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    by , 01-03-2014 at 06:54 PM (499 Views)
    Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

    Desert Travel:

    I'm on a school bus traveling through a desert. Eventually, the bus stops at a house. The surroundings are now grassy planes. I walk into the house and i see two english teachers from my school. They are having some sort of competition for christmas in which they craft and build things. I then walk out back and notice a barn. As i get close, bees start to swarm at me.

    I'm playing rust and i spawn on a hill with some basic weapons. People start shooting at me so i run down into a valley and find out i have reinforcements. However, i quickly die and respawn as a sniper. I go back up to the hill and spot enemies. I attempt to snipe a couple but i miss all of them and then a person comes up from behind me. I turn around and try to get out my smg but I wasn't fast enough. I die again. This time, i respawn with a kit that allows me to quickly craft a hatchet and other items. After crafting them, i start walking over to a nearby structure and the dream ends.

    Call of Counter Strike:
    Another dream that mixes two games, all in one night, wow. In this dream, two teams are playing deathmatch in a suburb at night. The game mechanics are a mix of call of duty and counter strike. One team is represented by swat models and the other team looks like spongebob. We all start with water guns and we play that way for two rounds. On the third round, i end up being the last person left and i find a lockpick gun which works by sending out multiple high damage rays which break downs doors. It doesn't really pick locks but it works. The other team starts hunting me down and i run into a house and pick up a famas. I use it to shoot people who enter the house but it doesn't take down all of them. I run down a hallway and wait for the remaining people. As they get close, i turn the corner and blast them with the lock pick gun.

    The only other thing i remember from this dream is that in another round, i'm the last one left on my team, however, the other team only has one person left. I don't have any guns so i craft a piece of hardware that release a chemical that puts enemies to sleep and teleports me after the threat is taken care of. I hastily make it and it works as the other team's player gets close to me.

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