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    Abandoned Tunnels ..

    by , 06-10-2021 at 11:52 AM (26 Views)
    Dream From June 27 '19:
    this starts with me on my bicycle going down what looks to be Bourke Street.
    i don't see much of that, until i get to what looks to be the Peel street roundabout.
    otherwise, this is somewhere else, possibly on Sydney.
    as i get to the roundabout, or the intersection (of where it is i am), i get off my bike, and walk towards, what is a ground level entrance to some place.
    for it to be in Sydney, it must be close to Central Station, and where the bus stop is, in Pitt Street or George Street.
    the entrance is an archway.
    its brown, and looks like its made of clay.
    so i enter in, not knowing what it looks like.
    upon entering, i see there are some abandoned tunnels.
    there is some light in here, probably artificial.
    its not eerie as such, though i am a bit cautious, especially for expecting to be startled.
    so i step to my left and have a brief look.
    there is what appears to be, an empty pool, but i don't have a closer look, because its small, and not of much interest to me.
    i call out "cooee" and there is an echo/reverb of that.
    no response.
    so i turn, go back towards the doorway, and then go to the right of it.
    there are some tunnels going away from the doorway.
    so i call out again, and say something like that of "ka-ka".
    whatever i say, its something like that.
    and no response.
    so i say to myself "is that all?" regarding the non-response.
    not sure of the direction i go, be it through the tunnels in front of me, or another direction.
    so far, from what i have seen, these tunnels have been abandoned for at least 100 years.
    and yet, the condition of them, makes them looks quite fresh.
    wherever i go, i end up in what is a classroom.
    this is surprising.
    not so much that it exists, but what i see.
    there are three people in here.
    one of them is a woman.
    of the two men, i know one of them.
    he is a tall man, and his name is Lee.
    he is from a weekly mens group that meets at a local church.
    he is standing at a square wooden table, making something from wood or from some other material.
    the woman is seated at the table, to the left of Lee.
    no idea who she is.
    she looks about 40+ and has longish grey hair.
    the other man, to the left of the woman, opp Lee, i barely see, due to light.
    there is light getting in from somewhere.
    Lee talks to me.
    not sure what he says, though i do hear something.
    its definitely English, and not some indecipherable wording.
    perhaps its banter.
    i hardly know him, but even so.
    him talking to me is not surprising.
    what is surprising, is, given that the tunnels have been abandoned, and haven't been used for at least 100 years, Lee is wearing a full body bandage.
    its been wrapped around and up his legs, up his torso, up and around his arms, and up and over his head.
    i can see his eyes.
    it guess its like that of Lazarus.
    his eyes are black, and possibly like that of marbles.
    either i touch him to ensure he is alive, or i touch him to ensure he is solid and not hollow.
    or my arms brushes past him.
    he is definitely solid, and seems to be very alive, despite his dead appearance.
    i guess his mouth is uncovered, even though i don't entirely know what he is saying, despite the the clear clarity of his words.
    it seems to me, that lee doesn't know that this area, has been abandoned for over 100 years.
    why he is still here, making something, is rather puzzling.
    has he not been outside?
    or is he wearing the bandaging intentionally?
    the other two people seem to be wearing actual clothes.
    i keep my distance from Lee, being about one metre.
    i step around the table, so that i won't be affected by him, not that he is gross.
    so i decide to leave.
    i tell him i have to go.
    as i step out, he asks me will i be back.
    thats about the only part i understand from him.
    i say to him "i'll see you later", though not sure i really want to.
    so i leave, and upon stepping outside, i see that it is daytime, and that i am in "current" times.
    looking to my right, an Asian woman walks past me, from my right, to my left.
    maybe i am in Sydney.
    where i am, looks to be a mall, or some CBD area.
    then the dream ends.

    any questions or comments ?

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