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    1. The Experiments and TotM...

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:02 AM (My brain and I)
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      28th of May, 2012

      Took a Galantamind pill at 8:45am and was convinced that I was gonna fail coz I was awake for so long.

      There was basically no non-lucid portion here; for all intents and purposes it was a WILD without the WILD. I'm also starting to get better at controlling that 'ever forward' sensation of lucid's where you kind of have half control and the other half is just pulling you around. Or is that just me?


      I got out of bed in a house that was completely different to my own. "Aw yeah!"

      It was kind of unstable and I was really keen not to wake up so I was just strolling around and chilling. There were people sleeping in beds in all the rooms but I didn't explore too thoroughly.
      Mum came out but I basically ignored her and kept walking around. At some point in my exploration, a miniature gorilla thing came out of the doorway and I immediately thought "Hm, why not?" in reference to the basic TotM (better late than never!) so I just jumped at the little guy and appeared in his body. I looked at my arms and legs and it was instead like I was wearing a gorilla costume and still had my shoes on. I decided that wasn't good enough so I did a backflip out of his body and jumped out the window to start my journey. I was higher than I thought and a bit surprised, but I'm getting much better at flying so I kinda fell with speed into the ground across the road.


      I slammed down into a toy tricycle and then ate some grass. (Mzzck mentioned something about this stabilising technique once, and it's completely infested my dreams so I can't help but do it!)

      I looked around at my surroundings and was, as always, humbled by how amazing the dream world is. It was a beautiful day with birds singing and lovely warm sun. Where I was standing was out the front of a garden nursery and I walked in and looked at some flowers before mum came out of the house and said something to me. I took that as my leave and jumped into the sky.
      It was really 'pully' and I didn't have any physical control; kinda like I was on the end of a fishing line or something. But I just went with it and flew backwards and forwards before going extremely high. Probably around a kilometre.
      There was an ordinary town below me and I couldn't help but think that down there, a million DC's were just living out their odd little lives without me knowing.
      Anyway, I asked to be put down and began descending on the suburb. I landed in an ordinary back yard under someone's clothesline.

      A group of young people were playing with their dog and they didn't seem to notice me. After they went inside, I followed them in via their laundry door. It was really empowering to do this. Like breaking and entering without any consequences! I walked through their house following them but when I turned a corner into their living room, some dude came around at the same time and looked at me. I jumped straight into his body and this time felt it be more successful. It was like I was his shadow and slowly closed in on him.
      I walked after the other group and met them in the bathroom.
      It was two girls, who, on closer inspection, were two of the same guy in drag.

      I put my arm around them and looked in the mirror and saw that I was still the other dude. Success.

      At that point I felt myself breathing in real life and realised I was waking up. Lay still for a DEILD.

      I came to while washing my face in a basin. I looked in the mirror to my left and pulled a weird "yeah!" dream face then went out.
      I was in a courtyard out the front of a house. It was quite quaint, if not a little cluttered. They had a grape vine running along a trellis on the roof. I instantly began searching for a prism so I could do an experiment with the sun I'd seen earlier. I have no idea where this idea came from- guess I'm just a naturally experimentative kinda dude.

      I looked in a toolbox and found one but it was all scratched and curved instead of straight. That's never gonna work. I tried to reform it but it was unsuccessful so I went into another house and found a proper one in a kid's bedroom.

      Strolled back outside and sat on the road, appreciating the sun and it's warmth again. The sun was behind a tree which was moving to keep blocking it so I walked up the road a bit to get a clearer view. There were a group of thuggish looking guys ahead so I threw some sand at them for funsies and then commanded them to just watch what I was doing instead. I got the prism and positioned it so that it cast the spectrum onto the sidewalk. It was a pretty successful representation, but was obviously just my mind creating it; I don't think light actually exists in dreams to be altered. I played around with the prisms positioning and it went through a range of pretty incredible things. At one stage it was a glowing, ringed, rainbow planet among a multicolored nebula/aurora. Then it split back into the colours except each one had a different world on it.

      At that point I entered a dream within a dream, which told the backstory of these different planets. When I came back, I was in a slightly different position at a building site.

      I remembered that my brother had asked if you could do stuff like bending roads in dreams so I decided to give that a go. I was standing on a gravel pathway with wooden skirting boards and forced it to begin bending. Instead of being smooth, it was quite destructive and began cracking and breaking while changing direction. Like it would in real life, I suppose. I decided I wanted to try on a proper road so I went off to find a good curved street. Now that I'm writing this, I realise I could probably have just made a straight road bent instead. The things you think when you're actually awake, huh?

      I went back up to the road and was jumping around clapping my hands, which I take to be this dream's version of a hand-rub stabilisation. It actually worked really well because as well as the physical sensation, it also gave off sound which helped.

      As I walked down the road there were a bunch of trees that had been chopped down so I gracefully jumped from log to log just for the sake of it. As I was doing that, some girl in a crowd said "I want to be an actor".
      "Do it!" I replied, "you're beautiful!"

      Feeling cool about myself I kept going on my way.

      I couldn't for the life of me find a curved road. Every one that looked curved was straight when I got there (I suppose that means I was being successful in my attempts!)

      I went on quite a long journey down streets and came to an avenue with beautiful green and red trees arching the road, which I jumped up and grabbed the leaves of. The buildings here had really interesting architecture and shortly I came to a squat little building complex. There was a delivery guy at the back of his van getting boxes out so I happily walked past and pushed him into the back!

      I came to a sign that said something like:
      | <-- Office Journey --> |

      But it wasn't exactly that.
      To be honest I don't remember what it said. I just wanted to draw a sign.

      Anyway I went to the right and was at some kind of learning institute. I kept looking round and round for curved roads and ended up in a dodgy back-area with loading docks and stairs and underpasses which eventually turned into a very L.A looking crowded street.
      There was a girl standing near a billboard and I went up and said "Pretty smoggy, huh?"

      She said that it was actually the 'bloom' and when I looked closer the smog was millions of little glowing insects. At that point I decided I'd better wake up otherwise I'd forget all this stuff so I woke up watching a YouTube video. And then I actually woke.

      Whew! That's a long one.

      Looking back, I realise that most of the lucid dreams I've written have been due to Galantamind. That shit definitely works, but I do worry that I've become reliant on it!

      Better than heroin I guess!

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