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    1. 7-22 through 7-25-2013

      by , 07-26-2013 at 03:35 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I've been getting only about 7-8 hours each night because i've had things to do this and part of last week. These dreams aren't very detailed because i'm used to getting 9-11 hours at least. However, after tomorrow, i get back on my regular schedule and should be getting more detailed dreams.

      -The first dream started off with me playing some sort of rpg game that had elements of serious sam in it. I was on a team, we were in a chamber trying to shut off a bomb, we had to hit a lever up top and a lever down below at the same time while fighting hoards of enemies. We managed to pull it off and make it back safely to a town square sort of like where merchants sold all sorts of things.

      -Me and a friend were in mexico, we were part of a drug cartel. We had recently been betrayed and had everything taken from us. We were planning our revenge. The last thing i remembered from this one was me running through a town and some people getting shot.

      -I was in a dark room with a teacher from my school. The teacher was experimenting with lasers, it was pretty cool. He then gave me an assignment to go cook something, i remember getting in a car and heading out to the place to cook it at but that's all i remember.

      -I was on my driveway, there were a bunch of other people here too, they were taking turns trying to see who could draw the best.

      -This dream tells an epic story of a kid and his parents. I don't really remember that much but i will type what i know. It started off with the kid, he was trapped in a cave. He eventually finds his way out and makes his way to a futuristic looking city. There, his foster dad offers to do something for him, but he turns him down and this led to a very sad ending. The dream then reversed back to that scene and this time, the kid said yes, and all i remember is the kid making his way to a hotel room and finding an orange there.

      -I'm at my school trying to learn some music, i then go to the bathroom. Except, the bathroom is the one at my house. As i go in, there are other people there, kind of weird. As i leave to go to bed, i remember trying to put a retainer over my retainer.


      -The first dream this night was pretty long and all over the place. The most i can remember is: It had something to do with japanese and chinese, I adventured with a kid and a dragon, i think i may have committed some sort of crime at an airport.

      -I was in an underground city and in some sort of cramped engineering room. There, my friend had claws on his hand and started cutting my face up. I then took the claws and cut his face up pretty bad and escaped into the sewers below.
      There, i became lucid and there was a nude girl beside me, so i got the impulse and had sex with her.

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    2. 7-21-2013 Double Lucid and lots of nice sleep

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:09 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      SO! Tonight, i finally got a ton of sleep! I'll start going to bed earlier i promise! Either way, i had a ton of dreams tonight, probably more than my record of twelve but some of them were stupid and i didn't want to log every single one of them so i just logged the lucids and some other ones in this log. Yeah, i know it's a bad habit to not log all of them but i will from now on, don't worry.

      Mysterious night ship and end of the world dome fields!:
      It's day time and i'm at some building in a part of my town. Some people from out school are asking who owns some computer parts they had. One part was a gpu with two fans on it. It definitely looked like a piece of trash but i went home and that night i looked it up on my computer. Turned out, it was a piece of trash. Either i then went on to eat some garlic bread and maybe the next night. I was alone and i looked out my front window and saw cars on a road not too far away.

      The cars looked like they had been in a wreck and had been abandoned, no one was in them, it was strange. I then looked out my back window, and in the night sky, i saw some spaceship in the sky far away from my house slowly moving across the sky. I went to door to get a better look at it, it was still moving but behind the clouds now, although i could still see it because of it's lights. Then, all of a sudden, the sky erupted in explosions, and a glowing dome shaped forcefield sprang up and covered the main part of town which i could see over the woods on my farm.

      I thought about what it was for, maybe our country was getting attacked and that would keep the city safe but at the same time, lock them out from the outside world. I also wondered if the dome was meant to lock the city and slowly kill the inhabitants because of lack of outside contact.

      I then found myself in a nice sports car under the dome. Everything looked futuristic. How did i get here? i wondered. I drove around and then wondered again, Do i really want to live like this? under a dome?

      A game of chess:
      I'm playing a game of chess with somebody, but it had some weird rules so i ask him how to play. As i do, the chest board forms an environment and i get sucked in and before i know it. I'm in what looks like a theme park but the people i'm with are sad because a person just died and they were attending a funeral.

      Alien death:

      I'm in a desert at some government test facility. They have these aliens lined up. The aliens have powers that let them control smart people. The government wanted the aliens dead so they brought in basically barbarians which killed the aliens. The government people then took the dead bodies for testing.

      Required skills:
      I'm with a smart girl who is older than me. And by smart, i mean really smart. I'm also with a group of other people. We're about to get on this platform that rises and acts as an elevator because there is a hole in the ceiling which allows the platform to rise through. I attempt to get on but i'm not fast enough because it went up too fast. Then, another platform with people on it comes down and hits the platform that's going up. This causes both the platforms to start going up again but since they hit each other. The platforms were damaged and were slanted sideways. The top platform then ran into the ceiling and crushed the people on it.

      After that, our group went on the regular elevator. As we got to the top and walked out. The girl told me she has enough skills to survive. I didn't have near as many skills as she did, it was weird talking to her.

      The paintings:
      I just got back from martial arts. I'm at my house now, it's night time. I look outside my window and i see black portals appearing all over the sky, cars were flowing out of them. I then yelled for my sister to come watch. She came but appeared outside sitting in a chair. I then wondered how she got through the window. I then realized that i must be dreaming, but first , i had to take this stupid retainer out of my mouth. I was too focused on that to solidify my lucidity so it went away and then my dream self went to bed. I woke up. Then went back to sleep, and woke again.

      This time, people i knew were in my room and i thought i must be dreaming. This got my lucidity back. I then wanted to change settings so i spun around on my bed. As i did that, i imagined a city. The city at first wasn't detailed, but i kept on imagining it and it soon got pretty detailed and eventually, poof! i was there! I then started to walk around, i stopped at the corner of some street to test my senses, it was pretty cool really. I was aware. I could hear, smell and etc. I then tried to rub my hands together, this felt a little weird but way better then my previous lucids.

      I kept on walking and eventually made my way to like a gallery of paintings. I then focused on the hallway lined with paintings and the detail instantly increased. I then walked up and checked out the paintings. The first set was the same painting but the face of each figure was different. At this point, i was completely amazed at the detail in the paintings. Then somewhere along the lines, i must have woke up or something because i can't remember past this except for a different dream that came after.

      Boss fight:
      I'm in a room, it's dark, and only me and this girl are here. I have a gun and she has a laptop. We're fighting some sort of boss monster. We eventually kill it.
      I then realize i must be dreaming. As i do, i try to change the scene to a beach but i didn't focus it like the last one so once i started talking to people on the beach, i transported right back to the room, except this time it had windows, it was night outside, and it was on top of a really tall building.

      A girl was tied up on a chair next to me. why she was tied up, i have no clue. either way, she wasn't the girl i wanted to ask but i'll talk to her anyway. I asked her what my true name was and she then started trolling me and giving me stupid responses like 'princess' and 'quantesia'. I wasn't getting any where with her so i decided to try it in a later lucid dream.

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    3. 7-10-2013 Glorious View

      by , 07-11-2013 at 12:22 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Killing Floor Of Traveling:
      I remember being in a room in what seemed like an abandoned town. The room was locked and it was infested with undead. I was with a partner of mine. I think it was dusk out. Anyway, we go in and kill the zombies. I don't remember exactly what happened next, but i believe we talked inside the room. I felt like i couldn't trust my partner. He was a mysterious person, i didn't like the vibe i got from him.

      Next scene i remember, i'm at my grandmothers house, i might be driving one of their cars or talking to someone. And at another scene, I was on a high speed rail. I was traveling to someplace, i think i had a reason to go to that place but at the same time, i felt a feeling of being lost and having no place to go. The train stops and the passengers and i get out. I then start out to go to my destination but a guy driving a tractor with a wagon attached to the back comes by the train and picks people up to take them to their destination. I get on.

      The final scene, I'm on some continent, investigating different places of interest. I remember going to various places and then checking my map, The map had zones drawn on it and it was colored with the level of risk each zone had associated with it. As i'm traveling, i get to a foresty place with construction taking place not too far off on a hill.
      At this point, i gain lucidity, and decide to head over to the hill, i stop and have a chat with one of the construction workers as i walk up. As i get to the hill, the sight is absolutely amazing. In the distance, i see a desert area with a river flowing out to an ocean. The river had rich looking houses built next to it. The sun was also shining down. It was a great.

      Heavy Backstab:

      I was in a game of TF2. The game had three people in it. The objective was to backstab the heavy as a spy, Or if your the heavy, survive. The first two rounds, i was spy. The first round i won and backstabbed the heavy in what looked like a mid-constructed building. The next round took place at my house. I tried to backstab but missed and then the other spy came and was about to win but i killed him and then i killed the heavy with my pistol. I guess it was cheating but meh. The third round, about 5 people joined. I played as a heavy this round, there were also two other heavys. There were about four spies. The heavys got chainsaws this time. I got the idea to form a circle and each of us chainsaw a certain radius so we can ward off invisible spies. It worked for the most part. I remember sawing a spy through his chest but he remained invisible because he was still alive. I later came back and sawed the head off. As i did that, the other spies called a vote to kick me or something because our circle was sort of cheating.
    4. 7-7-2013 The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness

      by , 07-07-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness:
      Me and some other person are driving up the driveway of my house at night. We pull up and there's this weird old man standing there. We get out and give this old man some pictures we found, they were painted by this old lady ( who i assume was also weird because her paintings were weird ). The old man sits down and goes through all sorts of pictures, he seems very sad and focused, i believe this lady was someone he knew but died and these pictures were the only thing that was left. Either way, next thing i remember, i'm in my room staying the night at the house of this old man ( which is my house irl)

      Now, you might be asking why i pulled up to my house in the first place or why i decided to stay the night there with that old man. Well, i vaguely remember something about me being the savior of the universe last night so i'm just going to assume this has something to do with that.

      Now, it's night and i'm in my room and the creepy old man is in his room. I walk out into the hallway and i see a basket full of possum skeletons and intestines, that is absolutely disgusting. I somehow figure that this basket is a chinese shrine to his cat and he plans to put shrimp on top of the skeletons and have his cat eat them. Okay, well that was messed up. Stupid old man.

      After that, i see an advertisement or something on my tv and it basically tells me that if i kill this old guy, then one of my friends will have to give me a video game. Now, i'm not sure if i killed him but i remember the old man dying.

      After that, i find myself standing on a highway at night in an urban area talking to some other people, we're part of some rpg game and i'm picking my class and then there was also probably some other weird dream concepts involved with that but i don't remember. Next thing i see is this guy making his way to rescue me. The guy is in some rank nasty looking water, now imagine an ocean full of that nasty water. That's what he's in right now, and behind him is a settlement on the water, there's a couple of people on the dock next to him and an abandoned battleship, it's also night here.

      The guy is in the water connecting boats every two feet. The guy just wants to get to his destination so he asks the people on the dock why he has to tie the boats and the people tell him that its because the water rises 3 feet. As the man said that, i instantly become the guy i'm spectating and the water starts rising fast, and before i know it, the darn water sinks that old battleship fast and it creates a big wave and it drags me under the water. Before i went under, i looked at the big wave coming and my face was like ' -_- really, the water has to rise now".

      I eventually come up and i'm there laughing with a bunch of friends. I get out of the water onto the dock area. There this guy invites me to some organization with a funny name, but i forgot the name so i just named it The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness.

      Once i join, i got to move over to the other side of the dock and hang out with the members. There was a bunch of people i know and it was really fun, then one of my friends takes me down a corridor into a room.
      As he does this, i start to focus on my sleeping body and start to lose the dream but as i'm doing this, i also gain lucidity and as that happens. I yell in the dream really fast "Are you lucid?" at my friend, The idea was to focus my mind more on lucidity and the dream and well it worked.

      I then found myself looking at the floor, i looked up and my friend had turned into a child. Then i notice something written on the floor, it says "Valve: 91% happy". I thought this was hilarious and started laughing but it woke me up.

      Deal Breaker:
      I had remembered a lot of this dream and was going to log it last night but i fell asleep. The basic concept was me making some deal with this person but then he betrays me and starts trying to kill me.

      Vampires - Survivors:
      I'm a vampire and i'm in a group with other vampires. We are in this suburban area, the settings appears to be 1930's ish , the buildings are no more than 2 stories high and it's mostly residential.

      However, almost all of the residents are gathered not too far off in the town square for some big party. What the residents don't know is that the government are slowly approaching the town square and are going to kill everyone.

      Our vampire group is a little ways off from the town square, we are running fast, we're trying to escape the government. But first off, we need outfits to blend in with the current population. So we go into an alley in which i find some people, my group goes on ahead of us and i kill the people and take their clothes. i meet up with our group outside a hotel. Me and a girl in our group go into the bathroom and start changing into the clothes i picked up. The other members went into different rooms.

      Next thing i remember. It's about 12 years later and i'm in an area in the northern part of the town. I walk into this dark hotel place. I'm there with just a couple of other members. They stay in the lobby room and i head down a hallway lighting up various rooms, i get to the end of the hallway and see a very creepy looking room, i decide not to look into that room and head back to the lobby. As i get there, one guy says he will join and we should head down the hallway.

      Well, with him here, i suppose we can investigate the room. We find the room and once it's lit up, it's apparently the room of a beautiful vampire princess. After that, we check out the two remaining rooms, one room is a secret garden that contains magical properties that we must protect from the werewolves. As i meet back up with the remaining members in the lobby, the girls decide to go into the room of the vampire princess and start changing clothes in her shower.

      I try to explain that the princess can see them changing in plain sight but they take their clothes off anyway. After that, i go to the airport where some members are waiting there for me. I find out that they got a plane taking us to vail colorado, nice!. As we get on the plane, this cute girl walks up to me and i grab her hand. Next thing i remember, the plane crashed into a mansion with an outside garden. As we crash, i receive objectives to complete. One objective was to collect some objects and i start doing that, one of the other objectives was to kiss something. For the kissing objective, i immediately start trying to find that girl that got on the plane with us.

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    5. 7-2-2013 10th lucid

      by , 07-02-2013 at 08:57 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      First fragment: I had really long dream at the beginning of last night, it seemed like it went on forever, i remember being zero from code geass and causing all sorts of chaos on my farm

      Second fragment: I killed a giant dragon the size of like a skyscraper.

      I'm in some sort of dusty wasteland-ish city. The city is split into two parts, one part where bandits can live freely and one part which is protected. I'm in the part with bandits... great. Anyway, i run out of ammunition for my rifle and i decide to go to the store to buy more but the bandits start trying to kill me and then of course this leads to a long chain of events in which i hijack one their vehicles and start driving away and etc..

      Now, i try to go get ammunition one more time so they still get in my way so i'm just like "screw that" and start driving up to the town square to move into the safe part of the city. Well, i get up there and this martial arts class is having some sort of ceremony but i walk through it anyway xD. I start looking for the door but can't find it. Eventually, this martial arts person comes up to me and asks me to join their dojo and i'm like no, i'm already training somewhere else.

      But then i look down and realize i have a black belt on and i'm like wait..i'm not a black belt yet. And this is where i become lucid. However, this lucid i can think clearly, finally, i have a high level of lucidity and since i do, i reminded myself to do a DEILD when i wake back up. Anyway, i see the door that leads to the peaceful part of the city and i head that way, as i do, i look at my hands and they have long and short fingers scattered here and there.

      For some reason, the weird hands may have freaked me out a little and that made me lose a bit of control, my teeth started clicking together, like what happens when it's cold and you start shaking. So that happened and it was uncontrollable to the point i could hardly speak. Eventually, i wake up and do the DEILD. Let me you tell you, i wasn't ready for it at all xD. My body started shaking violently and since i wasn't expecting it, it was sort of a shock and i couldn't proceed but it was cool none the less.

      So this marks some milestones! I'm about to hit 25 dreams logged on here, I just hit 10 lucids , I also had a lucid dream the last night so this was exciting(2 in a row!) , And i managed to have a high level of lucidity which allowed me to think clearly. Next milestones up are: 50 dreams logged on here , 25 lucids , and dream control/awareness.
    6. 7-1-2013 Arcade games and Candy

      by , 07-01-2013 at 06:11 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I find myself in a room full of candy, I went around inspecting it. Then i sat down and ate some. However, i looked over and noticed a black man sitting in a chair. I instantly thought "Oops, this guy must think i'm either stupid or a thief that isn't aware at all". I talk to the guy and i find out he's part of a group that films porn videos and that he thinks my presence in this room must mean i want to join. I thought " Oh geez, no i don't want to join". But the guy like forces me to get up and follow him to the club room.

      However, there i find a group of some friends i don't normally talk to. The expressions on their face were like "what the hell is he doing here?" And i'm thinking in my head "calm down! i can explain, i promise!". But i soon find out that they actually don't film porn at all and it's actually a casual group that meets occasional, but still, i don't want any part of it. The group sits down in some chairs and starts chatting and etc.

      There's some room behind me and some glass windows behind the free space, i looked over there and i see two mechs fighting inside the room, one mech is completely dominated by the other but before i can see who piloted the winning mech. I see a van with C.C ( from code geass) in it. I instantly jump up and run outside to see what she's up to, she's apparently talking on skype and fixing pizzas in ovens inside the van.

      I went back inside and looked back at the place where the mechs fought, i saw the lady who piloted it, but then this other lady caught my gaze, she gave me a freaking terribly angry look and i just smiled and slowly ran out of the building xD.

      Samurai fight:
      My friend is on some bridge fighting a samurai with a katana. He's my friend but in this dream ,he plays the role of my brother. Eventually, my brother wins and he gets experience points for beating him.

      Lucid #9:
      I remember becoming lucid in my living room. I think it had something to do with one of my dream characters talking about it. Either way, the DC walks out into my garage, but as i follow him , i remember to root myself in the dream and gain some awareness so i look at my hands and one hand has 4 fingers, great, but the other has 5 fingers. I wake up as i attempt to grab a pot of soup but i sort of fail to grab it because i'm not used to using a hand with 5 fingers and a thumb.

      Governors mansion and the arcade:
      Me and my dad are some mansion that apparently the governor owns. We stop and look around and as we do, my sister comes up and she brings the governor with her, she's dating him. I decide i didn't want to sit there and hang with them, so i went down to where my friend works and we go to some arcade. Everything is overpriced though so i walk over to a pit with a lot of food in it and press a button which lights the whole pit on fire and starts cooking all the food. I eventually stop it and grab a piece of bread, i then start shaping it into coins so i can play games for free hehe. But it takes too long so i just eat it.

      Lawn Mower:
      I bought a lawn mower and i'm driving my dads truck but my truck is in the middle of the road and my lawn mower is sitting out on the side. I decide i should move the truck first so i do and as i come back to pick up the mower, some one has stolen it, great D:
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    7. 6-26-2013 8th lucid

      by , 06-26-2013 at 09:55 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      On the run:
      The first dream i remembered last night, in this one, i was part of some terrorist organization. The police were chasing us and shooting at us in this construction site. I have a really big grenade launcher, it looked like the one from serious sam 3. I was at the top level of the construction site. I killed some police and was about to die, luckily, my comrades got my back as i jumped down some scaffolds.

      Zombie Escape engineer:
      I was spectating a round of zombie escape, like the game mode from cs:s. The map was a dark abandoned city. The people playing however, weren't character models from cs:s, rather, they were Tf2 characters. I looked around as the team entered an underground parking lot. I somehow got control of an engineer and started to build turrets as our team held up here.

      Golf truck driving:
      I'm driving a truck around on a golf course, for some reason i'm really afraid. I'm listening to music as i drive. I eventually stop and take my headphones off, i then plug my ipod into the car stereo. As i'm doing this, i'm literally freaking out. i hurry and eventually get the ipod hooked up and start driving again.

      Rain storm:
      In this dream, i'm standing outside by a baseball field and a local fitness center. The sky is dark and it's raining. I wake up from this soon after and find there's a thunderstorm going on in real life, pretty cool.

      Time: The previous four dreams were logged about 5 hours after falling asleep.

      Baseball and cook out:
      I remember i joined a baseball team for the sole reason of being able to eat the food at a cookout the team had after a game. As the cook out started, i ate lots of food, i was then asked to attend a lecture about baseball for the team and i said no.

      Lonely Mansion:

      I left some place and drove home, my home in this dream was a mansion. I walked in and tried to turn on the lights but the electric was out. I looked around and found that no one was there, but me. How lonely. I then left and met up with my family.

      Jedi Battle:

      I'm in some underground water base, i'm there with a partner, then two sith show up. They're there to kill us, but they're in the other room, so my comrade quickly goes to the control panel and shuts the door leading to our room and starts to flood their room. The sith eventually lift a wheel or something and blast the door open.


      I'm walking down a long pathway, at the bottom is an ocean. I get to the bottom, there's a statue submerged a little in the water, there's also some other people standing beside me. We're all standing in the water somehow. They tell me the statue is a test of trust, you have to jump toward the statue. it's a test of trust because there were hands under the water that would have held you up if you jumped.

      Next thing i know, there's a dojo next to us. We walk in, my soke is there leading a class on meditation
      ( soke means head of the family or headmaster ). I join in and sit down on one of those spinning chairs and accidentally knock into other people because the chair kept moving.

      Then, after the meditation. I find like a puzzle box, but there is a button on it that reveals the secret of the puzzle. My soke takes it and tries to stop the button and fix it. He makes a machine dolphin out of it. He then tells me to take it out to the ocean and ride it. But it breaks, so my soke fixes it and goes out to ride it himself, he tells me to meet him out there.

      I start to go, but the surroundings change from ocean to my farm, the dojo is still there though. As i'm going, this army of people invade and hold me down, i tell them to stop over and over again, i suppose it worked because they eventually let go. There's then this guy standing in front of me, i guess he's the leader of the army, he says he wants to meditate with us. And Monkey D luffy tells him "Sure you can join us!". Oh and monkey d luffy was a member of the dojo, in my dream at least.

      Either way, i try with all my might to change the surrounds back to the ocean, and as i do, the grass starts to flow like a river and then everything is changing into to water, it's happening in chunks but it's happening at least. I then walk up the stairs to call luffy an idiot for letting that man stay with us,
      as i do, i start to think this might be a dream, but it's weird because i'm like struggling to do a reality check, i think my dream is about to end.

      Lucid #8:
      I'm at my desk in my house, it's night time. I then suspect this to be a dream, so i look at my hand and i had like 10 fingers of varying sizes. As i'm lucid, i laugh a little and think "Well...that's definitely not normal xD".
      As i turn around, i see a demon lady, i instantly get up and fly toward her with my fist out and hit her so hard she like vanishes. I then realize what i've done, the dream becomes unstable and i go into my kitchen, fall on my knees and repeat "I'm sorry" over and over as i try feel my body and root myself in the dream but it's not use, i wake up. and forget to try a deild.

      Time: Previous 5 dreams were logged 7 hours after falling asleep.

      Race time:
      I was in a big race, i was, however, on roller skates, as i cross the finish line, one skate pops off. This guy picks it up nicely and hands it to me, also, it's very dim outside and there's no crowd at all. We then walk to the inside of the track ring and go into a building, there, i sit down and have a chat with some kids and adults as i wait for something.

      Secret facility:
      I'm in some sort of underground science facility. The dream starts off with me exploring the random weird rooms around the place. I then get assigned to one room. Our team is doing research on a machine that will put us into the matrix. I'm in charge, i get notified that some people had made a homemade machine with materials from walmart but it was missing other pieces. I then secretly planned to ditch this team and help the other people out because they were the good guys. After a while , the whole team gets called to a room to play music.

      Time: last two were logged 10 hours after falling asleep, final awakening.
    8. 6-22-2013 7th Lucid and the Movies!

      by , 06-22-2013 at 07:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      7th Lucid:

      Summary: I just woke up from the first dream i had. I'm in my bedroom, but i suddenly got a feeling, something wasn't right, this didn't feel normal. It then occurred to me that this could be a dream.
      So i then did a reality check and it was a dream. I had a false awakening and was now lucid. The level of lucid was low however, i was still lucid but not all the way there. My room was dark. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to teleport to a beach. But it didn't work
      (if my level of lucidity was higher, i would have had the sense to try again), so i decided to look around my room some more, i saw a skeleton in my bathroom. Well, since i couldn't go to the beach, i decided i'm going to go over and kick that stupid creepy skeleton out of my bathroom. As i did this, i woke up.

      Time: About 4 and a half hours after falling asleep.

      Break in: I'm driving a car, i have two people in the back, i guess they are my partners, but half way to our destination, they jump out. (idiots) So i finally get to a room in some building, i have some gloves on and other materials with me, it looks as if i'm about to break in to some ones house. Well, my partners are gone so i wait there. Some one comes over eventually but their not my partners. it's a fat guy and some girl from one piece. The girl walks over and tells me that she doesn't want to hear my fucking complaining anymore. The expression on my face was kind of like: Umm, what? screw you too, go away.

      Information Runner: The dream starts off with me and my dad. We're on top of a building in the outskirts of a city. The setting is in the future, the government has messed like everything up, people are starving, and me and my dad are part of a resistance, we go and gather information. Anyway, at this point, we're looking for a doctor for some reason. We get down from the building and eventually find a woman with an injured child heading somewhere. We decide that she must know where a doctor is so we follow her. She turns between some houses but we stop. We come up to a house that's sort of elevated off the ground, and it has a very small crawlspace along the ground that we can use to get to the top of the house. So me and my dad crawl along the ground on this slope with the house floor above us. We crawl and i step on a nail with my right foot. That stung a little. Anyway, we get to the top of the house and walk in, there, my dad relays information while i stock up on some guns. The dream ended here.

      The movies!: I go with my friends to the movies. The movie we're seeing hasn't started yet so i go to the bathroom. The bathroom is freaking huge, there's even people taking showers in here. Either way, i go up and learn against a wall and start peeing. I literally set there and pee for like 2 minutes straight. When i'm done, i walk out of the bathroom and see a stand with people giving out candy. I head on into the theater, the movie has started. I desperately walk around to find my backpack, i finally find it after making such noise. I'm afraid to get up and find my friends because i've already made a lot of noise. But i don't care, i end up jumping over like 5 seats before i find my friends. Once i find them, these two fat blond ladies come up to our group claiming they know me. One hugs me and i freak out, i tell them to back off and tell me their names. They do and they sound vaguely familiar but i otherwise don't know them. The dream ended there.

      Tractors: I'm outside with my dad, and someone is selling guns. this guy is selling an ak-47 for $10,000 dollars, and a grenade launcher for $50,000. I get into an argument about how crazily overpriced the grenade launcher is. ( my dream self doesn't seem to realize that the ak-47 is $10,000....that itself is insane). Either way, i give up and walk into my house and sleep. However, in the middle of the night, i see lights outside. I get excited and i'm like "Yeah, time to see what's going on out here". i look out and i see two of our tractors driving around the yard. I look closer and notice no one is driving them, the tractors are driving themselves. This was freaking weird, i didn't know how to respond to that. I then go to my dad, and he replies "Oh yeah...that sometimes happens" in a casual voice. How is this not a big deal for him?!?!

      Skateboard rivals:
      The only thing i remember about this one, is that i'm in a futuristic looking town in some park. I notice that two rival skateboard gangs are challenging each other ( yeah...skateboard gangs that are fighting over which skateboard style is better ). They do some crazy tricks and i think i remember something about them eventually blowing up the park because one guy jumps up like 2 miles into the air and on impact...his skateboard exploded. xD
    9. 6-14-2013 Ghost hunters and lucid #6

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      Ghost Hunters: I Was in a town. This old man found me and i got to join this team of like teens my age, it was a team of like 4 people including me. We were a secret organization.
      The old man then sent us out in teams of 2 to go and catch Two ghosts or something similar. This one ends with me and this other girl running into the castle and accidentally like destroying part of it xD.

      Cook Challenge: I remember getting into a cooking competition with a friend. I don't think i won xD

      Knights: These knights gathered in my backyard and starting like waging war. I'm not really sure what they were fighting over but meh...

      Lucid #6: This might have been at the end of the knights dream, im not sure. But i'm on my farm, and i realize i'm dreaming, but everything oddly goes to black and i can't see. Don't know if this is because i'm waking up or because i got lucid and messed it up. Either way, this was a pretty bad lucid dream xD , the last one was really successful compared to this occasion.
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    10. 6-06-2013 Bunker Scientist , Blockbuster, and lucid #5

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      Bunker Scientist:
      I'm underground in some metallic looking silver bunker. I'm walking down a corridor and as i pass through a doorway, i notice two guys on each side of me. They instantly spring forward in what looks like an attempt to attack me, However they stop before they actually hit me. They realize i'm not the person they were waiting for. There's also some other people around me, they seem disappointed, they must have been waiting to see a fight. There's one person that is especially mad and he decides to try and lock me in a jail like cell with some creepy looking guy in the corner, i fight him off and continue down the corridor. I eventually get to a room with a mix of kids and adults. There's lots of advanced looking equipment scattered on the walls and about the room. I notice a screen with all the sub-atomic particles on it
      ( the ones from the standard model of physics ) and my dream self some how comes to the conclusion that they are all here using a particle collider to perform tests and do research. I also see that the collider itself is just in the next room. next thing i know, a thief sneaks into the collider room and steals all the equipment, everyone rushes out to see and the scientist here starts to cry and yell. The thief must have be generous because everyone but the scientist magically received envelops with money in them.

      It's late and i'm tired. I'm on the bed in some house i don't recognize. My friend calls me up and asks me to come over and spend the night. So i go over to his house and notice that he is really really poor. I even start to wonder if he has clean running water because his house is so rundown. Anyway, for some reason, i leave my stuff there and go home. My grandmother is there waiting for me and makes me go to blockbuster and rent some game i've never played nor heard of. So we pull up and i walk inside blockbuster. I tell the man at the counter what i want and he hands me a bag with the game and...clothes in it?
      (i guess they want me to wear a suit and play the game at the same time xD) I say to myself forget about it and i keep moving. We keep home and i spend the rest of the night on the game.

      Lucid #5:
      I'm in a city like area, it starts off as a normal dream and i'm standing on the corner of a street with my friend and two girls. Then i suddenly take in the surroundings and become aware. I then do a reality check, and after that, the fact i'm dreaming really sets in.
      I become lucid, However there's still some dullness to my senses, like my ability smell isn't all the way there. My ability to feel is mostly there and my logic is still lacking a little. I also have no control except for what i do.
      As i realize i'm dreaming, i really focus on what's around me. I'm in a huge city, there are tall skyscrapers everywhere, and people moving about the streets but there aren't that many people which gives me some room. After i look at the surroundings, i notice my friend and the two girls around me. Me and my friend are sitting on a bench while one girl is literally eating out this other girl in public
      (giving her oral sex). It's odd but it's a dream so i go with it and wait for her to finish. one of the girls walks off and i make a remark to the girl doing the licking. I say something like "I thought you would never stop" (she was at it for a while) in a joking sort of voice. I remember her saying something back but i don't know what she said. Anyhow, we start off walking to my left and i ask her for a blowjob and she says no in a determined voice (well screw you too dream character!) and we arrive at like a residence for women only. This girl with us is not a member of this place so my friend says "Wait, they won't let you in" or something like that and she replies "If i take my clothes off, they will think i'm changing clothes and won't dare stop me". That was bold of her xD but there was nothing we could do to stop her so we head off. I wanted to check out more of the city so i head to the backyard of a nearby house, it's grassy and in the distance, i see a huge vast forest with a big river running through it. it's very beautiful. As i turn around to look at the this persons yard, one of my other friends tell the friend with me to shoot me in the back of my head and before i move, my friend shoots me ( what an ass ), i instantly lose my vision and my body violently vibrates for a second ( it actually hurt a little ). I still can't see but i can move and hear so i turn around and tackle him, i grab the gun and aim it back at him and pull the trigger, but to my luck, there were no more rounds left. So we sit there and wrestle for a bit and i eventually get him up and push him to the street and i get my vision back. Now that i can see ( i still have hold of both his arms ) i go through the kicking combo my martial arts instructor taught me. I kick him about 6 times and then i kick his chin and while that forced his head up, i then go for his throat and then BAM! he's done for xD I drop him wounded on the street and walk back over to the corner. I decided i really want some sex so i start to head over to a town square/park like place because it looks as if a festival is going on and since there's a festival going on, there's going to be women. So i walk over and as i'm about there, i start to lose it. My vision starts to fade, i realize i'm waking up and i try to hold on but it's no use, the dream fades.

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