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    1. Reflections

      by , 01-28-2018 at 10:12 PM
      Jan 23

      I find myself in my childhood school yard with high awareness. The scene is quite dark, but I nevertheless take the time to inspect in detail all of the dream characters that surround me. While some of them look quite ugly or even menacing, I live out the realization that all these people are just a reflection of my mind, they are all me. I spend some time happily shouting this and engaging the DCs.

      A bit later, I recall I was planning to do the task of the month (basic ii). A wave of urgency hits me as I remember the month is drawing to end, and also the dream may be over quite soon too. As I walk down the street, I follow the plan in case I found myself outdoors, to look for a mirror on a nearby car.

      The dream scene is quite dark, but I am still able to locate a car and move closer to examine my reflection. The image looks a bit smaller than it would in real life, so I lean even closer. I don't look quite like myself initially. The effect seems more like a dream quality issue - the image is quite distorted, although, as the mirror is slightly curved, one would actually expect it to be.

      After gazing into the reflection for a while, it starts to resemble me more. My hair is a bit wavy though. Overall, the dream reflection is quite happy. I finally get to the task of making my hair longer, although this proves more challenging than expected. I try to will my hair to become longer, but dream control's not quite working. I then decide to take things into my own hands, literally, and gently pull my hair down to stretch it. This seems to do the trick and it increases in length. I enjoy the completion of the task for a brief moment, waking up shortly afterwards.
    2. Soup flood and quick call

      by , 09-09-2013 at 04:26 PM
      Date: 7 Sept

      Pre bed: Gingko

      Total sleep time: 9 hrs

      Dream quality and recall: pre wbtb dreams above average vividness, but very sleepy, also undergoing a sleep schedule readjustment, so below average recall and too lazy to take notes. Post wbtb average vividness to above average, good recall.


      I tried to wild like the previous days but was feeling uncomfortable and this was taking way too long so just fell asleep.

      Dream: I found this dream quite nonsensical/incoherent and with lots of DS, which is why I am including the details. It was getting warm and loud already and I suspect I went into deeper sleep.

      This woman wants to take two hair accessories I had in the past from my hair, it hurts. Ok, I will give you both just be patient, I say. She asks if I have dandruff.

      A moment later, same place, there is some sort of story about a Japanese girl, a guy and their friend and the girl is upset. She enters the restroom and starts putting shaving cream on her face. There is a narrator saying that after that she went walking around in something like a hospital where everybody saw her with the cream and she lost face. Both the guy and the girl have long hair.

      The perspective changes and I am that girl now, looking in the mirror as my face changes (some male asian features long dark hair/to female asian) and the shaving cream turns to a face mask. I do the peel off mask procedure and think about the girl who is now a separate person and want to explain that she didn't need to go over the whole drama with the shaving because it can be used as a peel off mask.

      After I take off the mask and throw it away, decide that I want to pee, so try to close the door of this public restroom. Actually there are two doors with lots of locks that don't make sense, but I do my best to close and lock them. As I proceed to do my thing, I notice that my hands are dirty with some food leftovers and before I can do anything else see that the room is now being filled with water - no wait, it's soup. I am wearing my old sleepers from 10 years ago and they are getting soaked. I turn to my left and can't believe this is happening, I can actually see how this soup water is leaking through the walls and immediately come up with an explanation for it. There is a food stall and its kitchen is on the wall just behind the restroom. I wonder if I should inform them about the situation.

      Fragment: There is a yard that is covered with snow. Initially it is separated by glass fence, then normal fence. I can see cat footprints in the snow, then as I am staring I slowly realize (i.e. unconsciously summon) there is a dead cat/wild cat under the snow. Now there are two cats. The snow melts and one of them moves, I remark that it is alive and expect to see the other one moving as well. I can see it is breathing.

      A woman that owns the yard comes by, she has a large fluffy dog that runs around and there are other animals there as well, a cow or a small horse.

      Short DILD: I am on bus station in my home town and realize that I am dreaming. Finally, I say to myself. In my mind the bus goes to school and I want to see my friend. I look around but my friend is not on the station (some dream instability here) and there is a bus about to depart so I hurry and get in. I expect to see my friend there and imagine him being one of the passengers. For a minute I see his face but as I move closer it changes to another guy. There's a group of guys sitting there and they are way too loud. I quickly wonder about that (too much DC independence).

      I know this is not going to work, but then I remember I can at least call. I try to spot a phone in the guys' hands. They are busy loudly talking to each other and no phone. I move a few seats back and there is something like a display in another guy's hand. I take it and it turns into my bf's phone, how weird is that! Alright, now I am just going to press any button and start the conversation. I press the dial key and check the screen, it goes dark and into some sort of error mode. I repeat a few more times with the same effect. Oh well, I just take the phone to my ear and say my bf's name. I hear a woman's voice replying as if I just asked to talk to my bf, saying he is just going somewhere. I am not sure if I asked or thought about another question, but she also adds a short yes. I decide to ask about the friend I was looking for in the bus. She replies similarly but in past tense. I briefly wonder if this makes any sense.

      The woman then proceeds to ask me why am I asking about my friend since I am supposed to know where he is. She mentions the name of an unknown location where we (his friends) often meet. I feel as if I am talking to real person now and wonder what kind of explanation to give, scanning the surroundings looking for an appropriate answer as the dream fades.

      @ Xanous if you are reading this, I still plan to give you a call. Gotta work on prospective memory!

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    3. Wall walking and stripping

      by , 09-04-2013 at 06:41 PM
      Date: 03 Sept

      Comment: Ok, I don't have much time and the other fragments were not very interesting, so I am just posting the WILD here.

      WILD: I repeat to myself that I am going to AF and will/intend to get a vision/dreamlet. At first I see something like a corner, then another place like in front of garage, I try to make repetitive movements and reach out for the snow.

      Then suddenly I see my legs, wearing blue pants. I am in. A small moment of confusion as I partially look around and think this is my room while my body begins floating by itself and phases down through the bed (I wonder if this is obe, feels like a dream though). As I try to stabilize I move my hands, legs, etc. and take a few steps and accidentally end up walking on the wall. At that point, I remember the advanced task and continue walking on the wall. I go back down and decide to start again, for a short moment, it doesn't work. I go near the corner of the room, walk a bit on the floor towards the corner, then I guess my body bends so that the wall looks a bit more like the floor and get on.

      I do a quick walk on the ceiling but then notice my hair is getting over my face and in the direction of gravity and I am also wearing a white doctor's coat which makes it hard (or distracting) for me to move. I acknowledge that this is a bad idea, yet do my best to take off the coat, struggling for a bit and thinking that I am always undressing in dreams. I wonder if I should quickly make a ponytail but then decide to do nothing with the hair and just ignore it. It stops bothering me. Then I continue walking on the floor, on the wall and up the ceiling, selecting somewhat spacier areas with less furniture parts to walk on. The room is quite small and all this walking makes me feel as if I have been spinning inside of a washing machine. I feel the dream fading and am afraid that I will wake up any moment but continue to engage.

      The room turns into a mix of the present and past bathrooms as I continue having fun. I can hear the neighbors being noisy and lock the door to make sure no expectation of DC will come to interrupt me. When crossing over near each corner of the room (which helps me uphold the illusion somehow), I also have the peculiar sensation that as I switch walls, I am actually making the room spin around me. I lose my concentration for a bit and the ceiling turns into the floor and I find myself in the bathtub. I go to the corner of the room to start it again but the dream finally fades.

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    4. Void strippin'

      by , 06-20-2013 at 08:04 PM
      Date: 20 June

      Pre bed: 200 mg valerian, 100mg B6, podcast

      Atmosphere: guest, heat, noises

      Total sleep time: 6 hrs

      DILD1: I am in our old neighborhood with my mom and a truck driver discussing something. I don't like him. The next moment the three of us are in a public restroom and it looks like he used it just before we did. I get obsessed about not wanting to touch the toiler paper after him, I notice there is something on the paper, plus it is all soaked. My mom comes up with some napkins from her bag that I also don't want to use.

      The scene changes and we find ourselves in a movie theater. A fake memory forms that we just watched some movie, went to the restroom, and now mom is sneaking in to watch the next movie for free. One thing that looks unusual is that there is only one single long row of seats, but at the time, I conclude that this is normal. My mom sits while I try to leave the place. I spend some time waiting for her, and in the meantime she is looking for 3D glasses. I notice lots of sunglasses on the floor, that I identify as mine as start putting them in my bag. I head towards the exit, but the door is locked, there is no handle too. I get a fake memory that this is normal during movies. I think I use some form of dream control and the door opens, but behind it is another door which I open the normal way.

      I find myself in a long somewhat creepy corridor with strangely colored walls, that reminds of dreams I had. And sure enough, I become lucid. I stare at the walls for a while, wondering if I should go ahead and plunge in them, but based on gut feeling decide against it. I move forward a bit but suddenly I get a sensation that my hair band is falling and my head feels kind of uncomfortable, up to the point where it is so distracting I cannot continue walking? I wonder if I should waste time to try and fix a ponytail but know this is a bad idea to do during an ld, so just remove the hair band and my hair feels fine. (talk about vanity )

      I keep walking down the corridor that dynamically changes and become a bit like an inside balcony, and I can see part of the floor below. As I reach the end of the corridor/now balcony and look to my left the light downstairs goes off. Downstairs looks a bit creepy and I say something like "Oh, come on", but then hear some kind of a click sound and the light is on again. Then off again and finally on. What the hell is going on, I think. I turn around and something like a room is beginning to form. There are many DCs here, mostly children and a guy, they all look pretty much the same, very blond with red cheeks. I find this strange and the guy is not quite finished in the face, some of his features are not there so he is not very pleasant to look at. I decide I don't need to concentrate that much on him. I think about some of my goals. The first one that comes to mind is "assign a lucidity DC", so I start shouting at these strange blond DCs something about them and lucidity. Most of them don't pay me any attention, but my voice is so loud, I wonder if I am doing this irl too.

      Then I look around, have a moment of aha realization as I remember the naked task. Of course, with so many DCs in the room, it is perfect for the task. So I first try to memorize the place and DCs a bit more (to be able to describe in detail, the way I do it, it is really bad for stability!) In front of me is a strange looking desk and three kids, one of them has silver sparkle decorations on his face. This time I am wearing only underwear with my casual type of bra. Just as I figure an easy way to take it off, the dream abruptly ends and I find myself back in bed.

      I am very aware of body and need to go to the restroom. As I get back to bed I struggle with the heat, and am interrupted by the alarm of the guest, who always sets it hours earlier than he needs to wake up and leave. I really don't understand this. Insomnia...and then finally asleep for a bit.

      DILD2: The dream begins as I am concentrating on my hands, trying to hold them still as possible, I get this floating feeling, expecting to transition. I then look around and understand that I am already in the dream. It is a small room, I start rubbing my hands vigorously, paying attention to the effect. The dream stabilizes for a while. I remember "the task" and search for DC audience. There are two male DCs on the bed, one on top of the other (doing nothing and with clothes on), and the other is asleep. They look very lifeless and I wonder if I should leave the room - door is just in front of me, but I get the feeling that might throw the dream out of balance and decide to wait. "Let me first get naked, then I'll see about the audience". I check my clothes - jeans (that later turn to shorts), socks, and a T-shirt. I start with the T-shirt but as it covers my eyes, it gets a bit entangled around my head, and I as get it off I lose my sight and end up in the void.

      This annoys me but my anger turns into podcast inspired stubbornness and I keep trying to resume with the dream taking my shorts off and one sock while in the void. A moment later the dream picks up from exactly the same place. I expect at this point not to be wearing shorts anymore, but as I look down I have two pairs of shorts one on each leg. It's funny and reminds me of OB and her blankets. I go and sit on the bed which is now on the opposite side of the room, or is it another bed? I contemplate a bit of whether I really need to be sitting to more easily get rid of my shorts and remaining sock, but conclude it feels more comfortable that way. The dream fades and I wake.

      The guest finally wakes up too, so that was it for today.

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