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    1. Gunfights!

      by , 10-18-2013 at 04:14 PM
      Ok, this time I did not WBTB but woke up around 5 anyways from a dream, so I was almost forced to do WBTB anyways.

      Dream 1: Me and my family and cousins were in some sort of apartment watching a football game with weird furniture. It was a weird apartment with one big room with the door then there was a little hallway to bedrooms/bathrooms/etc. People were talking and not paying that much attention to the tv anyways, kind of like a family get together type thing. Anyways someone was trying to flip channels to find the football game and flipped through a news channel that was talking about police chasing an armed gunman outside. Nobody seemed to notice or care but I was very cautious and wondered if he was in the building. So I went up to the door of the apartment which had some weird hand-bar instead of a doorknob, and I had no idea how to lock it. Just as I was trying to figure out how to lock the door a hispanic looking guy my age in a white bandana put his face right into the window of the door. I knew at once this was the armed robber/criminal and a wave of fear went through me, I quickly pulled down the lever and by luck I locked the door, I heard him shoot through the wall to try and kill me. I didn't have enough time to see if he shot me or not because I woke up a couple seconds after I heard the bang.

      Woke up at 5 am. Finally managed to get back to sleep around 6 or 6:30. Woke up at 8 and set a timer for 8:15 and went back to sleep. Did not remember to record down any dreams if I had any at that time.

      I was thinking about how I would position myself in the apartment if the gunman walked in and with what gun and where to defend my family. I tried to put myself back in the same dream, which worked in some ways and failed in others.

      Dream 2: I found myself in a mansion, I was not surrounded by family this time but friends. Me and my friend trey split up and I guess I somehow knew everyone was fending for themselves against something hunting us. We went around the house and eventually came to the garage. There were many cars there and we were thinking about driving away but the thing chasing us might be outside. I was thinking about whether to choose a crappy gun with a lot of ammo or this gun I knew to be a machine gun but I had no idea if it had ammo or not. I shot it at the wall and sure enough bullets came out so we left the garage. As I was leaving I noticed a bike giving off sparks onto the wall, and I knew it would catch fire but we left the garage anyways, didn't have time to put out the fire. After that I somehow knew I had to get up soon, so somehow I knew there was no point in fighting. So me trey and a guy with a whip were testing out the whip and he tried whipping our feet in different ways and we took turns doing it. Trey got whipped by the guy then me then the dream was over... weird lol.

      Guess the gun part of the dream came from the first part of the dream, the whip might have came from when I was reading about Frederick Douglass in slavery right before I went to bed.

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    2. Cawadoody and My old job

      by , 03-01-2013 at 07:15 PM
      Sleep: 12:00AM
      wake: 3:00 AM
      Sleep: 6:30 AM
      wake: 12:00PM

      1. It was a dream about a game similar to call of duty except it involved more tactics. It was a 1 on 1 game and each person set up a team of about 5-6 people who had different guns around a map. There was a moderator who started the game after both people were done, and as well we both had a character in the game, usually behind the rest so our own character was our last resort. The person I was versing and I, we both kept going even and all of our other guys killed each other off so at the end of the game it was always his character verse my character. I think I remember winning.

      2. The first part of this dream I remember is Me Adel and Trey going somewhere to eat. Me and Adel used to work at this restaurant called On the Border. He kept suggesting we go to Mcdonalds and I was like what about On the Border and he kept talking about how On the Border was disgusting and I kept saying how can it possibly be more disgusting than Mcdonalds? When we went in of course the furniture and architecture was all messed up and my old coworker Jen was hosting. We always used to do this thing where we would both say Hi back and forth to each other over and over and thats what she did when I walked in the door haha. We sat down at the bar and for some reason I kept saying racist things and I kept saying the word nigger. Then I noticed a black person sitting near me and I stopped talking about it. I looked at the menu and I couldn't recognize anything on there. There was one type of food called "archs" lol. Our friend Maia met us at the bar and she sat away and her and Adel were talking but she kept looking at me. Then I realized she told me to interview at Genghis grill at 4 the next day and I looked at my watch and it was 3:22 and I felt dissapointed because I had almost let her down.
    3. Movie Theater and the ride home 2/25

      by , 02-25-2013 at 10:57 PM
      I only remember one very long dream last night, and I only remember segments of it.

      I was in a movie theatre in the lobby. There was a hallway with structures and benches in the middle with movie posters on triangular prisms coming out of the ground like in some malls where you can see three different movie posters if you decide to walk around the structure. I remember there was a guard standing next to the wall but I was just kicking the wall next to a moving sidewalk, one of those things at an airport. I decided to go inside the movie theatre and I sat near this random girl in the corner of the audience section? what do you call the area where all the seats are? the auditorium? stadium? whatever. No one was there so I got up and left to go back into the lobby and continued to kick walls while I was on the moving sidewalk. When I went back into the theatre there were many people there and I chose one of the only seats left, which was next to this girl I have known for a long time named Melanie. For some reason I remember she was wearing a white t shirt. There was tension between us but neither of us said anything for most of the movie, at one part she lazily put her arm over the armrest so it was dangling over my lap. I did nothing and after a while she put her arm back and nothing happened between us.
      I feel as if this might have been a different dream or happened right after the first dream. I was walking home in this field. There were two roads that if the field was a rectangle, I would start at the top left corner and go down a bit then go across horizontally. There were roads on the edges of the field and as I walked through the field a car drove past me and threw a firework out the window, it had already been lit a while ago but for some reason there was still a few explosions left, and after the car drove for a bit it crashed in the distance. Further down the field police with a megaphone told people to walk with their right sides to the road, so I had to walk backwards as I was going from the top left to the top right. As I was walking backwards on the side of the road I saw a policeman staring at me from the back of a bus as he was going the opposite direction and I was walking backwards to follow the police order. The field seemed to be in autumn at dusk. I remember dark orange being a color a lot.