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    Resetting sleep schedule

    by , 07-14-2011 at 03:16 PM (780 Views)
    Resetting my sleep schedule to more socially-acceptable hours (to maximize SPACE ALERT time and such). Recall has been lax. For archival purposes:

    7/11/11 - Dreamt of strange thunderstorms which caused fundies to believe it a sign of revelation. During the storm, I was at Italian restaurant. Despite the dream's realism, the restaurant was in many aspects like a restaurant you'd find in Chrono Trigger, cat included.
    7/12/11 - Dreamt of going to field training again for fun, with missions approximating Space Alert in mortality (and nobody really cared). Quit in the middle in a "Ha-ha, I can leave at any time. See?" way.
    7/13/11 - Dreamt of unconditional love and ugly
    7/14/11 - Dreamt of wary love and hate

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