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    1. They Swapped Cars...? (12/22/2018)

      by , 12-23-2018 at 05:55 PM
      I'm traveling with my boyfriend. As usual, we are in separate cars and for some reason I have borrowed his. It's a sleek Porche in gunmetal grey. It's a cold dark night, we stop for gas and I leave the car at the pump (but pocket the key) and go to look for him in Walmart. I don't find him but we somehow return to the cars at the same time.
      Something is wrong with the car but it takes me a minute to figure out it's a completely different car. It's a dented silver Toyota sedan. I fish the key out of my pocket and find it matches this dinged up mess. What?
      I'm so confused.
      How did this happen?
      My boyfriend C comes up and asks what happened to the car.
      "I guess someone stole it? I don't understand. I had the key in my pocket the whole time, but now it's the key for this car??"
      "It was just a rental, we'll use this one for now and figure out the rest later."
      Without a second thought he gets into the second car and leaves me there.
      I frown at the Toyota. The top of the car is pressed down even with the hood. I open the door and push a button so it unfolds, then get in and try to catch up with C.

      It's suddenly daylight and I'm on the highway in front of my childhood home in Welling, OK. Driving the car is oddly like running, in that I can't keep up a consistent speed if I get distracted and keep lagging behind my boyfriend so that I can't even see him anymore. There's a man on the shoulder of the road yelling for help with a floppy brown and white puppy. I help him catch it, and he convinces me to take the dog to it's mother in the next town over, since I'll be driving through.
    2. Thanks, subconscious.

      by , 11-23-2014 at 07:17 AM
      I don't recall much now. I remember traveling in a van with my boyfriend and a few other people, it was outfitted for the impending apocalypse. We stopped at a gas station and we met with some people who were also in a survival group. One of them was a country man, tall with reddish hair under a dirty cowboy hat, a red plaid shirt and grimy jeans. I went into a different room of the gas station, a living area. I'd been trying to get the man's attention. At the beginning of the dream he seemed like another person from far away. Strong. Charismatic. He's seated at a small round table, I approach him. His accent is distinctly unappealing, it makes him sound uneducated. And his teeth are all fucked up. The teeth are jagged, uneven and brown. I'm pretty sure he was chewing tobacco, too.
      He propositions me. For just a moment I start to go along with it, he gives me a smug look and comes over to me. I'd been getting in his personal space all day, like I'd been asking for it.
      I wonder what the hell I'm doing, since my boyfriend is in the other room sleeping. We haven't had sex in a long time though and the lack has left me wound tight.

      I decide I'm being a moron and tell the man it's a bad idea to do this. He molds his body against my back. I'm short, so my shoulder blades are against his abdomen. For a moment I am lust-stricken. Why? Because my subconscious is jerk and any DC that even shares one feature of Liam's (in this case, the red...ish hair and his height) makes me want to jump his bones. He whispers something in my ear, asking me if I'm sure I want to walk away. I think about his gross mouth, and wonder if it would be rude to tell him not to kiss me on mine, then my restraint kicks in and I step away.
      "You know where I am, if you change your mind." He says. Eeeeeeeeeee.

      There was something about a person giving me a spray bottle full of liquid, but if I pulled the trigger the contents would spray out wet, but dry instantly as a thin layer of snow. I was really amused, and showed everyone I came across, "Hey guys, look at this neat thing I found!" there was also a pen that did the same thing.

      Something about rushing back to the van and closing the doors, and how the back part of the van was all thick metal, like a vault, and that we had outfitted the thing to provide us with oxygen. Some calamity had deprived the world of air. Fun.
    3. Odd Collection

      by , 11-14-2014 at 06:36 AM
      Moron Dog 11/05/2014
      Before I went to bed, my dog had eaten a small styrofoam cup full of various candies. At least 3 bite-sized snickers and a couple of Hershey pieces. I was worried, but my boyfriend stayed up with him since I had to get up early. Apparently he only got really hyper. That worry found its way into my dream where I saw my dog who raided the refrigerator when we left the door open and turned away for a moment. He insisted on eating a tomato and would not release it when I tried to wrench it from his mouth, he just kept stubbornly chewing while I yelled "NOOOOO, DON'T EAT THAT."

      Gypsy Symbol 11/06/2014
      These are hard for me to describe, the telling of them will be short even though they felt complicated. The scenery had weight, depth. I met a man who had two children, this was well after the End of Things, maybe a follow up to the storm nightmare I just had? They called their appearance an anomaly, even a deformity, but to me they seemed beautiful. The three of them were black, but they had...metallic gold spots, like a leopard's. It almost looked like paint. They even had some on their eyes.
      The man was in his late thirties, his boy was fifteen, and the girl...18 months? She was young enough to spend most of her time in a carrier. I see them in a house, though it is day, the days are mostly dark now. They had found some other people and weren't yet sure if the group could be trusted. The man instructs his son to keep an eye on his sister, always.
      I remember him turning away from a piano to the open door where his son stands, and seeing the empty carrier on the front landing and snapping, "Where's your sister?"
      They spent some time thinking that she had been abducted, her appearance was just as unusual as their own. She wasn't actually missing.

      I have leased a house with my sister and we have already put money down. Until now we hadn't been able to closely examine it. We walk into the tiny, U-shaped kitchen. The cabinets are dirty white and of an extremely antiquated style. There were two white ranges, one at the back of the U, and one on the left side. We were dismayed to note that two cabinets were so mold ridden to rot, almost falling from the wall. The range on the left was on an odd little 2 inch tall platform, and when I insisted that we could improve the layout of the kitchen by moving it, we found that we would have to sit a cabinet on top of the platform and that the run would be ugly and uneven. I remember opening one of the rotten cabinets and comment that they couldn't get away with renting it to us in this condition and wonder aloud if they will buy cabinets to replace these. At once point I looked at the kitchen and saw only obstacles, the ranges pulled out, twice as many cabinets, and all stacked where the open space in the center should be. I said something about how I couldn't believe anyone would build a kitchen like it.
      When we open the rotten cabinets again my sister and I find two....creatures. Honestly it looks like a writhing, levitating, dark stocking full of black flies, with puffy growths on either side. My sister says that they are definitely *insert word I can't remember*, because she's seen them before, this is the stage right before they hatch and swarm everything. Yaaaaaaaaay. I decide I can't deal with it and, hearing her promise to take care of them for me, I leave the house. That is entirely backwards, by the way, I was always the one to kill bugs for her.
      The exterior of the house consists of thick, uneven, cream colored blocks. The lawn is astroturf green. It feels as though I am inside and out, that the sky is painted on the ceiling of a building. There are many people outside with me, and someone comments on the symbol carved into a top block of the house. It has been painted over, but was so deeply carved into the stone that it is still visible...if vague. I recognize it as a gypsy symbol, and we talk about how it is not the only gypsy marked building, a remnant from when they conquered the area. The symbol is an upside-down triangle with an upward, right-slanting slash that reaches past the border of the pyramid then has arms, like a crude arrow or an antenna. ((I know that there are such a thing as hobo or gypsy symbols, but I could not find one that matched it, and it has been years since I researched such things so I have no idea where this came from.))
      I then witness a scene unfolding in symbols on a sandstone tablet. I know it is a folktale, about a man who travels through the desert and has to choose which he values more: the camel on which he rides, or the water strapped to his back.
      At some point my sister runs past me and jokingly tries to hand me one of the dead creature husks from the cabinets. I flip out once I realize what she's offering to me. "Nope. NO. Nuh-uh."

      My Friend's Stepfather 11/10/2014
      It seems my subconscious cannot offer me anything nice, without at least a little unpleasantness. The next two dreams have that in common.
      I don't remember much. It was sort of like I was talking to someone online and also in person, there was a detached manner to our conversation. Like it was text instead of speech. I am sitting on a bench, next to a handsome man in a suit, on a transport of some kind. It looked like a house, with one open wall, and nothing inside. In all honesty, he looks like Scott's dad from Teen Wolf. Except his eyes were light brown, instead of dark brown. He wasn't as broad-shouldered, either. He is a doctor of some renown, rich (of course), a world traveler (of course). We chat about me, mostly. He asks my name (very strangely, I reply with my real name, this has only happened a handful of times in my entire life). He asks where I am from, and I say I am living in Oklahoma. He says he lived at a Fort(something or other...I can't remember the name). I smile, delighted that he knows of my home. He is flattering me, I know. He mentions that he was only stationed there a few months, passing through on his way to Africa. The transport stops, and we hop off. We go to a truck where my co-worker M is sitting in the back. It turns out the man is her step-father. (In WL she just has her biological father, her parents are still together)...anyway. He climbs into the back of the truck and asks me if I have ever been to Paris. I say no, but mention my time in Italy with my father.
      "I know, M told me about it."
      I scold her for sharing information with him. Not because I really cared, but now it was one less thing we could have a conversation about. I was worried that he would realize I wasn't interesting and stop talking to me.

      My Friend's Husband 10/11/2014
      *sighs* I hate my subconscious.
      It is morning, all the lights are off in the house. There is a man. I resist calling him handsome. He is attractive in a rugged way, he is incredibly manly. He looks like Hawley from Sleepy Hollow, except he is taller, broader of shoulder and face, skin more ruddy, hair more wavy. He, predictably, is Liam's height. That makes him about 6'4". I am myself, so I am 4'11". As you can imagine, he towers over me. Predictably, this makes him incredibly alluring.
      It is very quiet in the house, we are sitting on a dark blue sofa. He suggests that I should join him, in bed, if I am so inclined. It is then...of course, that I remember he is my friend's husband ((Also not even close to the truth, her fiance is nothing like this man in any way)). I have a terrible moment of doubt about our moral compasses. He says it wouldn't matter to her, they are married but have not been a couple for many years. They are rarely in the same room together, they don't even sleep in the same bed, and they don't talk so much as argue.
      There is a fragment his son (not with her). He seems sweet. For a moment I trick myself into believing that I could take care of a child, if I really wanted. That maybe, just now and just for him, it would be fine. I struggle to recall that I don't want children and why.
      My friend returns and sits between us. They don't seem to hate each other, but they don't love one another either. She reminds us that the gathering will start soon, and to be ready. As soon as there are other people around, it's like he has forgotten I exist. I wonder if I was over dramatizing our interactions, if he was attracted to me at all, and then I feel like a terrible person for wanting my friend's husband to be attracted to me. I see how they are together, and all the ways they are perfect together. I remind myself it is a facade. Maybe. I wander away. He hasn't even acknowledged my existence, I decide to retreat to another part of the house with less traffic. I set my drink on a tall patio table and turn to leave. He is there, then. Very briefly touching my wrist. I look up at him. He gives me a small smile and then lets me go.

      There's a handful of dumb fragments about playing World of Warcraft and a friend saying he found some people to run normal Siege of Orgrimmar. When we got there he said "I uh, have something to tell you. This isn't normal. It's heroic."
      "Ben, my gear is terrible! I can't run heroic SoO."
      "It'll be fiiiine. Just hang out in the back and don't stand in any puddles."
      "They'll kick me out.."

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    4. Uninteresting Fragments

      by , 10-30-2014 at 12:41 AM
      They were...mildly unpleasant fragments.

      The first two felt very real. One about the windowsill parting from the wall, and how one end was dark and wet and rotted where it used to sit against the window.
      The second was about waking my boyfriend who had fallen asleep at his computer. I turn to the bed, and find that there are a few thick piles of unopened mail. They spill onto the floor, much to my annoyance, but we sweep them off the bed and shake out the blanket.

      Then there was one about a weird bathroom. There were two right next to each other, both with small white tiles on the floors and walls, but the stalls were plaster painted a matte dusty white. The men's bathroom had no toilet paper, they justified it by saying that usually men went in there to pee...and didn't need it? In the other one, there was a 'toilet' on the floor. It was just a round bowl, about 10 inches across that no one had bothered to flush, so the water was yellow. For some reason it started to overflow. I had set the satchel I keep my dream journal in on the floor. I kept making annoyed exclamations, with many negations as I tried to haul the bag out of the path of the water. I realized the bottom was already wet, and hoped that the contents would not be damaged. A girl appears in the doorway, telling me that it's not good for me to know that they plan to assassinate the Leader.

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    5. Ridiculous Indications I'm Dreaming

      by , 05-24-2013 at 01:28 AM
      Missed Indicator ((I'm marking them this way because at those moments I felt like something was off but I couldn't grasp what it was.))
      I'm going to call them fragments because while they are all in the same places with the same people, the pieces are not connected.
      Fragment 1: My Brother and Work
      I'm attending a work meeting. We've gathered at the end of one of the aisles. My brother arrives late, carrying a starbucks coffee cup. He doesn't look anything like my WL brother. I have a moment when I'm staring at him, that I'm trying to realize that. He smiles at me, I smile uncertainly. His eyes were blue instead of brown and his face shape was wrong. He stepped back and his elbow knocked over a row of pale purple gift bags stacked 4 deep in the bay. It pushed the ones stacked in the adjacent bay to the floor.
      "Uh-oh." I said. We picked up the bags.
      While I'm doing that I think that I should be paying attention to the meeting instead of picking up products, I can hear the manager holding the meeting say something like that to the group, but I don't stop what I'm doing and he sounds really far away.

      Fragment 2: At Home with my Brother
      Then I'm at home in the living room. My brother follows me down the hall. He's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I said something about finding him a real bed and he waves dismissively at me.
      "Nah, this is fine."
      He's still carrying the coffee cup.

      Fragment 3: Girlfriend, Father Lives with Me, Ugly Creature
      Now I'm in the bathroom. I have a girlfriend. Sometimes she looks regularly proportioned and sometimes her features are stretched, almost cartoonish. She's wearing a soft grey shirt and jeans. Her frame is too tiny to be normal, but I'm admiring her in comparison to my own more...average figure. She straddles my hips. Both the door to the hall and the door to the bedroom are open, I'm afraid my father will walk in on us.
      She takes my hand and leads me into the living room. There's a mattress right next to the door. All the blinds are closed, the lights off, but it's day outside.
      I kneel on the mattress and she bends her knees slightly, leaning down to talk to me.
      "I'm going to turn into a cat!" She says.
      "Go for it." I reply.
      She looks exceptionally cute as her face scrunches up in concentration. A kitten bursts into existence in front of us. She frowns at it.
      "Well...you didn't turn into a cat, but you certainly made one." I say, staring down at the kitten.
      "What's wrong with it? It's kind of ugly."
      The longer I look at it the more I realize how little it actually looks like a cat. For one, it's purple. Its fur is really short, almost just fuzz on the skin, its eyes are yellow and bulbous; its ears are large, pointed and bat-like. I try to scratch it between the ears but the ears are too close together. It has 4 articulated claws on each paw.
      "I think it's kind of cute." We both know I'm just trying to make her feel bad about willing an extremely ugly creature into existence.

      Fragment 4: Junk Day, Miniatures
      I'm outside, standing at the end of my driveway, by the curb. I notice a patch of clover, it's pale red. I think "Wow, I've never seen red clover before."
      Next to the clover are file crates full of junk. One of them is full of small rectangular white boxes with numbers written on them in black sharpie. There's box with a picture of a dwarf miniature. I see my boyfriend watching me from the house. He turns to go back inside and I rush to follow him.
      "Hey, there's a box full of miniatures out there, do you want it?"
      He just shrugs at me

      Fragment 5: Rollerblades, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Flying
      I'm outside on my driveway, wearing rollerblades. I'm carrying a white trash bag full of junk. I can't seem to stop myself from rolling. The driveway is more sloped than I'm used to. I drop the bag with the junk at the curb and skate back to the house.
      I frown, trying to figure out why there's a giant truck parked in our yard and another parked where my car should be. I move toward the garage and see that my car has been crushed into the garage door.
      "Stupid rollerblades! I just wanna stop moving!"
      I manage to stop. Upon thinking how annoying the skates are, the next step I take does not send me gliding forward. It is a regular step.
      "Huh." I say, reaching down and lifting my heel to my hand. The heel of my shoe is flat and wide. "I must be dreaming."
      I tilt my head back and scan the sky. Everything is sharp and feels real. The sky is black, broken by tiny pinpoints of light. There is a cluster of 6 stars directly overhead. I know exactly how to test it. The shoe wasn't enough, apparently. I leap into the sky, when I start to descend I flap my arms like a bird. As I lose momentum I notice that Superman is flying around above me, he extends his hand and wills me to fly to him. I attempt to do so, resisting the urge to flap my arms, since I know I don't need to.

      I don't reach his hand, he lands. The scene is no longer my driveway but a mall. I'm on a balcony, looking down at him. I see myself from the outside, I'm Jean Grey. When Superman shifts his position a little he changes into cyclops, except that he's wearing red and yellow. And, because my subconscious is hopeless, his hair is red. I jump off the balcony and glide down next to him. I offer him my hand and he takes it, but his arm remains stiff, keeping me at arms length, effectively stopping me from stepping in to kiss him.
      Just by keeping that resistance between us, he is gently reminding me that I should be at my post.
      It will happen soon.
      He points me toward the escalator and I take it down to the floor below. I can see him from there, and the balcony overhead.

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      non-lucid , side notes
    6. Unbroken

      by , 04-19-2013 at 02:40 AM
      I was going to give you some back story on Saja and Liam, but it seemed incredibly stupid when I typed it out. I often become Saja and almost every time I have a lucid dream I go looking for Liam.
      False Awakening
      The layout of my house is huge. It also seems to share something of the more important houses I have lived
      in. It is also, in part, Lowe's. I'm making my way down a wide hallway with cream-yellow walls and dark walnut trim and flooring. This part looks a little like my house in MA. I take a right at the end of the hall, the next one has a heavy dark walnut door with little lanterns on either side. I open the door and outside is the Lowe's parking lot. There are racks of flowers on either side, and then standing placidly between them is a team of horses hitched to a small wagon. It's a string of six. Well, I guess they're ponies. They are all paints, and only one of them is black and white, with black flecks all across his coat. I look at that one fondly. All the others are variations of chestnut and white.
      I decide I want to ride one. I almost choose the last one in the train but he's tethered at the back of the others,
      so I pass him by and walk to the less pretty first horse. This one is mostly chestnut and has very little white aside from a diamond marking and some white in his mane. The top of their heads are even with mine, making them fairly small.
      I'm pleased by how small they are because I'm short, and I can climb onto his back without standing on something. I straddle the pony and grip his mane. He starts walking forward. The dream feels more vivid here, like before I was just on the edge of lucidity and now I've found it. I start experimenting with control, using my mind to change his path since I don't have any kind of reins. The parking lot is cold, there's some snow on the ground, and few cars. I lead the horse back toward the door and slide to the ground. I pat his neck. Something startles me, and I can't actually remember what. I run inside and slam the door, then take off down the hallway. Hoping that they didn't see me, and that if they did I'll be too far into the house for them to know where I've gone.

      There's a lapse, I'm in the same building but this time it looks more like Lowe's. The aisle is also open
      to the outdoors. A co-worker is talking to me. I stare at the wall behind him trying to figure out what's different about it. What's there that shouldn't be?
      "....Did they put a bathroom here?" I ask, a little incredulous. This is one of my aisles after all.
      "Why yes, it looks like they did." He says. I stare at the blue wall, which is just like the stalls in the bathroom. I can see the
      seams now.
      "There's no handle on the door, must not be finished."
      Somehow I know this is the Women's stall, and there's a Men's room a couple aisles over.
      My co-worker wanders off outside and again I feel like I'm on the edge of lucidity, then pushing into it. It's a beautiful day out, and suddenly I wonder what the exterior of the building looks like. I run outside, feeling unnaturally fast. This section is actually a second floor, set higher than the main part of the building. The concrete is new and yellow-white. I run along, rushing past my co-worker who says something I can't remember. I fling the door open and run inside...

      Another lapse and I'm in a hospital-like section. I'm here for tests? I think? I need to go to the bathroom
      first. I walk down a long, wide hallway. It feels deserted. At the end is a bathroom. I can't figure out what's weird about it, despite the fact that there aren't stalls and there are just chairs by the sink. At first I think the chairs are toilets, until I sit down on one and realize it is, in fact, a chair. The cushion is yellow, wider at the front lip and more narrow by the back of the chair. I frown at it, I really need to go.
      The room is kind of C or [ shaped. I go further inside, it's all white-pink tile with pale pink stalls. Finally!
      The bottom of the stall panels are tall enough for me to duck under. I go into the first stall and am disgusted to see flecks of urine on the seat. I hear someone else come into the bathroom, and I'm suddenly embarrassed. Even as I'm doing it I wonder why. I duck under the wall and go into the next stall. And then into the next one. Which...puts me in a kind of mail room. It's dimly lit and there are bags as tall as my hips full of mail, with people rushing in and out. An old man with white hair is directing them.
      "Trying to find the bathroom?" he asks.
      Behind him I notice the wall is the side of a stall. He gestures to it. I smile and duck underneath. It puts me on the far side of a
      string of stalls. When I turn the corner I'm walking with a tallish black girl, wearing a green t-shirt, her hair is pulled back into a fluffy bun. I feel a moment of vertigo. I hear myself say that I'm Saja and that 'd been looking for her everywhere. What had I just been doing? Something odd happens here, my vision doubles and I'm standing a couple feet from the black girl and a slightly taller willowy woman with long brown hair. I've separated from the woman, like I'd just been inside her. I can see the back of my head, the wavy black hair. I've become Saja.

      "Hey!" I call after them. The girl in the green didn't hear me, but the other woman tenses and when I call
      after her again she glances at me, whip quick. Then pretends I don't exist.
      "Hey, I KNOW you!" I say. She looks extremely uncomfortable and leaves as quickly as she can without breaking into a run.
      The girl in the green looks startled, and suddenly I become real to her. The woman had been pretending to be me.
      "Who are you? What just happened?"
      "I am Saja."
      "Do you know her?"
      "Yeah..." I say something I can't remember. I look up at her. I'm little next to her, she's almost a head taller than me.
      We walk out of the bathroom, next to it is a kind of study with a long table. It's dim and cozy, dark red walls, a banked fire, bookshelves lining the walls.
      Can you use magic?" She asks me curiously.
      I smile a little, walking over the threshold behind the girl. "I am magic."
      There are people gathered around the table. A male dc sitting across from us is trying to influence the dream by telling them all 'my' story.
      "How do you know anything about her? Your family is broken, disgraceful. Thieves and murderers, all. Why, your father could
      come in here right now and murder us all--slit our throats where we sit." I can feel the others start to believe him, but what's the benefit of being lucid if I can't change anything.
      "That sure would be a trick, wouldn't it? Considering he's dead." The man is staring hard at me, and it takes me a minute to
      realize that I'm lying. "I killed him myself, murdered the bastard in his sleep."
      Another moment of vertigo, the man is smirking at me, like he wanted me to say all that. "No wait." I amend. "That isn't my story at all. You want to hear my story? All of it?" He rolls his eyes and leaves the table. The green t-shirt girl and a few others sit down. I remain standing.
      "Have you ever heard of the Serpent?"
      The all give me blank looks.
      "Alright then, I'll tell you about It." I try to decide where to start. I try to tell them about Ru-em, the province I'm from in
      the Midlands, and how our culture developed, how we learned to plant and harvest. Then I shake my head, trying to clear it. That's not where I want to start. "There is a creature, on the edge of existence. It moves from world to world, consuming all in its path." Someone rolls their eyes at me, bored. The girl in the green t-shirt is rapt.
      "It's massive, as big as the sky." I can see it, the purple-black scar against a clear blue sky. How the world shook. "Ancient.
      It crashed through our reality and into the earth, and down into the Spirit of our world. Which it would eat until nothing remained."
      I move around the table, to a smaller one in the corner. The girl and a couple others follow me. I sit down and they take the seats across the table. There's a small spiral notebook.
      "It wasn't really serpent-like." I pick up a pen and begin to draw. "More...like a--" I think a slug, but decide not to say that out
      loud. "Like a whale and a manta-ray and--"
      "And a worm?"
      "Kind of like that, yes."
      She stares down at my small drawing, the ridges by the tail fin. "It looks scary."
      "It is." I pause, thinking that no one wants that horror to visit their door. I look down at the paper and decide I want to write
      something down. I open a pen and write "Saja is magic."
      It's clearly legible, actual words. The ink is a little thin, but I can't have everything.
      I tug at the cap of a marker and worry for a second that this effort is going to wake me up. The dream wavers as I pull off the cap and settles again when I set marker tip to paper.
      "Liam is alive." Instead of black, the words come out pale translucent green. The tip has split so the letters, while I know what they are, blur together.
      I try to write it again, but the tip is still messed up. I stare at the notebook and smile. What am I doing here, playing these little games? I could be off looking for Liam. I leave the table and then the room, when I reach the hall I start to call out for him.
      "Liam! Liiiiiaaaam? Are you here?" I call out several variations and my eyes are drawn to a window. For some reason the blinds
      are on the outside. 1" aluminum blinds. I see blue eyes and then a smile through the slats. My heart pounds with excitement. It's never been so easy to find him! The man opens the window and I rush to meet him. I pull up short as he's trying to dip inside. It's not Liam. Not even close.
      He's scrawny, medium-height, with gray-brown hair and sharp blue eyes. His teeth are crooked and yellow, he's dressed all in black. Skull-cap, jacket, jeans. All black. I frown at him.
      "Who are you? Where's Liam?"
      "What d'ya mean 'where's Liam', Liam's dead."
      Panic grips me for a second but I refuse to believe him. "You're lying, he can't be dead. I would know."
      "Wooould you?" He has an accent, faintly Scottish. "From all the way over here?"
      "I would."
      "I don't know what to tell you, swee-heart. He's definitely dead. Been dead a long time."
      "Stop saying that!" I yell, twisting my hand into a fist in his jacket. "He isn't dead!"
      "Suit yerself. Don't say I didn't warn ye." He laughs at me, I hate how amused he is at my expense.

      I'm in my bed. I can hear talking in the other room, thinking my boyfriend is watching something on his computer. I get up, decide to ask him if he wants something to eat. The voices get a little louder and I distinctly remember hearing them on the episode of Revenge I watched before laying down. I approach his door, which is cracked open. I wonder if he's watching Revenge, something he never watches. I go inside. His bed doesn't look right, it's all gold and red. There's a woman wearing blue striped shorts and a white tank top curled up along his legs near the foot of the bed.
      What? I frown at the form huddled under the blankets. He turns restlessly and it's not my boyfriend at all.
      "God damn it, I'm still dreaming." I say, surprised. The man blinks awake and startles into a sitting position.
      "What are you doing in here?"
      Before he can even finish the sentence I glance to the wall behind me. It has a wide window, I recognize it as one of the rooms from the building. I grin and run to it, open it and shove the screen out. I throw myself out and land in the hallway down below.

      I land at the foot of a concrete staircase. At the top is a door with a sign above it saying who is broadcasting inside and has radio station numbers.

      I can hear them through a speaker by the door. "Just like Jack and Ron except, me, obviously like Jack, doesn't have a problem clearing the saliva from my throat." It makes his voice sound less thick. A man comes outside and notices me listening, he tips his hat to me but my eyes kind of slide around him. He's tall, wearing a black ball cap a dark green t-shirt and black knee length shorts.
      A tv screen on the wall at the top of the stairs flickers to life. It features a short blonde woman who looks vaguely like Amanda Bynes, wearing a bring pink uniform and hat, standing under a spotlight in a black room. She is trying to act out their radio show and is getting mixed reactions.

      I frown, what am I doing? I was looking for Liam. I find I'm standing in front of the tv, I head back down the stairs. The hall there ends in a glass door with a metal bar across the middle. I push it open and rush outside, calling for him. The dream feels brittle, like it's about to fall apart. The walls are...papery. Thin. A man on a motorcycle rushes past me and stops. He flips up the visor and for a second he looks exactly like Liam. I rush to him and him to me. He pulls of the helmet. The closer he gets the less he looks like Liam. It takes me a second to realize it though.
      "Are you him?" I ask.
      He looks puzzled. My heart sinks a little when I realize he's a stranger. "No, you're not, are you."
      He smiles apologetically.
      Wouldn't he be here if he were alive? Maybe he really is dead. The man from earlier moves up beside me.
      "I told ya."
      "Stop it." I snap.
      "Tried to warn ya." He says. The buildings to either side of me are beginning to break apart, like sand in the wind.
      I realize I am close to waking and I try to focus to hold it together a little longer.I ignore him. Even from here I can see muddy black waves crash through a line of structures, tearing them to shreds and beginning to flood the parking lot from 3 sides. I stand and observe.
      "What do you think will happen if I let it have me?" I ask, I feel a little hopeless and wrung out. What's the point of anything if
      Liam is dead?
      "Likely you'll die."
      I stare at the water. It's consuming the building closest to me.
      "Here, step on that." The man shuffles a large thin piece of blue foam board at me. "Fat lot of good it'll do you."
      He then escapes back the way we came. The water lifts the foam board, it starts to float away under a black truck. I step onto the corner, and it rises with the water. Water takes the path behind me, it's too late to run now. The board won't last me long, there's no way it can stand up to the raging water. Cool air blows the hair back from my face. The board is swept from under me and I remain in the air. I flap my arms like a bird and rise above the water, deciding I'm not quite ready to die. People beside the front of the Lowe's/Hospital/House are pointing up at me in awe. The water is receding, leaking away from the parking lot. I see a small group beside what looks like a...firetruck shaped like a four wheeler. I direct myself toward it, the police officer there is tall and fair skinned. He has bright blue eyes and I can see a little red under his hat. He holds his hand out to receive me as I alight on the top of the ladder extending from the top of the four wheeler. He helps me down. The top of my head barely reaches his shoulder. He looks strikingly like Liam but I know it isn't him, this man is only an echo. He knows exactly who I am though.
      "You look just like him, you know."
      He takes it as a compliment and smiles a little. "Thank you."
      The police officer/Liam Echo turns away from me and speaks to the small group of survivors.
      "Let's head inside where they are waiting to treat any injuries." He touches the brim of his hat when he glances at me, and then
      his eyes rest on a legless woman in a wheel-chair with an IV drip. He says it's a miracle she survived. Given her health problems, the quality of her existence, I wonder if it might not be kinder if she had died. I'm not mean enough to say it though. He leads them inside, there's an emergency room bay just over the threshold.
      Beside the door is a table. I walk to it. I notice there's an egg sitting in the middle of it. I pick it up and it slips from my hand, cracking against the table. It makes a noise like breaking, like it's boiled, but when I shake it I can hear the yolk. I test it between my hands and cracks spider out from the palms of my hands.
      Now I'm curious. I throw it at the ground and the shell breaks away, but the yolk remains egg-shaped. Tough but still obviously a liquid. I begin to laugh, the revelation hitting me like a stone. I'm extremely delighted.
      Of course, this is the message my subconscious wanted to send. Though the egg looked fragile, it could never actually have been broken.
      I pick up the yolk, thinking to show the police officer. He seemed like he would enjoy a neat epiphany like this.
      "Hey! Check this out!" He turns to face me and I throw the yolk. He isn't expecting it so he misses entirely and it breaks in
      the most awkward spot. The crotch of his pants.
      "Oh...I am so sorry! I just....wanted...to show you the egg!" I start laughing again, he looks a little amused and bewildered
      and embarrassed. I leave, my last view of him is him trying to brush away the yolk. I decide it's time to wake up.

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    7. Massive Water Park 04/03/2013

      by , 04-05-2013 at 04:36 AM
      I've visited this place before. It's a vast water park, it is all you can see in any direction for miles, and is so large that there are hotel rooms on every level. I'm following another girl around the park, we reach the water slide that goes down to the next level. I think of how nice the cool water will feel. She's standing on a platform next to the slide, there's a swing bar that you can use to give yourself more speed going down. She gestures for me to follow and smiles.
      "Wait...I have to go to the bathroom." I turn to the wall behind me and there's a convenient bathroom nestled in the corner. It's on a swinging door, there's grids of 1 inch tile in random patterns on the inside hall. There's a really confusing twist. I thought I'd gone into the women's bathroom but straight ahead I see a door with a wooden sign that says Men's Room. I back track and see a hall branching off to the left with a sign that just says "YOU" on it.
      "Me." I agree, and take the hall, and the door at the end. I can't decide if the room I find there is a bathroom or a hotel room. There's a bed, but on the left-hand wall the carpet meets straight with white tile. On the tile is the strangest toilet I have ever seen. I can't even figure out how I'm supposed to use it. The bowl is flush with the floor, and the handle is also on the floor ten paces in front of it.
      My friend comes into the room and decides that we're here to rest. It seems that this is a hotel room after all.
      "There's someone bringing our bags, we can head back out in the morning."
      I really need to use the bathroom, but I don't want to while she's lookin' at me. That's if I can figure out how to use the toilet. I turn around and examine the contraption again. With the lights on it looks dirty. There's a crusted mess of what I will kindly call mud on the back of the seat, and cobwebs are strung all over it. Maybe I don't want to use it after all.

      I remember another part where we were picking up our bags. A long dim hallway, an orange-pink rolling suitcase. A brown toiletry bag. Hmm. Now that I think about it the hotel parts were familiar too. I guess I have a 'hotel' set in my brain to go along with the amusement and water parks I've visited.
    8. Carved Wooden Chest

      by , 04-03-2013 at 07:06 PM
      I'm standing outside my childhood home in Massachusetts, the front lawn isn't as long. It's a bright lush green. The trees that stand between my house and the neighbor's are impossibly tall, like a wall instead of woods. A girl meets me outside, we talk a little bit.
      "Strange things happen around here sometimes, though." She says.
      "What do you mean? Seemed ordinary to me."
      She laughs at me, "You really don't remember?"
      She tells me that when I was sixteen I disappeared for four days without warning and then reappeared unexpectedly with no memory that I had gone, that for the four days I was missing strange things happened, centered around a carved wooden chest. Somehow the idea that I can't even remember any of the events surrounding that deeply disconcerts me.
      "We found it again you know. It came back." She makes the chest sound like a living thing.
      "Can I see it?"
      She leads me into the house across the street. It's dark inside, but I can hear people moving around. In the dining room that connects the kitchen and the living room is the chest. I come around the corner, following the girl. She shines a flashlight onto the floor near the chest, drawing my focus to the light. I give her instructions to change where the beam falls. She is being dense about it, finally it shines near the foot of the chest.
      I'm actually surprised by how vivid it looks, how real. It stand out from the dream like a real photograph next to an animated one. Live against the darkness. I start to feel a kind of buzzing, it's low and frightening and sets my teeth on edge. The box stands open. It is golden mahogany. The latch is broken. The lid stands open a few inches. There is a double-chevron pattern repeated 8 times, 4 each on either side of the square center emblem that I can't remember. I really don't want to look at it. The girl grins at me in the dark.
      "Do you want to see what's inside?" She takes out a stack of chips. They look like dull dented metal and bone, with carvings on the front. "We can play the same games you played before."
      I shake my head and back away. I hear the clack of the chips as she sets them on the floor, one by one. It jars me awake. I'm having a faint case of sleep paralysis. I feel heavy and keep trying to doze off. I move my head every time I start to drift because I can feel myself returning to that room with the chest. I finally manage to turn over instead of just move my head, and when I fall back asleep I'm sitting in a folding chair in a wide alley. The chairs are in two groups with an aisle down the middle. Seven rows of five on each side of the aisle.
      Christina Aguilera dances into the alley with her body guards, wearing a black fedora, a white halter top with black suspenders with black shorts, fishnets and tall spike-heel black boots. The music starts and she dances quick impressive steps, I can tell she's lip syncing but it doesn't bother me, it seems she would have to choose between singing and dancing and this number is all about the dance. It becomes more clear she's lip syncing when the recording keeps going and she skips moving her mouth on a part.
      An idiot across the aisle looks surprised and says "I THINK SHE'S LIP SYNCING!"
      I roll my eyes. Someone else mentions she looks good for being 40...o.O
    9. Drawing Stone 3/23/2013, Azela Grey (nap dream)

      by , 04-02-2013 at 04:45 PM
      The room feels wide and open. Ahead of me is a stone tunnel. From where I'm standing I can't discern any details. As I focus my eyes, it becomes more detailed. I start to describe it to myself and it becomes. I'm delighted, thinking how it's like drawing, I see it in pencil shadings first, before it becomes real, and the image flows more smoothly than any drawing I have ever created.
      When it is finished the stone is a mossy deep brown, wet with rain. I can't figure out where I've seen it before, but it feels so familiar. There are stairs leading up to a platform that sits to the right side of the tunnel. I start looking for something there but I no longer recall what it is.

      The Poisoning of Azela Grey
      I had a dream at midday, telling the tale of Azela Grey. I'm watching a news report, showing footage from a live Council meeting. She had fought for her spot as a Speaker, and a woman, which was something spectacular in its own right. She's tall, with dark shoulder-length hair. She's wearing a light gray business suit with a white shirt under the jacket. The council meeting is built like an amphitheater. A platform at the center where the primary 5 sit, and then 4 tiers of gently curving wood tables with seats where the rest of the Council sits. Azela sits in the last ring, of the least importance. The meeting is about to commence, she takes a sip. My awareness pulls back, showing a pixelated tv screen, a red band at the bottom.
      "The Poisoning of Azela Grey"

      I'm driving down a highway. The road is impossibly fast and crowded. A woman on a tiny black motorcycle that has a regular sized cream/tan motorcycle folded up above the back wheel speeds past me. I think how awesome that is and wonder where I can get one. She looks like this actress http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1490300/. A moving truck doesn't see her and moves lanes. I'm worried about her, so instead of getting hit, one of her wheels breaks off and she skids to a stop on the shoulder under an overpass. I go over to see if she needs help. Now she looks different, a tall brunette with wavy hair and olive skin. I separate from my character and I see myself from behind. I'm tiny next to her, the top of my head only just reaches past her shoulder.
      I have shoulder length black hair. I'm wearing a white denim jacket and a brown dress with boots. Even with short hair I recognize her as Saja, I become her often. It seems perfect that she would stop to help someone, she's always thinking of others.
      "Can I help you?" I ask her.
      "Don't worry about it, this isn't your problem." She glances at me and does a subtle double-take. I know she thinks I'm attractive. I stand there patiently. She rolls her eyes, but she's smiling. "Fine, I guess I could use some help."
      "Perfect! I'll help you get the cycle into my van."

      It skips to a grey, dim-lit room. On one end is a photographer. On the other is a two foot high, smooth white statue shaped like some kind of bird. The idea is that this is therapy, and in expressing my depression...on top of the bird, while someone takes pictures, I'll be able to feel better (riiiight...). I am Azela Grey, I no longer look like Saja. I'm taller, my hair isn't black but still dark brown, wavy and is a little longer. I'm wearing a dark brown dress with tiny white flowers, knee length boots and a netted brown jacket thing. The statue looks a little like a duck now. My photographer therapist urges me to begin.
      The stress of the campaign has taken its toll. There are dark circles under my eyes and I look like I haven't smiled in a long time. My awareness pulls back and I'm watching myself pose on the duck. After a few flashes my friend from the highway comes to join me. She presses her body against my back and runs her hands down my sides. I smile. I know I shouldn't. I have a girlfriend. Plus, now there are pictures.
      She has been trying to show me how to enjoy life again.

      I'm walking down a cobbled street, it's dark with the recent rain. I duck into a bookstore. It's small, with 5 long tables. Tall bookshelves line the walls. There is only one book. It has a dark blue jacket with yellow on the front. Sometimes the yellow looks like flowers, sometimes like angelfish. Sometimes like stars. I can't make out the name either. Sometimes it looks like Seascape. Sometimes Starsea, sometimes Starscape. I open one of them and flip through it. I can't make sense of the text.
      I think of how eroded our culture has become under the weight of the law. How this bookstore should have the freedom to sell more than one book. I suppose that's what my campaign is about, freedom. Now I have made a serious miss-step. There are the photos of myself and the woman. If they see those they could ban me from the council.
      When I leave the bookstore my girlfriend is outside. She throws the pictures on the ground in front of me and leans forward, red with her effort not to yell.
      "What are these? WHAT ARE THEY? After EVERYTHING we did to be together, to keep our relationship a secret you let some half-wit photographer take pictures of another woman groping you? These are all over the papers! AND there's mention of me! Why did you tell them about us and then take these pictures? This could ruin my career!"
      She's a doctor, it's strange enough for a woman to be practicing medicine, now her license could be taken away because of my mistake. She storms off. I stare down at the pictures and gather them in my hands.
      Behind me there are two steeply arched stone bridges that cross each other like an X. A man in a tux and top hat is narrating my story. He's telling a group of people who are singing and dancing under string-light decorations that it's sure I'll be banned, they might have listened to me on the council before this. They may have even passed the laws I suggested, but never now.
      He talks of a time when people could love whoever they wanted.
      Then he tells the part that hasn't happened yet, that as they are about to ban me, someone poisons my tea because of hatred for my sexual orientation, and the laws I wished to pass.

      Huh. I've had dreams as men before, I've never had one where I was a lesbian. How interesting...
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    10. Snow White, Dean, and an Eldritch Abomination

      by , 03-13-2013 at 04:47 AM
      (Once Upon a Time, Supernatural and Cthulhu Mythos. Apparently.)
      I am Snow White's daughter, but I'm not Emma. I have an older brother who looks like Charming, while I look like mother did when she was young. I also have two younger siblings, a two year old boy and a newborn. Our parents have gone missing and we don't know what has happened to them, in actuality they have disappeared to another world and gone to war. They've left us to care for the young ones, I'm worried I'll never see our parents again. Our own world is filled with demons, even the hospital is infested. Such that when I see my brother walking with a portly red-haired female nurse, I'm afraid that he has become possessed. In terror, I watch him from afar. If he has been taken, it's possible that no one in my family remains unchanged. I notice him doing normal things and am vastly relieved. The nurse turns her black eyes on me and I look away. It seems that even they would not dare hurt royal children just because the king and queen are away.

      There's a lapse and I'm outside, it's dark. The trees framing the monastery walls are black and dead. I'm looking for my little brother, he has been missing for days. I'm at the edge of the clearing when I see the nurse from the house, wearing a shark's smile, kicking a box under a table. She disappears, I run to where she was standing and find my brother in a yellow shoebox under a long picnic table beneath the awning stretching out from the face of the building. I start to panic, he looks tiny and emaciated. I'm afraid he will starve if I don't get some food into him immediately. I cast around for some food but the place is dead, empty. I start to cry, grief and helplessness tight in my chest. It's hard to breath around it. I'm terrified that I'm being tested, and realize the truth of that fear when I see my options. An old oven is illuminated in the wall behind my brother, and off to my right by the arched red monastery door, are three orphan babies left in the cold. Usually the monks here would take them in. It's the dead of night and whoever left them didn't bother to ring the bell, leaving their lives to fate or to demons.
      Upon seeing the oven I felt a surge of hope, I could bake something for my brother to eat. He wouldn't die! Then I saw the freezing orphans and knew I had to make a choice.
      "No no no, I don't know what to do. Don't make me choose."
      But it's a test, and I have to choose. What do I do? Is it selfish to choose one life, because it belongs to my brother? Will my mother be disappointed that I didn't save the three children?
      Indecision tears at me. I pace between my brother and the three shriveled children. I start to sob, twisting my hands into fists in my long black hair. I don't want to choose, I don't want to choose. I fall to my knees beside my brother and...
      The pain becomes too much for my subconscious and I feel myself retreat. I am myself and the daughter no longer. I'm asking someone if they're caught up on episodes, and it's terrible what happens to Snow's family, that I can't believe what they have to go through.

      I follow Snow around and don't participate at all. Like I'm watching a movie. The day is overcast, we have gathered for war games to prepare for battle. This seemingly insincere call to arms is the only way we can meet under the eye of the enemy and avoid retaliation. There's a beautiful dark-haired cat-eyed woman who can't take the games seriously. She knows the true purpose of the call, but keeps joking around. At first she steps up to the man carrying the roster and gives him a salute, somewhere between a mocking gesture and seriousness. When he looks away she grins a little and hops into rank with five others. Snow sees her for what she is though, that despite her attempt to remain a jester, she is very capable and charismatic. Snow calls out that those she hands hats out to will play officers in the coming game. They've all mounted horses, and the black-haired woman is on a black horse with a white stripe down its nose. Snow drops a hat onto the woman's head, surprising the hell out of her. For a second she looks disconcerted, then she smiles and tugs on the reins, her horse neatly side-steps and dances up beside another person in line. She takes the hat off and drops it on someone's head. When the woman glances up she sees Snow's wry look, it also says "you won't escape that easily."
      "Aura. Come HERE." Snow points firmly at the ground in front of her.
      Aura, the woman, grins at the person next to her and prances up to the commander.
      "I don't know why you're so reluctant to help."
      "I can't be of use." The humor vanishes from her face and is replaced with sharp deprecation. "My heart just isn't what it used to be. I bet you didn't even recognize me..." She hands a male soldier a greeting card. On the inside is her picture, she looks subtly different. When my vision pulls back from the card, I see a triangular bandage on her chest, indicating that she has been injured. "Besides, do you really want a super model leading your troops?"
      Snow looks annoyed but gets called away before she can say that it doesn't matter who you are here, it matters who you used to be back Home.

      From where I stand, the sea is a grey choppy mass to my back. There's a rough rock outcropping jutting from long pale grass lain flat by the wind. Dean from Supernatural is holding up a mess of purple string.
      "WHAT is this?"
      I gesture for him to hand it over, and he does.
      "It's our early warning system."
      He looks extremely amused, something about how the words and their implications are of this world and alien to the one we are from.
      "Early warning system?"
      I roll my eyes at him. "Can you please take this seriously? It works, alright? They've proven it." I explain how the string is staked into the ground all around the world and that each attack from our Enemy is preceded by vibration. The direction of the vibrations will help us pinpoint the place the Enemy intends to attack, and will appear on our map. Showing us where to go.
      He nods at me, knowing he needs to stop joking around. He turns to the others around us and holds up a map. "The...early warning system," he cracks a smile and I shake my head at him, a little annoyed. He clears his throat, "the system indicates that the next attack will happen in Ghana." But he doesn't say Ghana. He says Ana, leaving the G silent. I hear somebody snicker.
      "Hey Dean, the G isn't silent..."
      "Sure it is."
      "Nope, pretty sure it's Ghana."
      "Shut up..."
      "Fine, okay, does it say WHERE in Ghana?"
      I look at the map and as I expected, there's a rough wooden pin sticking into a mountain range. I think it's a large crescent shaped range, then realize it's actually a solitary mountain at the range's back. I tug on the mass of purple string, trying to straighten it out. I can feel it against my fingers when, hear the sound it makes between them.
      "Here. In the hills."
      "Let's get to it then!" Dean says.

      Myself, Snow, Charming and Dean have gathered with what's left of our people in Ghana. We know that It plans to come here, and we're going to be in Its way when it does. We pretend we're having a meeting, the leaders from each race was invited to the panel, so that we could decide how to handle the Enemy, together. When It invaded ten years ago, It forbade large meetings like this. Snow tenses and runs past me. I catch her arm,
      "Hey, what's happening?"
      "It's here. Prepare yourselves everyone, it will see right through our excuses." She goes to face the black wall behind the table we had all occupied a few minutes before. We thought that we would have more time.
      A woman in glasses with dirty blonde hair rings her hands.
      "He's coming here?"
      "Don't call it a 'he' Sara. Giving it gender will only humanize him." I frown, "It."
      We hear it before we see it.
      "A panel? And I wasn't invited? You're in violation of the One Law." The black wall behind the table becomes a fathomless void, and from the abyss emerges an androgynous child. It would almost be pretty if not for its dead eyes. It's dressed in a white and grey skin-tight spandex. Bare footed. Head shaved. The only indication that it is not human (aside from it's eyes), is the lesions from corruption and plague on its scalp. I'm afraid suddenly that he heard me call him an IT and will be violently displeased.
      It seems the creature will be violently displeased anyway. It gives us a mad-man's smile and its true form appears behind the child. An giant scaly eye with yellow sclera, innumerable tentacles snake out from behind the eye, this monstrosity filling the room with its vile, suffocating presence. We tense---

      AAAAND MY ALARM GOES OFF. >.< WHY?! I was going into an epic battle against an eldritch abomination!

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    11. Spider-man!! (and zombies.)

      by , 02-26-2013 at 03:49 PM
      I'm in a church stalking a priest, we've become aware that he's possessed and plans to murder some of his congregation. I'm in the back row of pews. There's a narrow gap in the pews and on the other side are my associates. Ahead of us the priest is talking about evil vigilantes trying to hinder the will of God and mentions Spider-man by name.
      This is unspeakably funny. I start cracking up and desperately stifle giggles behind my hand. Why? Next to me is a blonde woman who is part of our group. In front of her is Peter Parker. She realizes why I'm laughing and cracks a smile.
      I lean over, "Well...this is awkward, isn't it?" Peter glances at me and smiles a little. He's better at hiding than I am, apparently. I know I'm being really unprofessional. I school my expression and sit back to watch the sermon. The priest is then talking about the Chosen in the congregation, marked by the flower emblem on their chests. He has called us to, if we choose, join him up front. It isn't time yet. I make eye contact with a woman to my left. She has noticed I'm wearing the mantle of the church, a light blue jacket with a large circle on the front. It's divided evenly, and when it hangs closed the sides of the emblem meet seamlessly. The circle is mostly pink with yellow flowers in the middle. I don't know how to describe the material. It's something I've seen before on quilts?

      I wake and roll over. The next dream is like a game. There are recently turned zombies in my house and I know I have to kill them before they work themselves into a killing frenzy. They've gathered by a wall of windows and press themselves to the glass, groaning. I pick up what looks like a white table leg where the end has been carved into a curved .....fine. It looks a little like this except one end looks more like a hook. AntiqueWeaponStore

      I think how good this will be for zombie killing, all I have to do is club them in the head, the hook with pierce their brains easily.
      Something about leaping to different platforms above the spot where the zombies are?
    12. Crown, Angel, Theif, Honorable Man

      by , 01-31-2013 at 02:58 PM
      I don't remember much of this one.
      The whole city cast in gray, but not that weird purple gray from the Saja dream. Still, it feels familiar. Bare. Like everything is covered in a thin shell of concrete. I'm standing in front of a two foot wide lamp post. Sitting by my feet is a hat box with no lid, also gray. Inside is a crown. It is tarnished gold with a laced pattern, but thick and heavy. I'm supposed to hold it until the angel comes.
      I see the angel a ways down the street, he's a blurry and indistinct figure dressed in a black trench coat and tie. I blink and he's 10 feet closer. I stifle a stab of fear and raise my hand in greeting.
      When I turn around there's a tall brown haired man standing behind me. He's wearing a sleeveless leather jerkin and no shirt underneath. He puts me on edge, he feels like a threat.
      "You waitin' for someone, darlin'?"
      "What makes you think I'm waiting for someone?"
      He looks amused.
      When I glance around the back of the lamp post, checking to see if he's alone, I find a man there dressed all in black and gray. I know he's an honorable man, I know he isn't here with the thief
      "Well?" He asks.
      "Who would I be waiting for, my husband?" I say this, knowing I'm trying to imply I'm married even though I'm not, just in case he gets the wrong idea. He grins at me, understanding perfectly. He's pretending not to notice the box on the ground. He saunters past it, and I almost miss the motion...he does some sort of fancy trick with his leg. It's quick, and far more stealthy than if he had leaned down to pick up the crown. Still, the motion draws my attention and when I catch a glimpse of the box, the crown is gone.
      "Hey, you can't take that!"
      He has his body turned to face the sidewalk, so the arm holding the crown like an over-sized bracelet is hidden from view. I reach past him and grab it. He catches a hold of it and we both tug on it for a minute. He lets go when the damn thing becomes warped from the pulling. I look at it, feeling sick. What did he do? Will the angel still take it? Where IS the angel, anyway?
      "Fine, you can have the bloody thing. I'm not gonna wrestle a girl over a fake artifact."
      "What do you mean? It's not fake..."
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    13. Giant Crabs!

      by , 01-23-2013 at 07:48 PM
      I get out of bed and go outside. I'm completely convinced I'm awake until I step out into the yard. Everything is vivid, the grass is green like it's turned to spring, and it's warm outside. A storm is building overhead but it doesn't feel like a threat, I prefer the rain. I go over to investigate the giant hole in the neighbor's yard, there's a pile of dirt like a mole trail. When I get closer I realize there's a huge crab, two feet wide at least, in the dirt. It's dead.
      I see another pile of dirt by the mailbox, along with another dead crab. I frown.
      "I'm dreaming, aren't I?"
      I decide I can do whatever I want, so I go exploring. In the dream (unlike real life) in place of the house next to mine is what looks like a barn, all dark weathered wood, almost looked burnt. I go inside and look around. I take advantage of my unusual clarity. Usually in lucid dreams it's hard for me to hold on to a scene, almost like if I move it starts to break apart. I feel rooted in this dream and I'm full of energy. I spin in a circle, taking in my surroundings.
      There are shelves on the far wall, all painted white and full of interesting objects. There are 3 tiered circular racks (almost like 3 round tables stacked atop each other), also full of things. There are freestanding shelves with more random objects. I lean close to a shelf, looking at everything on it. The only thing that makes any sense is a green glass puff perfume bottle.
      (http://image0-rubylane.s3.amazonaws....RL-2846.1L.jpg kind of like that only oval shaped)
      I hear noises from outside, of the family that owns the barn coming home. I hear the door open and I move quickly over to a small window with a piece of mdf over it. Written on the front are the words "Check the trap below before using." I wonder what kind of trap is below the window, but I don't want them to see me.
      At the same time, I'm not worried if they'll see me. My lucidity is tenuous but I know I am in plain sight and they are not reacting. I kick out the mdf board and crawl through the window and drop down to the grass. I see the trap the sign warned about, but there's nothing in it. A huge badger (about the size of a collie) glances at me and then at the trap, then leaves. (I am a lot of dreams where I exit a building through a window...)

      There's a racing track outside, the whole family is riding bikes. Kind of. The father is riding this big vehicle...bike thing that has a standing platform on the side for the little kids.

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    14. Mad Doctor, Inbred Rednecks, Growing Up a Hunter

      by , 12-20-2012 at 08:02 PM
      This is kind of a long one. It's made up entirely of dream characters. The family bears no resemblance to my own, I'm not even female in the dream. I'm a little boy for most of it. I gotta say though, I love storyline dreams.

      I know a little came before this, but I can't recount it clearly. I'm a little boy of about five, my Grandfather is a doctor and he's gone mad. He has somehow figured out a way to turn us into living ghosts, we are not dead, but we aren't corporeal anymore. Myself along with my seventeen year-old sister, my mother and my father, have been forced to follow him around as spirits. He keeps us tethered to himself. He takes us to his home. It's a long, spacious, one story house. The carpet in the living room sometimes looks faded orange, and sometimes faded gold. There's a dark wood table, and behind it a dark china cabinet with diamond beveled green glass faces. I know that grandmother is resting in one of the rooms on the right side of the house.
      He's explaining to us our purpose, and he summons his wife into the room. One of my aunts is helping her. Grandmother has faded red hair, one of the family trademarks, my sister has red hair just like hers.

      The doctor explains that the exposed power lines on the wall to our left are to a machine that will temporarily make us solid. He lowers a gas mask over his face and turns a knob. The air turns frigid. We are literally frozen solid. We can't move. Grandfather explains that Grandma has been sick, and that he plans to make her well using parts from our bodies. Well, one specific part. Grandmother is suddenly lacking her head, now looking like a mannequin. He removes my sister's head and starts to put it on Grandma's neck.

      Obviously, father is not happy with this turn of events. While Grandfather is distracted he summons the will to move and as a spirit shoots over to the exposed power lines, intending to rip them from the wall and electrocute the doctor.
      (right now Father looks a little like these guys http://www.se51.net/wp-content/uploa...st_hound-4.jpg)
      The first handful of cables won't part from the wall and he's tugged back to the wall face. Father grabs another power line and tears it free. Before he can attack him, grandfather wills him out of the window and sends the currents of electricity through father.

      Father hovers in the air. "I will not let you take her."
      "Then it will be you instead..."
      "So be it."
      Grandfather intensifies the electricity (apparently by will alone), but it has a different effect than he intends. The electricity gives father power, he alternates a cartoony yellow electricity and more realistic flashes of blue, the longer I look at him the more changed he becomes. He looks younger by the second, a stooped older man no longer. His hair regains color, his eyes turn bright and sharp, his back straightens and shoulders broaden. I see what he looked like as a young man. He lowers his head and smiles.

      The smug look fades from Grandfather's face. Father kills him, but I don't see how. My sister magically regains her head, and grandmother hers, and we return to normal.
      Then, as though nothing strange has happened, mother and sister are talking about how we should spend our visit to Grandma's. I may only be a child but I think they're nuts. I go outside to play.

      There's a subtle change in the dreamspace, the house we were in had almost the same feel as an apartment, or a city home. That it was snugged in next to other residences. This house is different, it's wide open, solitary. It's a pale shade of yellow, with a wrap around porch and flowers hanging from the beams. I run out into the backyard. It feels familiar. The grass is dark green, lush, a little overgrown and there are tiny colorful flowers growing in it. There's rotted out hollow tree laying near a faded cement path. To my left is a storm drain tunnel, across from me are woods.
      (I haven't thought about this place since I was a kid, I only went there once with a babysitter. She pretended we were on an adventure, she was going to show me a special place. It was out in the woods, and had a secret air about it.)
      Out of the corner of my eye I see an R.O.U.S nosing its way out of the fallen tree. It's about the size of a crocodile, scaly and diseased. I understand that things are about to get scary, I notice the creature but I'm stuck in the storyline of the character. HE hasn't really seen it yet, so I cannot do anything.

      Then it gets worse. Across the concrete, a pack of deformed inbred rednecks burst from the trees. They're splattered with blood and carrying gore encrusted baseball bats. Storyline dictates that they don't see me. I crouch behind the fallen tree, I can feel the tree shaking with the movements of the creature struggling inside. The rednecks mount the steps, I hide next to the wall of the house. Looking outward they won't see me, they'd have to look down.
      Because I've moved, the creature (finally freeing itself from the log) doesn't see me, and runs up the stairs to join the creep-pack. I know that they've been on a murdering spree, traveling between all the country houses and killing anyone they find. I can hear screams from inside the house.

      I run away, straight for the fence bordering the property. I can see a line of people making their way toward me dressed in S.W.A.T armor and carrying guns. I go through another set of gates, it's only then that I realize it's not a gate. It's a cage. An arena wrapped in chicken-wire around wood veins.
      One of the group asks "What do you think you're doing?"
      another shouts to their leader, "Hey, we've got a stray!"
      The leader takes off his helmet and says "What're you doin' here kid? Are you crazy?"
      "My family..." I look over my shoulder and he does too, we see the murderers leaving the house.
      "I see.." He hands me a gun. It's huge and heavy, I'm terrified. "You don't happen to know how to load that, do you?"
      Mute now and close to tears, I shake my head.
      He drops a black canvas bag at my feet, it's already open. He pulls out white shot-gun shells and commands me to hold out my hand. He gives me the bullets hurriedly. The fence begins to shake and rattle, the howling reaches a fever pitch. He shows me how to load the gun, after the affair with my grandfather and the random murderers I'm expecting a trick. I keep scanning his face for signs of dishonesty.
      "I can't make any promises, kid, but stay close and I'll try to keep you alive. You might have to wait until their almost on top of you to shoot, they're quick bastards."
      That does NOT reassure me. I'm afraid that all of this is a trick, that he's a cruel man who would give a child a gun and hope for life just to allow me to be cut down when the bullets do nothing.....

      -Fifteen Years Later -

      The story jumps. I'm a different person, an aunt of the boy who went missing. There are rumors about Hunters in the area who might have taken him on and raised him. I've gone to see if it's true. I see him from a distance. He's a young man now, tall and all lean muscle. He is returning from a hunt, glorying in his physical prowess and the admiring looks the others send his way.

      I sneak into their meeting hall and their leader gives me a small nod. He's the one who contacted me about the boy, not so I could take him, just so I'd be assured that the boy was safe. I see him enter the room, he's wearing a loose grey shirt and his wispy almost orange hair is barely contained under a cloth cap. I can see my sister in him, his pale skin, blue eyes, the shape of his nose. He doesn't notice me.

      I briefly switch to the man's point of view. We're having a meet, just like we do after every big hunt, we get together and discuss problems. I understand that someone may bring up my existence here. I am clearly of outside blood, all those around me are dusky-skinned and dark of hair. It means nothing to those jealous of me that I have hunted with the pack since I was a child. They were born into it, and adoptions were unheard of until I came along. The Leader looks at me, then sweeps his eyes over the crowd.
      "We will have our meet, but first we race."
      This was his way and I silently send him my gratitude and applaud his cleverness. I am the fastest, I always have been. Before each meeting we take the Death Run, the winner is beyond scrutiny. This is the way he has kept me safe, I always win, no one can question my presence in the pack.

      I'm the woman again. The leader claps his hands and the pack takes off. My nephew is so quick, almost a blur. I know I have to keep up with him, if I lose him I'll never see him again. He is way ahead of them, I am quick too, I pull ahead of the pack.
      The death run is an obstacle course, built spiraled like a snail shell, obviously made more difficult if you are moving quickly. I don't remember all of, the last part I see before I wake up is stepping stones jutting from the inside curve. I see my nephew fly down them and then nimbly leap to the opposite side of the hallway and disappear through an opening there.

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    15. Floating

      by , 12-15-2012 at 08:22 PM

      I'm taking a nap before work and I'm dreaming that my alarm didn't go off. When I try to figure out what time it is, the numbers keep shifting around or include letters. There's a tv at the foot of my bed that isn't there IRL, at first I'm looking at a website and then it's a video on the television. I get out of bed and start walking into the living room, trying to use my phone to call work to let them know I'll be in as soon as I can.
      I start to become suspicious that I'm dreaming. I think "This is all pretty weird. If I look at my phone again and the clock isn't there then I'm dreaming." I look. The clock is missing. "Yes!" I think. I make it into the living room. For some reason there are two televisions in there. One is playing a movie about a dog. Suddenly I'm really small. I try to return to normal size but instead I just start floating. I can't seem to make my feet stay on the ground. The movie is annoying so I try to turn it off. Nothing works.
      "Off!" I say, pointing at the TV. Nothing. I try that again in a few different ways, even just believing the TV will turn off when I say doesn't work. I start to get pissed off that I can't do something so simple. The screen gets static bars across it. Then the sound of static is annoying. I focus on the sound and it ceases. The static increases. "Guess in here I have no subtlety. Leave it to me to just destroy something when I can't make it work the way I want..." both televisions gain more static, I clench my hand into a fist and they become pure static. I laugh a little and realize I'm wasting my time. I could be doing something fun right now! I see a small window over the sink in the kitchen out of the corner of my eye.
      I run at it, the sky is a perfect blue with puffy white clouds. I want to be flying. I open the window and I start climbing out----

      My alarm goes off. sigh

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