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    What's under the wig?

    by , 05-30-2011 at 03:46 PM (464 Views)
    DJ Log: May 30, 2011 – 8:30AM (USA Eastern)
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    I am driving into a shopping center parking lot to meet up with several friends. It is a large strip mall with a grocery store on the right side and several smaller stores on the left. A few friends are already parked in front of the grocery store and are standing around talking behind their cars. I drive through the parking lot and select a front row parking space a couple of rows away from the grocery store.

    As I am preparing to back into a parking spot, this old guy in a Buick jumps into my parking spot. I stop and yell at the guy for stealing my spot. He just looks at me with a puzzled look and continues to back into my spot. I put my truck back into “drive” and floor the accelerator to do a power slide, turning around to face the guy. I use psychokinesis to push the car out of the way, then I pull into the parking spot. After parking, I decide that I don't like this spot anymore, so I back out and drive over by the grocery store where my friends are at.

    I park in the end row near where my friends are parked at. We bullshit for a little while then start walking toward the store. As we near the store, I see a guy wearing a giant fro-wig. He looks a lot like this guy Moritz who does an awesome synth jam-out session on YouTube (LINK). As I'm watching, he takes the wig off and reveals medium-length blonde-streaked hair underneath. I think to myself, “Yay! The mystery of what's under the wig is now solved.”

    We all walk into the store and I retrieve a shopping cart. I walk through the second set of automatic doors and wake up.

    While making this DJ entry, I realized that I completed the basic task of the month a second time in the same month. Now, if only I could get the advanced task.

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