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    Alucinor XIII

    You're now approaching...the Scary Door.

    by , 05-31-2011 at 05:15 AM (752 Views)
    The Scary Door (no really, it was scary...) (2/1/11)

    I woke up in a room that definitely wasn't mine and was immediately lucid. I realized just how vivid it was and sorta took it in for moment. I half ran down the hill of my house and found a ramp that led underground, very similar to a subway entrance. It had fencing all around it. it was very old, and pretty rusty. I opened the first and descended only to find another gate.

    After entering the final gate, I noticed that I was half underground. I could just barely see light beaming in from the side, near the top. There were no walls or ceiling, only the earth. I turned to find a massive door, seemingly made of stone, that had carvings all over it. As I approached however, I got a feeling of uneasiness.

    I continued however, until I was right at the door. I wanted to open it, but I could not bring myself to; I was getting bad vibes, and felt that something dark was in there. Despite being lucid and telling myself I was the dreamer and in control, the fear was overpowering, and I high-tailed it out of there. I walked to the church that was across the street, but found that I was unable to open the door. I began walking to a car that had a DC, hoping to talk to him, but woke up.

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