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    1. September or October 2017

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:53 AM
      I dreamed of seeing my car, an 84 Caprice Classic Sedan, in running condition by the post office. This was after it, in waking life, hit a telephone pole and was sold.
    2. 22-23 Nov 2016 -

      by , 11-24-2016 at 07:01 AM
      I dreamed I was someone else who told Bill Dauterive (from King of the Hill) "We love you, Bill" and he smiled.

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    3. 2013; October 3

      by , 10-03-2013 at 04:19 PM
      > Looking through a book of tarot cards or symbols, And I saw one of Jesus Christ (Who's eyes were white or had light coming out of them) and one of a skeleton. I also read something about "How to get to Venus from Mars" But put my hand in front of the text so I wouldn't read it because I didn't want to go to Venus. (It's hot there.)

      > Something referring about Ozzy Osbourne's Band? I also saw outside the back laundry room door.
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    4. 2013, September 11: Mike Watt and Aliens

      by , 09-12-2013 at 02:13 AM
      > Mike Watt in Brookville, PA and Trees

      I was in Brookville and I saw Mike Watt there, Walking. I went up into a tree above the town and later came down from the canopy of trees.

      > Aliens abducted me and my wife? (I'm not married in waking life)

      This was like the alien abduction in the Jimmy Neutron movie; I went into the kitchen and it was like that. But I was attached to something by my feet and not all of the suction cup things were attached to my feet all over to keep me from falling.

      Note: Prior to this, In the last few days I asked someone in the EQD chat if the person was about to zap me into an alien spaceship and I got a "Yes" response to which I said "OK" to.

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    5. 2013: September; 08 and 09; Sunday and Monday

      by , 09-10-2013 at 12:15 AM
      September 8, Sunday:

      Dreams regarding Satanism which I was thinking of as I'd watched a documentary about David Berkowitz (The "Son of Sam") who said he was in a satanic cult.

      September 9, Monday:

      > Mother said she and father watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

      > I saw things regarding the next Fallout video game and I heard the name of the game. For some reason an ice cream shop came to mind.

      > I saw a video game store and I saw the sign above the door, And it was where a Bon-Ton store was.

      I can edit more in to this post that I had.
    6. 2013, September 7: Teleporter/Secret Passage to Old Abandoned Store?

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:04 AM
      > In awake life on the north side of the place I live is a road that goes to another town where the man who owned the store lives.

      In the dream the road was separated like it would be in a video game with a loading screen in between one part of the road and the next. Then, There was this short section off the road in which I explored and I remembered that there was a very large area with a passageway that led into the abandoned building which was a store, Which is about five or six miles away. When I got there all four passages to the end were blocked by walls, And I told someone about it. I recalled in the dream going there by the route before, Prior to it being known.

      Later I think Twilight Sparkle had part to do with the center passageway off the path I found to the store and there were bright colorful lights.

      I've had other dreams of this store, Before and after it closed which was in 2011. The building is falling in on itself now.

      I had more dreams too.
    7. 2013, July 3 or 4?; Lake of Fire

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:37 PM
      I had a dream similar to the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb video game, After the Nazi was trying to kill Indiana; Mr. Jones was running around in a desert with the murder machine still after him, Running very fast (As if he was on ten bottles of Skooma, A drug from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) on the crests of sand dunes. He then came up to a lake of fire and lava at the north end of the desert and I saw it from up high; There were towns all around and few had green in them. There was a false Jesus statue to the right near a lava river and later I ended up seeing in a building on the north side of the lake where someone may have been ambushed.

      This reminded me of the Nirvana cover of the Meat Puppets song "Lake Of Fire" at the time.
    8. 2013, August - Early August - Gollum-ish creature

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:21 PM
      I was alone in a bank and I picked up a dollar bill of some sort at a booth only to look at it and I saw an image of someone or something that resembled Gollum printed on it who also was a bank teller at one time. Then it (The being) popped up to the left of the booth very still like a statue while the color of the room faded and sound died. I think I then went up to it and touched it and said "Jesus Christ! Never to be again..." And I may have floated upwards and perhaps I then saw white too, Then I woke up.

      This may have been the same night I dreamed of cake in water and pizza in a room with some other people there including a cashier from a grocery store who I met once.

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    9. 2013; September; 6: Pirate adventure against Satan; Super-powered-kids?; Lucid one

      by , 09-06-2013 at 02:36 PM
      These might not be all of the dreams I had.

      > Might think of this one later.

      Edit 2: I'm not sure when I had this dream, But I dreamed of the scene from The Andy Griffith Show in which Rafe Hollister was in jail after having refused his vaccination and Andy was singing "Dig my Grave" Or whatever the song is.

      > After a pirate routine and fighting with someone the thought of making kids with Satan (Who was a female dog or something) came up. I (Or whoever I saw through the eyes of) did not do that but thought about it.

      This was near and island of some sort and I recall a boat or swimming.

      It was (I think) Highly influenced by this video which I saw in the four hours prior to sleeping:


      And now after I went through the video comments and thought of the video some more, yes it was. I even remember the bats in the dream, Somewhat. I met Satan on a boat, On a raised part of it where the floor had mostly fallen off or was damaged.

      I also recall someone moving around on the island which had trees but in general was very dark.

      > Three kids had super-powers of some sort

      I recall seeing in a house and in the bedroom where the kids lived, I thought of Fairy Oddparents but I never watched the TV show, And an image of one of the (Cartoon) kids had "655" on his shirt when at first I thought it may have been "666". I think it was explained how they got their powers too.

      > In a warehouse?

      > There was a lucid one or fairly lucid dream at some point of the night.

      Reason for editing: The title said this was on September 3 but it was September 6.

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    10. 2013, July 31 (Wednesday): "Stand and deliver!" And others.

      by , 07-31-2013 at 03:45 PM
      No, Adam Ant didn't pop up.

      I had a lot of dreams this day and perhaps I'll remember a great many of them! These aren't necessarily all in the order they happened, Though I do recall the Love Bug one was before the Thief one and the Flounder one before those two.


      > (Not sure about this one) I may have been driving and then I thought of "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" (Which is a video game I never played) As I was on a road that curved to the left.


      > In a city or town and I recall something about a theatre


      > Flounder from The Little Mermaid was under the sea and so was I (In thought), Then Flounder was in seaweed and then something I'm not posting here happened.


      > In a boat that I had to defend from people gunning us from an airplane, But my guns were inside the ship and I was shooting the ship instead of shooting at the plane. I then went in an elevator down lower into the ship with someone else and was hoping I wouldn't go into a flooded part of the ship.


      > Then, It was like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Three Stooges met The Love Bug in Winter. I saw a Love Bug that was like the cartoon car in the Roger Rabbit movie on the interior, Somewhat (The "THIS LEVER, STUPID" Sign was in there) and several characters including Jessica Rabbit were holding on to the rear of the car and were standing on the bumper as it drove through a snowy area and then they fell off as they drove around my house by the front porch; There wasn't a fence so the car had room to drive. Someone got off the car and ran near the porch as someone was talking to him - This may have been Me or Curly who was running. At some point my mother said "That's funny" As this was a movie or short movie I was watching, At least at one point.


      > Later, I was in a city and drove to a place I may have thought was a movie theatre. I passed it and had to make a U-turn in a place where it was legal to go back, Then I went in to the garage by driving my car in and it was actually a place in which people just wanted to steal my money and credit cards and cell phone and what possessions the girlfriend in my dream (Who was blond, Had short hair and resembled the woman involved in the lawsuit in the movie Liar Liar) So, I put the windows down in the 1985 Jaguar XJ6 (For some reason I saw from the back seat as the driver's side windows went down) And I started to just throw my money out the window. I didn't give my credit cards or cell phone as I hesitated and didn't want to give them (Though I should give them if I have a dream like this again) and at one point I brought out some reproduction money (And the color yellow comes to mind here) in a stack and asked if they wanted it, One man who was a bit tall and perhaps muscular and also blond with short hair and without a beard or mustache or glasses in a blue shirt said "Naw" (Note; The interior of this garage resembled a garage I know) And I put the reproduction money in the center console in the car while saying something like "Yeah, It's reproduction money." I then got a receipt for the transaction (Do thieves print receipts?) And it said how much money I gave as opposed to how much money they would've billed me, Perhaps only if they weren't thieves? Anyway, The price would've been $18.90 or so and what was given was $72.50 - This may have included what my girlfriend gave which was her entire wallet, Despite the fact she was wearing something that resembled leopard spots. Then I put the car in drive and began to go forward and the door in front of me raised up to show another car in there, So I asked how to get out and I reversed. I saw a bald caucasian man sitting nearby. I then went out a door on the front of the building on the right instead of the left one I entered, Passed a red Caravan which was parked but i think was on and waved to Larry who owned the thieving place and who was walking near the van - He had dark hair and a short beard and mustache and a blue long-sleeved shirt and no glasses and short hair and perhaps had darker skin than I have so maybe he was Mexican - And I paused but then said "Nice seeing you, Larry! See ya!" And I think he waved before I drove away. (Note - At this point I'm not sure I was entirely in a "car" that wasn't transparent.)

      Then I was in something resembling a particular Walmart parking lot and I was on a skateboard, Getting rather good at it compared to how I was (I could turn fairly easily and thought I'd be able to learn, Too) And I saw a few people nearby, One who was an old woman and then the asphalt was grass and I met another guy on a skateboard; He was wearing a hat, I think, And was wearing red and didn't have a beard or mustache or glasses and had short hair too and I started talking about food with him. I talked to him and we may have started talking about our journeys, I mentioned three types of food and then french fries and I think he was salivating then.


      For some reason this morning while I was AFK from typing this, I was thinking of D. Boon of the Minutemen (A band.) Perhaps he has to do with a dream?

      The last dream I wrote down was the last; I was awake in-between some of the dreams I wrote and that's one of them.

      The name "Larry" In this DJ recurred thrice, I think; First there's Leisure Suit Larry then there's Larry from The Three Stooges who comes to mind but I don't think I saw, And then there's Larry the Thief.

      Another note: I suggest for you DJ writers to write a draft for online-posting down in a Notepad document while saving it at points and then copy it on here. That way, If you also keep a log on your computer you can remove things from the online post if you wish to instead of adding details you wish to keep offline to the offline post.

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    11. 2013, July 25 (Thursday); Barry Andrews Fragment

      by , 07-26-2013 at 04:16 PM
      If I logged this yesterday I may have logged more in.

      There was a bit about Barry Andrews of the band Shriekback as if I was just thinking of him. I've dreamed about him before.

      Ludic dreaming mentally unhealthy?-shriekpic012.jpg

      There were more fragments and they're not in mind right now but Andy Partridge may be among them.

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      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ludic dreaming mentally unhealthy?-barry_andrews_203x152.jpg  
    12. 2013, July 24 (Wednesday): Chicken Run; Mike Mozart; Goodwill

      by , 07-24-2013 at 07:20 PM
      > I recall another quote from Chicken Run and a place that may resemble a road nearby and perhaps an automobile and perhaps water. There was a quote by character Nick (The rodent) from Chicken Run, "No, Apparently it's a lady thing, Ask yer mum" (On the subject of egg-laying)

      > Mike Mozart apparently rented or rents a building in a nearby town in my dream, Maybe he does in waking life too?

      > There was more to the bit about the building. I may have gone to a local Goodwill store too and found a net of some sort

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    13. 2013, July 21, (Sunday): Where was I? Where are you? Where have you been?

      by , 07-21-2013 at 11:54 PM
      Please take this with a bit slower thought than you normally might, This was a very strange dream to me.

      Note: Before I had it, I let my dog go outside sometime between 4 AM and 5 AM and I fell asleep on the swing (With a coat and long pants on, Mostly so I wouldn't get bitten by mosquitoes and it also helped me not catch a cold) and I woke at about 5:40 and went back to bed. Then after the first dream I wrote here, I woke at about 7:14 AM.


      I just have to say, Wow; Where was I?

      Near the start of the dream I met some relatives I didn't realize were related to me; There was a man and I think his wife and child who may have been an infant. This is sounding pretty similar to some people who go to a church I attend! After that I met another me in my own room and he didn't look quite like me, I think he wore a coat that looked like the one I wore outside earlier while awake.

      Some time after that, Things started getting weirder, I think I went into a deeper dream level so to speak because I normally don't have dreams like this. I may have talked about switching places with this other me for some reason.

      Next, I recall going outside and the house was not quite the same as it is in waking life; There were more parts to the building on the back end of it and then I recall explaining to someone that the sun and moon didn't work in the same way where I was from. I also said to someone that I was from another dimension and I saw some people in the side yard including a neighbor I know who attends the same church as I do and also plays a musical instrument as I do, But he wasn't my neighbor and he didn't recognize me.

      Later, There was some structure in that side yard and a man was in a small shack-y room with the door cracked open. There was another door behind a man who I was talking to and after I looked away from him and looked back, He had no head but was standing there with a breathing apparatus! And after looking into the red sky (And there were no trees nearby as there are in waking life) I saw some weird things in it like red licorice candy clouds, If I could describe them as such but I don't think they were edible. I had enough at that point and said the Lord's prayer,

      "Our father who art in heaven,
      Hallowed be thy name.
      Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
      on earth as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses
      as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil
      For thine is the kingdom, And the power, And the glory forever.

      (Note: I did not say the prayer exactly like this. But, I said it with the same meaning. BTW, There's a saying which is "There are no atheists in a foxhole" And I can't say I was as faithful as I may have believed in the Bible in weeks prior to this dream.)

      Then, I thought I woke up and I was in the back end of my Dad's caravan with the back end open which was facing the house which is a bit odd given the driveway. I thought I was awake and I went back inside the house with my dog, Talked with my Father (My parent) and some time after that, I woke for real.

      At times in that dream I was wondering if I would ever wake up because it was so weird and unlike the waking world.

      Later, I went downstairs and slept on the couch until about 9:15 AM. Some of the next dream was as this:

      2: I think there was some selection of this next part, As if it was a movie with some people deciding what to do for/with this guy described below or a video game level selection screen. A man drove a big truck in a snowy mountain pass, Parked his truck away from the bridge which was small if I rememebr right, Went up to the bridge that was closed, His truck fell off the mountain and he jumped off the cliff where it fell and found wings in the air quite far away from the mountain and flew around in places including my living room.

      If you have not seen something like the first dream I described here, Can you relate? I didn't feel like I was at home, I'm not about to call it a lucid dream as I didn't "Have the powers of dreamland at my control", So to speak, But it felt like I was painfully aware I was not so close to home.

      Note: How did "Nightmare" and "Task of the Month" get selected? I don't recall clicking those, I clicked "Non-Lucid" And "Side Notes" And then those weren't selected. I took so long to write this that my login session had expired and I had to log in again, So that might have something to do with it. But, The first dream was unpleasant and I imagine it is a task of the month to not have another dream like this, This month. So I left those tags there and re-added the other ones.
    14. 2013, May xx; Fragments from the month of May

      by , 05-17-2013 at 02:21 AM
      These aren't necessarily in order that I dreamed them.


      I saw Frankenstein's monster on the windmill and the windmill was on fire. I felt bad about it because I know it wasn't the monster's fault that he was what he was; I saw that he was born into agony.


      Someone I know (And I remember who) held me up in the air by spraying me with water from a hose, Near a building. But for some reason he hit me between the rear-cheeks which is odd, Given the fact I was facing him with my stomach facing down to the ground.

      3: I cut down a tree by the church I attend so I could move my car behind it. (Edit: This third one might have not been a good thing to do.)

      Later, I saw someone I know had a very huge glass jar (One two three gallon-size) of organic sliced peaches on my kitchen counter.

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    15. 2013, January 19 (Sat) and 26 (Fri); Fragments; This is my brain on Ponies and Morphine

      by , 05-11-2013 at 03:10 AM
      Saturday, Jan 19th:

      One of the dreams involved Ponies. Fluttershy was left behind, So Rainbow Dash and Applejack (Who now had wings, Not unlike a fanfic I read) Went to get her despite Fluttershy being in a place where the land had flown off from where the rest of the Ponies were.

      Friday, Jan 26:

      I was in the garage and the truck's cab was longer, Like a van. A hefty woman was there and perhaps someone else was there. Morphine's "The Saddest Song" Started playing.

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