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    1. Avalanche's dreamscape adventures

      by , 07-19-2011 at 06:03 PM
      For the sake of time and reader interest, I'm only going to record lucid dreams or dreams that are near to that. All other dreams would take too much time to to have to write up, and I cannot see myself being able to consistently log them. So only the good stuff.

      So my first lucid dream:

      I was in a big room, more like a hall. There was a big fire in the middle, and everything was wooden, like in medieval times. There were stalls along the walls, selling weapons and armour. (RPG players will know how this would look generally). I was watching the character from a top down perspective, at an angle.
      He didn't buy anything, as none of the stuff on offer was as good as what he had. Then I was back in my bed. Not a false awakening, it didn't get that far.

      A little blue bird landed on my bedside lamp, and I instantly knew he wanted me to turn it on. I hesitated, not wanted to scare him off. When I did, he flew over and landed on my pillow. I leaned in close to hear what he had to say.
      "We don't need those merchants, none of them had good stuff anyway"

      He then flew over to my desk, and my room changed. It turned yellow and a waist high ledge cut into the room opposite my bed. Clocks and posters and things appeared on the far wall. I checked my hands and my left had an extra finger. I did a few other R.C.s and concluded rather melodramatically that I must be in a dream. I felt a slight buzzing and jumped up onto the ledge. I considered doing a backflip, but didn't as an extra window had appeared behind me, and I just jumped out of that. I plummeted to the ground, over a desert landscape with a few random buildings, like L.A. or Abu Dhabi, but a little more futuristic. I tried to make it "1916 themed" but that didn't work. I fell and fell until it faded to black, and woke up.


      Cool, calm and collected is how I would describe that dream, I didn't lose it because of over excitement, I think I lost it due to lack of stabilization and a general lack of ideas.

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