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    1. 28/May/2014: Lucid Dreaming, OH YEAH.

      by , 05-28-2014 at 03:14 PM

      After I woke up in the morning I went back to sleep and started lucid dreaming. I'm getting experienced in this, At first I tried to do a few things in the lucid states but I woke up a few times. I just went back to sleep in the lucid state then! I believed "I am lucid dreaming" Prior to falling to sleep and then I did it, All while believing "I Am Lucid Dreaming" instead of finding a way to be lucid after falling asleep.

      I thought I should remain doing things I can do in a lucid dream, And at first I wanted to turn myself female but that didn't work at the time as I kept getting too close to my physical body? I then found I just imagine it instead of physically moving. Then, I flew since flying is something I can do in a lucid dream that keeps me aware of dreaming. This is a whole world of itself, You can let your imagination run wild in it - Want to see life as the other gender in a lucid dream? You can!

      I also had a dream that had to do with Pirates of the Carribean on this morning and it involved the scene (Or a re-creation of it) where Elizabeth's hand was cut.

      EDIT: What was I, drunk with ignorance when I wrote this? Who has insight about what's going on (and what isn't going on) here? I'd like some aid, please.

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    2. Saturday; 24th of May 2014. Semi-Lucid Dream of meeting a girl I saw years ago.

      by , 05-24-2014 at 02:20 PM
      Some of these were lucid, Or semi-lucid.

      I was in a graveyard, Observing what crimes some corpses committed. I then knocked on the door of an observatory in the graveyard next to the corpse of a woman that had been buried for at least 214 years (I say that because she died in the 1700s) and a person smaller in height than I am (A midget/dwarf/whatever you want to call a person who is of such a height) opened it and talked to me. There was not enough room for me to fit in the observatory. Soon after that he had me repeating things after him to make me sound stupid or so he thought; People were then coming by and observing what I was doing, Which was saying "Ha Ha." One person was a woman wearing glasses, And at this point I was on top of a tarp that fell down from an elevated position while I was laying on it. I also saw doors and it looked like I was on the inside of a department-store building.

      Some time after that I may have woken up and fallen back asleep and gone back to dreaming in the same general place. I then saw a woman who I think was ten or twelve feet tall and someone said to me a thing like "Do not think of dating her," To which I commented something like "She's too tall" (For me, I mean.) I then (Or was this earlier before I saw the twelve-foot tall girl?) met a red-haired girl who I saw when I was eight years old. I asked her a few things and learned her name which I'm sure is in my memory somewhere. When I saw her while awake, She had long hair and was nine years old (She said so when asked when I saw her, Though I didn't ask her or even talk to her on that day.) And I talked to her in the dream and asked her questions to see if she is the girl I saw on that day, All of the questions worked out too (Meaning I found that Yes, She is who I think she is) but then I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and "Woke Up" In the dream close to the same place I left off at. I then kept searching for this red-haired girl I had met in the dream, With a blond-haired girl who occasionally wore glasses. I once said to this girl something like "Do you realize I am lucid dreaming?" and she said "Yes."

      Later I recall being in some sort of a flea market and I went up to a very beat-up (It looked as if it had been crumpled and un-crumpled or was in an accident) and grey (If it was painted at all) truck next to a man and I looked in the truck's back seat.


      I do think I was semi-lucid as I didn't try to manifest any magical powers, The dream did just go on without me changing much. And, Yes I would like to meet this girl in waking life.

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    3. 2013; September; 6: Pirate adventure against Satan; Super-powered-kids?; Lucid one

      by , 09-06-2013 at 02:36 PM
      These might not be all of the dreams I had.

      > Might think of this one later.

      Edit 2: I'm not sure when I had this dream, But I dreamed of the scene from The Andy Griffith Show in which Rafe Hollister was in jail after having refused his vaccination and Andy was singing "Dig my Grave" Or whatever the song is.

      > After a pirate routine and fighting with someone the thought of making kids with Satan (Who was a female dog or something) came up. I (Or whoever I saw through the eyes of) did not do that but thought about it.

      This was near and island of some sort and I recall a boat or swimming.

      It was (I think) Highly influenced by this video which I saw in the four hours prior to sleeping:


      And now after I went through the video comments and thought of the video some more, yes it was. I even remember the bats in the dream, Somewhat. I met Satan on a boat, On a raised part of it where the floor had mostly fallen off or was damaged.

      I also recall someone moving around on the island which had trees but in general was very dark.

      > Three kids had super-powers of some sort

      I recall seeing in a house and in the bedroom where the kids lived, I thought of Fairy Oddparents but I never watched the TV show, And an image of one of the (Cartoon) kids had "655" on his shirt when at first I thought it may have been "666". I think it was explained how they got their powers too.

      > In a warehouse?

      > There was a lucid one or fairly lucid dream at some point of the night.

      Reason for editing: The title said this was on September 3 but it was September 6.

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    4. 2013, July 28 (Sunday): My house was a wreck; Then, Is this "Heaven" As it were?

      by , 07-28-2013 at 01:50 PM
      There are some deep (And "Above") Ones here this morning. I do hope you accept them as what they are, For that is what I posted them for.


      Earliest dream I recall now:

      I went into the kitchen of my house and the gas stove was on quite heavily, Blowing flames out the front and I didn't turn it off but scooted past it so I'd not be burned. The water-boiling kettle may have been on too. I then went into the basement and my Father said something about a support to the building or that it was removed. Part of the floor had fallen through into the basement and there were no stairs to the second floor in the hallway now; There was a way to get into the first-floor hallway from the basement as well as the second floor, Though. I went to the second floor and there was no stairway to the third floor so my workshops were inaccessible along with the heavy tools.


      The basement seemed bigger than it is in waking life.

      The house as a whole was still standing but it desperately needed repaired.


      Second dream:

      I do hope this is OK to post here. I was on a **** site, Sitting at my computer with the curtain open and a thought which was "Perhaps I should close the curtain" came up and I was about to M--------e with a sock - I seriously did not realize I was asleep, Things seemed so real - And then I thought "God said none of that!" And I woke up. (This is the turning point.)

      Then, I fell back asleep and the third "Dream" Happened. I'm not so convinced it's actually a dream now.


      So, I was in the "Office" room (On the second floor) and my car was there along with my dog. Later, I went into the hallway and my dog was there too, Laying on a box that may have had CDs in it. We went downstairs and my grandmother was in the kitchen - She died in late June 2012, For you readers who weren't aware - And she asked if I missed her and I said yes then she started talking to me about some things and they're not all recalled now. My Father was also in the kitchen but in hindsight he may have looked younger in the dream. My Mother was also there in the dining room at first (Which was not as clean as it could become - It was cluttered.) and Grandmother said something about Mother's van windshield fogging up and also of "Bad Bacteria" and things that look like food which are actually people. For some reason I then saw hot dogs and not sausages. She turned into my mother later and I think talked some more and I saw some deep green bananas on the kitchen counter and one had a "Medicinal" Sticker on it.

      My dog was in the kitchen too and at this point I must admit I was somewhat "Lucid" Yet somewhat not "Lucid". It was as if my vision was not fogged up so much and I could see but I didn't go and start "Controlling the world around me".

      Anyway, I went outside or was outside and there was a tall fence around the house. I wonder if I put it there? Anyway, I looked out around and I saw green plants and plains in a lot of places around the house and I said, "There's green everywhere!". As I looked around, I noticed that the house of my next-door-neighbor wasn't there and I was rather sad about that and I looked off into the distance but I don't think another neighbor was there either - And he goes to the same local Church that I've attended, I note - Then, I saw the equivalent of the main road that goes through the town I live in. Some people were going around in white clothes and I thought I'd wave to them and did but I don't think anyone saw me.

      Then, I saw a little kid - He may have been about four or five - Standing on the fence in a corner and I thought I'd talk to him. I don't think I did but then a lot of other kids started climbing over the fence and onto it from both sides of it and I looked to see if I could recognize anyone that I recalled off the top of my head, But I didn't. Then, I was a bit confused as someone stuck my fingers in her mouth - And somewhere at about this point, A short-haired girl talked to me and I also looked towards the house and saw some people by a door, One who was sitting - And I don't know where I got a hat from but apparently someone took it off me. I then got off the fence and on the ground and someone took off a sandal I was wearing and my foot may have touched the dead leaves on the ground and I woke up.



      - Have you ever woken up and felt as if your vision was cloudy compared to how it was in a dream? I have, And this last dream is similar. With what my Grandmother told me in mind, Possessions also have people's hands tied in with them so how many people do you have "Invited in your room" Now through connections with stuff?

      - And years ago I thought that the whole "Heaven and Hell" Thing has something to do with dreams. And, Even in July of last year after my Grandmother had died I'd been having dreams of her and was surprised and relieved that she wasn't dead.

      - I changed the title from "My house is a wreck" to "My house was a wreck" on December 14 2013

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    5. 2009, Dec. 13 (Sun), 22 (Tue) (Estimated), 23 (Wed); Nazi, Ring on groom's nose, Frodo Baggins

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:32 AM
      Most of what I wrote below is what I wrote at the time.

      "Dec. 12th - Dec. 13th

      I've been playing "The Saboteur" A lot lately. But anyway, The part I distinctly remember is when a Nazi standing in a checkout lane at Walmart told me to stop doing something in my awake life. I was lucid dreaming at the time too and I actually told him that I knew I was dreaming. I asked him to keep talking and he did. I don't feel like sharing all of the details. "

      (Now I do feel like sharing; This was speaking of mas--------on, Fill in the blank.)

      Next entry:

      "Dec. 21st-22nd (I'm guessing...)

      I remember a wedding at one part that went weird. The best man put the ring (Which was like a hoop earring) On his nose, I think the bridge took it off his nose and then saw it wasn't a wedding ring and ran off."

      I also wrote this little note later:

      "(Bridge? Did I mean Bride?)"

      Note - "His nose" = The best man's nose.

      Third dream:

      "Dec. 22nd-23rd (If you count falling asleep after midnight the 22nd)

      At one part I was Frodo Baggins in the Prancing Pony. It was weird, It went similar to the lines of the movie - Pippin said "Sure I know a Baggins, He's over there" And I may have went over to him. I'm not sure exactly how it all went, Some parts may have repeated but when I got the ring on I couldn't get it off and the eye was rather far away.

      What the heck is it with golden rings in my dreams lately? "

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    6. 2009, Dec. 9 (Thursday); Getting cocky?; Phil X; Prison-Like Place

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:12 AM
      That which is written below was written at the time. I posted my recollection of my December 8th dream and December 9th dream in the same reply to a thread on a different forum.

      (This is copied from a forum I frequent and the dreams from the night prior were posted in the same reply)

      Dec. 8th - Dec. 9th

      AAAGH I forgot parts and I had it fresh in my mind until I typed about the dreams I had yesterday! Anyway, At one point I realized I was dreaming and I think this may have been my first successful lucid dream! Anyway, Here's the parts I remember...

      In a store of some sort, Some woman told me to go away and I told her something like "I'm the star of the show here, It's my dream!" And she ignored me.

      Then, Later I was in an area with picnic tables with my parents (I think) And I had a Gibson Explorer Reverse guitar. Oddly though I was calling it a Firebird even though I know from the shape that it was an Explorer! (The two guitars are similar to one another) Then Phil X comes out of nowhere and I offer him the opportunity to play my guitar and he did, Then he starts talking about the guitar. That part was awesome.

      Next, I think my parents were going on a trip and I was running alongside the van until it turned into a Team Fortress 2 Gravel Pit "A" style area and someone stopped me.

      From there on it turned into more of a nightmare. I'm not sure of everything that happened, However I was still lucid dreaming to a point and I was in a prison like place. The people in cells were dead, dying or should have been dead. I remember at one part I went in a cell and someone was in a big box with an air hose. I opened the box to find a small skeleton that was similar to a lizard. I told him he should just die and so he did. Later, I thought I woke up because my mom woke me up going through the room but instead it was a false awakening. I went back to dreaming, I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to lucid dream then but I may have kept on lucid dreaming. I'm not sure of the details from here on.

      Anyway... I watched the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince movie yesterday so that may have had a bit of an effect on the last part...

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    7. 2009 December 3 (Saturday); The New Pornographers in the back yard

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:01 AM
      Below in-between the quotation marks is what I wrote at the time.

      "Now, for December 3, 2009.

      Again, I don't remember all parts. The earliest part I remember right now is my best friend was at my house and I advised him not to step in dog dirt in the hallway as he went to bed. Then, At one part I thought A. C. Newman, Lead man for The New Pornographers (My favorite band) Wrote the song Electric Version Because he visited the town where I live. This is absolutely ridiculous because none of my favorite bands ever come within 50 miles of here, I live in Nowhere, Pennsylvania... Later, I had a lucid dreaming part but it didn't last long and I had trouble moving. I didn't make it far before I either woke up or stopped lucid dreaming.

      More to come. "

      My dog did do that in the hallway in waking life.

      I now don't think it's so ridiculous that perhaps Carl Newman did write the song because he visited here; I don't know if he did or not.

      The LD part was fairly early for me. I was stepping around outside, Excited to move and I think I may have fallen down in the dream.

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