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    1. The Back Into It Dream...

      by , 09-28-2012 at 05:19 PM (My brain and I)
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      Friday, 28th of September 2012

      It's been too long...

      What I remember was that I was in a profoundly awesome city. It was like a city from the Imperium in Warhammer or something like that; giant Cathedral-like buildings and statues of Angels.

      I was just walking through the city with my Dad and brother when they veered off and left me to explore by myself. I kinda just walked around being amazed at the scale and size of the buildings and statues around me. It was pretty intense.
    2. The Sleekest Awesome City...

      by , 07-27-2012 at 02:54 AM (My brain and I)
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      Friday, 27th of July 2012

      Man, I've been out of contact for a while. This is just a little entry despite the fact that I had approximately 1 billion dreams last night.

      I was in an amazing Japanese city where every building was the same style. They were completely made of glass, with some panels of frosted glass creating a stylized design. It was as if the city had been completely built by one company (probably Apple, judging by how it looked and the fact that there was an Apple store there) from scratch.
      The buildings were all sleek and curved at the front and the streets were completely empty. I was just jumping around talking about how it was the coolest place ever. EVER.

      Then I went to a shop and bought some squid which was rotten.
      Then I went on a trip to some scary drug dealers house.
      Then I was at Nooks' house and some bad guys kidnapped us and killed us.
      Then we were going on a trek but there was mud and water everywhere.
      Then there were helicopters.

      It was crazy.
    3. The Meth Lab Mayhem...

      by , 07-18-2012 at 12:49 PM (My brain and I)
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      Monday 16th of July, 2012

      I was making meth (I've been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and lately heaps of my dreams are about meth!) and the cops caught on to it. I went to a hardware store to get supplies and realised they were following me. I surrendered and they hauled me off to a library, where I had an argument over the fact that my library card had expired. While arguing, I overheard that the police were going to burn our house down to try and kill Nooks and Acka, and make it look like an accident, so I ran off and texted her before they caught me. As I was texting, in some other realm I was also writing my will; evidently I knew this was the end.

      Somehow I got back home where I discovered the house had been bugged. I decided it was best to just leave and went outside and began riding a Vesper.
      It gets a bit hazy there but I honed back in on me sweeping the road, where I stumbled upon an awesome part of town that was a single, fenced off street that had all these tiny, hawker style food carts except they were bars. It was like a market street for partying.


      I got a lift to work from Dad but had to catch a bus halfway there. For some reason I had a cat with me. At work I realised I'd forgotten my uniform and that I should have my car otherwise how would I get home? The cat began acting like a child and eventually became one. With a mohawk. Acka brought my uniform and I started work. Shortly after that I put a wet ball of paper on my face.
    4. The Truck Crush...

      by , 07-18-2012 at 12:41 PM (My brain and I)
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      Wednesday 18th of July, 2012

      I was walking in a park kind of area but with several buildings in it. Kind of like Central Park in NY, I suppose. As I walked I came across a little girl rummaging through a bin. She must've been about 6 and she's just humming to herself and digging through garbage. Every now and then she put something she found into a paper bag.
      I watched her for a little bit, feeling sad for her, and then her mum came along. I began berating her asking how she could let her daughter do that, then I noticed she herself was really grimy and she explained that they were homeless.

      Somehow things evolved really quickly and I found myself crying and chasing the mum because of some kind of elaborate love story about how the young girl created some kind of bond. Except it wasn't to do with me. All I was thinking while it was happening was "Man! This would be a good movie"


      I was with a group of friends including my youngest brother and we were sitting in a cul-de-sac talking to the driver of a semi-trailer. Suddenly someone had a guitar and we were all singing Losing My Religion by REM, except everyone was struggling to keep time properly. I remarked that no one had ever realised that it was the hardest song to sing along to ever.
      When we finished the driver, who had been sitting in the cab and leaning out the window, was just like "Thanks!" and began to pull away. As he did the rear of the truck came really close to us and I looked down to notice that my brother was under the truck and about to be squashed by the wheels. I screamed out and raised my hand to reach out to him and as I did so, jolted awake in real life.

      Thinking back on it...was the choice of 'REM' a hint that I was dreaming?

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    5. Update...

      by , 07-14-2012 at 06:28 PM (My brain and I)
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      Sunday 15th of July, 2012

      I've had a pretty hectic few days of dreaming; one involved going to Heaven and another slamming a person's head against a heater to get my $800 back.
      I could update my DJ but I'd rather just give a brief overview and let people know I'm still alive and kicking. And having really intense dreams apparently...
    6. The Celestial Spheres...

      by , 06-25-2012 at 02:23 AM (My brain and I)
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      25th of June, 2012

      There were multiple dimensions that we were trying to unite by combining rocks in a cave.


      I crashed two seperate cars, one effing me up really badly. There were cool parts to the dream about why I was speeding but I forget them.


      A massive fleet of giant glowing balls began to emerge from underground around the country. It turned out they were alien ships that began dropping off zombie-like aliens to take over. I had to locate the nest things that each one emerged from an push a button to shut them down. Acka and I stole several cars to race around and try to stop as many as we could, because everyone else had given up hope. In an old Porsche, we found evidence that the zombie aliens were actually humans that had been transformed by some kind of syrup product. There was a weird scene were I was talking to the owner of the syrup company on this '70's version of futuristic' television machine.
    7. The Cove Cave with Cage...

      by , 06-22-2012 at 07:46 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      22nd of June, 2012

      I discovered with Nooks a hidden cove beside I mountain that, when you went down into the water, had a sweet shallow-water cave leading off it. We swam into the cave and, when we emerged from the water, were suddenly involved in a film shoot involving Nicholas Cage. I had this cool DSLR video camera to film with and was looking through all the footage on it which showed all these amazingly shot, elegant, beautifully colored scenic scenes of waterfalls and rainbows. So for a little while I was the cameraman on this film which had basically no story line but involved Nick Cage in houses and other random places..

      Somehow that faded and I was driving in a car with my Nana on a dirt road above the cove from before. Suddenly she swerved and the car fell into the water but became a jet-ski which we rode into the cave again. On entering, we began placing mine-cart tracks and riding along the rails while digging out the walls all Minecraft style. The cave slowly filled up with people also mining away and then Professor Snape began to make these two Barbie-type dolls have sex. I told him he was being childish and that he should be more professional.


      Ahh man! There was another awesome one this morning which I forget now. I'll update this later if I remember. Watch this space!

      Edit:I remembered!!

      Okay, so I was floating/swimming in this large harbour area "eating" boats and harbourside buildings. Eating basically involved me reaching out toward the object and trying to touch it which would make it slowly start disintegrating from where I touched. Even though things looked far away, I could reach them all- almost like we were missing a 3rd dimension or something. Anyway, I ate a couple of Cruise Ships and some buildings and a sea plane and then I got full from eating too many things. (lol, just writing this is making me weirded out!)
      So I climbed aboard an Aircraft Carrier where I helped land some more sea planes, and then went into the cafe, which teleported me to a similar cafe in a small town. There I ordered a spring roll which I was told would take about 2 minutes to cook, so in the mean time I went and had a small party in the dining area. Now that I think about it, I think it was some kind of Uni lodging or something.

      It was strange.

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    8. The Kidnapped Princess and the Porno Peeper...

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:53 AM (My brain and I)
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      20th of June, 2012

      Another mostly forgotten night. I woke up at one point and was super tempted to write down one of them, but it was so awesome I was sure I'd remember. Didn't!

      Something about Nooks being kidnapped so I lifted up the car she was being taken away in and put it on top of a van to stop it driving away. Probably should've realised that wasn't humanly possible.
      Then I was driving a car which turned into a really tall unicycle which I rode into a video store. I was looking around for movies but all I could see were the porn DVD's coz they were on the top shelves where my super-tall line of sight was.
    9. The Itchy-Bitey-JerkBug...

      by , 06-19-2012 at 12:38 AM (My brain and I)
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      19th of June, 2012

      Just a couple o' fragments from last night:

      I ended up in an empty cinema somehow and me and my friends started playing Xbox on the screen, which was awesome except I couldn't get the games to work properly. The one I do remember was some Loony-Toons-esque game where you rode on an asteroid and had to do...something.


      I was at a party at a farmhouse of some sort and went after my brother, who had run to the fence to check if it was, as he suspected, the border of Mexico (it was!)
      While going after him, I felt a stinging sensation on my back and realised there was a bug biting me under my shirt. I ripped my shirt off and swatted at it, making it fly away. However, as I put my shirt back on, it flew back and down the front where I started biting me again. These were really painful bites, as well- like I was being stabbed. Each time it happened, I ripped it off my skin but it kept coming back. Eventually I was lying on the ground writhing in agony as this thing kept biting into me. Finally I just tore my shirt off my body and made my way back to the house. I could feel blood trickling down my back and front and, when I got inside, saw in a mirror that I was covered in blood. It was pretty yuck.

    10. The Train Wreck...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 09:42 PM (My brain and I)
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      5th of June, 2012

      Me and a whole group of my friends were walking somewhere. We came to a set of traffic lights crossing a train track and waited. Once we crossed we ended up at the front door of my friend's house which was literally 1/2 a metre away from the track. I commented that it was weird that they put a traffic light for the road when it would be just as dangerous for him to be unlocking his door and he should get one as well.

      We went into his house and when I looked out the window I noticed that he had a couple of heaters on the track, which was basically his front yard. I was all "Won't that be dangerous for a train?" but he said that he'd never had a problem before.

      At that moment a train came around the corner and slowly started crashing through the heaters. At first it looked as though it was going to make it but then one wheel came loose and the whole train slowly, epically derailed in front of us and flipped over. I burst into action, scared that the back end of the train had hit Nooks who was standing around the corner of the house. Luckily I didn't see her anywhere so I jumped on board making sure no one was hurt, which they weren't due to seatbelts. Just then the front carriage kept driving away which I thought was both rude and pretty slack of the driver to do.

      There was also something about a live performance of Little Shop of Horrors in there somewhere...

      It's pretty obvious I'd been thinking about this month's TotM with the train, but I didn't pick up on it. Better start working on my awareness more!

    11. The Early Night Awesome Adventure...

      by , 06-04-2012 at 03:32 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      4th of June, 2012

      I think it's worth noting that I woke up and recorded these at 1:30am on my phone, so this was all within the first hour and a half of being asleep.
      All the fragments, while changing with ADHD-like frequency, were part of some greater overarching storyline about some conspiracy, which I think was that I was actually asleep and some force was trying to keep me from realising it. This time, they won.

      I was in an office building of some kind doing research for the conspiracy. We joked about how the boss probably didn't even know we existed and wondered if he'd ever even been down to our floor. I quickly discovered that Justin Timberlake was the boss and was coming to visit that day. I selected all my Facebook friends to let them know then realised that was probably a bad idea. The dream jumped to him signing like 40million "religious slogans" coz he was obliged to as our boss.

      There was something in between but the next main part was that I was outside and this girl who I got the vibe had psychic powers was looking at the sky. I looked up and there were birds making a strange pattern so I climbed a ladder up a building to get a better look. At the top of the ladder it was really windy and I became trapped on the side of the building. It got a bit terrifying there and nightmare feelings began to creep in and I think it kind of looped for a while with me being stuck. I woke up a bit after that and while going back to sleep began to feel myself riding a motorbike. I knew I was about to enter a lucid and felt my dream body become more real than my physical body. Unfortunately I didn't get in and later found myself telling someone about my ladder nightmare back in the office at nighttime.

      For some reason we then needed to take one of our Chinese employees captive and hide from view beneath a large office window overlooking a river. I peeked out and could see this very postmodernist sort of imposing hotel across the water with an alarm going off. This all had to do with the conspiracy but didn't really have a cohesive plotline. When I looked closer the river was actually a swimming pool and this group of about 5 girls and a couple of guys started having a pool party. They asked me to join and I found myself outside with them but declined.

      We began talking about my engagement and I said that we were thinking of going to Greece or Thailand. One of the girls said that Greece was awesome for sea kayaking and all at once Nooks and I were in the middle of a Mediterranean-type sea on kayaks and surrounded by sharks. I was freaking out a bit because in order to paddle you had to use the oar as well as your feet and I was pretty certain my legs were going to get bitten off. The girl who told us to go there was guiding us and said that we should surf on the shark’s wake; which we did and ended up in a public bathroom. The stalls had little buttons that you pushed that made people decide go into them, so we used them as shark bait to escape.

      It all gets a bit hazy until I was at a futuristic jail that was being broken out of. The same alarm that was at the postmodern hotel was going off and there were orange flashing lights and sirens. I was on the side of the guards and jumped in a tank just as a small force of alien/enemy fighters were approaching. For some reason we decided not to attack them (maybe we were outnumbered) and the captain came up and told me some deep, important secret but I woke up at that moment and completely lost what it was.

      All up it was a pretty intense experience considering I’d been asleep maybe an hour or so and I missed about 6 dream clues!
      Aw well.

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    12. The Netball Train Journey...

      by , 06-01-2012 at 02:37 AM (My brain and I)
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      1st of June, 2012

      Nooks, Acka and myself were in a different city. Adelaide, I think. We went to the train station to get home and on the tracks a group of girls were practicing for a big cheerleading competition that night. We decided to go along and see what it was like, then
      I woke up.

      Drifted back to sleep about 30mins later and entered the same dream except this time it was a netball tournament instead of a cheerleading comp. In America.
      It was at this huge arena and I said I needed to find a parking spot (even though I was already out of the car) so I knew where to park. I walked down a hallway and past a shopfront with glass cabinets full of guns. I stopped and checked them out and noticed these ones that were painted anodized metal. Like those colourful iPods. (I'd been watching sciency videos about that just before bed, really should've picked up on it!)

      I ended up buying this mini BB gun from the guy who would NOT stop talking and went back and found Nooks who said that by that time the game had finished. We left via train and then I woke up.

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    13. The Tom Cruise Wannabe...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 10:52 AM (My brain and I)
      20th of April, 2011

      I'm in a house. Something was goig on when suddenly I jumped out the window and began flying through the night sky and back yard. I swam around in the air for a while before discovering that sucking some gas helps make you fly better. Helium, maybe? I was tearing around the trees and did a Tom Cruise style flyby of people having a conversation while I sang the Top Gun theme song.


      In Hong Kong looking at the Bank of China building. I went inside and asked if I could see "The Agency". Toddled up the escalator and came to an awesome TimeZone like place, filled with zany games. After going downstairs and checking out all the machines, I went through a door into the Agency. Some dude I'd met before complained that his sandwich was cold. The Agency was this really bohemian building with wooden floors and a skateboard ramp. Introduced myself at the table and then casually strolled outside and began planting veggies.
    14. The Mario Plumbing Mishap...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:53 AM (My brain and I)
      21st of January, 2011

      We're in Mario64- both playing and observing as often is the case in my dream games. I decide that as she hasn't played it before, I want to show Nooks the coolest level I can. We run into the castle and look in the basement but don't find anything particularly memorable, so we go back outside to this big mushroom that's floating over a void where the moat normally is. When we get closer, we notice that it's not a mushroom with a pipe on it at all, it's a trampoline with a toilet on it. We stood in the toilet and tried to flush ourselves into the level.

      It didn't work.

      It was just a toilet.

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    15. The Black Hole...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:48 AM (My brain and I)
      19th of January, 2011

      There's a black hole in our solar system slowly sucking everything in. Jupiter and Saturn are huge in our sky as we get pulled together.
      The change in rotation causes gravity to lessen, so we're all kinda jumping about weirdly as the Earth gets sucked in.
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