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    1. 7-12-2013 Grandmothers house and Enemy objectives

      by , 07-13-2013 at 02:04 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Mojang Interview:
      So i'm at this gaming convention or something. There's a lot of people there. Mojang ( the guys who made minecraft) are there. Notch steps up on this stage and is saying something or doing something. I get called up to demonstrate something. I get up there and do good for like a minute, then i get stuck in some sort of application on this device. I can't figure out how to close the darn thing. So i'm up there on the stage and everyone is looking at me as i cycle through various windows looking for the close button.

      Either way, notch i guess gets mad and tells me to get off stage. So i walk off and into this room. The room has another door that exits at the back of the crowd. I walk through and see some people. I might have done some other things but i can't remember. I get out, and i see some friends at the back of the crowd. I talk to them and then go to the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and theres this slab of wood in front of my attached to the ceiling. I wonder what the heck it's for. So i pull it down and it becomes like a screen. Neat!.

      Enemy Objectives:
      My grandmother is having some sort of party so i get dragged over to her house unwillingly by my brother or something. As i get there, it's fun and all, but i sense a deeper plot going on. In this dream, i'm playing like a spy or something. Either way, someone is killed i think and everyone gathers in a ring to collect evidence and find out what happened. I know something but i lie and don't say anything. After that, i walk into the deeper parts of their house, i meet some people.

      One person is at a desk, i really want them to move so i can search through the papers and what not. They eventually move and i start searching. Nothing of interest. Eventually, this lady gives me a quest to assassinate some one. I take it. I get in my mech and i'm now on my farm. I'm fighting this other person, but i'm not doing so good so i call for backup. My backup arrives but his mech is flooding with water.
    2. 7-11-2013 C.C Betrayal and Dimension Trap

      by , 07-13-2013 at 01:46 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      C.C Betrayal:
      This dream takes place in a suburban area. In the center is a building that looks as if it's still under construction. To the left of that building is a road which cars only drive on rarely. To the north is a building complex. And to the south and east are residential buildings but hardly no one lives in this area. It's currently dusk, and I'm walking along the south side of the middle building in my Keikogi ( martial arts uniform, but i just call it a gi). Apparently the middle building is a dojo and i'm headed there to train.

      For some reason, i decide to take off running. The wind is blowing my gi a little so i take the top part off. I end up running completely around the building and i find myself to the east side of it now. As i start walking south, i notice my brother and my brothers friend launching fireworks. it turns night. I keep walking and as i get to the southeast corner of the middle building, my brothers other friend pulls up in his truck ( lets call him John ). John parks the truck and gets out. He apparently has bought me tons of taco johns. But it's all just those potato tots. Not very much of a meal but meh, i'll eat it. As he does that, the younger sister and brother of John ride by on skateboards going north and then everyone else decides to join them.

      John also grabs his skateboard and takes off, but i don't have one so john lets me on his skateboard and starts explaining how to ride one. I tell him i already know, so we go on to talk about different things. He asks me if i play any sports. i tell him i don't but i have gotten into martial arts lately.As we talk, we eventually ride into the complex north of the dojo. We all stop there. Turns out, johns friends from work have also joined us for the ride. The people from work start talking about a pet party they intend to have. They seemed like very sexual people.

      As they talk, i decide to go to the bathroom. I walk in and start peeing at a urinal. In the corner of my eye, i see something on my left, but i decide not to look because it might be another person. As i get done, i turn and look and it's a bathtub that is turning itself on and off. As i walk back to the truck, i realize i'm wearing a black jacket with red strips and same design sweatpants. Anyway, i get back to the truck and all the food has been eaten.

      Then C.C ( from code geass) gets in johns truck. John also gets in and so do i. As we get in there. John starts to look like clovis from code geass and starts rambling on about his final move and attack. As he talks, C.C betrays him, the next thing i see, C.C is in her mech, and so is john. C.C has john trapped in an energy field and is flying him away, she is yelling at him and accusing him of killing people and etc.

      As she flies away. I start to think, i used to have a contract with her, why didn't she do the same thing to me? and will she ever betray me?

      Alien hostage:
      It's mid day, i'm out in a desert place. There's a facility and a space ship behind me. A group of people from star trek are being held hostage by some alien race. Our queen then comes out of our space ship and makes peace with the aliens. Initially, we thought the aliens were being led by one of our enemies, but we found out they weren't so that's why we made peace. So our people are returned.

      I start walking towards the facility after everyone is gone, then i see someone i know, lets call him Tom. Tom is partially covered by a door, and below him is a girl he has captured. Tom has also managed to give himself super mutant powers. Tom takes off running away. Then as i'm about to pursue him, another person starts driving up behind me, they're planning to run me over. He's probably a guardian of that girl so i quickly point to my side and he gets the message.

      He gets out and we start going after the girl. As we get to the door of the facility. It opens up to my driveway except there is a zip line going all the way down it and a train station up at the top where i'm currently at. I jump up on the parked train and grab on to the zip line. I see the girl farther down the driveway at the entrance. So i continue going down. As i look back, The guardian is going on foot but behind him is Tom which quickly takes the man down and starts running after me.

      As i get to the girl, i see that's she tied up to another girl and touching her would cause a bomb to detonate. I look back again and Tom has a gun to that guys head. What a sticky situation.

      Amusement Park Gold:
      I'm at an amusement park. There's a decent amount of people there. Me and a friend are at like a slot machine thing. My friend is playing. He then wins $9999 and starts to cry because he can't believe it. As he is there, i somehow make my way down some steps and i'm in a fairly open area. I then get in a fight with like Zeus and i'm like shooting lighting at him and he's shooting stuff at me and the battle is generally getting no where.

      Next thing i know, i'm in my bathroom with C.C and my friend might have been there. We're talking about various things. I then tell my friend and C.C to walk out because i was taking my clothes off. At least i think that was the reason, i know i did take my clothes off but we might have been hiding something in the bathroom and there might have been people outside the bathroom so we needed to make sure the people outside didn't figure out what was going on. But then again, it's only a feeling, i'm not entirely sure.

      Either way, i walk out of the bathroom in my underwear. C.C is on my bed and there's some other people there. I think i remember telling C.C to wait for me on the bed so i was fine with her being there but i wasn't expecting the other people.

      Dimension Trap:
      I'm in a game of TF2. I'm the only one left alive on my team. I'm being hunted by the other team. I'm in a desert mountainous place with a saw mill in front of me and further back a hill leading to a cave. I kill some enemies on my way to the sawmill. However, as i get there, i'm being shot at by people on the hill. I keep trying to shoot them but i miss. I eventually hear them talking about how they plan to ambush me by using c4. Since i overheard that, i shoot the c4 that's planted beside me to stop it from blowing up unexpectedly. I then run into the sawmill and hide as i wait for them to come down.

      They make their way down. I jump out a window over a heavy, and kill most of them. I run up the hill and into a cave. The heavy chases me into the cave. I keep running and running. I eventually jump into a cavern, the place has lava flowing down below. I look back and notice the heavy stopped chasing me as i jumped into this area. I then realize i stepped into another dimension and it's an area of no return to other areas. Well great.

      As i wait, a spy comes into the zone with a really fast car. He stops as he drives to where i'm waiting. The heavy comes in as well. They don't attack, rather, they think and then realize what they've done. They have now trapped themselves in here as well. Since they're trapped, they try summoning a digital girl to help solve the issue, but she's dies almost as soon as she's summoned because the zone is messing with her data and she can't maintain form in this place.

      The only thing i remember next, is, there was a room full of people stuck in this zone. I get accused of something on television and come into the room with a mech and kill all of the survivors.

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    3. 6-22-2013 7th Lucid and the Movies!

      by , 06-22-2013 at 07:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      7th Lucid:

      Summary: I just woke up from the first dream i had. I'm in my bedroom, but i suddenly got a feeling, something wasn't right, this didn't feel normal. It then occurred to me that this could be a dream.
      So i then did a reality check and it was a dream. I had a false awakening and was now lucid. The level of lucid was low however, i was still lucid but not all the way there. My room was dark. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to teleport to a beach. But it didn't work
      (if my level of lucidity was higher, i would have had the sense to try again), so i decided to look around my room some more, i saw a skeleton in my bathroom. Well, since i couldn't go to the beach, i decided i'm going to go over and kick that stupid creepy skeleton out of my bathroom. As i did this, i woke up.

      Time: About 4 and a half hours after falling asleep.

      Break in: I'm driving a car, i have two people in the back, i guess they are my partners, but half way to our destination, they jump out. (idiots) So i finally get to a room in some building, i have some gloves on and other materials with me, it looks as if i'm about to break in to some ones house. Well, my partners are gone so i wait there. Some one comes over eventually but their not my partners. it's a fat guy and some girl from one piece. The girl walks over and tells me that she doesn't want to hear my fucking complaining anymore. The expression on my face was kind of like: Umm, what? screw you too, go away.

      Information Runner: The dream starts off with me and my dad. We're on top of a building in the outskirts of a city. The setting is in the future, the government has messed like everything up, people are starving, and me and my dad are part of a resistance, we go and gather information. Anyway, at this point, we're looking for a doctor for some reason. We get down from the building and eventually find a woman with an injured child heading somewhere. We decide that she must know where a doctor is so we follow her. She turns between some houses but we stop. We come up to a house that's sort of elevated off the ground, and it has a very small crawlspace along the ground that we can use to get to the top of the house. So me and my dad crawl along the ground on this slope with the house floor above us. We crawl and i step on a nail with my right foot. That stung a little. Anyway, we get to the top of the house and walk in, there, my dad relays information while i stock up on some guns. The dream ended here.

      The movies!: I go with my friends to the movies. The movie we're seeing hasn't started yet so i go to the bathroom. The bathroom is freaking huge, there's even people taking showers in here. Either way, i go up and learn against a wall and start peeing. I literally set there and pee for like 2 minutes straight. When i'm done, i walk out of the bathroom and see a stand with people giving out candy. I head on into the theater, the movie has started. I desperately walk around to find my backpack, i finally find it after making such noise. I'm afraid to get up and find my friends because i've already made a lot of noise. But i don't care, i end up jumping over like 5 seats before i find my friends. Once i find them, these two fat blond ladies come up to our group claiming they know me. One hugs me and i freak out, i tell them to back off and tell me their names. They do and they sound vaguely familiar but i otherwise don't know them. The dream ended there.

      Tractors: I'm outside with my dad, and someone is selling guns. this guy is selling an ak-47 for $10,000 dollars, and a grenade launcher for $50,000. I get into an argument about how crazily overpriced the grenade launcher is. ( my dream self doesn't seem to realize that the ak-47 is $10,000....that itself is insane). Either way, i give up and walk into my house and sleep. However, in the middle of the night, i see lights outside. I get excited and i'm like "Yeah, time to see what's going on out here". i look out and i see two of our tractors driving around the yard. I look closer and notice no one is driving them, the tractors are driving themselves. This was freaking weird, i didn't know how to respond to that. I then go to my dad, and he replies "Oh yeah...that sometimes happens" in a casual voice. How is this not a big deal for him?!?!

      Skateboard rivals:
      The only thing i remember about this one, is that i'm in a futuristic looking town in some park. I notice that two rival skateboard gangs are challenging each other ( yeah...skateboard gangs that are fighting over which skateboard style is better ). They do some crazy tricks and i think i remember something about them eventually blowing up the park because one guy jumps up like 2 miles into the air and on impact...his skateboard exploded. xD