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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Epic Lucid

      by , 06-16-2011 at 05:53 AM (The Vault)
      Without a doubt the best lucid dream I've ever had.

      It was incredibly long (as far as mine go anyway, it felt like 10 minutes) and also very vivid and I had full lucidity the whole time. I gained lucidity (don't remember how, just thought of it) on someone's front lawn on a road near my house. I looked at the curb and saw my car. I was with a couple of my friends, A and K. I get an amazing idea of something I want to do in my dream. I open the door to my Pontiac G6, push the button the pop the hood, take out the V4 engine, turn around and pick up a V12 engine which is conveniently laying on the ground and pop it into my car. Of course, it works perfectly. I blaze down my favorite road at some ridiculous speed, having a blast.

      A little later, I drive into the opening room of some big labyrinth maze thing. My friends want to get out of the car. I tell them, screw it, I'm dreaming, I'll just drive through the maze. Which I proceed to do. Eventually me and A are on a higher floor of the maze with an elevator. I let K drive the car but he's having trouble navigating. I decide I want to have a meaningful conversation with my subconscious so I talk to A and discuss with him why he's such a cynical person. It's a very interesting conversation and I feel like I've learned something about him through things that my conscious mind missed but my subconscious did not.

      I walk to another part of the room. It's a long open hall with no walls, just pillars around the perimeter holding up the ceiling. We're still on a very high floor of a building. I do weird things with my vision, making the ceiling and parts of the room fold in and ripple. I have trouble melding the environment exactly how I want to (I keep trying to do things like the city scene in Inception) but it's still interesting. Then I decide to try something simple. I jump into a fighting pose with my fist facing the ground, and where I'm pointing, the floor gets blasted out. I love telekinesis. Now for my favorite part of the dream. Where I've blown a hole on the floor, there are a couple of bricks still laying around. I point at each of them with a finger and lift them up into the air with telekinesis. Each of my 2 fingers controls one of the bricks, and I have fun flipping them over each other and messing around with them. For some reason this kind of control gives me great joy.

      I hear my parents talking downstairs but I still have faint control of the dream.
      By the time I think of spinning or rubbing my hands together it's too late, I wake up, feeling satisfied and refreshed.

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    2. What would you do?

      by , 02-24-2011 at 03:50 AM (The Vault)
      Due to a completely fucked sleeping schedule, I haven't had a good dream recall let alone a lucid in a long time.

      This one was definitely memorable though. Not necessarily in a good way.

      After going on a starbucks run with my friend S (who has just gone through, yet another, serious breakup) I find out that the US government is after him. Why? For cheating on his girlfriend (which he did not do in reality). The sentence? He's going to be executed. Bit of a harsh verdict, but I don't think anything of it due to dream logic. I see him tied to a chair in the stairwell of our dorm building and suddenly I have a gun. I know that I have to shoot him or else bad things are going to happen. Not exactly sure what, but I believe the government was going to torture S. I aim the gun at him and question whether I can really do it. When I finally work up the courage to pull the trigger, I hear a click. The gun is empty. The whole time S sits there saying nothing. This makes me a killer AND my friend is still going to be tortured. I drop the gun and sit in the corner, almost crying.

      I find out that if I can find a key I can at least save him from being tortured. I spend a large portion of the dream looking for a key until I found out that my friend P has a massive tank of water in her room which i have to stick my arm into to get the key. I use it and unlock a little medicine cabinet on the wall near the stairwell and it's filled with poisons and various little weapons. I'm still reluctant, so my other friend Andrew grabs a knife and joyfully goes to do the job for me. I spend time ruminating about the US government and how all he did was cheat on his girl. I wake up in a pretty bad mood.

      Also, I think this dream was stuck somewhere in between my looking for the key. I'm hanging out with this kid from back in high school who I had absolutely despised. Me and him are going to the gym and then going to get jobs together at some place called Jelly Donut. I'm not getting along with him (as usual) but for some reason he's convinced me that we will both get jobs if we go together. Weird.

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    3. Old stuff

      by , 02-08-2011 at 08:43 AM (The Vault)
      I've had quite a few interesting dreams in my life but it would be ridiculous to try to dig deep into my past in search of patterns. So for this I'll just write down a few of my most distinctive dreams.

      Left Behind:
      The sad thing about nightmares is that they seem to stick more than a good dream. As a child the first dream I can remember involved me riding on a big wheel down the sidewalk alongside my mom in some unknown neighborhood. I turn around to see a car with the windows open and some stranger inside looking at me with a weird smile on his face. I turn to get my mom. She's suddenly very far away from me, continuing to walk down the sidewalk. I try to pedal and catch up but I'm going nowhere. I double take and the man is still looking at me. I look ahead and my mother is gone. Dream ends.

      The other nightmare I can remember from my childhood involves me and my sister dangling from a bridge with my parents above us and they can only save one of us. They save my sister. I fall into a river which for some reason has cars driving in it. Crazy stuff.

      Just the other night I had a relatively nice dream though. It culminated in an indescribably good feeling that accompanied reaching some sort of enlightenment involving God. In my dorm room I somehow reached the conclusion that the rapture was happening, whether I saw it on the news or something. I realized I had been left behind but then remembered that if I believed now, I should still be able to be saved. I work myself up into some sort of religious fervor and realize that I do know and love God after all and I accept Jesus as my savior. I feel some sort of ultimate happiness and I truly believe I am being taken to heaven. Then I wake up, feeling great. But I'm still an agnostic. Should the rapture come around some day I truly hope this is how it plays out, however.

      Anyway hopefully I'll be able to start remembering dreams better. I'm going to start a little mission to get myself to wake up without snooze every morning so that I can remember my dreams more vividly.