention.
      Then out of nowhere planets, galaxies, moons, asteroids, space junk, everything appeared in the sky, easy to see, and words flashed in the air. They said something like "NOW PRESENTING: THE GREAT SPACE SHOW! PRODUCED BY -NAMES HERE- ENJOY THE SHOW, IT ONLY COMES EVERY COUPLE OF DECADES!" I now look down and see many people have chairs, towels to lay on, etc to watch this show. I was completely unprepared. I see my family next to me, enjoying the show. I watch the show for a bit and the dream ends.

      October 1st: Burying a girl
      I see this girl, who is like so knocked out, nothing will wake her up. I don't know if she was intoxicated, or just extremely tired, but she would not wake up for anything. I guess we decided she was dead so I buried her with my brother's help. We dig a hole probably 3 feet deep or so, and just long enough for her to fit well. We then take off her coat, which seems almost religious as it is like a shawl. Turns out she wasn't wearing much under her coat, as she was left in just her underwear. We were going to strip her further, but we didn't. The dream shifts as I then found myself making an underground minecraft style temple in that hole with the girl encased in glass in a display.
      That dream sure took an odd turn.

      When I dreamed this next one, it was a day before AWANA started, so I was likely trying to find where AWANA meets.
      October 3rd: Church meeting
      I was supposed to go to some sort of event, but I didn't know where to find it so I went door to door looking for the place. I went around what I know in real life as an event center until I found a house. I rang the doorbell and was greeted with an interesting sight. They invited me inside where I saw a man about 19 years old with two sisters, one on either side. The girls were topless which immediately got me aroused. I remember one being a blonde and the other a brunette. They both had their hair up. I kind of just stared at the breasts the whole time. I averted my eyes after a bit, because it didn't seem right staring at the girls like this. They assured me it was okay.

      I think there was more, but I do not believe they stripped further.

      Date unknown: Doctor Who dream

      I was put into this room, that had conveyer belts with minecraft zombies and some doctor who alien on them. There was a video game feeling here. I walked through a doorway to the left to escape the room I was in, and saw a circular hallway. There was only one exit aside from the room I was just in. I go to this other exit, and the room is quite dark. There is various junk lining the walls, machinery I guess. There is a light in the center of the room, with baby weeping angels going to the center. Once they got into the light, they were weakened. I was supposed to pick them up, and throw them against a wall to smash them. When they were in the dark, they were invincible. The room had probably 25 weeping angels inside. I kept dying, restarting the room/level. I do not believe I ever killed a single weeping angel.

      October 10th: Ice cavern trip cut short

      I guess my minecraft fights have finally shown in my dreams.
      There was this giant place made of minecraft snow. It looked like a skyscraper being made. Inside there was a hole that went all the way down. About 3 kids jumped down, and me and my brother followed. What was below was like an ice cavern, with water in the middle. At the bottom of the water was lava. Me and my brother were exploring until a mod from a server I play comes down and tells everyone to leave. We ask why, and he says "It is too dangerous for children." So I say "okay then, take the kids and go. We can handle ourselves." And he bunches us with the kids and says the mods are sealing the place up, never giving us a good enough reason to leave other than they just don't want us there. Then my mom and brother had left me home after searching for an artifact. I got so pissed off, and they said "We asked you if you wanted to go." I replied that I didn't know that was what they were doing, and there was a short fight. (In this dream, I guess there was a background that my family were all warehouse 13 agents, and I went on every mission.) I saw this thing in what I know in real life as the back of the place I used to work at. They were black rings, kind of large, that emitted steam. I did not know what they were all about, but I accidentally knocked them over. I was then told that I had 24 hours to live because of what they were emitting.

      There was another part of this dream but it is pretty much forgotten at this point. There was something about how every Saturday didn't exist or something like that. It had something to do with me strolling in the morning on a Saturday and going to some place. I wanted to go to the radio station I think, and saw this car. I went up to the man driving, and he pointed me across the street to a radio station hole in the wall building. I kinda ignored it and went on my business. I remember the house I used to live in being involved in the dream. I think the dream kinda ended with my fighting with my mom and brother while I was sitting in the back seat of a car. I was fighting about how I missed the last trip to find artifacts, and eventually I got out of the car, slammed the door, and went home. They then left without me.
    5. Last few days' dreams: Superhero instruction DVD, Liz Taylor, Animal Abuse, NY minecraft, and AWANA.

      by , 09-05-2012 at 04:40 AM (Exterminate)
      Been too lazy to write dreams lately, gonna write what I remember. I should really start writing in a physical DJ by my bed instead of waiting until I get online.

      I was watching a DVD that had a scene selection of about 13 videos. Each one showcased a different super power. I recognized flying, so I skipped that one. I watched another video but was uninterested, so I put in a new one. This video was about transmogrifying, or bending objects midair. Making items into different items, etc. I thought I could do it, and after a few tries, got a mattress in midair and bent it. I tried with a heavier item, and found weight was no issue. Sweet. Now I have two superpowers. Next video was about telekinesis... I had to know telekinesis to do the previous skill, but I wanted to keep watching in case this video had anything to offer.The dream ended shortly after that.
      Two more things that happened in the dream, but I do not know when, or what connects to them. Me, my brother, and my mom were in this shop. I ordered like a milkshake or something like that, my brother orders a 176 slice pizza special for like 10 bucks, it also came with a container of wings. I remember thinking "Why didn't I get that..? Wanna share?" Another thing I saw was the inside of a company I used to work for, real quickly though, I think it was in the back of that place the tv was..

      Liz Taylor in Virginia City (9/3/2012)
      So me, a female church friend, my older brother, and my mom were in Virginia city. Pretty much everyone who came up to me told me to go take a picture with Liz Taylor, meet up with her, etc. "Ooh, shes famous, go meet her!"
      Well I didn't even know who she was..I met her, and she was like 20 years old, blonde, but very down to earth. She wasn't like "Oh I'm popular", it was as if she grew up here, and loves the town. On the edge of the town, there was a shop, my mom went in there for the rest of the dream. I noticed the road was all torn up, leaving big sections set apart, big holes going down in-between the road sections, and a huge yellow crane obviously having something to do with it. Me, my brother, and my friend walk around, then eventually want to get back to the town, as we drift away a bit. We follow this crane, but it leads us to some random government company that we sneak around hoping not to get caught. Well we do get caught, and instead of letting them throw us in jail or something, we ran for it. We ended up at this road, and instantly I know it is 2-4 miles away from the town, on the way to it. Instead of walking the road to get to town, or going back to the company, we see this path on the side of the road, and follow it, maybe it can bring us back to town. So we follow the path, it is very windy, and mostly dirt. At one point there is asphalt, so narrow, it is like 4 inches thick. Dream kinda ends here, as we are on our way back.

      Demon cats (9/4/2012)
      So me and my brother are at this government place, and we see two puppies. I catch one, and another is behind a door with like iron fencing with barbwire on either side. my brother grabs the puppy, and a pickup truck comes out of nowhere shines light on my brother. I try running, then decide I wouldn't get far, and I am not leaving my brother Kris. So we both get thrown in the back seats. A dangerous man is driving, and throws the puppies in the bed of the pickup. the pickup is not your normal pickup, as the bed of the truck was pretty much level with the back windows, so not much room, but a flat spot on the back of the truck.
      The man gives me and Kris two kittens and says they will be our death. He says some crap about their claws being so sharp they will kill us and something like if we get bitten by them after two minutes we will die from some chemical from the kittens... Kris and I weren't buying it.
      So what do we do? I pick a kitten up and grab it by the neck, put my thumb to its neck, and start squeezing. I last about a minute and stop, somehow as I am squeezing it is biting one of my fingers? I hand it to Kris and he holds both kittens and laughs through the pain, but as the kittens are slowly dying Kris makes like a trophy out of them by writing their faces on a large piece of paper, and signing it..
      Since the kittens are dead, the driver gets pissed, next thing I see we drive out of a tall building and I see out of the windshield the ground approaching fast in front, and I brace for impact, then out of nowhere the truck stops midair..or so I thought. the front of the car stuck into the ground and we were all safe. Tragically the puppies in back didn't survive the crash. The driver gets out and picks the puppies up then throws them on the ground in anger.

      I gotta say this dream had a lot of animal abuse... .-.

      NY Minecraft (9/4/2012)
      I am talking to the owner of this minecraft server I have been banned on forever, and tell him how I was originally banned unfairly, then an alt was banned unfairly, then someone else was banned unfairly, etc. I eventually get my main account unbanned, and since I was mod for 2 months on the server before, my mind assumes I am mod3 on there
      (a mod type on present on my normal server) with two mods from my normal server on it as well. The weird thing: It was first person, not a game, and it was in a grocery store. So I walk around, trying to use the /thru command that normally brings you though walls, but it wont work. I try spawning a compass and using that instead, but I realize the owner of the server banned /thru because he thinks mods would abuse it. As the dream progresses I find more and more I hate about the server.

      Strange AWANA location (9/4/2012)
      Another dream takes place as AWANA starts
      , and I am forced to volunteer. So I go there, and it is like 4 rooms in a hallway, then down the hallway is 1-2 more rooms. There were about 15 people helping out, which was a lot given the space, and amount of kids. I didn't do anything other than observe. As the AWANA thing finished, the kids were let out of their rooms, and as the last door opens Diane from our church looks inside, shields a kids eyes and yells "Oh my God!"
      Welp. You have my attention. I take a peek inside the room and wish I hadn't. Warning, it ain't pretty. What I see inside is a weird old dude in the back watching another old guy having sex with an old woman WTF. The people from inside walk out, after putting clothes on, and everything goes as normal.

      I assume it is like the next day or something, because here I am walking around some random store. I see a ramp and go down it, and I find myself at a shoe, casino, and general clothing section of the store. As if those things are really related. I look for a way out because I have no interest here at all. As I walk leave the store some bells go off. I see confetti and people start clapping. I walk back in after being told it was set up for a just married couple to walk through. I look for an alternate exit and see a few fire exits, but I know they are all alarmed. I see another normal exit and walk out of the store again. I do not know why, but I go back inside the store and I see an older couple look for an exit as well. They walk out one of the fire exits. As expected the alarm sounds off. I quickly run up to them and inform them that they made the mistake I just made, but they seemed confused. I return back the way I entered into this section of the store. I find the ramp and go back up. I check the time and AWANA is about to start again. I see a room filled with first graders and one has like bright red hair, like he just put dye in it or something. I walk into the main room of this building (It is like right outside the grocery store) and sit down in front of a desk. Someone comes in with a big brown bag and pulls Chinese food out, starts dishing it out to people, then the dream sort of ends.

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    6. A couple dreams, mostly a casino with powers, and driving a girl home(sort of)

      by , 09-01-2012 at 08:44 PM (Exterminate)
      I remembered a dream when I first woke up, but I forgot it now.
      I woke up, tried a DEILD and got a lucid dream. Unfortunately it was a short and forgettable one.
      I then tried another WILD, and went into sleep paralysis, kept my eyes closed, but felt myself in my old bed from my old house. I broke out of SP into my own normal bed, and went back into a dream
      Casino, with powers

      Me, my parents, and my brother were at a casino, with our two dogs, and a lot of luggage. I never actually saw my family in the dream, I just know they were present. I remember chasing around a friend from a minecraft server I play on, and then I put on a ring that made me invisible. At this point I walked around and noticed the girls bathroom, I went inside, still invisible. I went into a corner and poked a girl on the shoulder to get her attention. I expected sexy time, but instead she got scared, shouting "who's there!" and backed into the same corner I was in. She squeezed up against me but then quickly stepped back because she felt something that wasn't visible. I try using the ring to phase through the wall, but it didn't work. I pointed it at the sky to fly away, but nothing happened. I willed the ring to take me out of there, but failed again. I walked around the poor woman, left the bathroom in shame and entered the mens restroom because I had to pee. I am standing there going for like 2 minutes, then someone else comes in. I turn to see who it is, but then my stream starts going everywhere! I ask for help, but receive none. Instead of cleaning the mess up I just went to the urinal and finished.

      I woke up, noted my stupidity, then went back to sleep and into the next dream.

      Same casino, helping a girl

      So this girl I know from our church comes up to me and asks me to help her with her car. Not knowing what to do, I spend like 2-3 hours going to the garage and parking cars randomly. I finally get bored and go back into the casino, ask her where her car is, she replies either floor 36, or floor 42, this casino was not that tall... Anyway, we grab our stuff (from the last dream, it is a lot) but leave the dogs there. I get in the passenger seat, the girl gets in the driver seat, and my brother gets in the back. Turns out she wanted me to hold the passenger door closed while she drives home, since it won't stay shut. She offers to pay me $1000 so I say yes, so she takes off. The door proves to be really hard to keep closed, and we come up to this intersection called "Kyante st." and she tells me she was going to have Kyante help her, but he was busy. She drives up to the front of her house, which is like literally 2-3 blocks away from the casino. She thanks me for helping her, curtseys, then goes inside. She didn't pay the $1000, and we were left here, with all of our stuff, having to walk back to the casino...
      I look at the house, and it is a HUGE house, on a culdesac with a few other really big homes. So she is rich, in a rich part of town, but can't afford to fix her car, or pay us the $1000...
      Inside the house I see another church friend, who happens to have a nice, large house irl.
      So now me and my brother start gathering what we had, I look for my jacket that had things in it, I fear I left it in the casino, I find it(Also spotting a radio with earbuds on the dash that I gave to my dad irl, but to this girl in my dream), stuff some things inside, me and my brother both have our hands full with stuff, as the we walk back to the casino, and the dream ends.

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    7. Fight with friend's father, Fight with friend

      by , 08-31-2012 at 04:07 PM (Exterminate)
      I remember having two dreams, one transitioning into the second, but I forgot most of what happened

      Fight with friend's father

      I saw some secret government thing I shouldn't have, and then I had some guy come after me, he had a device that if I remember right, was a time machine, but I do not remember. There was a lot of chase scenes, adventure, etc, but alas, it is forgotten. At some point I remember there being a nice, big house, and a butler. The house was where my friend lived, and her dad turned out to be the big villain of the dream. The butler had some issue with the way things were run, and decided it would be best if he left, rather than things change. I remember the fights, etc, ending as I got out of the area, and what I hoped to find there, was not there, I got pissed off that we ran away, to this spot, and whatever it was that should have been there was gone. As I walk through where it should have been, I feel that the ground is mushy so I look down, a root from the tree wraps around my leg, heals me, then the dream transitions.

      Fight with friend

      So I had 2-3 friends with me trying to help defeat this guy who I think had greater evils then just trying to kill me, and one of them was someone I play minecraft with. I have about 5 accounts on minecraft, and I guess I did this last dream under an alias of one of those minecraft accounts, and my friend didn't believe I was who I said I was. She checked my twitter(I don't even have one), and I guess the alias I was on had said a few things during the day, and she checked my main which had almost nothing on it. I told her something like "I never talk on my main, you know that." And she agreed that she does the same, but I got woken up like right after..

      Sorry if that was a bit confusing, I forgot so much of the first dream, I know there was much more to it.
    8. My first two lucid dreams! <3

      by , 08-23-2012 at 06:54 PM (Exterminate)
      I was sort of depressed that I could not recall any dreams from the night before. I woke up about 6:20 judging how no-one was awake, and I never heard the alarm. 10 minutes pass, then the 6:30 alarm goes off, wakes my brother up(As you can likely guess, we share a room), it causes a lot of noise.. I decided it would be a good morning to try a WILD. I laid down for a few minutes(felt like 20-30) then felt really relaxed. I start saying "I WILL have a lucid, I WILL have a lucid." After about two minutes sleep paralysis hit, and I thought of my living room, said to myself "stabilize lucidity", and the lucid dream starts.

      First lucid:
      I was standing in my living room. It was so clear and vivid that I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself how I was lying in bed just a moment ago, and now here I am in a new place. A new world surrounding me. I walked into my parents' room, there I saw a light bulb in a socket on the wall which didn't belong there. I unscrewed it, then held it in my hand trying to light it up as it was in its socket a second ago. I failed..I then went around the corner to see my dad playing Zynga's Frontierville (a game which he has never played before), he asks me how to obtain a whip then I lose interest. I go back to the living room, close my eyes for a second to change scenery, and woke up.

      Seems to be a mix of layer two and layer three lucid dream since I got pretty distracted by what my dad was doing. I wonder if I woke up due to my dream time being over, excitement, lack of goals, or because of my waking environment. Like I said, me and my brother share a room, and since he was already awake, he started making noise. He also had the light on right above me which may have prevented a deep sleep.
      I fell back asleep after like 45 minutes. Not sure just what this dream started with..

      Second lucid-A mansion, with prisoners:
      I appear to be in a lab with like 4-5 scientists around me. I am a guinea pig for a new piece of technology that would allow you to enter into lucid dreams at will from a waking state. Sort of like doing a WILD, but with technology, making it more akin to EILD. I get this chip that you hold in your hand, it supposedly makes you lucid. So I go into what looks/feels like a tanning bed, hold the chip in my hands and fall asleep quick.
      I "wake up" in this huge mansion of sorts. I seem to know in the back of my mind it is a dream, but I lose focus on that and get involved with the story instead. I moderate a minecraft server, and it seems a bunch of my friends from the server are in a prison, apparently being kept there by another player and antagonist on the server called EnderMilk. After some effort, I find him, but try to keep my distance. I phase through a wall to see the prisoners, and they look so helpless. I try to find a way to help them. I go back inside the mansion through a window, but the dream destabilizes and I wake up for real.

      Well, two lucid dreams, even if they were kinda short-lived it is a start!

      After looking back on these experiences, it seems the second dream was more of a mix of layer zero and layer two just barely. This is one of those experiences where people think they dream of being lucid rather than actually being lucid.

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    9. Minecraft situation

      by , 08-20-2012 at 05:38 PM (Exterminate)
      Okay, this one is fragmented, which makes it hard to explain. I am a mod3 on a Minecraft server, and we remove homes if they are old/abandoned, also we allow flying.

      I am just walking around, and I see what looks like a griefed cobblestone house from Minecraft (Interestingly, it looked realistic instead of the normal block-like minecraft style.). I go inside and say that I should remove it, as it is pretty old looking. So I see like cardboard inside that I start tearing down/deleting as it hits the ground, then I hear some two punk kids behind me..apparently they live there, and are mad that I am destroying their home. I am thinking they are bums hiding out there. I start telling the one about how depressed I am that I didn't have a dream that night that I remember( How did I not notice? This was from a WBTB attempt. I woke up at like 7:00am then went back to bed. Layer zero much?), then he gives me some challenges of which I do not remember. They were not easy, but I completed them, earning the appearance of Gandalf the white. I started flying above the scene proud of whatever I had achieved. I start to think how I crafted my staff I was holding, I start thinking blaze rod, iron stick... The dream ends here. I'm glad I remembered the major details, but sadly the minor ones have been forgotten.

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