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    A trip to the past, and a nightmare locked away

    by , 10-02-2013 at 05:27 AM (371 Views)
    I fell out of the sky and landed on some farmland. I could see a white fence off in the distance and a big colonial plantation home, and then what looked like guest homes off in the distance. It was night out and I noticed the house was lit up strangely, and when I got closer I realized there was no electricity, only candle light. A lady in the house came out, dressed up in an old 1800s style dress, and invited me inside. From the things she told me, I found out I'd fallen into the past and was on a southern plantation in the 1800s. I sat down and had tea with the ladies of the house, and they were interested in my stories of the future about cars and electricity, and one of the ladies had a crush on me and would follow me around. I wandered around the farmland looking for a way back to the present, but once I figured out how to get home, the lady who was crushing on me became irrationally angry and tried to force me to stay. I had to run to get away from her.

    My dad invited me over to his house to pick up a bunch of my old toys and stuff from when I was a kid. I was weary at first, but I really wanted to get my old stuffed animals and things, so I decided to go get them and leave right away so I wouldn't have to deal with dad. When I got there, he showed me to a closet that was packed with all my old stuff, so I spent some time digging through and looking at my old things. I remember seeing my Lion King beanbags, a bunch of My Little Pony stuffed animals, and some teddy bears. Dad came over and demanded that I stay for dinner since I hadn't seen him in forever, and I was suspicious but I decided to because my car wouldn't start. When I was eating, he slipped some drugs in my food and I became tired and laid down on the couch, and I heard him say he unhooked my car's battery so I couldn't leave. He locked me in the guest room and wouldn't let me out, and all the food he gave me was laced with the sleepy drugs. I broke the door down and went onto the porch, and I saw him taking all the stuff out of my car and throwing it away, so I freaked out. He saw me out there and started heading back to the house with an angry look on his face, and I ran inside terrified and grabbed the phone, which was wooden and shaped like a stringed bow, and shut myself in the closet and called 911.

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    Tags: dad, farmland, toys
    non-lucid , nightmare