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    Alucinor XIII

    First WILD + First DEILD Chain, same night!

    by , 05-31-2011 at 12:06 AM (1047 Views)
    Another oldie.

    Dream Goggles (1/07/2011)

    I woke up in the middle of night. I think it was about 4am, but anywho. I had taken a bit of B6 and B12, and went to sleep. I awoke with no recall, but felt wide awake. Since I had nothing else to do that day, I decided to stay up. I made a cup of coffee and played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for about a half hour. I suddenly got incredibly tired, despite the coffee and decided to go back to bed.

    I wasn't exactly trying to WILD, but ended up monitoring my thoughts anyway as I fell asleep. I imagine that's why it worked so well (caffeine probably helped.) I was pretty much watching HI of Oblivion, going through one of the caverns and fighting shit, etc. I slipped in and out of consciousness a few times.

    Finally, I found myself in total darkness. It sorta felt like floating. I imagined myself floating up. It began as a sort of "tug" but then I was launched up with incredible velocity and found myself lying in my bed. I got out and looked around. I was astounded. I'd never had dreams this vivid, or this accurate. My room was precisely as it was before I fell asleep!

    I slipped out the window, and began climbing down the hill of my house and my vision started blacking out from the edge, as it often does. On impulse, I pulled down a pair of goggles that I just "assumed" would be there, and my vision was back. However, everything was covered in snow, and instead of the town, there was a futuristic city. I walked down to a building that had a radio tower on top, and a helicopter went by as I jumped down. I realized at this point that there was low gravity, so I moon-jumped down the street

    I remember hopping down to a massive drainage pipe, and I found a dead body, with a cigarette nearby, blood on the filter. I was about to investigate, but woke up. I managed to DEILD, and found myself in a void again, and got tugged back up into the dream world.

    Part 2: It took me two more DEILDs, as I kept losing the dreams to blackness, nearly waking. But...finally I was back in my bed again, but things were different. it was a combo of the room from my house, and from my dorm room. I was in a bunk bed, which wasn't right, and knew I was dreaming.

    I hopped down and ran into the living room. My mom was there, and said " glad I didn't have to wake you up again." I ignored her as I noticed that the kitched was different, but I promptly left through the living room door and walked down to the road at the bottom of the hill I lived on. I saw a small red cabin and headed for it. There was only one room, and my aunt and cousins were there, and my grandma was sitting on the porch. (mind you, there was no cabin IRL at the road)

    My lucidity faded out and I was observing myself pointing a gun at my dad in the cabin, but I left, with my cousin following me, and my lucidity returned! We walked past the cabin and there was a series of wooden steps leading up a cliff/hill and I jumped up flights at a time. I approached my cousin to speak to him, as he was ahead of me, but I heard a strange beeping...unfortunately, it was my alarm. As soon as I realized it, I woke up...

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    1. CarlosTheLucid's Avatar
      oblivion is an excellent game and i have to comment. you have a dream about a futuristic city when you went to bed playing oblivion. looks like someone has been playing a little bit of fallout. OBLIVON SKYRIM COMING SOON
    2. Alucinor XIII's Avatar
      Hah. Yeah. I've probably played fallout about a 1/3 as much as oblivion...(that is to say, I've played about 150-200 hours of Fallout lmao. ) And yeah. Skyrim is the top priority in my game list for this year.