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    Website Data ...

    by , 11-24-2021 at 06:01 AM (179 Views)
    Dream From Nov 1 '21:
    Am looking at a website, which is supposed to collect, keep, and share data.
    However, the website doesn't do that.
    Well, the html stuff, doesn't seem to include that particular coding.
    And i see a digital flower like image, which is white a black background.
    Maybe not a flower, but maybe a plant, that can be eaten.
    Although the image is upright, the plant must be upside down.
    It's round and the bottom, with the stem at the top.
    Could be an onion looking shape.
    The image is that of lines, in the shape of whatever plant it is.
    The lines, could be l.e.d, and are streaking up, from the bottom.

    Any questions or comments?

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