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    1. 25/June/2014 - Masks in a drawer

      by , 06-25-2014 at 04:34 PM
      I saw Kurt Cobain numerous times in this set of dreams. Somehow I think he's alive although people think he's dead - He even went into a long explanation regarding the band Nirvana in another dream I had.

      I saw cartoon characters from 2013 and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were there, Someone also made a huge sandwich for Shaggy.

      I saw drawers and in them there were masks. One was of Ian Curtis (Who was the singer of Joy Division) and it was rotten like a corpse. There were other masks too but that one pops out in memory.
    2. 15/April/2014: Escape the Universe? and Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume.

      by , 04-15-2014 at 04:02 PM
      There are more dreams which were had this day but here are those that are shared here:

      Prior to dreaming I was thinking of turning into Rainbow Dash.

      I was seeing stuff in a river and was fishing for something, Something I was fishing for went by and then I went down the river where it went and swam back. Meanwhile I saw lava as if it was in Minecraft by the water, Making its hissing noise not turning into Obsidian but into something else.

      I came back to the fishing area and there was green stuff on the river on top of the water and so the fishing area was not as big. Then (If looking at the river) I went to the right and looked up, Saw a room above me and used a grappling hook like in Zelda: OoT to get up there.

      I went into a room (Minus walls and ceiling) and there were two gates on each side, That were doorways with iron bars that would come down to close them. They both closed with me inside and things or creatures came either inside through these closed doors or they came up to the doors and the room reset.

      Bing! I was now Twilight Sparkle.

      In the same room with the gates again (And there were computers in it) Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came up, One at each gate; Princess Luna came from the gate I came from which is now on my left and Princess Celestia from my right. Princess Luna said something like "Follow me and I'll give you fame/money/etc" and I (As if I were playing Team Fortress 2 on PC) hit a few buttons on the keyboard to say "No." I then faced Princess Celestia and she said "Find a way to escape the universe." And I said "Yes." The feeling is enlightening.

      How does one escape the universe?


      Later on I also dreamed of Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume in a building, Then he died and his body fell on its face and someone picked it up and tried to make it seem as if he wasn't dead but it just fell over again.
    3. 2013 September 3 and 4

      by , 09-05-2013 at 11:32 PM
      September 3: I saw one station wagon go by and later I saw a blue one go by while I stood on the porch and I recall the man driving it was wearing a T shirt and was shaven and had short hair.

      Also, There were plants around the porch like there are in waking life.

      September 4:

      1: Mother's car; I think I was in the car driving with her at the wheel and I think Aunt Bonnie was in the car at one point too. At one point we got off an interstate which was supposed to be near Natrona Heights but the intersections were similar to the place where Rt. 322 meets Rt. 36 near I-80. Somewhere there was mention of Pap being dead. Mother crashed into the front grille of a parked 80s Ford sedan that looked similar to an 80s Caprice Classic and pulled back, Later going on a road similar to Rt. 28 and then later the car crashed and as she was on the ground on dirt in a garden; She was desperately trying to keep a plant alive while rescue workers were around her.

      > Untold as of this time. Do I recall it?

      > In room with people and products that are detrimental; Some spiritual people said products like "Stay Idiot" were saying "Stay Stupid" and weren't nice. (Edit, 15/Jan/2015: I agree!) Then I saw an Asian man standing with his back to a column but facing the exit door and the employees tried to kill the customers and numbers popped up on some people prior to their deaths. I went to the left side of the room (Left as compared to if you were just walking in) and got behind one employee near a cash register and used him as a shield after I removed the blade from his hand, Then I went out the exit with him. After I let him go by pushing him away with my foot I saw a number pop up on his head as he fell to the ground (Dead, I think) and I told the other people who were leaving and who were ahead of me to run, And there was an explosion behind us and then I saw an older couple in their 50s in their bed and the bearded husband brought a sword out from under the covers. Who goes to bed with a sword under the sheets?

      > Talking to Kurt Cobain who was in the dining room; He didn't talk much at first even when talked to. I asked him something then he didn't respond as he wrote something on a piece of paper that might have been on a clipboard. My Father was sitting at the computer and Kurt was closer to the door to the kitchen which is where I stood. I think I became somewhat lucid at this point as I said I realized I was dreaming and Kurt said something in response to that. A bit after that I asked him something "If it's OK with you" and he answered on subject of Nirvana, Saying they weren't all that good and talked about the sincerity of the music. (And quite frankly, I'm not much of a Nirvana fan anymore either! But I did hope to dream of Kurt in the last few weeks prior to this dream.)

      > Sewer Shark. I played it twice in this dream but it was not the same as in the video game and one run took seven mintues or was supposed to, And the game was different in the dream than the in-waking-life video game is.

      > Near end: Walking at flea market. I awoke to a dream of walking around at the Hazen, PA flea market and my Father was there. I walked ahead a lane and then back to be with my Father, And we then started picking up change as a sedan car was behind him and someone commented on something.

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