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    Notes on Dream Control

    by , 01-26-2021 at 04:47 PM (442 Views)
    this DJ is more to help identify dream control methods and tackle a system of dream control that works outnght, today are more abstract note


    • REM sleep is vivid to the point where clothing can feel entirely different to what's worn outside of a dream.
    • the dream can react poorly in terms of stability if the form is altered.
    • The effects of the dream aren't flashy because one's visual imagination may not have a direct point of reference.
    • dream control in relation to magic systems isn't necessarily a shortcut, but it can help to organise dream control
    • The brain likes it's realism, it's similar to "consensus" from Mage: The Ascension, and dream control seems to be oddly easier once no one is looking.

    WAKING TASK: find a reliable system to build your dream control around, and practice visualization that isn't tactile.

    Dream Points
    • I managed to destabilise the dream until it changed most of it's topic.
    • There was a really, really nice roadside shopping mall with multiple levels.
    • I got into a toy war with a NERF gun that had multiple firing modes dependant on how you squeezed the trigger, automatic was "mid-way", semi-automatic was all the way, and the NERF gun appeared to have some kind of pneumatic firing mechanism.

    Techniques attempted:
    • Shapeshifting (attempted a female form in order to destabilise the dream enough to change it's topic).
    • Conjuration, attempted to conjure the book from hunter x hunter's greed island arc
    • Flight, wanted to traverse the mall.

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