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    1. Little lucid

      by , 02-12-2012 at 08:16 PM
      Not very many dreams, but I do remember a lucid that came out of a dream.

      I was sitting in my living room, with my family, watching tv and eating hamburgers. Then my dad asked me to feed the dog, so I did. I got up to go to the door, outside where the dogfood is kept.
      I opened the cupboard and got out the dogfood, when I saw my hands. They were odd.

      My right hand had a number of fingers that looked normal, but I just couldn't count them. Then my right ring finger shrunk and I knew it was a dream. I (for some reason) tried to summon a fireball but it didn't work. I tried it one handed but no luck there. It then became really blurry and I could feel my body in bed. I thought hard about making the dream clearer, and it worked. But then I just lost control and fed the dog.


      When I woke up I wasn't even sure I was in control at all, but after some thought I do remember wanting it to become clear, so I'm counting it.
    2. First proper length lucid dream

      by , 01-29-2012 at 02:35 PM
      This was the big one. All my other lucid dreams (althougth technically lucid dreams) were short and had terrible control and clarity. This one was top notch for me so far.

      I went to bed at the usual time, after doing my usual stuff I do on Saturdays. I fell asleep fairly quickly, again, pretty usual. Didn't dream until I woke up for my alarm at 7:30am. I thought that this was going to be a shambles night, much like the night before where I had some dreams, but not enough to even bother writing down. I fell asleep again after that alarm, and had some dreams-


      Then I was with my sister in an old, small house. It looked derelict but not creepy. Also, it was on fire. We were unperturbed by the flames as we explored the house, when we heard a woman calling out, not sure what she was saying. We split up to find her, and my sister found her first. I think she turned out to be evil so we cheesed it out the window. I think she was following us so we ran fast down a real life alleyway behind our house. We reached our house and then my lucid started.


      We didn't enter my house, more like we were just suddenly in it. I was on the stairs, looking at a mirror that isn't there in real life. At the bottom was an inscription "Jeremy Thomas". I don't know anyone by that name. Then I looked at my hands just out of the blue and my right had an extra finger. I immediately thought "Ok, keep calm, rub your hands if you need to". (This made me happy, I didn't have to fight for control and I wasn't so mindless that I just ran around trying to do everything). I entered my kitchen and tried to throw a fireball. It was a pitiful spark of a fireball, so I carried on. I had a look at the people in my house, my family and some friends were there, like it was a party. My grandad was there too, even though he lives far away.

      I went upstairs and it started to get hazy. I rubbed my hands but it didn't feel right and did little. I touched my computer chair and my door and that seemed to help a bit. I then got onto my bed for some reason and I just lost it there. I was getting dangerously close to thinking about myself in bed and I just woke up, at 10 past 9, an hour and 40 minutes later.

      Very happy with last night, or this morning even. I had a a minute/minute and a half long lucid where I had decent control and was able to try some things. I remember now trying to summon someone, but it didn't work. Could have been brought on by my rubberband technique I doing (well, I using a rubberband, I doubt I was the first to use it), so I'm going to keep up with that.