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    Fragment: a conspiracy and game level

    by , 09-16-2021 at 01:02 PM (1096 Views)
    I dreamt about a multiple-perspective video game in which you controlled an anthropomorphic rat. The game had both top-down, first-person, and a 3rd person

    There was various levels, and a company conspiracy in the pet trade in which a wealthy family of rats owned both the Rats group (a bunch of corporations similar to virgin which all started with rats), and also secretly the Cats group, which was run shoddily in order to sabotage the reputation and wellbeing of the cats, there was a pet toy manufacturer who made dangerous toys as a way of harming them, as well as a barely functioning charity that was intentionally mired in bureaucracy.

    Interestingly enough, there was a unique level in the game called "The Red Forest", it was red/black monochrome, and highly pixelated compared to the rest of the game, sort of like Faith or Pylons. I vaguely remember some reference to me playing Yume Nikki at that point as well. The soundtrack for it was sort of similar to it's Hell level, but slower paced, higher pitched by about a semitone, and a slight tremelo effect on it, as if it was a spinning computer fan. It's color scheme was almost identical to this screenshot from Yume Nikki.

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