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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Dream Frag- 3peat

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:14 PM
      After I woke up from that dream I fell back into a continuation of it. This time I faded into the black and white dream and stayed there . The dream pretty much left me at the climax of the frag right where Lil Wayne was supposedly going to shoot me. I propped my head back up to face the gun again Weezy took a huge hit from his cigar and blew it in my face. My vision got distorted for a few seconds but went back to normal right before he cocked back his gun. He kept mumbling things I just couldnt understand so I just close my eyes and waited for the big finished. He pulled the trigger and a little white flag came out and so did some black and white confetti. I was scared half to death and I jolted up from the couch I was sitting on (more than likely the flag had the word BANG! on it but I couldnt really make it out cause I was zoned out -_-.) He started laughing hysterically so I punched him and he stepped back but he was still laughing. I turned around to lay back down because I felt really tired and I saw myself still laying on the couch with my head bobbed back. It was so crazy like the copy did all the things I did right up to where I closed my eyes in anticipation for the gunshot. I was so weirded out I woke up again and stayed up.
    2. I'm cool like that!

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:11 PM

      I'm serving drinks in this cool futuristic looking bar when some guy comes up to me and ask me for a drink. He wanted to have a number of drinks in it and I told him that I dont serve the drink like that. He told me to go fuck off and some smokin hot lady told him to chill out and go drink some water he asked for a glass and I gave it to him. He lifted it up in the air and then put it back down and said thanks for the water. I took the glass looked inside of it and there wasnt a spot of water in it at all (it was kind of weird ) The lady then looked to me and told me to fix her a highball she wanted to be nice and tight so she said make it a double. I pulled a glass from the cabinet and twirled it around my fingers I put it on the table and the table lit up to match the drink I was pouring. The drink was red with white swirls in it( it looked pretty good) I slid it to her and she said nice moves. I told its what I do and she drank the whole thing in a matter of seconds. I took it back twirled it around my fingers and took the bottle and spun it in my other hand. I set the glass back down and poured another one this time she let the drink just sit there.

      The lady was staring at the drink like it was something from another world. She said do that again. So I took another glass and did it again. I looked down and noticed the colors on the table was blue with a little green in it and was swirling around just like the drink. It was pretty cool looking. The lady called a few people over and those people called a few people over soon the whole bar was standing around me. The lady told me to bust a move the table turned white and the song I'm cool like that by digable planets was playing in the background. I grabbed a bunch of glasses and bottles and shakers and started doing these amazing tricks. The guy that told me to fuck off came back and challenged me to do some crazy trick that no bartender could do. Everyone souped it up so I obviously had to do it. I grabbed a lighter and poured alcohol on the table it turned to a goldish orangish color. I set the glasses into a pyramid form and filled them with different types of drinks and lit the whole thing on fire. It was kind of cool looking because every glass had an individual color of fire in it. I took the glass that was at the very top and downed it. It tasted like blue jollyranchers and mystery flavor airheads. Everyone cheered and the guy left off in a swinging his arms and complaining. The lady hopped over the table(that was still flaming ) and started french kissing me. She asked me how did I manage to pull of the trick and I tried to end the question with good closer so I said "Cause I'm cool like that!" Everyone started saying cause he's cool like that as we continued kissing and feeling on each other until I finally woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Just To Get A Rep.

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:09 PM

      I got home from long day of school today and wanted to take a little nap(it turns out that this "little nap" lasted for a long time lol. But anyway before I went to sleep I decided to try an expirement I wanted to do. I put my iPod on shuffle and fell asleep. I woke back up in my second period class it was just about time to go and I was walking downstairs to my locker with my friends Alec and Chris. It was cloudy outside and the hallway was pretty crowded. I got to my locker and kept hearing random songs in my head. Soon enough I was singing them outloud. Alec and Chris looked at me like I was supposed to be noticing something(THIS WAS LIKE THE BIGGEST HINT I COULD EVER GET!)They went their seperate ways and I was walking back upstairs when I saw a little freshman being jumped by a bunch of seniors. The seniors were wearing clothes from like the 90's and they all had hoodies and shades on. I walked up to them and ask them why did they do that to that defenseless kid. One guy wearing a big chain that he probably took from the kid walked up to me and said "Just to get A rep."One of them had a phone that was playing a familiar beat but I just couldnt get my mind on it. They walked off and now I was just standing in the staircase with the freshman.The freshman came up to me and asked me a stupid ass question so I pushed him into a wall.

      Thats when it clicked to me(my iPod probably shuffled to the song Just to get a rep by gangstarr!) I yelled yes it worked! really loud but then I stopped because I wanted to make sure I knew I was dreaming so I did a nose pinch(for the first time) and it worked!(woot) I looked around and decided to continue with the story of the dream so I went looking for the group. I walked into a bathroom and found them all near the sink smoking weed. I made it seem like I had to use the bathroom so I went straight into a stall. After about 2 mins I came back out and walked toward the group. I didnt want to just start fighting them so I took it easy and went to the sink to wash my hands. There were bags of blue weed in it and it looked kind of freaky. I wiped my hands off with a towel that had a naked picture of Megan Fox on it and saw the leader with the chain standing next to me(it turns out that he was guru from gangstarr!). I thought to myself and said this is my chance I tapped him on his shoulder and he looked at me like he was about to beat the holy hell outta me. I asked him the same question I asked him when we were in the staircase. He looked at me and squinted his eyes and before he could even answer me I punched him square in his face. He fell and I stomped his head into the tile floor. It made a dent . I faced his lackies and they were all looking at me astonished then to my surprise the actual song came on(not really the song it was more like an instrumental) I cracked my knuckles and they all began to run at me. I ran at them a did a classic dropkick to knock them all down. I picked one guy up and power bombed him and broke his spine. Another guy came up to me and he looked alot like kid cudi. He still had a blunt in his mouth so I palmed his head and did this crazy magic hand thing that left him lifeless on the ground. I took the blunt smoked it then shoved it in his face. I was completely kicking all there asses until I finally saw all of them laying in agony. I was about to walk out the bathroom when guru grabbed my ankle. I was about to do this crazy move I saw on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon until he said Why did I do that to him and his gang. I bent down and said "Just To Get A Rep." I then took his chain and smashed his head into the floor(much like those puches superheroes do when they punch the ground and make a crater in it ) I walked out the bathroom and stopped a kid from going in. I said "Dont go in there for at least 45 or 55 minutes!" The kid looked like he really had to pee so I let him go. Thats when I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    4. ArcadeHero's dream journal

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:08 PM
      Cant wait for all your other dreams!
      memorable , side notes
    5. The Road To Elswhere

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:05 PM

      I woke up and felt really hot and noticed that it was a fine summer day. I walked to my bathroom like I always do and washed my face. I looked in the mirror and noticed that all my hair was gone I yelled out Holy Shit! and my friend Chris came in. He asked whats wrong and I said Dont You See This! Someone cut off all my hair last night when we was partying! He let out a big laugh and said Dude look whats in your hand. I looked at my hand and saw a razor with clumps of black hair in it. Chris walked out the bathroom laughing his ass off and I was just staring at the razor wondering what just happend. I looked back in the mirror and saw a dirt road(I dont know why this didnt trigger my lucidity ) The sky was blue and the clouds were popcorn yellow. I said wow and yelled out Guy come in here and look at this!. The mirror started to sway towrds me and away from me until it finally got enough momentum to touch my face.The mirror went back to its original position and then suddenly enveloped me inside itself and now I was actually in the mirror

      The dirt road was still in front of me and the clouds and sky were changing colors every second. I turned around and saw the mirror it reflected my bathroom in every way from the shower curtains to the toothbrush holder.
      I touched the mirror and it was goey and sticky and some of it got on my finger(much like that part where neo touches the mirror in The Matrix).I wipped it off and faced the road again. I started walking down the road when the word Elsewhere kept popping up in the sky in different colors and fonts. A little freaked out I started to run really fast faster than I normally do. The road just kept going and going until I finally reached a pole that had two signs going the opposite way the sign on the right of me said Either and the sign on the left said Or. I said ahh what the hell and it echoed. I slowly walked into the Either path when I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. ArcadeHero's dream journal

      by , 07-23-2010 at 04:03 PM
      July 10, 2009

      The Conduitzone Warfare 2

      Last night I was playing The Conduit&Killzone 2 with my bros and I was anxious to watch the Modern Warfare 2 trailer again and I did before I went to sleep, its funny how things like that can work their way into our dreams. Lets Begin.

      I was flying a helicopter in third person into a urban area that looked like a destination in Modern Warfare 2. It was low on fuel so I had to land in the very suspicious area. I got out now in first person and drew my gun out. It was very high-tech and had a radar that could scope out enemies up to about 50 yards away. I approached a blown out house and crouched down. The radar on my gun didnt pick up anything so I went in. There was a corner I had to turn to get into the building so I stopped and crouched again. The radar on my gun picked up two targets, I turned it off and slowly turned the corner hoping no one was there. Fortunately no one was so I moved on. The hallway I was walking down led to a research lab. I entered the lab crouched down and completely silent. I finally came up on a soldier that looked alot like a soldier from killzone 2. I stood up and he spotted me, I shot him up before he could even load his gun. I took some of his stuff and moved through the lab. It was fairly dark in the house so I just kept walking being as stealthy as I could be. I came upon a weapon cache and restocked my weaponry, I turned around and saw a killzone soldier's big red eyes staring right at me. I shot him but he just kept looking at me. His eyes started to get closer so I unloaded on him. Nothing seemed to kill him, and his eyes just kept getting closer. Thats when I decided to just shoot him right in the face. He finally went down( yay! ) and his eyes turned black. But, a red circular item on his chest started flashing. I crouched over him and saw the item. It was a bomb and it had 2 seconds left on it. There was nothing I could do except say "Crap !" It exploded and knock me off my feet and I slammed into a wall. I fell to the floor when I realized "That didnt hurt one bit!" I knew I had to be dreaming so I got up and looked at my hands. I had a sixth finger on my left hand and instantly knew I was dreaming. I tried to keep my cool so I rubbed my hands together and everthing became "real". I picked up my gun and continued to sweep through the house. I finally came up on a group of enemies in a very wide hallway some of them were Drudges( from The Conduit) and some were Killzone soldiers. I said " Hey!" They all turned their attention to me in an instant. I then said "Looking for me?" They all loaded their weapons and pointed them towards me, In my mind I said " When they shoot me it wont hurt at all." Then I said outloud " Come and get me! " They fired their weapons all at once and I braced my self. To my amazement the bullets didnt even hurt it just felt like a bunch on puppies teething on me. I let out a big laugh and began walking toward them.They started saying classic game quotes like " Dont let Him get any closer!", " Kill Him!", and " Were not ready to guit." I grabbed a grenade out of my pocket and threw it at them. It expoleded and killed most of the enemies there some were still alive but were on the floor trying to crawl away. I didnt even bother trying to finish them off so I just moved on. I finally made it to the exit door of the house, I closed my eyes and said "There will be a huge boss on the other side of this door." I opended my eyes and I woke up in my bed. So happy that I had a lucid dream I instantly wrote it down and went on about my day.
      lucid , memorable