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    They Swapped Cars...? (12/22/2018)

    by , 12-23-2018 at 05:55 PM (366 Views)
    I'm traveling with my boyfriend. As usual, we are in separate cars and for some reason I have borrowed his. It's a sleek Porche in gunmetal grey. It's a cold dark night, we stop for gas and I leave the car at the pump (but pocket the key) and go to look for him in Walmart. I don't find him but we somehow return to the cars at the same time.
    Something is wrong with the car but it takes me a minute to figure out it's a completely different car. It's a dented silver Toyota sedan. I fish the key out of my pocket and find it matches this dinged up mess. What?
    I'm so confused.
    How did this happen?
    My boyfriend C comes up and asks what happened to the car.
    "I guess someone stole it? I don't understand. I had the key in my pocket the whole time, but now it's the key for this car??"
    "It was just a rental, we'll use this one for now and figure out the rest later."
    Without a second thought he gets into the second car and leaves me there.
    I frown at the Toyota. The top of the car is pressed down even with the hood. I open the door and push a button so it unfolds, then get in and try to catch up with C.

    It's suddenly daylight and I'm on the highway in front of my childhood home in Welling, OK. Driving the car is oddly like running, in that I can't keep up a consistent speed if I get distracted and keep lagging behind my boyfriend so that I can't even see him anymore. There's a man on the shoulder of the road yelling for help with a floppy brown and white puppy. I help him catch it, and he convinces me to take the dog to it's mother in the next town over, since I'll be driving through.

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