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    1. Upsetting party

      by , 07-22-2012 at 12:44 AM (The Vault)
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      Me and my friend A are at some in someones backyard. I'm smoking a cigar but big pieces of ash keep breaking off and somehow getting stuck in my mouth. Gross.

      I give the cigar to A who smokes it in one massive inhale. He somehow smokes the entire thing in one massive inhale and immediately starts throwing up. He's not looking too good, he becomes kinda pale and people start fucking with him. While I'm not looking he gets taken away and I walk around the back yard looking for him with an overcoming feeling of dread.

      I find him at the volleyball net, the people who were fucking with him have him hog tied. They pick him up and they throw him over the net to try to play using him as the ball but he just lands on his side. I'm enraged upon seeing this and scream "WHO DID THIS?! OR ALL YOU ALL TOO FUCKING PUSSY TO GODDAMN ADMIT IT?!" I then realize how stupid this sounded, but hey, I was in the moment.

      Everyone sits there in silence. Alex is now sitting in the corner and looks fine. He leaves the party. One of the volleyball guys says "Well, i know -I- dont want to admit it." That's all I remember.
    2. Funny Quote

      by , 07-19-2012 at 01:01 AM (The Vault)
      Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

      Random funny short memory from a dream. I was in the game Diablo III and going through tons of long spiralling pathways trying to find my way in this deep underground celestial looking place. Then I take a town portal and in town someone is talking to the Scoundrel character. They ask him if he touches children, to which he replies, "Hey, I WORK for a living!" As opposed to, you know, a career pedophile.
    3. The Wall

      by , 07-11-2012 at 04:42 AM (The Vault)
      Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

      EMT training has been wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule. But I passed out from 5-9:30 as soon as I got back today.

      I remember one very short lucid. I was in what looked like a bedroom and it occurred to me that I was probably dreaming. Didn't bother to stabilize or anything, just immediately tried to walk through a wall.

      Bonk. Failed. Tried again a few times. Nothing. Lost lucidity. Herp derp.

      Later, had another dream where I was at my high school. I was outside the building and at the corner of a wall was some little chamber that was supposed to be used for sleeping. It was this little box about the size of an oven with a control panel on the front. I pushed a few buttons and decided that I wanted to sleep for a couple weeks. I then squished myself into the box and turned the lights off. I tried repeatedly to get into a comfortable position, putting blankets under my head as opposed to laying it on the metal floor of the box. This slowly transitioned into me waking up and realizing I was tossing and turning in bed

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    4. Taking flight: Not one but THREE lucids!

      by , 06-14-2012 at 08:51 PM (The Vault)
      Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

      So last night was not only my first lucid since my return to DV, but rather my first THREE lucids in a long time and my first time flying!

      Unfortunately my recall is crap because I had several non lucids afterwards. But I do remember a few of the best parts.

      I was walking on the boardwalk with my friend G and something just kinda made me realize that things weren't quite normal. Somehow the physical reality checks never do much for me, I can just kinda sense that I'm in a dream because I won't remember how I got there.

      Immediately I become very excited and try to remind myself not to lose it. However, I can't contain myself as I run out the door of an arcade on the boardwalk cheering and leap over the side rail hoping to fly. I fall facefirst into the sand, which is surprisingly painless. While lying there I think, "I am going to make this happen if its the last thing I do!" I roll over in the sand and slowly reverse gravity and starting floating upwards while still lying down. Before I know it im in superman pose, levitating in the air. I begin to move forwards, faster and faster, until I'm soaring over the ocean and within a few seconds end up over top of some large grassy area with a bunch of stonehenge like structures and a surrounding village. Unfortunately I start to drop (while still flying forwards at full speed) and slam into the ground despite my efforts to stay up.

      Knocked out, I wake up, and think, "That was such an awesome dream!" G is standing above me, he asks if I'm okay. It doesn't occur to me that this is a FA. I end up in the hospital I work at and it hits me again. I think, "well, I already flew, how about sex this time?" I proceed to get it on with a gorgeous co-worker, S. All I remember about the sex is that it was amazing and vivid.

      I don't remember what happened after that, I think I lost lucidity. However, I regained it again later while still in the hospital. I think "what else can I screw around with?"

      I remember an old conversation about what it's like inside a pokeball. I decide to try and go in one. First I realize I need to find someone with pokeballs, because I'm not too good at conjuring things in lucids.

      I look around the hospital for Ash from Pokemon. I ask a secretary where he's at and they point to a room. I walk in and he looks like a burnt out old version of Ash. His hat is on the floor and he has a few pokeballs. I ask him about what it's like inside one, he says there is no mystical land in there or anything, the pokemon literally just gets crammed into the ball. He then shows me a bigger ball meant to hold some dragon pokemon and says "the wings go here" etc. I decide against getting captured.

      Lastly, I decided that since this dream was lasting so long that i should go on an ambulance call since I'm going to be an EMT soon. Somehow I end up taking a few of my best friends on the call, though I can't remember how we handled it. However, I do remember at the end of it laughing about how I got my very prude friend M his first kiss and the first "girl to ever grab his junk." I then remember sitting there in my lucid counting up my various adventures, completely satisfied with my awesome dreaming experience. I need this to happen again.

      I really want to remember what happened before bed and what led to this awesome lucid. Before bed I ate a mexican casserole at work, then a lot of greek yogurt and some almonds. I've heard nuts are good for vivid dreams, maybe that was it. Slept for about 8 hours but got woken up at 7 by T. Pretty sure the lucid was before 7, hence the terrible recall.

      Regardless, I think my lucids are going to get a lot more frequent from here on out. Wherever I went today, I couldn't stop thinking about flying and how I'd love to fly around my town. One day

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    5. Fred Flintstone Style

      by , 06-12-2012 at 04:12 PM (The Vault)
      Awake | Dream | Lucid | Transition

      Tonight I got to take my car onto the beach and run around Fred Flintstone style. It was kinda funny, my car just became really light and suddenly it felt like a big inflatable raft attached to me, with my feet going through the floor.

      Then I'm back driving on the streets of this ocean town. I watch a tiny little triangular shaped car turn into my lane and then take a turn into a storm drain and fall in. For some reason I find this very funny.

      There's a gorgeous blonde girl in the seat next to me who seems to be ignoring me. But as she gets up to go to the back seat for something, she brushes her ass against me and gives me a naughty smile.

      Dream warps around a bit, and I find myself back on the beach wondering where she went. She sends me a text flirting with me.

      I wake up feeling like I have to do something all morning. Then I remember that I wanted to text her back. Then I remembered that she wasn't real. Oh well, my girl wouldn't be very happy with that anyway :p

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    6. The Mission to Blow Up Pluto

      by , 06-10-2012 at 04:55 PM (The Vault)
      So me and my dad are hanging out in my back yard and somehow we've been put in charge of a massive mission to blow up pluto. I have a flashback to some guy floating around in space saying "I've found an extrastellar mass!" and somehow I know it needs to be done.

      We have this little electronic device and an air compressor, we plan to use these to launch a nuclear missile. We then decide that it would be a fun idea to try to cook some chicken using the explosion, so we start piling up raw chicken parts in a huge barrel. I have no idea where we find this many raw chicken parts.

      My dad then starts to make a few jokes about other things we could do with the nuke, and we laugh about how we could take care of those "damn kids next door who keep making so much noise" or try to hunt a couple birds that are flying by using nuclear missile, taking out "2 birds with 1 ICBM".

      Unfortunately, the dream ends before any sort of launch happens. Maybe next dream I'll find out how it went
    7. Fail of a party

      by , 06-06-2012 at 12:50 AM (The Vault)
      So I'm at the YMCA doing my daily lifting routine. I notice there's tons of people here today. In fact, there seems to be a party going on in the indoor track. I'm hanging out with a couple friends and we decide to walk around the track. The lights are off on the track and there seems to be a bunch of people hanging around in little groups. My friend N wants to get everyone together for a "party" in the weight room so he starts trying to talk to attractive girls. However, the same thing as usual happens and he ends up looking incredibly desperate and failing.

      I try my luck and start talking to this one group of girls. This one girl seems particularly into me. I do some thing involving holding her hand and using terrible lines trying to flirt with her. I look up and it's a guy, and I wonder how I didn't realize this all along. Everyone else seems to have, so I play it off with some really smooth dream line that probably made no logical sense.

      Thinking we've embarrassed ourselves enough, we go back into into the weight room. My friends have set up a table and they're playing Magic: The Gathering. I think, "oh god, good thing we didn't bring any girls back here." I then sit down to join them.

      K plays some card that says "Deal 1000 damage to flying legendary creature" but there is no target. Some woman in a colorful robe pops out of the card and fires a massive bright bolt of energy into space (for a second the YMCA weight room turns into space)

      I try playing with them and start reading the cards. Every time I look at a card it changes but in my head I'm making up some massive strategy. One card is some hero who comes out with "three Nacirema tokens", which you can sacrifice to put the hero on the "Nacirema Throne" for one turn. Nacirema is American backwards and I recently read some joke article about the "Nacirema tribe" that makes fun of Americans. I realize this in the dream and think its rather funny. Can't recall much of the rest of the game but I know there were lots of crazy shenanigans involved.
    8. Sexy time and annoying parking spaces.

      by , 06-03-2012 at 11:52 AM (The Vault)
      Recalls starting to improve again. Won't be long until that first lucid
      So I'm roaming around the hospital looking for Dustin Hoffman (whose name I can't even put a face to but apparently he's the director now) and I end up in some room with K. K and I are hanging out, I think we're studying biology together, and something weird starts happening.
      My contact starts to dry up, I can feel it getting uncomfortable as it falls out of my eye, then the other one does the same. I put two new ones in and K begins to flirt with me. Another contact falls out and I put a new one in. K inches closer to me and I put my arm around her. We begin to kiss and intensely make out, but I keep losing contacts. We begin to have sex but have to stop after a few minutes because there's dried up contacts and chocolate flavored protein powder (?) all over the bed.
      I tear the comforter off and close the door because we are now in my house and K hears my parents downstairs. We continue and K turns into another girl, T. Does it count as a threesome if its one girl who keeps shapeshifting between two people?
      Later in the dream, I'm driving into a parking space. It's oddly shaped and every time I park in it it rolls me back. So I get out and suddenly my car is tiny. I notice that theres a ridge on the parking space so I pick up my car and place it on there to get it to stay. Some guy in goggles comes by and does the same. I think, "Ohhkay, so that's how these spaces work."
    9. Poor recall

      by , 05-31-2012 at 06:35 PM (The Vault)
      Drank a bit last night so recall is really crappy this morning...
      Remember me and some guy trying to get somewhere... I notice a lot of my dreams are about trying to get somewhere, seems like I'm never where I want to be.

      Yeah, that's all I got today.
    10. Returning to the world of lucid dreaming

      by , 05-30-2012 at 09:09 PM (The Vault)
      So I've finally decided to get back into the hobby of lucid dreaming. It's been a while since I've even had the time to think about it, but I definitely miss it. And now there's a lot more that I want to get done than just flying around in my dreams.

      I've been logging over the past few days but I have yet to have a lucid. A few notable dreams-
      Last night I was trying to catch a train across Canada. I was on a cliff about the train station and had to slide down a steep slope to get there. Funny, just yesterday I was on google maps looking at Canada and the "only road."
      Few nights ago I had a fun one. I was in a supermarket and playing a death match kind of game with a couple other people in the supermarket. The place was filled with weapons, and one of my opponents was a doctor I work with at my job. We're trying to hunt him down when he crashes through a window and rolls on the ground. I ask him why he was out of the building to which he responds that he wanted to get a quick frappucino next door. I throw a flashbang grenade at him and he dives out of the way, and runs out the door. Later, my parents and I are going up and down the aisles looking for him. I see him hiding behind an aisle, dive past the lane, and shout that my parents are behind me. He goes for them and I use the opportunity to take him out (by pretending I'm about to stab him with a knife and saying "got you!") I do the same to take out my parents but my dad has a gun pointed at me but lets me say I won anyway.
      Lastly, a while back I had a dream where I was in a castle and there was some strange green lines spreading around that suddenly started turning into plant growth and overrunning the place. I run to another room which happens to be a mall with a Chipotle and some of my friends. My friend S orders a PB&J sandwich at Chipotle. Interesting.

      Anyway, going to work on my reality checks and hopefully get a couple lucids over the next few weeks. Stay tuned
    11. Race

      by , 05-13-2011 at 07:55 PM (The Vault)
      Soo I slept about 14 hours last night. I kinda needed it.

      I had some dream that I didn't journal (still haven't unpacked my journal) but I made a note to remember it.

      I was in a race. Some kind of Mario Kart like thing. It was a long vivid dream, too. We went through all three laps and I specifically remember picking up mario kart powerups. But it was first person and I was actually driving the kart which was pretty cool. The track was on some sort of lost island somewhere. There were wooden pathways like docks held up on large wooden poles that we were driving on. It went in and out of caves and around the jungle. At some point I saved up a star and got to 3rd place, then right before the finish line used it, knocked two people out, and was about to win but then I realized I was only on the first lap. Then, in the next lap, I was in first, but I got hit by a shell, fell off the trail onto a beach, but kept driving. I fell right on top of a box which turned out to be a bullet bill, so I used and and shot to the front. Then it was just me and some other guy fighting back and forth for first for the last lap. He finally got in front of me and beat me. Meh.

      I've been having lots of video game dreams lately. Weird cause I haven't really been playing them at all.

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    12. Couple more

      by , 05-11-2011 at 08:53 PM (The Vault)
      I'm in some large mansion and there is a war going on inside of the mansion. It's some sort of medieval battle. I look over at a balcony and I see M standing at the edge of it with a bow and arrow. She smiles at me as I try to save her. I sort of become her even though I'm looking at her from my perspective and I can somewhat control her movements. I'm trying to get her to avoid the large hole in the middle of the balcony. Then this girl comes after her and they both jump down the hole which turns into an elevator shaft. It's only 2 floors, so I realize theyre probably fine. M starts shooting volleys of arrows up the elevator shaft. After they stop, I go down the shaft and I'm in a basement restaurant that I've been in in past dreams. Kinda looks like this.

      They're just sitting at a table talking, not fighting or anything. I note how its kind of like a movie set.

      I'm exploring a nice hotel with my friend Sean. It's somewhere in a big city and we're surrounded by cool glassy skyscrapers. We're planning as if we're going to dorm there next year. Now that would kick ass.

      Later in the dream, I open a fortune cookie. I don't know exactly what it's trying to tell me, but it sounds very sexual. "Man with busty wife and big... well, rub of a question." It makes perfect sense to me in the dream of course. I'm eating chinese food and playing cards with a black guy. But we have too many cards for just us because more people were supposed to come.
    13. Finals are done!

      by , 05-11-2011 at 08:45 PM (The Vault)
      I'll finally have time to start doing some dream journals. Here's a bunch that I wrote a while back while I wasn't posting.

      Sitting in my civ teacher's class. This girl who really dislikes me (who got "shitlisted" in class in an earlier dream) comes up to me and starts kissing me, right in the middle of class. Suddenly I'm the DJ for the class, as if its some sort of event. I have my iPod and I put on something by Timbaland. Then I realize I'm not supposed to be the DJ. I'm very embarassed and a scramble to find my ipod and turn the song off, then I wake up to someone calling me irl.

      Had a few false awakenings. I had a lot of important stuff to be doing that I kept thinking I was missing.
      Later in the dream, I'm in some dark castle dungeon-like place. I have a sword and I'm fighting this large armoredl bee thing. It's an epic battle somewhere between a video game and a movie. The bee then turns into a huge mechanical ant. I'm slicing away at it but it's doing nothing, so I go into some sort of super form. I look like Twisted Fate from League of Legends

      Except with a sword instead of cards. I'm moving lightning fast and I cut right through the ant's armor. Victory.

      There's a part of the dream that happened later but I can't really understand what I wrote in my DJ. It looks like "puppy/fish, it goes in goldfish bowl w/ dead fish, drinks half coke half water." Then I had an argument with my dad about shadowing doctors.

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