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    1. 1-3-2014 Urban Exploration

      by , 01-04-2014 at 07:02 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Urban Exploration:
      Part 1
      After playing around on a computer at school and talking to some teachers, i decide to go urban exploring. I arrive at a place which looks a lot like where i live. Long driveway, surrounded by hilly fields and a big house at the top. As i walk up the driveway, i notice about 50 people sitting around and talking (they are all people i know). I need a group to go into the house with so some of these people will do but i can't bring all of them. I start walking around and hitting people on the head with a stick. I knocked out about 30 leaving 20 people left. I could then split these 20 up into two groups to explore the house with.

      I talk to the people sitting down and they walk up to the house with me. Once there, we split up into two groups. Ben declares himself leader of a group. (Ben is a guy i know and one of the people that were sitting on the driveway). We walk into the building and find ourselves at a sort of main chamber which splits off into two paths. One path on the right and one on the left. Ben and his group go left and my group goes right. We enter a room which has a shape sort of like a octagon. Small walkways were attached to the sides of the walls which went around almost the entire room. In the middle, there was a machine on a circular platform with pipes attached to it that connected to the back of the room. Around the middle platform, there were waterways which were about 6 foot deep. These waterways went around almost the entire room except when the pipes cut them off.

      As we approached the room, my stupid group decides to immediately jump into the water and start swimming. They went left around the middle and headed towards the back of the room. I went along the right wall staying on the walkway. As i approached the pipes in the back, the walkway ended and i had to start walking on the concrete which the large pipes were attached to. as i walked, my group talked about the stories of this room. It's supposedly here to take water from a lake and process it into drinking water but the previous owners used the room to kill people. I make my way to the pipes which connect to the middle machine and jump onto the concrete under them. The pipes here were elevated. They had sprinklers attached to them and constantly sprayed water below them. I quickly pass under the sprinkler spraying the least amount of water but the water it sprayed was dirty so i ended up sticking my head under one of the clean sprinklers. As i do this, i suddenly pass out.

      Part 2
      I wake up in the same room, except the water ways no longer exist, the room is level. There is no machine in the middle, it was replaced by a table and chairs. There are windows on the right wall letting light in from the outside, those weren't there before. Near the doorway to the room, i see my desk. As i stand up, i also see my jacket on the ground and a girl passed out near the wall. I put my jacket back on and attempt to go get the girl up but i hear footsteps so i get behind the table and look under it. One of Ben's group members is walking into the room. I relax a little and stand up, although i still have a weird feeling about all of this.

      Ben's friend shouts some nonsense and Ben eventually makes his way into the room. I subconsciously dislike him now because i get a feeling that all of this is connected to something he did. He starts talking, i think i forgot all of what he said, but a van backs into the room and in it is Ben's friends dressed up oddly, like all of them are about to perform a heist or something. Ben gets into the van and says something about urban exploring and leaves.

      I notice a fire in the main room. They kept it alive all night, throwing in old notebooks and paper to keep it burning. I walk over to my desk and out of habit start checking the stuff on it. I notice my wallet and check that to see if anything is gone. It really shouldn't matter since there's no way this could be my actual desk. I then start checking the drawers. One drawer has a dvd about militia from Chile and as i look at it, I enter a trance and picture myself actually in Chile watching events happen. But i shortly snap out of it and put the dvd up. The dream then ends.
      Tags: friends, house, urbex
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 12-19-2013

      by , 12-21-2013 at 02:44 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Neighbor's Wife:
      I found myself at the doorstep of my neighbor's house. I didn't know who lived here, maybe my parents know. Either way, i knock on the door and the wife of the couple who lives here answers. I ask her if she has a Flash drive. She says something about how i haven't returned the previous item she gave to me. We then somehow start a trading service, i get to know her better, and before i know it, I'm in a relationship with her. The next thing i remember, me and a group of men are inside some mansion in the bathroom. A guy brings in a woman, she's tied up and doesn't have any clothes on.
      The men start taking turns having sex with her, and of course, since I'm young and horny, i get a little excited and manage to gain some awareness, however, as I'm about to do it, the dream fades. I try to stabilize the dream but it's no use, i wake up.

      Christmas Party:
      I'm hosting a christmas party for a bunch of people i know. However, for some reason or another, i tell everyone i won't be there because i'm busy. The day of the party comes and oddly enough, I'm there. I walk outside, it's night, and i can see incredibly far away, the people and area around me are detailed fantastically and the night looks so beautiful.
    3. 8-6-2013 A Word not said

      by , 08-06-2013 at 05:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The past couple of nights, i haven't been doing much with logging and dreaming so last night, i did some quick meditation before bed to get me focused. It helped a lot. I had about 5 dreams last night but they separated out into two main stories.

      A lost band with a laughing maniac:
      It's night, i'm out in the front yard and i'm practicing with my marching band. We play some songs and we then head to sectionals. However, i lost my section so i wander aimlessly around the house. My band teacher then comes around and tells me to do push ups later. As i continue around the house, i start hopping and manage to hurt my leg a little. I then get back to the garage and meet up with my section. As i meet up, i take a jelly donut from a trumpets shoe.

      We have to go back to full band rehearsal so i put the donut down and go play. Soon after, we eat lunch, as we sit down. Someone makes a joke and i start laughing like a guy i know and another friend notices this and thinks it's funny. The next night, i go out for practice and i realize i have no lunch packed and i haven't brushed my teeth. The scene then changes to my bathroom, apparently all the band kids are staying at my house and we have to share my bathroom, how fantastic D:

      So i get out of the shower and dry myself off in front of like 5 other kids and proceed to brush my teeth. I then go out into a cafeteria and realize i have no lunch again today. Then some weird guy starts yelling about how kids don't know how to put mustard on their food properly, he then demonstrates by comparing sliding the mustard bottle over food to sliding a greasy hand over skin. Then a very hairy man jumps up onto a table with no shirt on and burps loudly. The dream then ends with my mom bringing me a lunch.

      A Word not said:
      I'm at my house with some people. We have guns. We must be holding up at my house to defend against something. A car alarm goes off nearby and three of us go out to investigate. i'm still in the house and hear gunshots, i look outside across my farm and see a man with a shotgun walking away. The others come back inside and say it was just an accident, they mention nothing about gunshots and when i tell them what i saw and heard, they say i'm going crazy.

      Then, i go outside and start walking, as i'm walking, a kid comes up and tries to take my shotgun so i shoot him. Then the others try to kill me so i shoot most of them but one starts chasing me and i run, i jump over various obstacles and have a really intense chase.

      The dream then sort of restarts. I'm in the house and then some one randomly goes outside at night and opens fire. To my surprise, people were hiding in the grass around the house and they spring up and start shooting in our direction. The house is under attack. I run inside and lock the door behind me, i run to the front end of the house and grab a baseball bat. I exit out the front and start running again. Somewhere along the way, i meet up with some friends.

      We start running together and make it to a church, at the church is a man with piercings through his nose and a cool haircut. He hands us shurikens and leads us to a van. My friend takes the drivers seat and i get in the passengers seat. The man tells us to wait for a big lightning strike before we can leave, he also says that the lightning will be a sign from god to let us know when to head out. We look up and see a storm, we see some small lightning out in the distance and decide to take off. Mostly because the enemies were still coming our way with rifles.

      This seemed to make the religious man mad. As we drive, we eventually come up to his floating head which then explodes. As it explodes, everyone around me turns into a zombie. I get out and run, i make it to a small island. Then this girl starts chasing me, i run but can't keep it up and she eats me.
    4. 8-3-2013 Cosplay and Shinobu

      by , 08-03-2013 at 03:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      This is going to be a short summarized log, i don't feel like typing today.

      Last night, i got to cosplay as spike from cowboy bebop, and i have to admit, i looked sooooo good. But then i messed up the hair and the charm went away. I also met Shinobu from the -monogatari series, the vampire girl was pretty attractive until she turned herself into an old lady.
    5. 7-1-2013 Arcade games and Candy

      by , 07-01-2013 at 06:11 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I find myself in a room full of candy, I went around inspecting it. Then i sat down and ate some. However, i looked over and noticed a black man sitting in a chair. I instantly thought "Oops, this guy must think i'm either stupid or a thief that isn't aware at all". I talk to the guy and i find out he's part of a group that films porn videos and that he thinks my presence in this room must mean i want to join. I thought " Oh geez, no i don't want to join". But the guy like forces me to get up and follow him to the club room.

      However, there i find a group of some friends i don't normally talk to. The expressions on their face were like "what the hell is he doing here?" And i'm thinking in my head "calm down! i can explain, i promise!". But i soon find out that they actually don't film porn at all and it's actually a casual group that meets occasional, but still, i don't want any part of it. The group sits down in some chairs and starts chatting and etc.

      There's some room behind me and some glass windows behind the free space, i looked over there and i see two mechs fighting inside the room, one mech is completely dominated by the other but before i can see who piloted the winning mech. I see a van with C.C ( from code geass) in it. I instantly jump up and run outside to see what she's up to, she's apparently talking on skype and fixing pizzas in ovens inside the van.

      I went back inside and looked back at the place where the mechs fought, i saw the lady who piloted it, but then this other lady caught my gaze, she gave me a freaking terribly angry look and i just smiled and slowly ran out of the building xD.

      Samurai fight:
      My friend is on some bridge fighting a samurai with a katana. He's my friend but in this dream ,he plays the role of my brother. Eventually, my brother wins and he gets experience points for beating him.

      Lucid #9:
      I remember becoming lucid in my living room. I think it had something to do with one of my dream characters talking about it. Either way, the DC walks out into my garage, but as i follow him , i remember to root myself in the dream and gain some awareness so i look at my hands and one hand has 4 fingers, great, but the other has 5 fingers. I wake up as i attempt to grab a pot of soup but i sort of fail to grab it because i'm not used to using a hand with 5 fingers and a thumb.

      Governors mansion and the arcade:
      Me and my dad are some mansion that apparently the governor owns. We stop and look around and as we do, my sister comes up and she brings the governor with her, she's dating him. I decide i didn't want to sit there and hang with them, so i went down to where my friend works and we go to some arcade. Everything is overpriced though so i walk over to a pit with a lot of food in it and press a button which lights the whole pit on fire and starts cooking all the food. I eventually stop it and grab a piece of bread, i then start shaping it into coins so i can play games for free hehe. But it takes too long so i just eat it.

      Lawn Mower:
      I bought a lawn mower and i'm driving my dads truck but my truck is in the middle of the road and my lawn mower is sitting out on the side. I decide i should move the truck first so i do and as i come back to pick up the mower, some one has stolen it, great D:
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. 6-26-2013 8th lucid

      by , 06-26-2013 at 09:55 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      On the run:
      The first dream i remembered last night, in this one, i was part of some terrorist organization. The police were chasing us and shooting at us in this construction site. I have a really big grenade launcher, it looked like the one from serious sam 3. I was at the top level of the construction site. I killed some police and was about to die, luckily, my comrades got my back as i jumped down some scaffolds.

      Zombie Escape engineer:
      I was spectating a round of zombie escape, like the game mode from cs:s. The map was a dark abandoned city. The people playing however, weren't character models from cs:s, rather, they were Tf2 characters. I looked around as the team entered an underground parking lot. I somehow got control of an engineer and started to build turrets as our team held up here.

      Golf truck driving:
      I'm driving a truck around on a golf course, for some reason i'm really afraid. I'm listening to music as i drive. I eventually stop and take my headphones off, i then plug my ipod into the car stereo. As i'm doing this, i'm literally freaking out. i hurry and eventually get the ipod hooked up and start driving again.

      Rain storm:
      In this dream, i'm standing outside by a baseball field and a local fitness center. The sky is dark and it's raining. I wake up from this soon after and find there's a thunderstorm going on in real life, pretty cool.

      Time: The previous four dreams were logged about 5 hours after falling asleep.

      Baseball and cook out:
      I remember i joined a baseball team for the sole reason of being able to eat the food at a cookout the team had after a game. As the cook out started, i ate lots of food, i was then asked to attend a lecture about baseball for the team and i said no.

      Lonely Mansion:

      I left some place and drove home, my home in this dream was a mansion. I walked in and tried to turn on the lights but the electric was out. I looked around and found that no one was there, but me. How lonely. I then left and met up with my family.

      Jedi Battle:

      I'm in some underground water base, i'm there with a partner, then two sith show up. They're there to kill us, but they're in the other room, so my comrade quickly goes to the control panel and shuts the door leading to our room and starts to flood their room. The sith eventually lift a wheel or something and blast the door open.


      I'm walking down a long pathway, at the bottom is an ocean. I get to the bottom, there's a statue submerged a little in the water, there's also some other people standing beside me. We're all standing in the water somehow. They tell me the statue is a test of trust, you have to jump toward the statue. it's a test of trust because there were hands under the water that would have held you up if you jumped.

      Next thing i know, there's a dojo next to us. We walk in, my soke is there leading a class on meditation
      ( soke means head of the family or headmaster ). I join in and sit down on one of those spinning chairs and accidentally knock into other people because the chair kept moving.

      Then, after the meditation. I find like a puzzle box, but there is a button on it that reveals the secret of the puzzle. My soke takes it and tries to stop the button and fix it. He makes a machine dolphin out of it. He then tells me to take it out to the ocean and ride it. But it breaks, so my soke fixes it and goes out to ride it himself, he tells me to meet him out there.

      I start to go, but the surroundings change from ocean to my farm, the dojo is still there though. As i'm going, this army of people invade and hold me down, i tell them to stop over and over again, i suppose it worked because they eventually let go. There's then this guy standing in front of me, i guess he's the leader of the army, he says he wants to meditate with us. And Monkey D luffy tells him "Sure you can join us!". Oh and monkey d luffy was a member of the dojo, in my dream at least.

      Either way, i try with all my might to change the surrounds back to the ocean, and as i do, the grass starts to flow like a river and then everything is changing into to water, it's happening in chunks but it's happening at least. I then walk up the stairs to call luffy an idiot for letting that man stay with us,
      as i do, i start to think this might be a dream, but it's weird because i'm like struggling to do a reality check, i think my dream is about to end.

      Lucid #8:
      I'm at my desk in my house, it's night time. I then suspect this to be a dream, so i look at my hand and i had like 10 fingers of varying sizes. As i'm lucid, i laugh a little and think "Well...that's definitely not normal xD".
      As i turn around, i see a demon lady, i instantly get up and fly toward her with my fist out and hit her so hard she like vanishes. I then realize what i've done, the dream becomes unstable and i go into my kitchen, fall on my knees and repeat "I'm sorry" over and over as i try feel my body and root myself in the dream but it's not use, i wake up. and forget to try a deild.

      Time: Previous 5 dreams were logged 7 hours after falling asleep.

      Race time:
      I was in a big race, i was, however, on roller skates, as i cross the finish line, one skate pops off. This guy picks it up nicely and hands it to me, also, it's very dim outside and there's no crowd at all. We then walk to the inside of the track ring and go into a building, there, i sit down and have a chat with some kids and adults as i wait for something.

      Secret facility:
      I'm in some sort of underground science facility. The dream starts off with me exploring the random weird rooms around the place. I then get assigned to one room. Our team is doing research on a machine that will put us into the matrix. I'm in charge, i get notified that some people had made a homemade machine with materials from walmart but it was missing other pieces. I then secretly planned to ditch this team and help the other people out because they were the good guys. After a while , the whole team gets called to a room to play music.

      Time: last two were logged 10 hours after falling asleep, final awakening.