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    1. 2014-Jan-16; Double Rainbow!

      by , 01-16-2014 at 05:51 PM
      This is mostly a copy of a text file I wrote:


      Earlier dream;

      It was as if I was playing a video game in which I could go all around Pennsylvania. So I first went out the road towards the Eagles' bar and it isn't the same in this dream as it is in waking life at this date. I thought of driving the 2000 Honda Insight, Then some people shot at me then I kept going past them and walked around a locked church (Which is not there in waking life that I know of) and then went down to Limestone, PA and met some people at a yard sale at a house near the top of a hill. A father, His son and a woman were all there and they had a black 50s car for sale and I went into their carpeted garage and used their remote-controlled vacuum cleaner (A kid would enjoy this so much) and sat on a couch, My Dad came by through driving And their (Adult) son who wore an orange shirt talked to me and said they'd like to say happy birthday to me. So I turned around in the chair.

      (UPDATE, 16/December/2014: I did not have a 2000 Honda Insight car in the physical world when I wrote this nor do I have one now!)

      Dream of Dad driving another odd car (The same as was described in 2014-Jan-15's dream?) and I went into the kitchen fireplace and wind was coming through as the bricks weren't all there between the wall and outside.


      Third dream


      I looked out my bedroom window (Which I found on the first floor with plants outside the window) and saw a double rainbow for a very long distance and other people looked at it too. Later in other dreams I wanted to tell people about it and was trying to tell them! The rainbow started not horizontally as most do but I saw it starting closer to home, In the alley close to the trailer factory? And it went in the direction I call south (Or close to south), Using the waking-life house as a standpoint for compass direction.

      I went downstairs to tell my parents about it who were in the living room at one point. But my room was on the first floor?


      I was in the garage (Which was different in the dream than it is in waking life) and someone or some people were there. I at one point put on some other clothing including an "ARMY" Hat to get fat like D. Boon as if I were creating a Rock Band character? I thought of jumping around like he did. I also tried to communicate to someone regarding something but couldn't talk very well. (In waking life my throat was dry; I woke up a few times in the morning.)


      There are dreams of waking up and trying to tell people about that Double Rainbow.



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