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    1. 5 Jan 2015 - Not such a pain in the rear. (Warning, grotesque.)

      by , 01-06-2016 at 05:45 AM
      Part 1:

      The earliest relevant part of this dream started with me in a Walmart parking lot; I've seen one particular van - a rusty 1980s conversion van - parked there which I assumed owned to an employee there in waking life. So, I went there and somehow got into this particular van and decided to paint the interior including the headliner. I was doing this with one or more people; then somehow the focus left me and I'm not sure it was me anymore working on the van, the van was moved over the parking lot and not parked in the same place it was left by whoever left it there.

      Part 2:

      The next segment showed two teenagers, one caucasian black haired female and a guy who had no facial hair, I think in the Walmart being talked at by Walter White from Breaking Bad (NOTE I have never watched Breaking Bad and had to look up the Wiki page to learn the character's name to post this, I only ever heard a clip from the show in a MLP: FIM parody video) and a woman who was with Walter; the teenagers were working for Walter and that woman. Next, I have to tell you I have a pendant which I'm wearing even as I type this:


      The teenage girl was wearing it around her neck. Walter then took it off her and said "What the hell is this?" and she said "I don't know!" and wanted to get out of there, though I didn't think it was for what Walter was about to do; somehow he and the three other people were suddenly in a basement or other enclosed area like setting with the teenagers tied up. Walter and the woman then,
      Spoiler for spoiled for squeamish folk,:



      I painted my bedroom several weeks before I had this dream - two to three weeks. It means a fresh start and new things to think about, for me. Painting the van could be much similar to that if not the same thing, and vans go places...

      I have to admit I had previously read about people using vans to make meth in, I also knew about the TV show "Breaking Bad" being about making meth. But I have never watched an episode, and although I heard Walter White's name before in that Pony video I didn't pay substantial conscious attention to it. Still, the subconscious works in many ways I don't really know. I did read a synopsis of Breaking Bad, and then learned Walter uses his R.V. in the show to make meth in... And then there's the painting I was doing on the interior of a van, meaning maybe I much want to avoid that route? Yes.

      So, with all that in mind I think this dream may be meaning that I have been worrying about the future too much, like Walter; I do wear that pendant which I like, and the worry (Walter; remember his predicament in Breaking Bad) would be like "What the hell are you wearing?" because of what meaning I ascribe to the nice pendant, which doesn't mean to worry about financial concerns or the fact I'm gonna die some day. And if that girl was meant to represent me, I didn't feel a pain in the rear from what the two of them did!

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