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    Getting back in the habit

    by , 07-16-2011 at 04:40 PM (626 Views)
    At my parents' house for the weekend. Dreamt I woke up in the camper, and the camper was larger than it normally was. I'm impressed by this. I go into the house, and my sister and mom are around the table chatting about plans for the day. My sister interrupts with, "Hey Abra, watch this!" and tosses a half-dollar sized bit of plastic in the air. It's the bumper from Super Smash Bros., and just like in the game it stays in the air when thrown. I'm astounded by this feat, and try and find out if it's hanging by anything. It's free-floating.

    "Is this a dream?" I wonder, pausing for a reality check. I feel control over my surroundings as my sister and mom both look to me. "This is a dream." I wait for them to show some emotion, but they don't. I stabilize by focusing on the wood grain feel of the back of the chair I'm leaning on. I hadn't planned anything. "I guess I'll go outside and fly. You're part of the dream. . . So don't worry about anything bad happening." Mom tells me to have fun, and out I go.

    Flying is easy. I can do it by willing myself to float. I get higher by pretending the air is water-like. The sky swirls in neon orange and pink and I can see a dream-version of Lake Michigan; many tendrils of hilly land and road creep from its edges. Cars with headlights glinting weave through the roads. I fly across and the sky changes as if the clouds were only a few stories away. I land somewhere in Illinois (I guess) where a tribe of seventeen-year-old men in the woods are hunting for wives. I get out of there and into a gas station, where two women in their 20's are aware of the dream. I ask them how to fly like Superman, and they tell me to fall and expect to hover. I do and it works. I hover an inch from the concrete, and tilt my body upward to start moving. By titling, my shoe touches the ground, and gravity grabs it. One of the women tries to lift my leg to help, but that surprises me. I'm jarred into a false awakening.

    My sister pokes at my foot and I start telling her I was in the middle of a lucid dream. I turn over and actually wake up, sister not even awake.

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