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    Looking for an Old Friend

    by , 04-23-2013 at 05:28 AM (345 Views)
    DJ Log: April 3, 2013 – 6:15AM (USA Eastern)

    I am driving through an older development in my home town, looking for a place where a friend of mine from many years ago lives. I pull into a circle at the end of a street and say to myself, “Shit, I think I'm on the wrong street. I should be on the next street over.” I pull into a driveway to turn around, then I start to back up. As soon as I turn my head, I see the guy I'm looking for walking into his house. I stop and wave and he waves back. I roll down my window and tell him, “I'm looking for a certain place and I'll come back once I check it out.” He waves again and walks inside.

    I drive around to the next street over and try to drive up the road. The road is blocked, so I get out and walk into what looks like a clothing store in the middle of the road. I look for a moment, then turn around and walk back to the house I stopped at before. I knock on the door and my friend answers the door and says, “Come on in.” I walk in and just inside the door, he stops and looks at me, then he smiles and reaches up and boops me on the nose and gives me a really cute grin. We talk for a bit then I wake up.

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