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    1. The Last Oneironaut

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:10 PM

      Me,Chris,Alec,Troy and KJ are all getting prepped for a big space mission that seems like its a suicide mission.We were in a big space station that was on earth that looked like something from the future everything was chrome and digital.Alec kept saying we're screwed and I have a family to care for. Chris went over to him smacked him up a little and told him to get a hold of himself. Chris looked at me and said so whats going to happen? I said "Here's the plan we're gonna go up there head to the mother ship and raise some hell and if your not down for it you can leave right stat now!" They all got up and loaded the guns they had. The gun I took off my back was black with red flames going from the barrel of the gun to the butt and had the word Hero scratched into its side . Chris had a pretty good looking gun too his was ice blue with a lightning strike going down the barrel. Chris must've been in 2nd command and I must've been captain cause me and him looked different and our guns looked different from the others. We took an elevator up to the 3rd floor. From there we walked on a bridge connecting the space station to the ship. I looked to my right side and saw the word ArcadeH370 printed on the side of the ship. We got inside and strapped ourselves in. The ship was much like the Normandy from Mass Effect 2 as a matter of fact it was the Normandy. The station counted us down and we launched up into the air. In a matter of seconds we were in space.

      A hologram of what looked like Ronald Regan popped up on the window in front of me. He said something that everyone understood except for me and logged off. I got out of my seat and walked to a briefing room. Everyone was already in there so I decided to just get down to business. I said something about meteors and cloaking devices and we started going over how to breach the mother ship. Thats when a loud bang echoed through the ship. It knocked everyone off their feet and a siren started going off. I yelled out Computer whats happening?! A digital female voice came on and told us not to worry it was just a meteor. I ended the discussion and we all walked to the front where there was a giant window that made a half circle around the ship(think of an imax movie theater). The scenery was amazing there were so many stars and planets that all I could say was wow.

      Another loud bang rumbled the ship and I became really suspicious I yelled out Computer?! and the voice came back on. All it said was I have detected an anomoly. Right when she said that a huge alien looking ship warped into our view. The whole ship looked like it was made out of a giant asteroid and it had metal tentalcles comming out the back of it. I told everyone to prepare for battle so we ran to these seperate doors. I pressed a button and the door closed and seperated from the main ship. I was now floating in deadspace in a pod shaped thing when Troy told me to press the trigger to activate my jet. I pressed it and the pod instantly morphed into a fighter jet. We all formed into a squad of jets and I was in the front. We were heading to the mothership that was attacking ours when it suddenly turned to us. I said Holy Shit split up! But it was too late, the ship shot a beam that completely destroyed troy kj and alec's ships. I yelled Chris and KJ into my mic but I got no answer I then yelled Troy and Alec and heard some alien type language.I then said Pull back now!! but the ship's beam then aimed at me and sliced my jet clean in half.

      A siren went off and the screen I was looking at kept saying AIR TANKS DEPLETED! ENTIRE CREW K.I.A! I put on a mask that was stored in a glove compartment and ejected from my jet. It shot me out pretty fast and threw me into space right before the laser destroyed the remainder of my ship. The shockwave from the blast hit me hard and made me go deaf. It also broke my air tank so now I'm spinning in space deaf with no air tank. I finally stopped only to see a gaint piece of burning metal tunneling toward me. I got so scared I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.
      non-lucid , nightmare