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    Since I am The Hero, I must save them.

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:12 PM (413 Views)

    I'm walking around a huge super mall with Kj my friend Alexis and Troy when we notice that theres a store that giving away free stuff. Kj runs ahead into the store and starts tinkering with all the stuff he sees. Me alexis and troy run after him into the store. I stopped at the entrance and noticed a ball of light that gently floated by. I was somewhat amazed how this ball of light is just floating by without anyone noticing it so I decide to try to catch it and show it to my friends. I walk away from troy alexis and kj and I heard alexis whisper "where is he going?" in the distance. Not swayed by her question I continue to follow the light. It started to pick up speed and so did I. Soon I was running through the store, which doubled in size for some reason, trying to catch it. I saw a free trampoline ahead and the ball was right above it so I thought why not use this. I jumped onto the trampoline and sky rocketed into the air. I heard " oooohhhs and ahhhhhss and omgies as I jumped high into the air. I was only mere inches away from the ball of light so I reached out to grab and I caught it (woot ). I grasped it hard and it made a loud click I was falling back down to the ground when it made another loud click then a huge shockwave exploded from the light. It scared me because not only was I still in the air, when it emitted the shockwave it got really hot! I looked down and noticed there was no trampoline so I started screaming for help . The minute I yelled help everything got really slow like time was going to stop and it did. I was only a couple feet above the ground now and everything around me was frozen in time. Even I was. The ball gently phazed through my hands and floated away and everything timed back in. I fell to the floor and everyone continued doing what they were doing.

    I got back up and stood there wondering what the hell just happend. Thats when a really weird feeling came over me like a spidey sense . I scrated myself really hard and noticed that it didnt hurt at all. I knew I was dreaming. I decided to go along with whatever my dream had in mind for me and noticed that my friends were gone everyone was gone actually. I walked out the store and noticed that the mall was deserted only that soft elevator music was playing deep in the background. I yelled out Kj then Alexis then Troy but no answer. The mall was massive and I could my echo go on forever. I yelled out their names again and a sinister old school evil laugh responded. I yelled who are you to the celing and the voice said "If you want your friends and all of your people then you will have to save them ohhh great hero!" he let out another laugh and the sky got really gray like a storm was comming. Knowing that an epic 1 vs 100 fight was comming I prepared myself. I squatted down and thought of an awsome high tech battle suit with a dozen perks to aid me in battle lol. A blue aura came over me and everything went really bright. The next thing I know Im wearing the same suit the main characters wears in Crysis 2. It was all black and I had a visor that projected my thoughts in front me. I looked down to check out my footwear and noticed that the ground was turning black.

    I stepped back and the ground started molding into monsters. The monsters varied from all the games I played recently like one monster was a Krogan from Mass Effect another was a Bruiser from Borderlands I even saw a noid in the background. I clenched my fist and my visor outlined all the enemies and their weakspots. They circled around me much like the scene in theMatrix where neo was fighting all the andersons on the roof. The evil voice whispered I hope your ready and all the monsters rushed at me. I jumped up and shockwaved the ground then ran at one of the monsters. I saw his weak point it was his eye so I ripped it out of its socket and showed it too him he dopped dead on the floor the monsters behind him backed up and I could tell they didnt know I was this good so I chuckled and spinted towards them. My visor turned clear and a bunch of perks came up in front of me. One said berserker so I said "Berserker mode now!" My arms got super huge and so did my legs and ran up to another enemy whos weak point was his eye and thought why not put a little variation to it. I dodged his ground pound climbed on his back and wrapped my legs around his neck. It was like one of those moves Kratos does in God of war. I punched him up a bit and he got stunned. I snapped his neck all they way around to face me and pulled out his eye. I jumped off of him and he fell to the floor. I was kicking ass for a good minute until I heard a shriek it sounded like alexis and it knocked me off my concentration. A noid jumped on my back and hammerfisted my visor and I went down. Everything went black but I could feel a tremendous amount of weight on my back. I realized they must've dog piled me. I was struggling to get up when the ball of light came into my view. It was shining bright and floating across my field of view. I thought what if it helps me again I whispered "help" and it got really really bright and let out a shockwave just like it did before. My vision was restored so I got back up and noticed every single monster was laying on the floor dead and dying. The ball was circling around me so I gently grabbed it. It was light blue and had swirls of white in it. I thought of a sword and the ball lit up and formed a huge sycthe. The rest of the light enveloped my body and formed gaint angel wings (sweeet). Now that I destroyed the villians lackies I said "show me my friends and I will spare your life." The villian said very well and kj tory and alexis dropped from the ceiling of the mall. I started flying to them when a black cloud tackled me to the ground. I knew this was the big bad guy so I quickly got back up and saw the cloud hovering above my friends. The cloud morphed into a normal guy wearing a tux with horns sticking out of his head and black demon wings jutting from his back. He landed down and lifted up a chair that was oddly still intact after the huge fight. He sat down and asked " Why do I cherish these fleshy creatures?" I took a step and teleported behind him. I grabbed his head and tilted it back so he could see my face. I leaned in and said " Because Im a Hero and I must save them." I super heated my hand so hot it left a print on his forehead I kicked him out the chair grabbed my scythe and impaled the stick through his chest. The scythe turned gold and white and a big surge of energy went from the blade down to the butt of the stick and into the demon. He started shaking and his eyes and mouth lit up with beams of light and then he exploded. Time slowed down to a freeze again right before the full explosion but this time I could move. I removed my scythe from the ground and faced my friends that were lying on the floor sleeping. I kneeled down and touched each one on the head and they woke up. They each got up and faced me but they looked frightend. Time went back to normal and the guy finally fully exploded. I had a bit of blood on me but my wings and scythe still glowed bright. I raised my hand in front of me and said " Please dont be scared of me." Kj troy and Alexis all ran to me with open arms but I stopped them right before the group hug occured. I told them the fight isnt over I pointed to the ceiling and saw a black cloud rising to the ceiling. I pushed them back and charged up. My wings started to flap and the ground started to shake. I was about to lift off into the sky to confront the villian one more time when I woke up to my brother playing Daunte's Inferno.

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