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    My first two lucid dreams! <3

    by , 08-23-2012 at 06:54 PM (459 Views)
    I was sort of depressed that I could not recall any dreams from the night before. I woke up about 6:20 judging how no-one was awake, and I never heard the alarm. 10 minutes pass, then the 6:30 alarm goes off, wakes my brother up(As you can likely guess, we share a room), it causes a lot of noise.. I decided it would be a good morning to try a WILD. I laid down for a few minutes(felt like 20-30) then felt really relaxed. I start saying "I WILL have a lucid, I WILL have a lucid." After about two minutes sleep paralysis hit, and I thought of my living room, said to myself "stabilize lucidity", and the lucid dream starts.

    First lucid:
    I was standing in my living room. It was so clear and vivid that I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself how I was lying in bed just a moment ago, and now here I am in a new place. A new world surrounding me. I walked into my parents' room, there I saw a light bulb in a socket on the wall which didn't belong there. I unscrewed it, then held it in my hand trying to light it up as it was in its socket a second ago. I failed..I then went around the corner to see my dad playing Zynga's Frontierville (a game which he has never played before), he asks me how to obtain a whip then I lose interest. I go back to the living room, close my eyes for a second to change scenery, and woke up.

    Seems to be a mix of layer two and layer three lucid dream since I got pretty distracted by what my dad was doing. I wonder if I woke up due to my dream time being over, excitement, lack of goals, or because of my waking environment. Like I said, me and my brother share a room, and since he was already awake, he started making noise. He also had the light on right above me which may have prevented a deep sleep.
    I fell back asleep after like 45 minutes. Not sure just what this dream started with..

    Second lucid-A mansion, with prisoners:
    I appear to be in a lab with like 4-5 scientists around me. I am a guinea pig for a new piece of technology that would allow you to enter into lucid dreams at will from a waking state. Sort of like doing a WILD, but with technology, making it more akin to EILD. I get this chip that you hold in your hand, it supposedly makes you lucid. So I go into what looks/feels like a tanning bed, hold the chip in my hands and fall asleep quick.
    I "wake up" in this huge mansion of sorts. I seem to know in the back of my mind it is a dream, but I lose focus on that and get involved with the story instead. I moderate a minecraft server, and it seems a bunch of my friends from the server are in a prison, apparently being kept there by another player and antagonist on the server called EnderMilk. After some effort, I find him, but try to keep my distance. I phase through a wall to see the prisoners, and they look so helpless. I try to find a way to help them. I go back inside the mansion through a window, but the dream destabilizes and I wake up for real.

    Well, two lucid dreams, even if they were kinda short-lived it is a start!

    After looking back on these experiences, it seems the second dream was more of a mix of layer zero and layer two just barely. This is one of those experiences where people think they dream of being lucid rather than actually being lucid.
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